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Boomer POV

"Boz get in here! It's almost time! Do you want to meet your Aunt and Uncle or not?" I yelled to my brother who was downstairs. Tonight we were going to Skype our Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill. I was excited to talk to them as well as introduce them to Boz, but I was also hoping to see if Brady was there. You see, he ran away from the island about a week ago because he overheard Mikayla saying he needed to "grow up" or something before she would ever date him. As a result, Brady left Kinkow to move back to Chicago and "grow up" for Mikayla. I miss my brother like crazy but if he is in Chicago with our Aunt and Uncle then I am going to go get him and bring him back to Kinkow, whether he wants to stay there and "grow up" or not.

"I'm here, I'm here! Start the Skype!" Boz exclaimed running into the room. "Finally!" I exclaimed as Boz sat down next to me and I started the Skype. Seconds later, our Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill appeared on the screen. "My boys! How has everything been on that crazy island? You haven't been hurt, right?" Aunt Nancy exclaimed as she noticed us on the screen, her smile turning to a worried expression. I chuckled before responding, "No Aunt Nancy, we're fine. This is my other brother I was talking about, Boz. Apparently he is Brady and I's long lost triplet brother. "Aunt Nancy smiled at Boz. "Well then, it's nice to meet you Boz." I then shifted, ready to ask about our OTHER brother.

"So, Aunt Nancy, is Brady there?" I questioned, a hopeful tone in my voice. Aunt Nancy smiled. "Of course. That boy would be lost if he didn't have anyone he knew with him. I'm just surprised he was able to fly that balloon here to Chicago." I sighed in relief and relaxed. I now knew that my other brother had at least made it safely to Chicago. "So, do you mind getting him for us?" Boz asked, still slightly unsure on what he should be saying to his new found Aunt. "Sorry boys, Brady isn't here right now. He's out getting some lunch for your Uncle and I." Boz and I nodded our heads. "Well, please tell him we said 'Hi' then!" I asked my Aunt as we said good-bye and logged off. Boz and I both then sat back on the couch, both lost in our own thoughts. It was quiet for a few minutes until Boz spoke up.

"Why don't we go to Chicago and bring Brady back? I'd love to meet my other brother, plus we could have him stay here on Kinkow." I thought Boz's idea over for a minute before nodding. "That could work. I'd have both my brothers here, we could all rule Kinkow together, and maybe Mikayla will stop moping around!" I exclaimed, standing up. "Yeah!" Boz yelped from beside me, standing up as well.

"My kings, what are you doing?" Mason questioned, startling us with his deep voice and sudden appearance. "Mason! We need a hot air balloon to take to Chicago to get Brady back!" Boz and I exclaimed together. Mason nodded. "Alright then, when do you want to leave my kings?" Boz and I glanced at each other, thinking the same thing. "As soon as we can!" We both yelled, excited that we were going to bring our other brother home. Mason nodded again. "Ok. The balloon will be ready in around an hour. I will come get you when it is time to leave." With this Mason left the room to prepare the balloon. Boz and I then began jumping around and cheering, happy our brother was coming back home. We then sat down after a few minutes and played videogames until Mason came to tell us the balloon was ready. We then walked out to the balloon and took off, ready for our journey to Chicago.

A Few Hours Later

Mason landed the balloon on the rooftop of our old apartment building that my Aunt and Uncle lived in. Boz and I hopped out and raced inside. I led the way to the apartment before knocking on the door eagerly. My Aunt Nancy opened the door. "Hello- My boys! What are you doing here?" She exclaimed, hugging Boz and I. "Hi Aunt Nancy! We came for a small visit and also to retrieve our crazy brother who ran away from the island. My Aunt smiled before turning around. "Brady! You have guests!" Brady walked out into the living room before noticing it was us.

"Boomer?" He questioned, disbelief evident in his voice. "Hi Brady." I greeted, happy to see my brother. "What are you doing here?" Brady asked. "Well, we've come to bring you back to Kinkow so you can stay with us again!" I exclaimed, expecting Brady to start jumping in happiness or running to pack his things. Instead, Brady yelped, "You'll never take me alive!" before running farther into the apartment. "Brady!" Boz and I yelped as we chased after him. He was coming back with us whether he wanted to our not.

A Few Minutes Later

Mason, Boz, Brady, and I were all in the balloon, ready to take off. Brady's things were tied to the outside of the balloon while we were all inside the balloon. Boz and I were sitting on either side of Brady. Brady however had his hands tied behind his back and his feet tied together. After Boz and I had chased him around the apartment for a few minutes we had finally caught him when he tripped over the couch. We held him down until Mason showed up with some rope before tying Brady up, said boy complaining the whole time about being mistreated.

"That was not a fair fight! I tripped!" Brady yelped. "It may not have been a fair fight but at least you're coming back to Kinkow!" Boz exclaimed. Brady shook his head, obviously trying hard not to smile. "Don't worry bro, it will be fun!" I smiled at Brady. "I wouldn't call being tied up and thrown into a hot air balloon that's heading to an uncharted island in the middle of the ocean against your will fun." Brady complained again. "If you are going to complain the whole time then I will tie this bandana around your mouth." I threatened. Brady immediately closed his mouth and kept quiet for the rest of the way back to Kinkow. Now I have both of my brothers! I thought as I fell asleep, ready for the journey back home with both of my brothers.

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