There was a lovely response to the SasuHina I Wish You Would Look at Me so this is the sequel to it. However, there is a twist. The two stories will run alongside each other on a similar timeline, but whereas the first story is a Sasuke POV, this will be an Itachi POV. If you like this, it won't be a one-shot, so I really hope you like.

Her hair was pink. Of all the colours she could have chosen, did she have to choose the most obnoxious, immature colour? It mattered not that Itachi was insanely tempted to touch the pink strands of hair; he did not approve. Her presence at his side was disconcerting, which was a feeling Itachi was unused to, and he found that he despised it greatly. At least she was ignoring him, sprawled out on the sofa to his right, her face hidden behind a magazine. If she had been trying to get his attention, Itachi was unsure of what his reaction might be. Still, Itachi was displeased with the lack of attention she was paying to him… and it annoyed him that he was displeased.

He tried not to notice her tanned arms which looked firm and toned. She was a drummer. Which female was a drummer? Could she even pick a less ladylike occupation? Drumming? Really? Itachi did not approve. Itachi wondered how Team 7, his little brother's band, had gotten to the level of fame that it had with her for a drummer. He found himself being disinclined to believe that she was any good. It must be Sasuke's superb voice and Uchiha aura that had gotten the band through.

Currently, Itachi was in the Team 7 lounge on floor seven of the Konoha Imperial Studio. He had been released into the civilian world just a couple hours before, and had come to the studio anxious to see his brother.

Itachi pushed open the door to the Konoha Imperial Studio and relished the cool breeze from the air-conditioning. There hadn't been much of that on the front lines of the Konoha Military. Still, it was good to be back home, away from the war with Iwa and back on civilian territory. Itachi took a deep breath. He wanted to see Sasuke… he missed his little brother.

The receptionist at the desk looked up at him and an expression of pure feminine appreciation graced her pretty features. Itachi allowed himself to smile, if only inwardly. He'd missed that too. There was a strict no fraternization policy in the KM, for good reasons. Itachi missed feminine graces and company… but he mostly missed his brother.

"Good morning, how may I help you?" the receptionist said, her smile widening as he approached the desk. He stopped in front the desk and blinked at her, forcing his mind not to scan her like he had been trained to do. As of today, he was a civilian!

"Good morning," he returned. "I'm looking for Uchiha Sasuke from Team 7," he continued. The receptionist smiled.

"I am not sure if Uchiha-san is in yet, but I can take your name and send you to the lounge," she continued.

"Uchiha Itachi," he said, hiding a smile. He most likely didn't need to give a name, but maybe something would come of it.

"Uchiha-san! Oh, you must be Sasuke-san's big brother! Take the elevator to the seventh floor and the lounge should be right off the elevator and through the glass door. Sasuke-san should be here quite soon." Itachi nodded at her chirp and moved towards the elevator. When Itachi reached the seventh floor, the first sound that greeted his ears, apart from the elevator music, was a loud female voice.

"How long did you serve in the war with Iwa?" Itachi was pulled from his musings by the voice of the other occupant of the lounge. He turned slightly to the left to face her. Now this was a lady, with sensible yet beautiful dark-blue hair and respectful grey eyes… not those fiery green ones that adorned the face of-

"Six years," Itachi replied shortly, slightly unused to being questioned by a civilian… he was a civilian now so he should try to get used to it… to conversation. As a solo operative and a sniper in the war with Iwa, Itachi was acquainted with bloodshed and death and tears and lack of conversation… not with talking and questions and pink hair. Itachi gave himself a mental shake. He was finished with the war for now… and he missed his little brother. Itachi found his eyes sliding back to his other side as the pink-haired drummer turned a page in her magazine.

'She has the ideal proportions for my tastes, but…' Itachi's thoughts were interrupted by the drummer who was occupying his thoughts.

"Staring is rude, bastard," she snapped, lowering her magazine to glare at him over the top. Her eyes were green fire. Itachi did not reply, finding it interesting to look at her. She dropped her open magazine to her stomach and returned the stare. Itachi allowed himself an inward smirk and waited for the feminine appreciation to light her eyes. Nothing happened. She scowled and picked up her magazine, and then resumed ignoring him. Itachi frowned.

"What was it like? Or is that something you don't want to remember?" the blue-haired woman to his left asked, the second question a mere whisper. Itachi valued her sensitivity even as he squelched a minor flashback. He leveled a stare at her and she nodded softly in understanding. "Well, then what did you look forward to most?"

"Sasuke," Itachi replied. This woman was safe. He wasn't tempted to do anything. He didn't feel anything, and he immediately felt somewhat comfortable… unthreatened. She blinked then, and Itachi was suddenly aware that-

"You suck at conversation, don't you?" the pink-haired woman to his right sneered, completing his thought. She rolled her eyes and turned a page. Itachi was pleased to know that she seemed to be following the conversation; maybe she wasn't ignoring him, as he had originally thought. However, what she said was a bit insulting even though he had been thinking the same thing, not that he would allow her to find out.

"Hn," he grunted in annoyance. A harsh chuckle burst from her lips, causing his eyes to widen almost imperceptibly in surprise. Had he done something funny?

"And that apathetic thing seems to run in the family. It's less cool, and more pathetic," she muttered, turning another page. Itachi was displeased, and he slowly became aware of the frown that was pulling his brows together. He turned to the other woman, the one with the blue hair, and allowed his face to relax again. He could act… civilian right? He slid his arm over the back of her chair and removed the Konoha Military formal hair tie from his hair, feeling the light weight of his hair as it spread over the shoulders of his flak jacket.

"Your name, woman," he requested, unconscious of the way it sounded more like a demand than the question he had intended. However, she blushed prettily and ducked her head. The woman on his right snickered. Itachi frowned.

"Hyuuga Hinata, Itachi-san. Nice to meet you," Hinata returned, shaking his rough hand in her soft one.

"How do you know my name?" he questioned, his face unmoving.

"Sasuke-kun talks about you sometimes," she responded, blinking slowly.

"Rarely," the pink-haired drummer grunted from behind her magazine. Itachi frowned. She annoyed him, and that meant she was getting under his skin… it had only been about twenty minutes since he had met her and already she was… what she said suddenly registered.

'Sasuke doesn't talk about me?' The thought wasn't a nice one… He turned to Hinata and inclined his head towards the pink-haired female on the couch.

"That's Haruno Sakura," Hinata supplied helpfully. Sakura, huh? That sort of explained her scent… cherry blossom fragranced perfume or lotion or something of the sort. He liked i- No. He did not like that scent.

"Come for drinks with me after Sasuke gets here… unless… are you a part of the band?"

"Okay," Hinata said in response to his invitation, which was more of a demand than anything else. Itachi should have felt some satisfaction at her ready response, but instead, his eyes and attention drifted to Sakura… who was still reading. He was thankful for the swishing of the glass door as it opened, for it prompted him to look up and investigate the identity of the newest arrival to the room.


His little brother, clad in tight black jeans , a grey T-shirt with the arms fashionably sawed off and his trademark hairstyle was standing by the door, glaring at him. In Sasuke language, Itachi supposed, that meant that Sasuke was glad to see him but was too 'cool' to show it any other way… cool tinged with a bit of the Uchiha way… they weren't a family that spent much time expressing affection.

"Little brother," Itachi said in greeting, pretty sure Sasuke could see the smile he was transmitting via his eyes. Sasuke scowled darker than before.

"Hn," Sasuke grunted in acknowledgement, and Itachi felt a bit of pride that Sasuke had copied his non-communicative grunt. He'd taught Sasuke to say that. Itachi rose from the chair, sliding his arm from the back of Hinata's chair and walking over to Sasuke.

"How have you been?" Itachi questioned, his gaze scanning over his brother. He seemed-

"Fine." The curt reply burst from lips that had been compressed into a hard line.

"Hn," Itachi returned as he approached Sasuke and his glower. He stopped in front of Sasuke and leaned forward. "Smile, little brother. I'm finally home now," he said, smiling, and then he poked Sasuke in the forehead just like he had done when they were younger. Sasuke only scowled in response, but the slight relaxation of his stance made Itachi aware that Sasuke remembered. "Hinata, are you ready?" Itachi said to Hinata when Sasuke stormed past him. He watched as Sasuke froze when Hinata swept past him and allowed Itachi to take her hand. Well, well.

Hinata was a really nice person, but what would it be like if it was Sakura on this date with him? He felt nothing when it came to Hinata, even though she was very ladylike and he quite approved of her composure and temperament, from what he could see of it. It was just… there seemed to be no spark… no fire. He liked fire.

"Sasuke told me about you on a date we went on, though he didn't say much," she was saying, dipping her spoon into her bowl of soup.

"Hn," Itachi grunted… then he heard the words Sakura had said to him earlier about his conversational skills and felt his eyebrow twitch. Damn her… and her pink hair. "I have pictures of him… from when he was a baby," he added, wondering if talking like this was considered protocol in civilian conversations. Her face brightened up.

"Really? Please, can I see them?" Itachi reached into his flak jacket and pulled out the small leather journal he kept with him always. He opened it and slid out a small assortment of photographs then began laying them on the table. "Ohh, you guys were so cute! What was he like as a kid?" Hinata gushed, her eyes sparkling when she looked at the pictures.

"He was a little crybaby… but I loved him," Itachi managed. A flash of pink to his left had him swiveling his head to see if, perchance, Sakura had followed them. It wasn't her. Of course not. They talked about Sasuke a lot more; Hinata seemed to like his little brother quite a lot. They had been on a date already, and Itachi suddenly got the feeling that Sasuke must really like this girl, from the way he had frozen at the KIS.

Itachi woke up with a start sometime the next night when his cellular phone rang and blinked rapidly to clear his head. He'd been dreaming… about pink hair. It had been everywhere; on his chest, in his face, in his hair, in his mouth, and those green eyes had been staring at him… and the scent of cherry blossoms had assailed his senses. His heart was still pounding; not too rapidly, but not quite slowly either, and he was a bit turned on. The phone had started its shrill cry before the dream had gotten anywhere too dangerous. Itachi ran his hands through his waist-length black hair that was slightly tangled due to the sweat on his chest and his tossing and turning. He had allowed it to grow out during his time in Iwa… there was no real reason why, and he liked his silent rebellion from his normal analytic, slightly methodical modus operandi. His plain white sheet had tangled around his legs and he kicked sharply to free them from the constriction.

The phone stopped ringing. Itachi looked at the screen and saw the message saying he had a missed call from an unknown number. That ruled out trying to call it back. Itachi got up and pulled his laptop from the desk next to his bed and set it on his lap. He opened the web browser.

Google Search: Team 7 band

The light from the computer screen caused his eyes to squeeze shut as he entered the search. The pages on his brother's band filled the screen. Itachi scanned the summaries that were displayed then chose the Team 7 music video for Thunderstorm. The scenes in the video switched to scenes containing each of the band members. It was Sakura's section that caught him.

She taps her booted left foot at the side of her stool. The camera flashes to her pink-hued hair and she nods her head. Her engaging green eyes stare into the camera and then the camera zooms out. She is in a white room with a clear drumset, the bass drum containing a miniature thunderstorm inside it. She begins to slap the drums, water jumping from the surface of the drums with each hit, causing her hair to cling to her face and lips… parted lips. The walls of the room fall away and she is slamming her drums in the middle of a freeway. The sky empties its contents on her, and white lightning streaks across the sky behind her. Her dress clings to her body and her pink hair darkens and seems to twine around her pale throat. The scene changes to Kakashi…

Itachi frowned, suddenly realizing his heart is thudding in his chest. He pulls the progress tracker back to the beginning of her scene and watched it again… and again… and again. He changed the video to a Team 7 interview, marveling at how the sound of her voice made him feel restless even though it seemed he couldn't stop watching her, hearing her… he had smelled her, and now he wanted to fulfill the other the other senses. He would be patient. He was a sniper… he could be patient… watch his target, and she when she wanted him as much as he wanted her, he would make her wait… so that she wanted him more.

He wanted her... but he couldn't bring himself to care or fight anymore… because he would take control of himself. He'd been in a war, and he was done with it, and he didn't want to fight anymore. Nothing he did was against his will, so if his body craved her, it would get her. He would see to that. It mattered not what she thought because he was patient enough and confident that he could make it so that she wanted him too. He had formed an involuntary addiction to Sakura, Itachi realized as he downloaded a particularly body-warming image of her off the internet. The best part was… he liked it.

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