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Welcome to Silent Hill

Tigress instinctively opened her eyes just as the sun was about to rise. It wasn't hard for Tigress to change her sleeping schedule; she had trained herself to sleep the exact same amount of time each night, so all she had to do was go to sleep a little bit earlier than usual to wake up earlier, which is exactly what she did last night. She let out a yawn as she stretched her arms and legs and stood up from her bed mat, grabbing the bag she packed the night before. She had only the essentials, packing as if this was a typical mission; the pack was so light she would probably forget that she was wearing one after a while, and that's just how she liked it. She swung the pack over her shoulder and slid open her door, but on the first step she took, she stepped on a piece of paper.

"What the…" She whispered as to not wake up her comrades. She picked up the paper and looked it over; it said "To Tigress" on the front, in the sloppy handwriting that she recognized as Po's. She unfolded the paper, which actually turned out to be two folded together, luckily she noticed or else the second piece would've fallen. The first was a note:

"Dear Tigress,

Good luck on your journey… quest… thingy, which by the way I still think is AWESOME! Here's a little something I found in the village, it's not much, but I hope it helps you out a bit.

You're friend,

Po, the Dragon Warrior."

Tigress smirked at the letter, since she could make out that above "you're friend" were the words "love" and "sincerely" frantically crossed out. She then looked at the second piece of paper, which turned out to be a map of Silent Hill. She appreciated the gesture, in fact she was meaning to get a map on her way out of town, Silent Hill was a resort town after all, and being so close to the Valley of Peace of course there were bound to be maps and brochures for it there, for anyone wanting to go there for a vacation or something. Tigress smiled at the map, and looked ahead at the room across from her, silently thanking the panda for the gift. She folded the map and put it in her pocket for safe keeping and made her way out of the barracks and down the thousands steps. As she made her way through the town she watched as many of the villagers were getting ready for the day, groggily setting up their shops as well as greeting their neighbors, and her when she by. They would ask where she was off to, and she replied with a simple "out of town for some business" and move on. This trip was going to take her all day, she expected to get there either late at night or early next morning, which means she really couldn't afford to waste time. Once Tigress exited the Valley of Peace, she began her trek up the Wu Dan Mountains. As she started up the trail she couldn't help but notice how peaceful everything is in the mountains in the early hours of the morning, how beautiful the mountains and valley looked in the light of the still rising sun, and it was then, after a while of enjoying the tranquility that she realized something.

"You know, this is probably the only time I've ever been up here by myself." Tigress said to herself as she gazed back down at the Jade Palace in the distance. "When I was little, Shifu took me up here to meditate some times, and every other time I came up here was to either leave the Valley, or to chase some bandit, and every time either the rest of the Five or Po were with me. I got to admit, it is kind of nice to be alone like this once in a while." Don't get her wrong, she enjoyed the company of her friends very much, but she was solitary by nature, and every now and again she needed to be alone. She took a deep breath, smelled the crisp mountain air and continued on the trail.

It had been hours since she made it down the mountain, and nightfall was upon her. The sun was beginning to set and it was getting a little cold. Traveling at night wasn't really a problem for her, she had particularly good eyesight, good enough to see quite well in the dark, but she needed her rest, she wanted to be fully alert when she got to Silent Hill.

"I guess I can keep going until nightfall, and once it gets to dark I'll set up camp." She said as she continued on. She kept her eyes open for places to stay the night, but her focus was hindered by the approaching sound of feet hitting the dirt road coming from behind her. She turned around and was met with the sight of a person running at full speed towards her… pulling a rickshaw. "What the…"

"WHOA WHOA WHOA OUT OF MY WAY!" The driver exclaimed as he came dangerously close to hitting Tigress. She swiftly sidestepped off of the road just as the driver was trying to stop, but the momentum was too much so he tripped and fell; he and his rickshaw rolling down the road a couple feet before coming to a stop. "…Ow." He moaned in pain. Tigress quickly ran to the driver.

"Are you alright?" She asked, kneeling down to examine his condition. The driver was a young jaguar, probably no older then eighteen or nineteen, he was more toward the thin side but he was well built, especially his legs and arms, most likely from pulling the rickshaw around. He wore a light brown vest and gray pants held with a red green sash. It wasn't long until the boy recuperated and stood back up.

"Uh… yeah, I'm fine." He assured as she cracked his back. "Not the first time I fell pulling that thing and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last." He said as he straightened himself out. "How about you, you ok?"

"Me, I'm fine, besides even if you did hit me I'm sure it wouldn't do much harm." Tigress replied.

"Really, I don't know, I was going pretty fast, and that thing is pretty heavy, a direct hit from that could cause some pretty decent damage." The boy insisted.

"To a normal person sure, but I've blocked a cannonball with my bare hands, after that I don't think anything else can compare." She said with a mixture of sarcasm and pride.

"Cannonball… wait, you wouldn't happen to be the great Master Tigress of the Furious Five, would you?" He asked in realization. The question surprised Tigress a bit, in fact it made her feel somewhat awkward, but after a moment she nodded in confirmation. "Wow… Uh, i-it's an honor to meet you Master Tigress, and please accept my humblest apologies for almost running you over." He said frantically as he bowed to her, his right fist in his left palm.

"It's fine, really, no harm done… well to me at least." She said, prompting the boy to stand back up strait.

"Alright then, cool." He said. He then turned his attention to his rickshaw, it was on its side with one of the wheels missing, but it had just rolled a little farther down the trail. He then began to walk over to retrieve it.

"Perhaps it's I who should be apologizing." Tigress said.

"Nah, it's fine, it wasn't your fault, I got a bit carried away and went to fast, no big deal though, it can be fixed pretty easily." The boy replied as he grabbed the wheel and dragged it back to the rickshaw.

"Well, at least let me help you." Tigress insisted as she walked over to the fallen wooden mass.

"No, you don't have…" He began to argue, but Tigress had already lifted it up. "Ok, thanks." He then kneeled down and placed the wheel back on its axis, tightening it on and spinning it to make sure it was secure. "Perfect, all fixed." He said with satisfaction. Tigress then carefully put the rickshaw down. "Thanks for the help."

"You're welcome."

"So, what's one of the greatest heroes in all of China doing all the way back here?" He inquired.

"Oh, uh, I'm actually on my way to town, a place called Silent Hill." Tigress answered, feeling that's all this stranger was required to know. The look on his face changed from casual curiosity to… almost shocked.

"Silent Hill, you actually want to go there?" He asked in somewhat disbelief.

"Well yeah, I have some business I need to take care of there, why?" She asked her curiosity peaked.

"Oh, no reason, it's just… I've heard some pretty weird rumors about that place, that's all." He said.

"Weird rumors, isn't it a resort town?" Tigress said suspiciously.

"It is, it is, and it's pretty popular too, it's just… you know what, never mind, they're just ridiculous rumors anyway, guess every town has them." He said awkwardly. Tigress could tell he knew more then what he was letting on, but even he himself seemed uncertain about the whole thing, so he wasn't the prime example of a reliable source, and thus she let it slide, for now. "Hey, if you're headed to Silent Hill, I could take you there if you want." He offered all of a sudden, surprising Tigress a little.

"Wait, what?"

"Yeah, it's the least I can do for what you and the other Masters did for China." He said.

"Well, thanks for the offer, but I wouldn't want to trouble you." She replied, feeling somewhat uncomfortable with being offered things like that from people she didn't know.

"It's no trouble at all, really, I was heading in that direction anyway, plus it is kind of my job to take people places." He insisted, not taking no for an answer.

"Well…ok, fine, thank you." Tigress finally gave in with an appreciative bow.

"Great, just hop on and we'll get going." He said as he positioned himself in front of the rickshaw and grabbed the handles, ready for Tigress to get on. She first placed her pack on the right side of the seat and then sat on the left.

"Hey, I never got your name." Tigress stated.

"Oh, it's Tien, at your service maam." Tien replied a bit teasingly before he began to move forward, he had a bit of trouble getting the rickshaw moving but once they were moving it was smoothing sailing, he was moving as if he wasn't pulling anything at all, Tigress had to admit she was somewhat impressed. Tigress relaxed in the wheeled chair and looked out at the side, the all too familiar scenery passing by. The trip from Bao Gu Orphanage to the Jade Palace was the first time she had ever left Silent Hill and so all the sights that they had passed during that time was forever burned into her memory. She felt very nostalgic, remembering just how she felt to finally be going to a home of her own, she certainly would've never thought she'd ever come back, but she was on a mission, and nothing would stop her. There was an awkward silence and Tigress, being the suspicious person she is, felt the need to know more about this young man she had just met.

"So Tien, what are you doing out here anyway?" She asked casually.

"I'm actually coming back from the Valley of Peace, just finished taking someone from my village up there to visit some relatives." Tien responded.

"Is your village nearby?" Tigress questioned further.

"I guess; it's just north of Silent Hill, there's a fork in the road somewhere up ahead, one way leads to Silent Hill and one to my village. It's pretty small compared to Silent Hill and the Valley of Peace, but its home." He explained with a smile.

"Ok, so when do you think we'll get there?"

"We should be there by morning, maybe even sooner, but it's just a guess."

"Yeah, that sounds about right, and thanks again for doing this."

"No problem, now you just get comfortable and enjoy the ride." And Tigress did just that, she leaned back on her seat and continued to watch the scenery fly by. Eventually the sun was no longer visible and the moon was ascending into the sky, it was then that Tigress began to feel weary and drifted into sleep.

Tien had been pulling the rickshaw all night, sure he was used to the strenuous work, but he like all people needed his sleep. His drowsiness was starting to get the better of him, his eyelids getting heavy and his vision blurring as he ran through the forest that bordered the town.

"Come on man, stay awake, you're almost there." He mumbled to himself as he shook his head in a sad attempt to wake up. Despite all this he was still able to keep up his pace, which also helped him stay awake as well. He looked over his shoulder to find Tigress sleeping soundly in her seat. This helped Tien a little, he knew he had a job to do, and he was going to do it, no matter what. Suddenly, a strange fog rolled in, seeming from out of nowhere, in fact Tien didn't even remember when it started, like he blinked for a second and it was just there. "That's weird, it was clear a second ago, man I really must be tired." He said, passing it off as just him not paying attention. He had to admit though, it was starting to get harder and harder to see the road as he got closer and closer to their destination, but he did his best to navigate through the forest, after all the only thing he had to do was fallow the road and he would be there in no time, or so he hoped. "Hmm, maybe I should stop and wait for this fog to clear up." He contemplated, but before he could even come to a decision, the image of what seemed to be a small child emerged from the fog right into their path. "HOLY…" He screamed as he tried to stop the rickshaw, but the momentum was too great and caused it to tip over and roll off the road. This sudden event awoke Tigress from her slumber, but she didn't have much time register and react to what was happening before she hit her head on a tree and lost consciousness.

Tigress's eyes slowly opened as her consciousness returned to her. As soon as her vision cleared up she tried to stand up only to have the pain from hitting her head start to kick in.

"Uhg, my head…Eh, how long was I out for?" She wondered as she examined her surroundings, she was a forest clouded by a thick layer of fog, which made it hard for her to get her Barings, but due to the fact that she could even see at all made it obvious that it was already day time. She looked to her left to find the rickshaw in shambles and she was suddenly stricken with worry. "Tien, Tien where are you?" She called out as she searched the rickshaw's remains for him, but he was nowhere to be found. Soon her worry turned into annoyance as a thought came to her.

"He didn't ditch me, did he?" She suggested which seemed to be the most likely explanation, after all if he was kidnapped or anything of the sort why would they only take him and not her. No, he most likely left of his own accord. "Well great, that's just great, that's the last time I accept a ride from a total stranger." She mumbled to herself as she walked back on the road, which actually took some effort to find, and tried to decide which way she should go. "Ok, left or right?" She wondered, she didn't really know from where she came from, but her instincts told her to go left. She walked for a good while and still didn't find anything to help her identify where she was, and the fog really didn't help either. But then a thought occurred to her. "Wait a minute, since when do we get fog at this time of year?" She wondered out loud, it was an uncommon occurrence after all. But her curiosity of this fact subsided when she saw something emerge from the fog. "Hey, what's that?" She said as she ran up to the object which got clearer and clearer with each step she took. Eventually she was close enough to see it clearly and her eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat when she realized what it was, she had seen it once before, and she would never forget it. "I… I'm here." She said just above a whisper as she stared at the large green billboard with pale yellow lettering on it that read 'Welcome to Silent Hill'.

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