Just a teensy Halloween tease. This will be a two shot. The last part will be posted this weekend. I think this is going to be rated 'T,' but as the second half isn't written yet, I reserve the right to change my mind! ;)

I hope you like it!

What were you thinking? I can't help but ask myself the question as I descend the stairs to the lobby; the elevator in our building is out. Again.

Each step makes my skirt rise, making it even harder to walk. I'm trying to maneuver my way down the stairs with some semblance of grace, but the heels Kate insisted I wear are making it nearly impossible. "I can't believe I let you talk me into this," I say through gritted teeth. I'm going for angry, but my voice holds more fear than anything.


I screech as I teeter on the edge of the step and grab the railing, holding on for dear life.

Kate stops and turns around, bursting into laughter at the sight of me. I glare at her in return. "I was going to say you look sexy, but…" Another wave of laughter escapes and it must be contagious because against my better judgment, I feel my lips twitch. "You look scared to death!" She practically flies up the steps and is by my side in an instant. "Do you need me to hold your hand?" she asks with a grin.

"I think I might," I say dryly as I try to straighten. "Your heels are two inches higher than mine, and you're running down the stairs like you're wearing a pair of Nikes!"

"Years of practice," Kate reminds me. "Do you think you're ready to attempt the stairs again?"

I nod as a huge sigh escapes; the thought is overwhelming. We still have four flights to go.

I like Elliot immediately, but promise myself I won't like him too much. After all, Kate doesn't seem to hang onto men for long. The idea baffles me. Not only is she gorgeous, but she's fun to be around and easy to talk to. Any man would be lucky to have her.

His eyes widen as I pull my coat off to reveal my costume. Not like they did when he saw Kate's sexy nurse costume though. I thought he was going to throw her over his shoulder and head for the nearest bedroom. I can't help but blush at the thought. "Kate told me you were rather reserved," he says, his eyes alight with humor.

His friendliness puts me instantly at ease. "Yes, I am rather reserved," I assure him. "This recycled costume of Kate's? Not so much."

I notice his eyes darken a split second before he turns to Kate. "So you'll…have this costume on hand, then?" he asks huskily.

I clear my throat in an effort to dampen the current between them, but it doesn't work. "Wine," I manage to squeak out.

Without saying a word, Elliot lifts his hand and points to the bar across the room.

I hate crowds. They only mean one thing to me: a bigger audience to witness me making a fool of myself. It's inevitable. At some point this evening, I will trip over something. The most common culprit is my own two feet, and I wince at the thought.

A tremor makes its way down my spine as I head to the bar. I feel like someone's watching me. "Probably this damn skirt," I mutter as I look down. I sigh with relief when I see that it's still keeping my private parts private.

After ordering a glass of wine, I step away from the bar to make room for the next round of patrons. My heart falls into rhythm with the beat pounding out of the speakers, and I grin as I watch Elliot lead Kate to the dance floor. Despite the fast-paced of the music, his hands fall to her waist and he sways lightly from side to side, pulling her with him, as he leans down and places a quick kiss on her lips. I can't help but like him even more.

When I spy a table covered with Halloween treats, my stomach growls reminding me that I was too busy getting ready for tonight to eat dinner. I take a step forward—or I try to—and the pointy toe of my left shoe catches on the heel of my right one. I clutch my wine glass tightly as I begin the familiar tumble forward and thrust my arm out in an attempt to break my fall.

But the fall never comes. Instead, a warm hand catches me by surprise, cupping my elbow and hauling me upright. My breath catches and I'm heady as I try to reconcile what just happened.

"Are you all right?"

I hear his voice before I see him. I try to speak, but my eyes meet his, and I'm staggered. Standing before me is the most handsome man I've ever seen. His grey eyes study me expectantly, a smile teasing the corner of his lips. I try to think of something to say but fail miserably.

"No words?" he says huskily as his amusement sparkles in his eyes. His gaze sweeps down my body, and I can feel my face heating at his perusal. His hand is still on my elbow; his touch his scorching.

Fair's fair.

I look at his costume and gasp in surprise. He's wearing a two piece, khaki colored pilot's outfit, and a pair of aviator glasses are resting on his head. I can't help but glance down at myself, and for the first time since I've put it on, I adore my sexy stewardess costume.

His eyes are dancing when I look at him again. "Perhaps we should go somewhere private?" he suggests huskily. "Where I can show you cock. Pit."

Nervous laughter bubbles up my throat, and my words surprise me. "Perhaps our tongues should get acquainted first," I tease as my heart begins to race. I want to blame the wine, but my glass is still half full.

His eyes crinkle at the corners as a slow grin spreads across his face. "I think that's a fabulous idea."