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Beast Boy slowly cracked his eye open, gazing up at his alarm clock. Annoyed with its repeating beeping he hit the snooze and sat up in his bed. It was around ten in the morning and he knew the others were probably already awake. He slid off his bed and ran into the bathroom to freshen up for the day, not like they would be doing anything today.

A few months ago the villains of Jump City seemed to fall asleep or something. They hadn't been in a real fight in weeks and every time the alarm would go off, it was usually Johnny Rancid blowing up a bus stop or Mumbo Jumbo robbing a bank, nothing too serious. The green shape shifter walked out of the bathroom with clean teeth and a clean face. He jumped into a new uniform and put on his gloves, boots, and his belt. He shut his door on the way out and made his way to the common room.

When Beast Boy entered the common room he saw the usual scene playing out, again. Starfire was in the kitchen making some sort of alien beverage, Cyborg was playing on the game station, Robin was leaning against the counter listening to his music while Raven read a book on the couch. The green boy smiled his usual grin before making his way to the kitchen.

"Good morning friend Beast Boy, it is a wonderful day to do the 'hanging out' today, yes?" Beast Boy smiled at Starfire and nodded before turning to the Titan's leader.

"Hey Robin, let's do something today!" The boy wonder looked up at the changeling and shrugged.

"What'd you have in mind?"

Beast Boy thought for a few seconds before Starfire walked up behind him.

"Let us go to the park! We have not been there in quite some time!" Starfire's idea reached the ears of a certain half robot who turned his head to the superheroes in the kitchen.

"I'm down with that!" Cyborg quickly turned the game station off and walked into the kitchen.

Beast Boy turned to look at a certain empath who closed her book and joined her friends. She ignored his toothy grin and crossed her arms.

"Glad you're coming Rae!" Raven turned her gaze to the green boy who looked happier than usual.

"It's Raven, and of course I'm coming. There's nothing to do here."

Beast Boy smiled at her before turning to Robin. "Let's go then!"

The park was alive with laughter and children when the Titans arrived. Cyborg had decided a cook out would be a great idea and so, had brought a grill. They all settled down at a picnic table while Beast Boy prepared his own meat free food. The green changeling noticed Raven walk away from the group and settle down under a tree. Normally with her being so far away no one could hear her, but with his animal like hearing, he picked up her familiar chanting as she meditated in the shade. Beast Boy sighed to himself. Ever since he realized Terra wasn't the girl for him, he started to notice Raven more and more. The way she walked, her scent when she entered the room, even the gleam she would get in her eye when she won an argument. He had even started waking up earlier to see her more often. He wasn't too sure yet, but he was positive he had some sort of feeling for the lonely empath. But he'd never admit that to anyone, not even Cyborg. He left his tofu dogs to cook and started walking over to the girl. When he got close he morphed into a small bear cub and sat in front of her. She opened an eye and gazed down at the happy cub before arching an eyebrow.

"Can I help you?"

Crestfallen he morphed back into a human and sat down in the grass. "I was just wondering if you needed some company." He smiled at her with his usual grin but his ears dropped a bit when she pulled her hood up. He hated it when she hid her face.

"I'm fine. You can annoy me some other time."

Beast Boy frowned at her reply before shrugging and walking towards his food. He really wanted to hang out with her, but he didn't want to be a pest. The slightly disappointed green hero took his tofu dogs from his grill and settled down on the picnic table with the others.

"Hello friend Beast Boy! How is your day?" Starfire smiled at her comrade and took a sip of her mustard.

"Great! It would be better if there wasn't so much slaughter though." Cyborg sat down next to him with a large plate of ribs, he started to eat them slowly and rubbing it in his green friends face.

"You know Beast Boy, you really are missing out!" Beast Boy pushed the plate away from him and stuck his tongue out in disgust.

"Dude, you know that makes me sick!" Cyborg only chuckled before digging into his food again.

Raven sighed quietly when Beast Boy left. She didn't want to show it, but she had blushed slightly when he had asked if she wanted company. It irritated her when she would let her emotions show so easily.

'Maybe it's because you like him.'

'Shut up Love!' Raven sighed when her emotion stopped talking and was thankful no one could read minds in their group of friends.

The purple haired girl gazed at her friends, making sure they didn't catch her watching them. She let a small smile appear on her face when Beast Boy yelled at Cyborg about his meat.

'Some things never change.' Raven's thoughts were interrupted when the jewel holding her cloak together started to beep. She got up and ran to the others.

"Trouble." Robin nodded to his team who quickly got ready for the 'trouble.'

Robin was about to take off running when a shadow passed over him. He looked up to see Gizmo flying in the air and land a few feet away from the Titans.

"Hey nose pickers, ready to get your butts kicked?" Robin pulled a birdarange from his belt and was about to throw it when the little villain was joined by his team mates, Mammoth, and See-More. Gizmo smirked before shouting to his team mates. "Attack pattern alpha!" Immediately the villains jumped at the ready Titans. See-More took on Starfire; Gizmo went for Robin and Cyborg, while Mammoth went for Beast Boy and Raven.

Starfire dodged every attack See-More sent at her and managed to land a few hits of her own.

"You can't dodge forever!" Starfire ignored his comment, sending a green star bolt straight for his chest. He didn't get out of the way fast enough; the green orb hit its mark, knocking him to the ground.

"You should save the 'talking of smack' until you are victorious." See-more didn't respond.

Robin and Cyborg where working together to keep Gizmo out of Cybrog's systems. The small boy was using his backpack to fly above them before dive bombing toward the Titans.

Cyborg jumped out of the way while Robin pulled his bow staff out and hit one of Gizmo's wings. The boy shouted in surprise before spiraling into the ground. Cyborg grabbed the small boy, ripping his backpack off and crushing it in his hand.

"What you gonna do without your technology?" Gizmo glared at the half robot and stuck his tongue at him.

Cyborg growled, crossing his arms, he put a foot on his back, making sure he didn't move.

Raven rolled away from Mammoth's fist seconds before it created a small crater in the ground. He growled but before he could try to hit her again, he was knocked to the side by a green triceratops. Beast Boy morphed back into a human and glanced at Raven to make sure she wasn't hurt.

Raven noticed this and glared at him. "I'm fine, focus on the battle!" The changeling shook his head and turned to Mammoth who was getting up from the ground. He growled before swinging his fist towards Beast Boy, hitting his target, Beast Boy went flying into the air and landed on a very annoyed empath.

"Get off me!"

"Sorry." Beast Boy shifted into a hawk and went to attack their enemy again. Mammoth swatted him away easily but didn't see the tree encased with black energy being hurled towards him. Mammoth's eyes widened before his jaw met wood, knocked out cold he hit the ground with a huge thud, groaning softly. Beast Boy shifted back into his original form and raised his hand.

"Great hit Rae! High five!" he waited, but lowered his hand when she just walked past him. Beast Boy sighed and dropped his shoulders. "Nice one Beast Boy." He groaned before following the empath to the rest of the Titans.

The police arrived shortly after, handcuffing the villains and putting them in the police van.

Robin gave his usual victorious smile "Good work team! Cyborg, Starfire, you guys make sure the police lock them up." The two Titans nodded before Cyborg jumped into the T-Car and followed the police van to the police station. Starfire flew ahead, keeping the van in her view. Robin turned to the rest of his team and smiled.

"Let's get back to the tower; I have some documents to fill out." Beast Boy morphed into a pterodactyl and gripped Robin's shoulders while Raven levitated in the air. The three titans flew off towards the T shaped building.

Immediately after the Titans landed on the roof of their tower, Robin walked through the door into the tower while Beast Boy morphed back into his normal form. He turned to the sorceress and smiled weakly.

"Great work today Raven, I don't think the big guy saw that tree coming at him." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously when she turned her gaze towards him. He found himself lost in her purple eyes, breaking free of the spell only when he heard the smallest sign of a chuckle.

"Thanks, you did pretty well yourself." Beast Boy stared dumb struck at the empath and watched her phase through the ground into the tower.

"Did she just…?" Beast Boy's ears straightened and his emerald eyes lit up. "She complimented me!" He smiled happily before running through the door, into the Tower.

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