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Nightsnow Pov

I'm here with Firefang (Hookfang's son), Rainyfly (Stormfly's daughter), Luggy (Meatlug's daughter), Puke, and Burp (Barf and Belch's son). "Why do you think our parents called us here?" I asked Firefang, Puke, and Burp. While the other two females talked, but away from us. "I don't know, we haven't done anything bad latley!" Firefang replied. "How are we sure of that?" Burp asked. "Whatever lets just get this over with!" Puke said. Anyways besides being the only Snightfury ever I am also the youngest Dragon here. Just weeks old while the others were only a little older than me. "You know what I don't get?" I asked. "What?" Firefang asked. "Why do males lick females?" I asked. "What?!" Puke exclaimed. "Eww why would males lick females?" Burp asked. "That's what I'm trying to figure out! If I would lick a female I would die!" I said. "Who knows? Females can carry diseases!" Firefang said. "Nope! There is no way I am gonna take that chance!" Burp said. "Lets make a promise!" Puke said. "What kind of promise?" I asked. "That we will never ever lick a female!" Puke replied. "Deal!" we all said.

"Shh the females are coming!" Firefang said. We all stood there innocently. "What are you morons talking about?" Rainyfly asked. "None of your business!" I spatt back. "You males are the stupid ones!" Luggy said. "How would you know? Do you stalk us?" Puke and Burp asked. "No we already know that's how smart we femalea are!" Rainyfly replied. "No! I have one word for females... Icky" I said. We all growled at eachother, which wasn't that threatening but we tried. "I bet you males don't even know why we're here!" Rainyfly said. "I bet you don't either" Firefang said. "Of course we know we're not dumb like you!" Luggy said. "Fine then tell us" Puke said. "Our parents are going to train us" Rainyfly replied. "Oh yeah we knew that!" I said. The girls rolled their eyes. "Whatever! C'mon lets just leave them!" Rainyfly said. I stuck out my forked tongue at them. "I can't believe we have to be in the same place as them" I said. Then all the parents came out and all of us ran to greet them. "Mommy! Daddy!" I called out circling them and jumping on their wings. "Alright now get in a line everybody" my mom called out. All of us immediatley obeyed her. "So do all of you know what you're here for?" Hookfang asked.

"Yes dad! You are going to train us!" Firefang replied. "That's right!" Stormfly said. "Mom are you going to show us how to fly?" Rainyfly asked. "Yes by the end of tpday all of you will learn how to fly!" Meatlug said. "Dad will it be hard controling both our wings?" Puke and Burp asked. "Don't worry about that" Barf and Belch replied. Then I sawmy dad go to the corner of the Dragon Achedamy. I came over to him nearly tripping. "Dad how come your not gonna be over there?" I asked. "I'll onlybcome when things get ugly" he replied. "How ugly?" I asked. "You just go on and let your mother teach you" he said. I nodded and came back to the group. "First of is learning your special power" mom said. "Special power?" I asked. "Yes lets start with Firefang, first he will learn to flame up" Stormfly said. We all cleared until Firefang was in the middle of the circle. "Don't worry all you have to do is think of fire and control your body, then soon enough you will flame up" Hookfang said. Firefang constantly twitched then started jumping. He closed his eyes but when he opened them he was covered in fire. "I'm on fire!" Firefang shouted. "See that wasn't so bad was it?" Hookfang asked. "No it wasn't! Now how do I not be on fire?" he asked. The girls started to giggle. Firefang turned to them and glared.

"You know I can burn you now!" Firefang said. "Yes but you won't!"Luggy said. Firefang neared them but they scambled off. I laughed. "Just control your body" Hookfang replied. Firefang closed his eyes then opened them and un flamed.

"I did it!" he said jumping aroung. Out of happiness Firefang threw a small fireball. I watched amazed. "You blew your first fireball!" I exclaimed. "Not that special" Rainyfly said. "Then why don't you do that?" Puke asked. "Maybe I can't do it now, but I will be able to!" she said. "Yeah that's what I thought" Burp said. "Children! Now it is Burp and Puke's turn" Meatlug said. "Oh what are we going to do dad?" they asked. "You are learning to control your fire" Barf replied. "One of you breathes gas and the other ignites it" Belch said. "Which one of us dad?" Burp asked. "Breathe in, then breathe out until you feel if you breathe gas, or ignite fire" Barf said. Both of them breathed in and out. Their eyes became big as Burp had gas come outvof his mouth, and Puke have the thing that ignites it. They wanted to try it out so Burp threw gas in front of him. Then Puke ignited it and fire exploded. They were a bit surprised as the fire blew up in their face and they fell back. All of us hatchling males laughed and the hatchling females merely scoffed. "Did you see that dad!?" Burp and Puke exclaimed. Their dad just laughed and nodded. "Next up is Rainyfly" Hookfang said. She came up in the middle and sat down. "You will be learning to use your spikes" Stormfly said. "What do I have to do first?" she asked.

"First step, control your tail" Stormfly said. Rainyfly took some time to control her tail. "Okay mom!" she said. "Now take out your spikes" Stormfly said. Rainyfly had some trouble but when she did taje them out Rainyfly frightened herself and jumped when her spikes came up. I sniggered while she glared. "All you have to do is release them" Stormfly finished. "So I can let them go anywhere?" Rainyfly asked. Her mom nodded. Rainyfly looked at me and grinned. My eyes widened and I ducked as a spike towards me. "Watch it!" I yelled. "Sorry! It slipped" she said. Then I felt a hot substance nearly hit me. "That slipped too" she said. Nearly everybody has blown a fireball except me and Luggy. I was hoping that I would get called next. "Now Luggy pleae come up" my mom said. She shyfully came up. "Your job is easy! Just eat a rock and try your best to blow a fireball" Meatlug said. Luggy hesitantly ate a rock. Then her face cringed and she burped out a fireball. "Cool I wanna do that again!" Luggy cheered. Finally it was my turn! "Nightsnow come up" my mom said. Nearly tripping I arrived. "You will first retract your first set if teeth" mom said. I nodded many times. "Do you know where all your teeth should pop up?" she asked. I used my tongue to feel my gums. I nodded again. "Its easy just make them go up" mom said. Rainyfly looked at me as if I wasn't going to do it.

I opened my mom and a second later my teeth one by one came up. After that I felt a sharp pain in my gums. I groaned as I pulled in my teeth. "Good, good now breathe in and attempt to blow a fireball" mom said. I took a really deep breath. I felt some thing in my throat. I let it out. I saw a white ball with blue bolts covering it. It was small but made a fair explosion. I turned to my dad, he was giving my a big smile which made me happy. "Did you see that! Mines was better than Rainyfly's!" I said. "Shut up!" she said. "No you shut up!" I yelled. "Males are stupid!" she said. "Females are idiots!" I replied. All of us furiously flapped our wings to gain flight it was working until we all fell. Rainyfly tried to throw spikes at me and I bit her. "You better not give me a disease!" I hissed. Burp and Puke are gassing Luggy. Then Hookfang is flaming up all over the place while our parents argued. Everything was loud. That is until my dad came in. He gave a very loud roar and all of us were silent. Everybody stopped fighting. My dads eyes were scary. "Line up all of you, now!" he ordered. We all tripped to get in our placed. "Now flap your wings and balance yourselves" he demanded. We all did as we were told. Then we were flying and not falling. I saw my dad was back to normal and not scary. I flew on my dads head. "Dad, what else are you going to teach us?"

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