Title: Broken

Author: Multi Shipper Girl

Disclaimer: I do not own The Secret Life. Brenda Hampton does.

Summary: AU. Ricky left Amy because she had John. Years later, she's married and abused. So is John. When he comes to school with a black eye, there's suspicion. And Ricky never felt so guilty.

Author's Note: I haven't watched Secret Life in a while because I stopped. It gotten ridiculous and annoying especially when they introduced Dylan. I have no idea what's going on with this show now, but whatever. I hope you'll enjoy reading this story. Please review!

"Ricky, I'm pregnant."

The seventeen year old drummer looks at her shocked. They've been dating for a year and during those years they admit they are sexually active in their relationship. They have always been careful. They used protection. Amy once told Ricky she's on birth control so something like this could never happen.

Unfortunately, it sounds like it's going to happen. Ricky didn't want to believe it. They are way too young for parenthood. His girlfriend, Amy, is a junior and needs to worry about her education than being a mother. He hates himself for it. They should have been more careful and less stupid.

"You're not..." That was all he can manage to come out of his mouth.

Amy's eyes are filling with tears at his whisper. "I am. I think I forgot to take my pill that morning."

"You think?" Ricky asked almost sarcastically.

"I'm sorry, Ricky..." Amy apologized looking like she's going to break down at any minute. The thought of being a teen mother terrifies her. She sees how hard it is on movies and TV shows. It doesn't look that easy and neither of them were ready to take on that major responsibility.

Ricky walked closer to her bed and sat down next to her. As he hugged her, he comforted. "It's okay. It's not your fault. We don't have to go through this."

Amy didn't like the sound of that. She has a guess what he could mean, but wants to make sure if her assumption is correct. "What do you mean?"

Ricky let go of her meeting her eyes. "We can abort it."

Amy quickly stood up staring at him horrified. "I will not kill our baby!"

"You really think we can raise a child in high school?"

Amy didn't say anything. She wanted to go to college. To Julliard, in fact. If she'll have the baby, it'll be weighing her down - no. She doesn't want to think it like that. She made a mistake and have to live with the consequences.

Ricky noticed her pause and asked. "Have you told your parents?"

She nodded. "They hate you. Especially my Dad," Their parent's reaction were beyond furious and they got disappointed in her. She felt like she let them down, but they told her they're glad she told them. Her parents will give her support in any decision she makes. Especially her little sister Ashley who said she saw it coming. "You...really want me to kill it?" She asked nervously.

"We're not ready, Amy." That was his answer and she wasn't happy about it.

"Fine." She hissed crossing her arms looking away.

He got confused. "Fine?"

"Fine!" She snapped her eyes were sending daggers at him.

Ricky looked at his watch and sigh because he's late for work. He gets up and walk over to Amy to give her a kiss, but she moved her head and he kissed her cheek instead. He didn't say anything and left her house.

When it was dinner time, Amy told her parents what Ricky suggested. Her parents couldn't imagine their daughter doing something like that to their grandchild, but they know she's not ready.

"Do whatever you feel is right, Amy." Her mother said.

"Yeah. Who cares what Ricky thinks anyway?" Her father grumbled.

George never was a big fan of Ricky Underwood because of his bad reputation with girls. Now that he got his daughter pregnant, he would like to skin him alive.

"What do you think I should do, Ashley?" She asked her sister.

"I will be an aunt..." Ashley said and Amy thought she heard her sister sounding like she's amused.

Amy decided to keep her and Ricky's baby.

However, Ricky wasn't too pleased. She told him on the phone what her decision was. He told her he's not ready and doesn't want to spend his teen life being a got disappointed and broke up with her because he couldn't handle it if he was around with her and their baby. His foster parents weren't happy with what he did to Amy, but respected it because there was nothing they could do that can change his mind. Amy had help during her pregnancy from her best friends, Lauren and Madison. And her new boyfriend, Tyler Sutton.

Tyler found her crying outside of school because of her hormones. She thought of Ricky because he went back to Adrian Lee; she's known for being the school's slut. Before she began to date him, they had a thing which was being fuck buddies, that's what Ricky and Adrian called it. Amy changed him when they started their relationship. It broke her heart when she found them being back together being whoever they are; fuck buddies or a couple. It's like Ricky completely ignored her and acted like she doesn't exist. Tyler made her feel better and he was a better man to Amy about her pregnancy than Ricky ever was. She admired Tyler for being in love with her because it is not his baby. What's most important is her parents like him. Her ex boyfriend, Ben Boykewich, put her aside in the hallway one day to talk to her about Tyler. There's something about him that Ben didn't trust, but Amy thought he was crazy.

When the baby was born, it was a boy and his name is John and the last name is Jeurgens. Amy believed the last name isn't Underwood and she was sure Ricky wouldn't appreciate that too if they would meet each other, but Amy believes that's never going to happen. She had hoped Ricky would show up to see his son, but didn't and was upset. Lauren and Madison told her to move on and she tried. She texted him when her water broke singe would know, but that didn't make him to come. She was glad that she has her son because at least she has a piece of him. Amy did give Ricky a picture to his cell of John so he can see him wherever he is. Tyler stayed with Amy and they eventually were a couple. Amy could not have raised John and have the courage to go back to school without Tyler.

She's thankful that he's in her life.

Sixteen year old John opened the door making himself be as quiet as he can. He knows he's late, he was at a friend's house. His curfew was 9:00 and now it's 10:15. If any one of his parents found out, he'll be grounded. He did it twice and this was his last chance, but he blew it. When he closed it, he knew he was safe. His parents were probably sleeping and he was thankful that he didn't get caught. He went upstairs to his room and was about to go inside until he heard his father.

"You're late," His father, Tyler, said to him sternly with a serious expression on his face.

"I know," John said a little afraid. He knows he's going to get grounded or a punishment. He got himself prepared. He hadn't told his mother and he wouldn't dare to let his father hurt his little sister. "I'm sorry. Am I grounded?"

"Yes, your mother will be aware of this in the morning. I'm tired. I don't want to deal with this tonight. Get rest; you have school tomorrow." He said and went returned to his room.

John got surprised that happened, but was thankful that it did. He went to sleep and woke up in the morning, got dressed, and went downstairs for breakfast.

"Your father told me that you came home late," His mother Amy said looking angry at him. "You're grounded for the weekend including Friday."

John couldn't believe it that he's grounded on a Friday. "Friday! Seriously, Mom?"

"Yes," Amy answered tiredly as she handed her seven-year old daughter's breakfast named Chloe on the table. "This has been going on for days, John. We gave you plenty of warnings. Now, this is enough." John groaned.

"Fine..." "Don't give your mother a hard time, John." Tyler's voice entered the kitchen and his son understood.

He gave his wife a kiss on the cheek and his daughter a kiss on her forehead. After getting eating a quick breakfast and drank coffee, he left for work.

John got a bowl of cereal filled with milk and Cheerios. As he was eating, their mother joined them. He noticed a dark bruise on his mother's arm when she moved her sleeve to scratch her skin. She quickly put it down so neither of her children could see, but she was too late.

"What happened to your arm, Mom?" John asked concerned and confused.

It looked like the bruise was new so it hasn't been there before. Chloe looked at her mother too feeling the same way her older brother is.

Amy didn't look at him and kept eating her eggs and bacon. "It's nothing, John," She waved it off carelessly like it was nothing he should worry. "I just bumped it."

"On what?" She made a sigh. "At a doorknob. I didn't watch where I was going."

John still wasn't convinced, but Chloe let it slide and resumed to eat. "That hard?"

Amy got annoyed and looks at him telling her son sternly. "I think you should go to school now, John."

He didn't argue with that. He knows better than to make his mother even more angry. But, what happened to her was confusing. He thinks that she's not telling the truth, but she seems like she doesn't want to talk about it so he has to respect that. He doesn't want to think of the 'what ifs' he believes his mother lie for now.

He drove to his school and spend for what it feels like days than hours. When school was almost over, he got a text from his mother saying that he should pick up Chloe at her elementary school because she has a meeting. He went to pick up his sister and finally went home. Their father came home at three, and when it was near their dinner time, they called out for pizza while he was at the bar. A bar is what he typically does go when his mother is not around. She doesn't like to see him drinking in front of her or their children. John doesn't like it either. Not only he'll be drunk and have bad breath, he's not the kindest person when he comes home. John knows that for a fact. His father likes to take a few beatings out of him because of no reason. Well, John thinks there is a reason, but he can barely understand him when he's slurring his words. John would rather take the beating than anyone else in his family to protect them.

A thought came in mind and John was in horror at the possibility. He thought that his father did beat his mother, but she wouldn't say anything because she's too afraid. Maybe? He would like to believe it's not true. He doesn't want to believe it is so he believe his mother's words instead.

Around eight, his father came home. John wasn't surprised when he sees him drunk. He watches him from the top of the stairs seeing him stumbling around like a blind idiot and sat down on the couch. His father would get to him soon. At nine, rather than his own father would be doing this, John always take the job of putting Chloe to bed. He doesn't mind though because he loves his baby sister more than anything. She fell fast asleep and he closed the door slightly behind him like his mother always do for her. He let the light in her room a little because she likes it like that.

John went inside his room and decided to surf the web. There was nothing else he can do because he's not allowed to see his friends until his grounding was over. He looked up to see his door being open and he put his laptop away back on the floor. It was his father and he stood up knowing what is going to come. He had expected it.

"S-s-stay there...!" His father said as he clumsily walk over to John who's standing in front of his bed.

"Look at what you have done to my life!" John always doesn't understand what he means by that. He doesn't know how he can. "You're not mine! You're that bitch's!"

Then, he took a swing at him knocking John over on the floor. John clutched the spot where he felt the pain. Where his father had hit him. He kicked his feet ordering him get telling him that he should take it like a man. He said other words such as his mother raised him weak. After saying more hurtful words and telling him not to say anything about what he did to anyone, he walked away going downstairs to sleep it off.

John was glad he's going to get a hangover in the morning. He checked himself out in the mirror and saw that he has a black eye. He doesn't know how to explain this to everyone at school. The only thing he can do was to put an ice pack on it and wait for it to heal on its own, unfortunately.

When he returned to his room holding the icepack to his eye, Chloe was surprisingly in there.

She turned around and got stunned to see that he's injured. "What happened to your eye?" She asked worriedly and with concern.

"It's nothing," John brushed it off and realized washed over that he sounded like his mother. He ignored it for now and asked her gently. "What's wrong?"

"I can't sleep. I had a bad dream," It didn't occur to John that she did look scared of something. "When is Mommy going to come home?"

"In an hour, but if you sleep, she'll come home much quicker."

"Can I sleep with you in your room?"

He gave in. "Okay. Only for one night."

She was happy and went on his bed going back to sleep. John did too, but he didn't sleep. He couldn't.