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Brady POV

"Brady, wake up! Brady! Time to get up!" I groaned as I felt someone shaking me, interrupting my fantasies of Mikayla and I. The shaking stopped for a moment until I felt someone pull on my sheets before they were yanked out from under me, knocking me to the floor. "Ow!" I yelped as I hit the ground. I quickly jumped up from the floor to glare at my brothers and Mikayla. "What was that for?" I complained.

"You wouldn't get up." Mikayla shrugged before leaving the room. I stared after her before switching my gaze to my brothers. "Good morning Brady!" Boomer and Boz chirped. "Maybe for you guys, but I'm not having a very good morning so far." I shook my head, a small smile fighting its way onto my face.

"Maybe not yet, but I have a surprise for you two after breakfast!" Boz exclaimed before running out of the room. Boomer and I shared a confused glance. "Ok… I guess we should follow him?" I spoke slowly, trying to figure out what had just happened. Boomer nodded his head. "I guess so….." I shrugged before walking out of the room, Boomer right behind me.

Together we walked downstairs to the dining room where we found Boz and Mikayla eating, Boz eating his toe fruit, Mikayla eating a bowl of cereal. Boomer walked over to sit down beside Boz while I sat down beside Mikayla.

"Did you enjoy your little 'wake up call' this morning Brady?" Mikayla smiled innocently at me. I shook my head and tried hard not to smile. "I don't know, would you call crashing into the ground when you just wake up enjoyable?" I teased. Mikayla smiled and mocked deep thought. "I don't know, maybe….." Mikayla responded. I rolled my eyes jokingly before turning to the food in front of me.

There were biscuits, cinnamon rolls, eggs, ham, bacon, milk, orange juice, and water. I quickly filled my plate with a little of everything and made myself a glass of orange juice. Mikayla glanced at my plate. "Are you trying to eat enough food to feed all of Kinkow?" She exclaimed. I faked a hurt expression. "No, I'm a growing boy!" I responded, puffing out my chest in pride. Mikayla rolled her eyes before turning back to her own plate.

"So Boz, what's the big surprise?" I turned my attention to my brothers who had just started a conversation. "Yes Boz, what is the big surprise?" I questioned the monkey boy. "Well," Boz clapped his hands together. "I'm going to take you guys camping!" Boz exclaimed. I smiled once his words sunk in. "That sounds like fun." I smiled at Boz before looking at Boomer who had a blank stare on his face.

"Camping? As in staying in the wilderness?" Boomer questioned Boz who nodded in response. "I'll set up our tent." Boomer finished his sentence before rushing out the door. However, I had seen a look on Boomer's face that I don't think Boz knows yet. It was his "I have an idea" face, one he usually gets in order to get out of something he doesn't want to do.

"Brady can't go camping with you guys." Mikayla spoke from beside me. "Why not?" I questioned, looking at the guard girl. "You can't go because the elders don't really know you are here yet and we don't want them to find out yet."

"So? Let's go talk to them then!" I stood up, ready to confront the elders about my return. Boz stood up as well. "Yeah, let's go!" Mikayla shook her head and stood up. She opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by Mason, who had just entered the room. "The elders are not on Kinkow right now, and you have to talk to them before you can walk around the jungle with anyone, not just your brothers."

"But-" Boz and I started before Mason held up his hand, signaling us to be quiet. "I'm sorry my king, but you can't go." I sighed in annoyance before looking at Boz. "Sorry bro." Boz dismissed my apology with a wave of his hand. "It's alright. It's going to be enough of a struggle getting Boomer into the forest." I smiled at my brother's words while nodding in agreement. "Good luck with that." Boz smiled before he walked out of the room.

"Well, what do you want to-" I turned around to find the Makoolas gone. "It's yesterday all over again!" I cried out while throwing my hands up in the air in annoyance. I then walked out into the plaza where I found a giant tent sitting there. My curiosity taking over, I walked up to the tent and peeked in. There was a ton of electronics and luxuries in the tent. I slowly walked in before I noticed Boomer and Boz's beds in the tent. This confused me.

"Hello?" I called as I walked around the tent. "Hi Brady!" I jumped at the voice before whirling around to find Boomer and Boz standing there. "Hi." I gave them a small wave. "Boomer, this is not camping." Boz crossed his arms and looked at Boomer. "Yes it is. We are sleeping outside, are we not?" Boomer defended his luxurious tent.

"I don't know Boom, I have to agree with Boz. This is more like having a house in the woods, not camping." I spoke up. Boomer glared at me while Boz smiled. "See Boomer, two to one. This is not camping." Boomer scoffed. "Yeah, well, Brady's not coming so it's still one to one!"

I then came up with an idea. Since Boomer's back was to me, I mouthed to Boz, "Just say yes. I have an idea." Boz gave me a small nod, signaling he had understood what I mouthed. "Alright Boom, we'll stay here tonight." Boomer fist-pumped. "Yes! I won! I won!" Boomer started to do a little happy dance, causing Boz and I to look at each other with silent laughter etched on our faces.

"My kings?" Mikayla stepped into the tent. "Hi Mikayla!" We all greeted the guard girl. "Is this where you're going to be staying tonight?" Boomer nodded. "Yep, and you and your dad are going to be staying outside too!" Mikayla looked at Boomer for a moment before turning her attention to me. "Alright, come on Brady. You can't be in here." Mikayla walked over to me and started pushing me to the door.

"Wait what? Why not? We aren't in the forest!" I protested as I was forcibly removed from the tent. "Yeah well we can't let you stay in there either." Mikayla responded. I looked at her. "And why is that?" I crossed my arms. Mikayla shifted. "Because you aren't allowed to stay outside the castle." She responded firmly. I scoffed. "Why not hmm? Is it because I haven't seen the elders?"

"Well, that's part of it but the other part is that my dad doesn't want you to stay outside with your brothers, mainly because we don't want the villagers to attack you at night in case they are angry with you since you left. "I was gone a week!" I exclaimed. Mikayla shook her head. "That's enough for some of the villagers to have a small dislike of you." I sighed. "Fine." I mumbled before walking up the stairs to my room.

Once I reached my room I walked over to my bed and laid down, trying to collect my thoughts. So, some of the villagers hate me, my brothers are going camping, I haven't told Boz my idea yet. Wait! I sat up. I had forgotten about telling Boz my idea. "Hey bro, what were you trying to tell me earlier?" Boz strolled into the room, saving me the trouble of having to go find him later. "Well, I was thinking that maybe, since Boomer sleeps like a rock, you could drag him into the forest and then camp. He won't even know until he wakes up." I spoke, proud of my idea. Boz slowly nodded.

"That could work!" He exclaimed before hugging me. "Thanks bro!" He exclaimed before running out of the room. "You're welcome!" I called after him. Well, now that that's settled, maybe I can find something to write a song about. I picked up my guitar and some blank music sheets before starting to write a song. I worked for a few hours, managing to start the song. I named it Critical. After I finished the first few verses I slowly fell asleep, the amount of thinking and writing tiring me out.

Mikayla POV

"How about we go stay inside. The kings will never know!" I whispered to my dad. It was dark outside now and the kings were in their tent, sound asleep. My dad nodded and together we walked into the throne room. "So, who is going to take the first shift of staying awake?" I questioned. "How about you do, and I go to bed for the night." My dad began to walk out of the room when I sat down on the couch.

"Oh look, it's Boz's king ring. Shouldn't he give this back to Brady, since he's back? It's not like he remembers to wear it." I spoke while examining the ring. "You know, this would make a pretty toe ring." I reached down to slide the ring on my foot. As soon as I slid it on my toe my dad rushed over. "No! Don't put that on!" He exclaimed. I looked at the ring. "Uh oh." My foot lashed out and kicked my dad in the stomach without me doing anything. "Sorry daddy!" I apologized.

"Mikayla, only one of the kings could take the ring off of you and then you will be charged with treason!" My dad whispered yelled. I stood up, trying to get the ring off of my foot. My foot then launched me towards the staircase that led up to the kings' room. "It's trying to find the nearest royalty!" My dad spoke quietly as I continued to bounce up the stairs. I continued into the throne room where I looked around until I spotted Brady sound asleep on his bed, music sheets crumbled all around him. He was holding onto his guitar and looked to be hugging it in his sleep.

My foot forced me over to Brady and I fell onto the bed. "Brady, wake up!" I cried as I shook him. Brady immediately sat up and rubbed his eyes. "What?" He yawned before my foot kicked him in the stomach. "Ow!" Brady cried out in pain before glaring at me. "What was that for?" He complained, rubbing his now sore stomach. I tried to hold my leg down. "Sorry Brady, it's your king ring. It got stuck on my toe and now it needs you to take it off!" I cried as my foot kicked my dad once more, winding him. "Oh." Brady responded before reaching down and pulling the ring off of my toe. My foot immediately stopped moving.

"Thank you so much!" I exclaimed while throwing my arms around Brady in a hug. "You're welcome?" Brady responded slowly. I pulled away and kissed him on the cheek, causing him to blush and look down. I then stood up and walked over to my dad before helping him out. We both then faced Brady who had regained his composure. "So, are you going to charge me with treason?" I questioned quietly, searching Brady's eyes. He looked at us confused before shaking his head. "No. Why would I do that?"

"Well-" My dad clamped a hand over my mouth. "It's nothing King Brady. Thanks for your help. Good night." My dad looked at me before we walked out of the room. "Just don't tell him and everything will be fine." I nodded my head before we both split off to our own rooms for the night. I quickly dressed for bed before lying down and falling into a peaceful sleep, fantasies of Brady and me circling my mind.

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