Chapter 2

Looking for Answers

2 days later…

Wesley approached the graveyard slowly and carefully. In his hands he held a bouquet of yellow roses tied with a pink ribbon. When he saw them at the florist the colours had reminded him of Fred's personality, bright and sunny such a joy to know. He wanted to say goodbye on his own terms not anyone else's. Secretly he also hoped to see her again, ghost or not he just had to see her face.

He carefully placed the flowers on Fred's grave, holding back tears. He sunk down to his knees in front of it. For a few moments there was silence, and then he spoke "Are you here Fred?" He whispered hopeful of a reply. The only reply came from the wind that blew through a nearby tree sending leaves scattering onto the ground. He let out a deep sigh and stood to leave. When he turned around there she was. Like an angel before home glowing in a yellow light there was his love.

Wesley smiled at her tears falling down his cheeks. He couldn't speak; he was so overwhelmed with emotion. He was afraid to move, what if she disappeared like last time. Fred did not look happy like last time. She was franticly mouthing something but Wesley could hear no sound. Slowly he approached her, with each step his heart beat faster. "Fred my love what's wrong?" He asked. He came to a stop in front of her so close he could touch her. But Fred was screaming at him and then with a bright flash of light she was gone again. Wesley furrowed his brow confused. So Fred was a ghost but it seemed like she was trying to tell him something.

Now he knew what he had to do. Wesley had to find a way to figure out what Fred was trying to tell him. He left the graveyard and went straight to the local library. But it wasn't just any library it was a special one with a secret area for those with the right clearance level it gave access to every supernatural book one could ever need.

Wesley drove at high speed until he reached the library. He showed his membership card to the library assistant who let him into the restricted area. He searched the shelves desperately looking for the right book about communicating with the dead. As he was rounded the corner still going at high speed he ran right into someone. "Oh I'm awfully sorry" He mumbled still thinking about what he was looking for. A young blonde woman with piercing green eyes looked up at him with a smile. She was no more than 25 and stunningly beautiful. There was something different about her that he couldn't quite but his finger on. "No problem, are you lost" She asked picking up the books Wesley had caused her to drop. "Not at all" Wesley mumbled looking around at the signs to find the right isle. "I'm Samara, I am one of the library assistants" She said smiling and extended her free hand. "Wesley Wyndam-Price, I'm just doing some research" Wesley said shaking her hand…..