Kind of a filler chapter. This will kind of explain what happened in the sewer with Delgado and hopefully clear up any questions without giving too much away. Enjoy the story and thank you for all the reviews!

The next day was quiet, no sign of Delgado, no signs of trouble in the entire city. Raven had been taken to the medical room and had been kept there since the incident. The Titans watched her as she slowly hovered a few inches off the bed, healing herself.

"Robin, are we to track down this Delgado you spoke of?" Starfire's question hung in the hair while he thought.

"No. Not yet. The only reason we were able to get out of there was because of Raven. If she hadn't brought you guys through who knows what would have happened to me and Beast Boy. We'll wait until she's healed."

Cyborg turned to the monitors "I don't know how long that'll take. That thing fractured several of her ribs in that one tackle. As far as I know she might need another day."

"Good, then we can use this time to start planning. But first," he turned to Beast Boy who'd been quite the entire time. "I need to know what happened down there. It looked like you were about to slit his throat."

Beast Boy swallowed, "I don't know what happened down there Robin. I woke up cold, tired, and scared. Then when I picked up his scent I kinda forgot about how scared I was. All I wanted to do was attack him. To show him who was boss. I guess he could see that. I don't understand how one guy can suddenly make me so angry."

"I don't think he was just a guy." Everyone turned to Cyborg who was looking at another monitor. "I analyzed some of that things DNA that I got from some of Raven's wounds." He paused for a few seconds, "That thing, was not human."

Starfire was about to say something when a groan sounded from the healing girl.

Raven slowly lowered herself onto the bed and sat up. "What happened?"

"The enemy Delgado attacked you, leaving you very weak. In your attempt to free us from his home, you passed out. But you got us to safety, and for that I thank you friend!"

Raven nodded, taking in the information. She remembered the attack and Beast Boy crouching over her, but nothing else.

"Please friend Raven I have a question," All the Titans turned their gaze toward the alien who waited for Raven's go ahead. Raven nodded, "What emotions were you feeling during the attack?"

Cyborg stepped forward, "Star, why does this-"

"Silence Cyborg, this is of utmost importance." The robotic teen stepped back again, still confused.

"I was, angry. Not at anyone specifically, just angry. I felt like I was having an adrenaline rush, that I couldn't control. Then pain from the attack." Starfire's eyes widened before she spun around to Beast Boy.

"You had these same feelings Beast Boy?" he nodded and Starfire visibly shuddered.

Robin walked over to her "What does this mean to you Starfire?"

She stayed silent before looking at him. "I know what Delgado is." She walked over to Raven's bed and looked at her friend in concern, "The man we faced was indeed not human, but he is not an animal. He is a Drawerian. An ancient species native to the planet Draworon. This was long ago, before my people wiped them out and made their home on the planet, renaming it Tameran after they were all destroyed." Everyone was silent, and she continued, "A Dramerian is a humanoid being who has the ability to shift into another creature relevant to the planet. On Tameran they shifted into a brumlorg, a fierce creature that roamed the forests. I was not sure if he was a Dramerian in the tunnels, but seeing him transform and the anger from our friends, it is confirmed. This Dramerian has shifted to mimic your wolves."

"He's a werewolf." Raven was standing up from her bed now, draping her cloak that had been lying on the stand next to the bed. "Stories of men who shift into human like wolves have been recorded in every continent and each story is similar in description. Though, most of society assumes they are nothing but a legend, it seems that they're quite real."

It was Robin's turn to speak. "But how does their anger confirm who this man is Starfire?"

"Because a Dramerian or werewolf, can influence your actions at will. When they fought, their greatest strength, was their anger. Being around one, even if it is calm and collected, will start to strengthen the rage within yourself. If they wish, they can control you, through your rage, and turn you against the people you care most about. Tales of men slaying their loved ones were common when a Dramerian lived in the area. That is why we wiped them out. Our people were being forced against their will to harm their loved ones."

Beast Boy shouted from his position "But I wasn't around him that long! Robin was there for just as long as me, but he was only nervous! And Raven had been down there for even less time. Why did we get angry when no one else did?"

Starfire shook her head. "You were not alone in your anger friend Beast Boy, I too felt the anger, but having lived with the Dramerians once, I could control mine. However, both you and Raven have the 'demons inside' so to speak. Your struggle with the Beast and Raven's struggle with her Father's influence could have escalated the rage you felt. I apologize to bring up sensitive memories, but I believe this Delgado knows of your rage, even if you showed none. The next time he attacks, you two will have to be careful, less you harm the rest of us."

"My emotions are under control-"

"That does not stop a Dramerian. It take years of experience to keep the influence from effecting you. I have had experience more than once. I understand the power you need."

Raven folded her arms and her eyes narrowed at her friend. "Starfire, how do you know?"

Starfire frowned turning away to look out the window and avert her gaze from her friends. "Because a Dramerian was the reason my Father and Mother are no longer alive." She shook her head and turned back to her friends. "My past is of no interest to the current situation. Raven and Beast Boy will need to be trained to resist the Delgado and his influence. I will do the task."

Everyone agreed, not wanting to push the subject of her parents and to help their friends as much as they could.

Starfire walked out of the room, pausing to look at Raven and Beast Boy, "Take all the time you need to rest, but please, make with the haste." And with that she left the room.

Raven started walking out of the door, being stopped by Cyborg who stood in front of the door. "Didn't you hear her? Beast Boy and I need to learn how to stop this thing from controlling us." Cyborg looked down at the girl, only concern in his gaze. Raven held his gaze "I assure you, I am healed. You can take all the scans you want later, we need to focus on this werewolf. Beast Boy are you coming?" The green teen got up and followed her out the door as soon as Cyborg moved out of the way. Only Robin and Cyborg remained in the room.

"Robin, what do you think about all of this?"

"I think Delgado is a lot more dangerous that Starfire's letting us know. For now, I think we should just let her do what she needs to do." Cyborg nodded, and the two left the room.

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