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Prelude: Restless Dreams

Tigress opened her eyes, her vision so blurry that at first she couldn't really make out where she was at the moment. She groaned as she blinked her eyes a couple times to get them to adjust, but even then her surroundings where unfamiliar to her.

"Ugh, where am I?" She said as she fully awakened and sat up in her bed mat… wait, she was on her bed mat? She looked down and saw that indeed the rectangular shaped mass of fabric that she slept on every night, but that couldn't be right. She looked around and saw that all of her other room décor was there as well, her dresser, her swords, her paintings of her friends and teammates, it was all there. While everything was set up as if it was her room in the Jade Palace, the room itself convinced her otherwise, the thing paper walls were replaced with rustic steel, that seemed to have been clawed away at, and over head was an industrial fan circulating air into the room. "I swear to god if this is another one of Po and Monkey's stupid pranks I'm going to get them so bad." She said, but in truth she didn't really believe this was the work of her more idiotic friends, the only said that the ease the strange feeling welling up in her gut. She walked over the steel door and tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge, she tugged on it harder, but it still wouldn't open. "Locked, great, now what?" She said. She tried to think of a way to get out, at first it occurred to her to try to pry the door open with one of her swords, but the more she thought about, the more she realized that probably wouldn't work. She looked around for an alternative, until she spotted something. She saw marks on the floor next to the dresser, as if it had been slid over on multiple occasions. "Huh, wonder what this is." She said as she grabbed the side of the dresser and pushed it over, revealing a hole just big enough for her to crawl through.

"Perfect." Tigress said as she crawled through the hole, ending up in what would be considered Viper's room. "Viper, you in…" She cut herself off with a gasp as she saw the condition the room was in. All of her friend's belongings were either broken or knocked over, blood splattered on the walls, and the door was torn open. "Viper?" She said as she looked all over the room for the serpent, but she was nowhere to be found. "Viper!" She repeated as she walked out the door into the hall. She saw that all the doors were ripped apart as well, and she checked them all frantically. "Crane, Monkey, Mantis, Po!?" She called out as she checked each one of their rooms, all of them in a similar condition as Viper's. "Someone, anyone, can you hear me!" She cried out but only heard the soft echo of her own voice. As far as she could tell she was completely alone. "What, could have possibly happened here?" She questioned, and more importantly how could she have slept through it all. Suddenly she saw a short figure run across the other hall perpendicular to the one she was in, it was too dark for her to tell what it was, but she had a pretty good idea. "Master Shifu." She said as she followed the figure down the hall. She heard the door shut and assumed it left the living quarters. She opened the door and saw nothing but pitch blackness, not even her highly trained eyes could see anything. Luckily they kept a lantern at the side of the door for when they needed to go out at night, and she was surprised to see that it was still there, instead of trashed like the rest of the place. She took the lantern and lit it, allowing her to see at least a foot or two around her. She stepped out of the barracks and was surprised to feel metal under her foot rather than the usual stone. She pointed the lantern downward and saw that the ground had been replaced by rusted metal fencing. "Oh, of course." She groaned as she continued to walk through the darkness, trying to get to the main building from memory. She eventually reached it and opened the door, just in time to see the figure go around the corner.

"Master wait!" She called to it, and began running after it. But just as she started running she heard a faint scraping sound, as if someone was dragging something on the floor. It stopped as soon as she stopped running, and she continued after the figure at a slower pace. She listened carefully for the noise, and this time it sounded like it was right behind her. She jumped a bit and turned around, only for the noise to stop and to find there was nothing there. "Calm down Tigress, you're just a little tired. Focus on your goal." She encouraged herself and continued onward. The farther she went the more grotesque everything became, blood splattered everywhere and she could even see bits and pieces of flesh hanging from the walls. She finally made it to the entrance to what she suspects is the monstrous version of the training hall. "Geez, I wonder what this is going to be like." She said sarcastically as she reached to open the door. It swung open and she walked in, though the lamp light was too dim to light up the entire hall, so she had to feel her way around. She heard panting and looked around for the figure and sure enough, she found it. "Master Shifu?" She said as she approached the figure, but the closer she got the more it looked like anything but her adopted father. It then turned around and reviled itself as a grotesque looking monster, with rotting skin and seemed to have appearance of a small, headless goblin. Tigress was startled by this and took a few steps back. "What… what the hell are you?" She said as the creature slowly walked toward her. But then something occurred to her, if the creature was headless, how could it pant?

"Tigress…" A faint voice said from right next to her, she'd recognize that voice anywhere.

"Po?" She said as she turned the lantern to look at her friend. What she saw horrified her, as Po was restrained to the wall in an uncomfortable cage, spikes and barbed wire digging into his flesh, and you could tell he was in deep pain. Tigress stood back and suddenly four more creatures the same as the first lit torches all around the room and she saw that all of her comrades, and even her master were all in the same boat as Po. "My god, what have they done to you?" She said in horror as she watched her friends twitch in agony. The creatures then turned their attention to her, readying their selves to attack. Tigress would usually stand and fight, but the trauma was too much for her, and she just ran. She ran at full speed to the door and closed it shut; leaning against it so the monsters couldn't open it to chase her, and god knows they tried. Eventually they stopped, but as soon as Tigress thought she was safe the scraping started again, this time from directly behind the door. She pressed her ear to it, trying to figure out what exactly the sound was, and a moment later she got her answer, for there was a moment of silence and a large, rusty blade pierced through the door… and Tigress's skull.

"AAAAAHHHHH!" Tigress screamed as she awoke from her nightmare, trembling in terror.

"Ahhhh, what, what, what happened?" Po said as he and the rest of the Five burst through the door. She was back in the normal barracks of the Jade Palace, and relief washed over her as she saw that her friends were safe and sound.

"Oh, uh, nothing just had a bad dream I guess." Tigress said.

"Wow, didn't know you could have bad dreams." Monkey joked, but Tigress decided to just let it slide.

"You ok Tigress?" Viper asked with concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine, guess I'm just a little freaked out from our battle with Shen." She said in order to ease their concern.

"Ok, if you say, so, but call us if anything happens." Crane said as he and the other left.

"Alright, night guys." She said, gaining replies from them all. She laid down back on her mat, but she didn't go back to sleep, she didn't dare to.

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