He spat in the guard's face and managed to shove him to the ground before two more restrained him. He still struggled and thrashed violently slamming one against the wall and the other against the filing cabinet. You'd think they would learn not to try and take 'advantage' of him. He may be crazy, but he sure as hell wasn't queer. The warden's voice rang through the halway and he could hear him stomping.


"It's Sabaku, sir.."

That was his cue to get the hell out of sight and he did. Smoothly he slid out of the office window and into the white halls of Silver Falls Asylum. Of course, he knew he'd be noticed considering he belonged on the basement level of the twelve story facility. He's was what they often referred to as a 'pale face', or 'Dirt Crawler'. Because the basement level was so low that they were pretty much crawling in the dirt, and they were strictly forbidden to be out of their cells. He couldn't even walk up to the cafeteria during lunch and he sure as hell couldn't go outside for fresh air. It didn't matter if there was a sixteen foot fence surrounding the place or the the fact that it had it's own moat. Life was hard for the thirteen 'patients' kept on the basement floor.

Therefore, he was going to enjoy his time in the fluorescence as long as he possibly could. The lighting down stairs was shitty and it was an eyeball killer.

"Gaara!" His green eyes flashed mischief and he immediately took off sprinting down the hall knocking people over as he went. The sound of heavy foot steps lingered behind him and seemed to drive his adrenaline further.


A smile crept onto his face at the desperation in the many voices behind him. The desperation led him to believe he was in full control of the situation, and that's the way he liked things.

"Why do you pull shit like that?" The dark complected brunette asked and leaned on his cell door. He turned his head slightly and peered back at the red headed patient. "I don't owe you an explanation,
Kiba." Said man stood straight and turned to face his patient, "Uhh yeah you do. I thought we had this mutual understanding here Sabaku. I'm your assigned gaurd until you rot in here, so in order to make life slightly easier you have to act like you have common sense so I don't have to be up your ass all the time." Gaara snarled some, "You're always up my ass."

"And now you know why!"

Gaara gave the man a sharp glare and plopped down on the single bunk. The silence grew long and aggravating even for him. "So what did the Warden say?"

Kiba wrapped a hand around one bar and shifted his weight, "Oh, just the usual. Ya' know, he was just chattin' about how if it were up to him you'd be half way in the electric chair by now."

Gaara chuckled and got up from the rock hard bunk. "He makes this seem like more of a prison than a damn asylum, he may as well fill out the paperwork. I can't stand this place.."

"So you'd rather be dead?"

Green eyes narrowed down on Kiba as if he'd took that jab to the heart. "Don't pretend like you know what it's like to be confined to your own damn company, I have every right to be as hateful as possible,
and you're just a dog for the government. Every guard in this building is the same; just a door matt for the government and community."

"Hey, it pays pretty good."

Kiba watched the red head make his way over to the rusty, paint peeled bars. "It's kinda' sick how you people can watch someone waste away behind frail rusty bars just because they'e short a few chromosomes, dontcha'

"A few chromosomes? You're a danger to society itself."

"Society needs people like me."

"Ha, if that helps you sleep at night. In here you're legally not apart of society anymore."

"Oh yes, and they seem to be doing so good without me." He fired back sarcastically, "It wouldn't make society any worse if I was running around freely. Pretty soon the government will fail and we'll all have to start from scratch."

"How would you know, you're locked in this damn basement all the time!" Kiba yelled and seemed slightly bothered at his predictions. Gaara, on the other hand, had his face placed between the bars with a disgusting smile on his face.
Kiba gritted his teeth, "You're disturbed."

"You have no idea."