A/N: THE EPILOGUE! To Let Me Care! Summer is pregnant! This is my take on her and Sasha's life together. Since we never got to see it in the show. Just a little AU, since we don't know that much about Summer's past. Kind of adding some things to make her and Sasha's relationship interesting.


Sasha's POV

I come in from the gym and Summer is laying on the couch watching TV, or at least I think she's watching TV. I walk over to the couch and she's curled up, and her eyes are closed. Her morning sickness has really gotten the best of her lately, so Kim offered to give her a few days. We haven't told everyone yet, only Summer's family, and my dad know. I fix the blanket around her and turn off the TV. She stirs, "I was watching that…."

I just laugh, "I don't think so sweetie"

She forces herself to sit up, and I grab her shoulders to steady her, "whoa sweetheart, easy…"

"I'm fine.." she tells me, and lets me help her sit up.

"were you sleeping?" I ask, sitting next to her.

"no…" she sighs. She's been really uncomfortable and her morning sickness gets her at night sometimes.

I pull her into a hug and she snuggles into me. "your doctor's appointment is tomorrow, maybe she can give you something to help your morning sickness"

She yawns, "do I have to go?"

She's still just a little spooked by the doctors. It's gotten a lot better and she just has a hard time going alone. "yeah, honey, you do. we wanna make sure the baby's okay" I tell her, putting a gentle hand on her tiny baby bump.

She squirms a little at my touch. She's still just a little squirmy but she's gotten a lot better. She relaxes pretty quickly and her hand finds it's way to mine. "will you come with me?"

I kiss her forehead, "of course. I know you really want me to. the other coaches just think I have to take you to the doctor because you're sick"

She sighs, "they still don't know…."

"not yet honey, but we could tell them after your appointment" I tell her, it would make perfect sense, we could say that the doctor found the pregnancy.

She shrugs, "do we have to?"

I'm a little surprised she's being so hesitant about telling her friends she's pregnant. I would think she would have told them after the first doctors appointment. I start to rub her back, "not right now sweetie, but we should soon"

Summer's POV

I understand why Sasha wants to tell people about the baby, but I just don't think I can. After what happened in high school, I just don't want to. I've started wearing more lose fitting dresses and my tops aren't as tight anymore, so I think Kim and Ronnie might be catching on but I'm trying to hide it. I sigh I'm just glad it's Sasha's baby and not Steve's. "I guess so…"

He's still holding me, and I can't help but think he's the only one who's ever just held me because they wanted to, or I was upset, or sick. Steve never just held me, he told me I wasn't a baby and if I was upset I often just cried myself to sleep. That's never happened, well, it has, but now I'm in Sasha's arms when it does.

"it's okay if you're nervous, but I think Kim's starting to figure it out" he tells me.

She's had two kids, so I'm not surprised if she is. Maybe I should tell her. "can it wait until we have the ultrasound done?" I ask him. When I was in high school there was a rumor that I had gotten pregnant, and no one believed me until I had an ultrasound done to prove I wasn't. I had to quit the cheer squad that year because of the rumor. After that things just got worse so I never tried out again, even though the coach said I could.

He just rubs my back, "sure we can. It's your decision sweetie"

I sigh, and snuggle into him. he doesn't know about the rumor yet and I'm trying to decide if I wanna tell him now. it might be a good idea, that was the only other ultrasound I've had, and it's in my records still. "there's something… I wanna tell you…"

He just nods and keeps rubbing my back, "what is it?"

"promise you won't leave?" I ask him, I never told Steve about this because I was just too scared.

He pulls me closer, "I'm not leaving you sweetheart, I promise"

I take a deep breath, "when I was in high school… there was a rumor. I had just broken up with a boyfriend, and he told everyone it was because I cheated and was pregnant with another guy's baby…" I pull away after telling him, and start bouncing my leg.

Sasha's POV

I get up, sit on the coffee table, and squeeze her hands. "is that why you're scared to tell everybody?" it makes sense now, she doesn't want people thinking the baby isn't mine.

She nods, but won't look at me. I can tell she's embarrassed, and probably still a little hurt. "yeah…" is all she replies.

I sigh, "it won't be a rumor this time sweetie, and it's my baby. I'm not going anywhere" I hope I can help her see that she can do this and doesn't have to be afraid.

She hangs her head. I can just tell that rumor destroyed her. "it… got to my parents before I could tell them"

Her father had to have been angry. She probably got yelled at and punished before she had the chance to explain herself. I could see her fear when we told her parents she was pregnant, and now I know why.

"it's different now. you don't have to worry about any of that, okay. it's all in the past" I reassure her.

She just sighs, and still won't look at me. I hate seeing her beat herself up over this, and she probably has for a long time. "people hated me! they all thought I started the rumor for attention.." she cries.

She starts to sob and I pull her into a tight hug. That year must have been miserable for her. I wish she would have told me about this sooner so I could help her relax more before telling her parents. "no one is gonna hate you sweetheart, everyone knows how much you want a baby"

She snuggles into me and relaxes a little. "I dunno why I told you that"

I sigh, but start to rub her back, "I bet it's been on your mind sweetie, but I promise no one will know unless you tell them"

She slowly stops crying and sighs. She's still cuddled into me but I'm not going to move her, she needs to know I'm still here. I keep rubbing her back and she falls asleep on me. I pull a blanket over her and turn the TV on and turn the volume down as low as it could be without being on mute. I just sigh, she was watching those crazy baby shows which are probably freaking her out even more. I'm gonna have to talk to her about it later. I just change the channel and find a random basketball game.

She stays pretty still for about an hour which is good because she's sleeping. She starts to stir and whimper so I gently kiss her forehead, "shhh sweetie"

She sighs and snuggles back into me so I just smile, and continue to hold her. She's either feeling sick or she had a bad dream. She must've been dreaming since she doesn't stir again for about another half hour before she starts to mumble, "I'm….. sorry…. Daddy… no…"

I sigh, her father must've been so angry when he found out about the rumor. She only told me a tiny bit about what happened. I give her shoulder a gentle squeeze, "sweetheart"

She sits up and hangs her head, "oh…"

This must not be the first time she's had this dream either, she isn't that surprised when I wake her. "wanna talk about it?"

She sighs, "do I have to?"

I rub her back and pull her close to me again, "no, but I'll listen if you do"

She rests her head on my chest and snuggles close. "my real father stopped talking to me after the rumor. He was livid, he cut off all ties with me before I had the chance to explain. For all I know he thinks I had a baby my junior year of high school…"

I keep rubbing her back, that must've crushed her. "but you didn't, and he was wrong for doing that"

She whimpers, "he divorced my mom… and my senior year she started dating Adam…"

I can't believe a single rumor destroyed her family. There might have been other reasons her family divorced but I hate that she thinks she's the reason why. "Adam's always taken care of you, he treats you like you're his daughter"

She nods, "part of the reason my mom married him was because he helped me so much. Some of the other guys she dated didn't even care about me…"

I know now I'll never put her or our kids through something like that. Even if something like what happened to her happens I'm not going anywhere. I hug her, "sweetie, I'm never gonna hurt you or our kids like that. I promise"

She sighs, and snuggles close to me. "I don't want you to leave…"

I just hold her close to me and gently kiss her forehead, "I'm gonna stay with you, no matter what" I want to talk to Adam about this rumor, and how she was around that time, so I know what I can do to help her.

A/N: So many of you had asked for a sequel and wanted to see Summer go through pregnancy. I finally had an idea to write this so I decided to go ahead with it. Even though I know I have other stories I need to write. I hope you enjoy this! Let me know what you want to see.