She couldn't believe what she was about to do. Lord knows what would happen if someone caught her doing something like this.. But it was like Kakashi said, Gaara had to leave the Asylum pronto. Unfortunately for Sakura it wasn't the Asylum staff that was making it hard for her.. It was Gaara.

He absolutely refused to go anywhere anytime soon,which made no sense to her. She figured he'd be jumping for joy! After all the work Sakura had done to secure their safe exit she wasn't taking no for an answer. HE WAS GOING.

Her plan was to use what she had saved as her 'shopping' money and get the hell out of dodge. The plan seemed pretty solid and she was pretty confident they could sneak out.. Until she actually told Gaara it was time to go. Call her crazy, but she had to improvise and it was for his own well being!

The young nurse waited until all the lights were cut off and the night shift was switching over, to make her move. She used the key she snatched from one of the guards earlier to quickly sneak into Gaara's cell where he was sitting and still awake. Making sure not to drop the keys this time she pulled a rubber mallet out of her white, blood stained nursing coat and smacked him hard with it where she assumed his head was. When she heard a thump she considered it a victory and grabbed his arms pulling him out of the cell and down the hallway.

Her time was limited vastly considering the night shift switch only lasted 15 minutes, and Gaara wasn't light at all.. Gaara was drug to the emergency exit on the far side of the asylum (up the stairs) and out to her car where she did the best she could to lay him in the back seat and threw a blanket over him. Carefully, Sakura started the car and pulled out of the drive way and toward the guard towers on the outside of the large fences. She prayed the entire time that Gaara wouldn't move and be detected by the unsuspecting lights that scanned the yard for any security breaches. To her advantage the staff was late on switching over that night and pulled in as she pulled onto the road.

Sakura wouldn't relax until the two made it two counties over, and even then she was still jumpy. Gaara nearly made her ram the car into the side of a bridge when he woke up and started moving after so many hours of unconsciousness.

"What the hell is going on?" He rose up and looked out the windows obviously not used to being in a vehicle.

"Road trip! How do you feel?"

"I have a head ache."


"What happened?"

"Promise you won't freak out?"

"No promises."

"I hit you with a mallet that I bought at the hardware store, drug you out to my car, and beat night shift out of the gate." He scratched his head for a moment. "You kidnapped me."

She smiled and noticed his eyes were a lot greener and healthier looking. "There should be some clothes in the floorboard. Put them on and we'll grab something to eat as soon as I hit the out of state line."

"Out of state?!" Gaara clumsily rummaged the floorboard and found pants and a shirt.

"Yeah we're going to the airport." The sun was beginning to come up and she looked scarce. "You sure you don't wanna stop and rest?"

"No I'm good." Gaara maneuvered his way into the passenger seat and relaxed.

"Everything looks ... Different."

"Not what you imagined?"

"Not at all.."

She smiled, "welcome to the world Gaara."