Title: Committed
Author: Sage SK
Date Started: 10/31/12
Date Finished: 10/31/12

Comments: Based on a sporadic and rather silly chat with my ever so awesome beta reader.

Yukio had come to a realization. Things would have been easier if he could have just locked Rin in a room. Locked him in a room with enough food and manga to last him months while Yukio went about his day until he could find a way to convince the Grigori and the Vatican itself that Rin posed no threat and could be trusted. After all, buying paint was more affordable than surgery for a perforated ulcer and an aneurysm.

And, he hadn't meant to actually say that, but it slipped out in the heat of an argument and there was no sense in taking it back. Surprisingly, Rin only stared at him and then snatched up a notepad to make a list of things he wanted for this proposed room.

"Do I get to choose the paint color?"

Yukio couldn't believe Rin was willing to go along with this plan. Regardless, he held out paint swatches. "Pick something. Pick them all."

Rin eyed them thoughtfully. "What color do you hate the most?"

"Purple. Just be prepared to live with it."

Rin snorted, picking out a nauseatingly bright pink shade. "And, I want yellow polka-dots."

Yukio arched a brow. He knew Rin had terrible taste when it came to style, but this was new.

"And, besides the yellow polka-dots, I want a huge sun with a big smiley face saying 'Have a Nice Day' while little bunnies skip around the tulips." Tail wagging with what Yukio could only describe as delight, Rin continued to scribble furiously. "Oh, and I want a stereo set up in the room with Tiny Tim's Tiptoe through the Tulips and Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight played continuously in the background while a giant television plays random episodes of Care Bears and My Little Pony - make sure they're the 80's versions. Top that off with a giant bed with a goose feather filled mattress, plenty of chocolate and lots of vanilla ice cream."

Satisfied, Rin stood up and eyed his list gleefully.

Yukio knew he shouldn't ask. He had a feeling he was going to regret asking. "... Anything else?"

"Yes." Rin smacked his brother upside the head with the notepad. "The key so I can lock you in there for a good two weeks."