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Fate stood amongst her many threads and looms. Everything was scattered around, shattered, or upturned. The dyes that took days to create dripped their inky essence in large splatters, and the wall had smears of the ink where she had in her frustration slammed her hands. A lone pair of gold scissors remained deeply impaled as a testament to that. It glinted in the glow of the broken lamps as Fate started to walk the edge of 'Do I throw something or break down in tears?'. She stood silent for a moment as she gazed at the catastrophe of her workspace, a result of her untamed anger. Her scarlet lips turned up in a sneer as the anger grew to another degree.

Everything was ruined, all her hard work gone because Lady Misfortune decided to intervene. Now she would have to start all over. From scratch she would have to begin again. She easily slipped between broken looms and upturned urns till she came to the one thing that went untouched by her anger, a small table and upon it two strings. With reverence she picked them up and looked at them with a critical eye. They were now worn and fraying at the ends, a verification that they had gone through many trials and aged. But that wasn't what had started to rekindle her anger, no, they were dyed back to the way the originally were.


The color infuriated her more and she threw a new pot of red dye at the wall that had escaped her wrath earlier. With immense satisfaction she watched as the porcelain shattered and the ink spray on the wall. It wasn't long before that satisfaction faded and she was replaced with frantic thinking. She had to come up with a new path before the moon reached its peak that was the rule if you were going to travel back in time and re-write lives.

She paced back and forth muttering, "What to do, what to do?" She bit her lip as she continued to rub the two threads between tan fingertips.

She would have to make sure there was misfortune and heartache every once in a while or Lady Misfortune would intervene again and she couldn't have that happen. Her eyes narrowed, she could always ask Death. She was a pushover when it came to forbidden romance, but getting help from Death ensured her a nasty deal, and Fate didn't want that. She pursed her lips then gave a long sigh, she had no choice.

Lady Death always made good her romance and was the only one that Lady Misfortune wouldn't bother. Actually she was the only being that not another soul would bother, dead or alive. Death always made good her threats and her warnings always held a tone of misery if she was ever crossed. Fate snorted. She wouldn't be bothered if she was able to put beings out of existence too. But unfortunately only Death was able to do that and she always made sure was that that forewarning was followed through if her things were messed with. Fate looked at the two stings again and bit her lip, red brows furrowed and electric blue eyes wavered uncertainly. Then with a whirl of silver and blue robes she left her realm to the Abyss.


"So," a voice behind her came silky and deep, a deadly lure to one too many mortals, Fate shuddered, "you came to make a deal." It wasn't a question; it was a statement so Fate just nodded.

"Yes, I know that you've always-"

"I'll do it." Fate gapped, she didn't think it was going to be this easy. A chill went down her spine as the figure moved away from the shadows. Silver orbs with slit pupils glinted eerily from beneath a moving robe of darkness that would bleed into faces of horror. She gave a small shiver as she realized the garment was made from the countless lost souls, "on one condition."

"What?" Fate breathed as she tore her eyes away from the robe as one face screamed soundlessly at her. She was too close to lose everything just because of a creepy robe. With Death's help she could practically see it all happening. A soft hum under skin alerted her that her weaving looms had mended themselves and were waiting for her to start to weave a new future. She was jerked from her thoughts by Death's twitch of hand when she looked at the pale being she could see that she was irritated. When she opened her mouth to ask she was stopped by Death's voice.

"It's pardon not what, but pardon," Death's irritation leaked into her voice and Fate was silent as the other took a deep breath before continuing, "We do it my way. If I tell you to intervene, you intervene. Even if you think it's going to cost you their romance do it any way. This forbidden love will be…difficult to start and to complete."

"What?" Fate gasped in shock ignoring Death's irritation, "I thought nothing was impossible for you! I thought-"

"Are you questioning my abilities?" Death's cold voice broke in and Fate quickly snapped her mouth shut. Her bronze face paled as Death slid forward and grasped her chin. She began to open her mouth to beg for forgiveness when a slow chuckle escaped the dark figure. Blood red lips turned up in mirth and silver eyes gazed off unseeingly. Fate stood still, she recognized all too well what was happening and knew it best to not move. The fingers on her chin gripped excruciatingly harder and then Death was backing away. Fate stood on shaky legs as Death waved a slender pale hand over nothing. Fate refused to wince when she saw that the pallor of the arm was as white of a corpse. A deadly, eerie ashen shade indeed.

"We are going to have to bring back The Dark One, if we want this romance to work." Fate let out a sound of distress, she had done everything she could to not have him brought back and here Death was saying that the needed to bring him back?! She opened her mouth to protest but Death held up a finger as she balanced the cursed blade on the middle of her palm. "It needs to be done, I know you want a sappy romance but this love is going to be…complicated. It is between two men that loathe each other after the incident with the other's wife. Not only that, but the man of the wife blames the other for tearing apart his family." Death pursed her lips and gave a sigh. "And it also seems that I'm to have to awaken The Bond of Souls again. What a trial…"

"The Bond of Souls?" Fate asked with a tilt of her head. A red curl spiraled down from its complex up-do and caressed her cheek, "I've never heard of that."

Death gave a small laugh, "Of course you haven't, it is of my own creation and no one else can control it other than me. It is…" Death paused with an evil smile that sent goose bumps down Fates arms, "a permanent connection. A binding between souls that never falls apart, unless I will it mind you, and it only works for true soul mates. I created it for the people of Elipser when they were having trouble finding love and just procreating with whomever they pleased. It's powerful and the only one of its kind."

"Wait what about my soul weaving?" Fate interjected as she drew closer in utter confusion. Death cocked her head and gave a small smile.

"Soul weaving only goes part of the way, you create paths I create…inescapable snares. How interesting that you don't even know the abilities nor the extent of your powers…"

"Don't patronize me!" Fate snapped stung and struck out a hand to slap the other. A flash of motion was all she got when her hand was caught, the bones of her wrist coming together painfully. She gave out a cry of pain as Death clenched her hand tighter and the fragile bones started to twist.

"How dare you raise a hand to strike me!" Death hissed and Fate froze as an inexplicable cold traveled from her feet to the essence of her heart. The hand around her wrist loosened then traveled up to her shoulder. "Do not think," Death's voice echoed by her ear as the hand on her shoulder started to dig long black nails into her flesh. The cold feeling traveled lower and Fate felt her heart slow and miss a beat, "that you can just walk away after wanting my help and I, willing to give it to you, insures you the right to try and control me! I am DEATH and you are a mere bug compared to me and my power. I was going to be kind and not create a contract with you, give you a loophole out of the deal. But after you've done this!" Death spat and Fate started to tremble. She knew that her impulsive anger would get the best of her and she'd wind up in a situation with her back to a corner. Tears started to collect at the corners of her eyes and Death gave a sigh. Fate swayed at the sudden release when Death unwound her fingers from her shoulder and drifted back towards a shadowy corner.

"I am not a person to be toyed with Fate," Death continued wearily, as if the sudden outburst had consumed much of her strength. "I am a busy woman and the time that I'm giving to you by listening to what you want is precious and something that not many souls get. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Fate exclaimed as she continued to sway but now with relief and her anger started to simmer slowly, "I understand."

"Good." Was the hissed reply and the Death was gone. Not even a whisper of sound was heard in her departure. Fate slumped to the floor eyes wide.

"The terms of our deal, or contract I rather call it, will be discussed latter. For now just keep in mind that you owe me." Death's voice echoed around the room and Fate gave a start. Her eyes searched every corner but there was not a trace of her left, except a silver circlet that had mysteriously wrapped around Fate's wrist.

"What did I just get myself into?" Fate breathed as she shakily stood up. She lifted her wrist to her chest. The anger of being so forcefully put in her place burned deep within her. It bubbled slowly and simmered as she grit her teeth. She would show that arrogant being that she wasn't to be messed with either. It might take time but she would wait, bid her time, until the one day Death would be kneeling at her feet in pain.

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