A/N: THE EPILOGUE! To Let Me Care! Summer is pregnant! This is my take on her and Sasha's life together. Since we never got to see it in the show. Just a little AU, since we don't know that much about Summer's past. Kind of adding some things to make her and Sasha's relationship interesting.



Summer's POV

We're just getting home from my doctor's appointment and Sasha's been trying to convince me to tell Kim about the baby. Everything looked good and the baby is healthy, so he thinks it's the right time to tell.

I'm in the kitchen again looking for something to eat, lately I've been really hungry and I'm starting to crave the most random things. But right now all I want is ice cream, so I'm looking in the freezer and of course we never have ice cream when I want it. Sasha comes in and I just look at him, and it's probably an evil look.

"what's wrong?" he asks me, I guess he can tell by the way I'm looking at him something's bothering me.

"Where's the ice cream?" I ask, trying not to sound too angry or upset.

He sighs, "sweetie, you ate the last of it yesterday when you were upset" I always do that. I should have remembered that today when I was at the store. I can barely keep anything but ice cream or goldfish down right now, and I ate almost a whole bag of goldfish earlier.

"well I'm hungry, and I really don't want to throw up if I eat something else" I tell him, closing the freezer.

"why don't you try something light, like some toast" he asks me.

"and get sick at work? I don't think so" I reply, I hate getting sick as it is and I really don't want to at work.

"sweetie, you can't live off of ice cream and goldfish for nine months, you've gotta eat" he tells me, I know he cares but I just don't think I can handle anything else right now.

I sigh, "what if I get sick at work?"

"I'll be there, tell Kim to get me, and we can tell people together. It'll be okay" He says, smiling. I guess Kim should probably know, if she hasn't figured it out already.

"fine, I'll tell Kim. But we're waiting to tell everyone else" I tell him, I don't know how much longer I can keep this secret anyways.

He smiles, "alright, do you want me there with you when you tell her?" he asks, I'm not really sure. I'm not telling Kim about the rumor, or at least I don't think I will.

"I'll just do it. but you're still getting me ice cream later" I tell him, we have to get ice cream, there's no way I can not have any.

He laughs, "we can get some on the way to work, I don't want you to be hungry"

I close the freezer and smile. I guess we should head back to the gym now, it's getting later in the afternoon. He just smiles back at me as we head out and he offers to drive. I'm not feeling that great so I let him drive. We get ice cream and head to the office.

Kim's POV

I walk into the office and Summer's sitting there with her hair up in a bun and she's wearing another loose dress. it's been a few days since she's worn anything tighter so I'm wondering if there's a chance she's pregnant. She looks a little pale today, so I'm guessing it's morning sickness, but this reminds me of the time she was sick about a year ago when she started dating Sasha.

"hey" I say to her, smiling.

"Hey Kim…" she says, taking a sip of her water and leaning back.

"you feeling okay?" I ask her.

"yeah…. Just a little tired…" she says, closing her eyes.

"do you wanna take a break and lie down? I can tell Sasha you're not feeling well" I ask her, I'm really starting to thing she might be pregnant, she's glowing a little but at the same time she's pale and looks exhausted.

"I'm fine Kim, really" she says, trying to get me to leave her alone.

"is there something you're not telling me Summer?" I ask her, I have a feeling I'm going to have to push her a little to get whatever it is out of her.

She sighs, "you can't tell anyone this yet"

I just smile, I was right. "alright, I won't" I reassure her, I want her to feel comfortable telling people whatever it is she has to say.

She takes a gulp of water, "I'm….. pregnant" there's a small smile that creeps onto her face as she tells me, which surprises me a little since I would think she'd be really excited about this.

I smile, "that's great Summer, how far along are you?"

She's starting to look a little queasy, but she just gulps her water again, "about twelve weeks…"

I smile and before I can say anything else to her she leans over and throws up in the trash can. I walk around to the other side of the desk and grab her water bottle. "just sit up slowly…" I tell her, and give her the water when she's finally sitting up.

She sighs, "sorry… I hate that"

I smile, "Summer, I was pregnant twice. I know it isn't fun. It won't last much longer"

She gulps the water, "I can't eat anything but ice cream"

I just laugh, I know that feeling. I was that way with Payson but I could actually eat more with Becca. "it's frustrating, I know. But you have to try to eat something else"

She sighs, "I have a feeling this baby is either going to love or hate ice cream when it's born…"

"you'll just have to wait and see. Do you want me to tell Sasha you're sick? He'll probably get you something to snack on" I ask her, she needs something in her system, at least she's trying to eat when she's hungry but it's not what her body needs.

She just nods, "yeah.."

I smile and walk out to the gym. Sasha's working with one of the pre elite girls. I walk over to him and he smiles as the girl finishes her routine. "hey…" he says.

"hey, do you have a minute?" I ask him, hoping he'll be able to help Summer.

"yeah, what's up?" he asks.

"Summer's throwing up, she wanted me to come find you" I tell him.

He sighs, and nods. "alright, I'll come check on her."

I walk back into the office and Summer's leaning back in the chair with her eyes closed. I just sigh, she probably needs a day or two off.

Sasha's POV

I follow Kim to the office and Summer's leaning back in her chair with her eyes closed. I walk up to her and gently squeeze her shoulder, "sweetie"

She sits up and just smiles, "I'm fine Sasha…"

I sigh, and rub her back, "Kim told me you were throwing up, I think you need a little something in your system"

She shrugs, "I dunno.."

I keep rubbing her back, "sweetie, remember what the doctor said. You need to try to eat other things, you don't have much in your system so it's not good when you're throwing up"

"fine…. I've kinda been wanting to try to eat pasta… I've been craving it for a few days…" she tells me.

I smile, "alright, I can go get you some, or we can just go home"

She sighs, "I'm fine, just bring me some"

Kim smiles, "I'll get it, that way you don't have to leave either…"

I know a few of the pre elite girls have asked me to work with them today and I agreed so it's a good thing that Kim offered to get Summer something to eat. I sit with Summer for the twenty minutes Kim is gone and smile when she comes in with the food. She tells me she'll give us some time and walks over into the parent's viewing area.

Summer just sighs as I open the container of plain pasta in front of her. She hesitantly picks up the fork and starts to eat a few bites. I'm not going to push her if she starts feeling sick, but she does need something.

About twenty minutes later Kim comes back with some food for Summer. Summer just sighs and struggles to eat at first but then I can tell she's starting to realize how hungry she is and she started to eat more of the pasta. I can tell she's feeling better now that she has something in her system, and I think she'll be fine.

I sit with her for a few minutes and she's able to keep the pasta down so I let her be in the office again and go back to working with the girls.

A/N: Sorry about the wait guys! I've been so busy with school lately because the semester has been coming to an end. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter!