The Truth - A Mistral Short

The Question

"Mudblood, I need to talk to you!"

"Oh my god," Hermione answered, "What do you want Draco?"

"You called me by my first name!" Draco said excitedly.

"What do you want Malfoy?" Hermione asked, "I have better things to do."

Draco pulled her over to a bench. They were standing outside, getting ready to go to Care of Magical Creatures.

"Well," he said, "There's something I want to ask you."


"First of all," he asked, "what do you think about me?"

"Really," Hermione asked, "that's your question?"

"Well, it's my first one."

"Malfoy," Hermione said, "I hate you."

A look of sadness appeared on Malfoy's face. "Why?" he asked.

Hermione laughed, "Wow. What reason do I not have? You are rude, mean, and always put me down."

"So? Is that a reason to hate me?"

"Yes!" Hermione yelled.

"Is there anything I can do to get you to not hate me?" Malfoy asked.

Hermione looked at him. "No."

"Oh," he said with a look of defeat, "Um… Anyway… Will you go out with me?"

Hey Mistral here. I known nothing.