I was eating my cereal when I realized, it had been 2 months since Gray discovered my secret, and surprisingly I still had my job. I was so happy I didn't have to sneak around like a fox anymore. I glanced at the clock trying to finish my food quickly. When I finished I put the bowl and spoon in the sink, and ran out the door to meet Billy. Zoe was in the front seat this time so I got in the back. Zoe smiled and Billy looked back at me, "ready to go?" he asked, "of course." I said with a smile. Off we went. We drove mostly in silence except for the whispers and laughs coming from the front. I was quite relieved to arrive at school; I had my eyes on the new kid. His name is Branson, he's so tall and his eyes are so green, I almost swooned just thinking about him. But I had to recollect my thoughts. I opened the creaky car door and jump out, slamming it behind me. I ran up the path and into the school, "Ugh I shouldn't have worn these heels." I whispered to myself as I was trying to get to my class in time. I saw Ben, "Hi Ben!" I yelled before I slipped into my class room. I quietly shut the door and scanned the room for a seat; I noticed a seat next to Branson, YES! I thought as I shuffled over and sat down. "Hey" I whispered, he just smiled at me.

I looked down at my watch, just in time. I smile as I walked into the building. "Looking good!" Carter called over and winked. I giggled and walked up to Gray's office. Gray propped her glasses up over her forehead. "There you are Jane, could you get me a hazelnut latte?" I nodded my head "Of course, I'll be right back!" I said enthusiastically. I headed out the door and towards the coffee stand. When I got there I noticed Eli sitting at a table next to me. I turned away and leaned over the counter "Can I have a medium hazelnut latte please?" I asked, the barista smile "Yep." I watched him make the coffee, hoping he'd hurry up. After about 5 minutes he handed me the steaming hot latte, "Thanks, have a nice day." I said before I turned around to leave. "Oh hey!" Eli shouted towards me. Ugh…. "Hey Eli." I said, trying to smile. "So we haven't talked in a while…how are you?" He said, sounding very genuine. "I'm great actually thank you for asking." I smirked, as I started walking away. "Wait Jane…do you want to go out sometime?" he asked, in a curious tone. I rolled my eyes "Well Eli, I think we all know you're too old for me, and I…uh...have a boyfriend…his name is, um…Branson." I quickly headed back to the office, realizing what I had just done, Branson doesn't even know my name…I really need to stop lying. I sighed

I lay down in bed and thought about everything I had said. "I'm such an idiot", I whispered to myself. I heard a soft knock at the door, "come in!" I yelled. Ben quietly came in. "Hey little sis. Can I talk to you about something?" I sat up in my bed and patted the mattress, gesturing for him to sit next to me. "Yeah, what's up?" I asked. "Well you know me and Rita have been dating a long time, and I think we love each other." He paused. "I think I want to ask her to marry me." I gasped. "a-are you ok with that?" he asked, sounding a bit worried. "That sounds amazing Ben!" I hugged him, and bounced up and down on the bed. Wow…so he really does love her. I thought.

To be continued