Hello epic readers! I would explain some stuff, but the title explained most of it. The demigods defeated Gaea, and that's all I've got.

Hope you like this one shot!

Leo the Human Torch

"Hurry up, Beauty Queen," said Leo as he banged on Piper's door repeatedly.

"Give me a minute!" she snapped back. Her royal highness had already had ten minutes, so Leo couldn't help but roll his eyes.

"Where's Piper?" Jason asked as he walked over to Leo. He was dressed like a Roman soldier, really easy costume. Apparently they don't have trick or treating in New Rome. Then he saw Annabeth, Percy, Hazel, and Frank heading over to him. Annabeth had dressed up like a female warrior, Percy was some kind of underwater dude, Hazel looked like she had come straight out of Little House on the Prairie {Maybe she was alive back then? Leo never focused much in history…}, and Frank had dressed up like Mars.

"What's taking so long? How long does it take her to put on a costume?" asked Percy as he started to tap his foot impatiently.

Then Piper came out of the Aphrodite Cabin and even Percy couldn't help but drop his jaw. Which instantly resulted in a smack in the head from his girlfriend. Piper had combed her hair out of its usual braids and had dressed up like a Greek Goddess.

She started to blush, "Mom made me dress up like her." After standing there in awkward silence for a few moments, Piper broke the silence. "We going or what?" she asked as she grabbed Jason's arm and yanked him toward the huge field the children of Demeter and the children of Hephaestus had decorated for the Camp Halloween Party.

Leo looked down at his costume and couldn't help taking on the look that made him look like someone who shouldn't be allowed to play with fire. Well, he was about to play with fire tonight. But it was completely safe, his plan was foolproof and fireproof.

After all, tonight he was the Human Torch.


Leo watched to make sure no one was looking before he ran away from the group. Piper, Jason, Annabeth, and Percy where all talking about some random thing and Frank and Hazel where socializing. As soon as he was far enough from sight range, he bolted for the woods and headed straight for Bunker 9. As soon as he was inside, he opened a secret compartment to reveal a rocket pack. It had failed so many times because the flames sometimes would get too big and would burn the wearer. But for Leo, being burned wasn't an issue or a problem, making the invention perfect. He quickly slipped it on his back and attached the remote to his palm. He had designed the remote to be completely invisible from high up and he pushed the buttons with his thumb. What could go wrong? Then he turned it on, and as soon as he was above the trees, smiled at his idea before going ablaze and yelling a well-known phrase.

"Flame on!"


Leo pressed the ice pack to his head as he sat in the Hephaestus Cabin. His plan didn't work out too well, first thing was the pack didn't go as high as he was hoping. Then right when he was above the party and about to do some epic Johnny Storm imitations, the pack's straps melted and since he wasn't too far from the ground, everyone let him go splat. Then they recognized him and his plan was ruined. But he didn't care, the expressions were still priceless, and one girl in the Aphrodite yelled for him to take her away with him.

Well, you can imagine her expression when she found out it was Leo Valdez with a rocket pack.


Well? I hope you liked it, this is the first time I've written a full one shot at one time, so I hope it turned out okay.

Thanks for reading!