Title:Finding Fred

Chapter One:Gone



Characters:Wesley Wyndam-Price, Winifred "Fred" Burkle, Samara the Sorcerer (original character), Angel, Cordelia Chase

This Chapter:Wesley Wyndam-Price, Winifred "Fred" Burkle (ghost form only), Cordelia Chase

Summary:This story is set after the episode "A Hole in the World" (5.15). But instead of being taken over Fred has died. Wesley struggling with his grief turns to alcohol and sorcery for comfort. During one of his many visits to the library he meets Samara. She claims that she is a powerful sorcerer who can bring Fred back from the dead. In fact she claims Fred is not really dead but is in a kind of limbo. Angel and Cordelia worn Wesley not to trust her but he ignores their warnings. Desperate to get back the love of his life Wesley will do anything Samara tells him to…anything.

This Chapter:Wesley drunk out of his mind starts seeing Fred everywhere. Cordelia comes to see him to try and get him to come to Fred's funeral but he refuses. Instead he goes to the graveyard after the funeral to say his own private goodbye to Fred…he sees her again and this time talks to her.

Warnings:High emotional content; I will be posting chapter by chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this it is strictly for fun. Only one character was created by me (Samara the Sorcerer).

Chapter 1


"She's gone…..gone…." Wesley mumbled to himself as he poured another scotch. It had been 4 days, 12 hours, 10 minutes and 82 seconds since his beloved Fred had been taken from him. All he did now was drink and count the time since he had lost the only woman he ever really loved. He momentarily got up from his brown leather couch, it squeaked as he did so. He slowly lumbered his way over to his desk and picked up a framed picture. Fred's beautiful angelic face smiled back at him from the expensive wooden frame. Tears formed in the corner of his eyes and slowly fell down his pale cheeks. "I can't do it Fred…I can't live without you" he whispered his voice cracking.

He continued to drink until the bottle of scotch was empty. When it was he took another out of his desk draw and sat back down on the leather couch. He just couldn't function with Fred in his life. It was as though when she died she had taken him with her. Just as his eyes began to droop there was a pensive knock on the door of his apartment. He got up from the couch, nearly tripping over the coffee table as he did so and made his way slowly to the door.

Wesley looked through the peep hole to see Cordelia Chase standing on his doorstep, a bunch of red roses in her hand. He furrowed his brow and closed his eyes leaning his head against the smooth oak wood of his front door. He took a deep breath before speaking "What is it Cordelia?" He asked through the door. He had not seen or spoken to Cordelia, Angel or anyone else since Fred's death.

Cordelia looked directly at Wesley through the peep hole and frowned. "I tried calling you like fifteen times…don't you want to say goodbye to Fred?" She asked making a puppy dog face. Slowly Wesley unlocked the door and opened it so it was slightly ajar. "And I told you I am not ready" He said leaning his head against the door and closing his eyes again. Cordelia crossed her arms the flowers still in her hand. She was dressed all in black; the only color on her was the flowers in her hand. "I'm not taking no for an answer…we all loved her Wes and she deserves a proper send-off" She said thrusting the red roses towards him. He pushed them back to her and shook his head. "I will do so in my own time, goodbye Cordelia". Wesley closed and locked the door even as he could hear Cordelia protesting. "You can't hide in there forever Wesley!" She shouted through the door. After a few moments he heard her walking back down the hallway.

Wesley sat back down on the couch and sunk into it, his eyes closing. Out of nowhere he heard a familiar voice. It was as clear as a beautiful ringing bell "Now that wasn't very nice" said Fred's voice. His eyes snapped open as soon as he heard it and there standing in front of him was…..FRED! He stared at her wide eyed and confused "Fred?" he asked. She smiled at him her head slightly titled to the side. Wesley got up from the couch quickly and ran to embrace her. But no sooner had he reached the spot where she stood but she was gone. "But it felt so real" He mumbled removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes. Had he been seeing a ghost, was she really here or was it just his drunken haze taking over…..