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He was not nervous. The mere implications of such a notion were almost hilariously off base. There was no way Sakura would turn down his invitation to dinner. Why then were his palms damp? It was a hot day, that was all. Itachi discreetly slid his hands into the pockets of his black cargo pants. Sasuke had gotten them for him. It would not have been something he would have chosen for himself, but he loved his little brother. He was going off on a tangent. Chalk it up to the inordinately long time she was taking to just say 'yes'.

He raised his brow. Her mouth was open, green eyes wide and pink brows raised. Itachi was patient... normally. This did not constitute a normal situation for him at all. And why did he feel like tiny flies were fluttering around in his stomach? It was not at all comfortable. It was much easier to deal with women that approached him of their own accord. That's how it had been with Anko. There were no shortage of women that approached him, but this time around, none of them were the one that he wanted.

"Uh... like, no, dude," she said finally, rolling her eyes and pushing past him. Itachi knew she would say- wait, what? No? Did she really just turn him down? Itachi scowled. He refused to accept this failure. He turned and caught her elbow in his grasp, forcing himself not to think about her soft skin.

"I will pick you up at eight," he said softly, making direct eye contact with her for a long moment before releasing her elbow and walking the short distance to his car. He disarmed and opened it remotely and slipped inside, relishing the cleanliness of the luxury car. He had just pulled the door shut and leaned forward to put the key in the ignition when a rapid tapping on his glass attracted his attention.


She looked angry. He smirked. He pressed the button to wind the window down and stared up at her, a patient expression on his face. He was beginning to think of her as a daruma doll. Every-time he pushed, she came back at him. It was amusing.

"No does not mean 'yes, thank you'. It actually means no," she said flatly, her displeasure, and something else, showing in her eyes. Itachi blinked up at her. He could not fail. He would not accept it.

He stared at her, not responding even though he would have liked to have said something.

"You..." she sputtered. "I am not going out with you," she continued, her eyes like liquid green fire.

"Why not?" Itachi asked flatly. "I know you want to, so it's not that," he declared, the sides of his mouth tilting upward so slightly it was debatable as to whether or not he was actually smiling.

"I have a date tonight," Sakura continued, folding her arms. Itachi scowled. "I may have time to share with you tomorrow night," she said, an amused glint touching her eyes. Before he could respond – he found himself at a loss for words, which was ironic since he rarely spoke – she flounced off to the KIS building. Itachi found himself, then, in a strange place emotionally. Irritation at her being on a date, elation at achieving his goal of getting her to go out with him, and jealous rage at the man who would have her attention tonight warred for dominance within him. Jealous rage won, and he gritted his teeth. He wanted all her attention.

He wanted all her attention, and he wasn't prepared to share any of it. He had just the way to get her to call off this date she thought she was going on with whichever man she thought she was going out with. Itachi turned the car back off and trotted to the KIS building.

Sakura was just getting into an empty elevator when he entered the lobby, and he ran to slide his hand between the doors just before they shut. She stared at him warily as he stepped in beside her, his arm almost brushing her shoulder. He tilted his head downwards, and blatantly stared at her. He wanted to kiss her. Badly

She didn't respond, but he would just give it time. She was bound to snap at him sometime soon. He knew she abhorred being stared at. Too bad for her, really, because he quite enjoyed staring at her. He enjoyed entertaining thoughts of taking her chin in his hand and crushing his mouth to hers. Thoughts of her hands in his hair as she responded to hi-

"What?" she snapped, disrupting his train of thoughts. She scowled at him, running a hand through her hair and her pink tongue over her teeth. Cute was not the word Itachi would choose to describe her. Not when the heat of desire brought on by her actions singed his insides.

"I am a little sorry for the guy you were going to go out with tonight," he said smoothly, not moving his gaze off her. His focus dropped to her mouth again, and then roved over her face. She really was a beautiful woman. The pink hair actually suited her. He would abhor it on anyone else. His gaze slid over her face and hitched on her lips... again. The temptation to just lean forward was pulsing through him more forcefully than he would have anticipated.

"Wh- what is that supposed to mean?" she asked curtly, turning to face him and placing one hand on her hip. Her eyes narrowed, flashing green fire. Itachi turned to face her as well, leaning forward so his face was only about seven inches from hers.

"Funny enough," he continued as if she hadn't spoken. "I am not at all sorry that you're going to turn down his invitation to come out with me tonight," he almost whispered. There was no need to speak loudly, especially not when his low tones seemed to get a rise out of her. Her agitation around him was strangely appealing to him. He liked the fact that she did not take a step back, but rather stood there, ready to butt heads with him. If only that would include their lips as well...

"Whatever would make you think that?" she smirked, tilting her head to the side. The movement sent a wave of her scent his way. She smelled wonderful. Itachi was not a weak man. He had exceptional self control. Usually. This time, however, he gave in.

One moment he was smirking at her. One moment, she was smirking back at him. The next moment... the next moment, he was kissing her. And she was kissing him back. Itachi had moved without the command of his will, but rather his desire. It was that rare moment when he did something he simply could not help doing. The locus classicus of involuntary action.

His lips crushed against hers and his fingers threaded her soft pink hair, Itachi's heartbeat accelerated to dangerous speeds. He kissed her almost savagely for a few moments, his tongue pushing its way into her mouth. It an action she met full on, and their hot heavy breaths warmed their cheeks and parted lips. Itachi abruptly softened his approach. He could tell he threw her off guard, but his mental processes were operating far below par at the moment and he absently promised himself an analysis of her reaction later.

Itachi pushed her up against the back of the elevator, his tongue expertly stroking hers. He didn't give her a chance to try to gain control. He was dominant, and that was it. He was the one that was supposed to be in control, and it would stay that way; it had to stay that way. He retracted his tongue before she could try to return the favour, only to send it darting back into her hot mouth so he could suck her tongue over into his. For a moment, only the damp sounds of their actions and their uneven breathing filled the elevator.

Sakura moaned softly, the sound sending a tingle down Itachi's spine. His breathing was becoming noticeably laboured, and that somehow annoyed Itachi, because it was a little beneath him to be so easily affected by anyone.

He dragged his mouth away from hers, sliding it to her ear, which he gave a gentle lick while he tried to regain control of his breathing. Her hands were fisted in his shirt at his shoulders, her neck tilted back, her chest pressed against his. Itachi would have smirked if his hand was not fisted in her hair, or his elbow resting on the elevator wall next to her head so that she was tucked against him, or if his heart wasn't beating so damned fast.

"Because," he whispered in answer to a question she had asked some time ago. "Because I am the one that can get you in Sabaku no Gaara's fashion show, and besides, I am far superior to any other man." He leaned away from her, pleased with the dark, clouded, wanting expression in her eyes.

He turned to stand beside her for the rest of the elevator ride. He could see her chest rising and falling rapidly out of the corner of his eyes and almost smiled. The elevator stopped at the seventh floor. Itachi fully expected Sakura to storm out of the elevator and give him ample time to recover proper control of himself; as it was he was barely holding on to his self control. He fully expected her to leave. No such luck. Sakura moved, as if going to the door, then she punched the numbers on the elevator panel. The doors slid shut and she turned around and faced him.

Her eyes dropped to his lips. Itachi gulped. He didn't have time to even process what she was doing before he was the one pressed against the back of the elevator, with her fingers threaded in his hair and her tiny hand gripping his side. She made direct eye contact with him for one short second before her sweet lips smashed against his.

Itachi didn't stand a chance. His above average IQ was rendered useless. His brain was assailed with desire so intense the simplest of thought processes (which would instigate an action such as breathing) failed to activate. His self control let itself out of the back door of his mind. He allowed himself to enjoy the pleasure coursing through him. His physical strength was of no use to him. In fact, his knees trembled slightly under his weight, not that he would ever admit it.

For seven seconds, Sakura was in full control. Seven seconds. That's all Itachi's rather prominent pride could stomach before it reared up within him enough for at least his motor senses to activate. His arms wrapped around her, and with record speed, he spun, slamming her back against the back of the elevator. And then he slanted his mouth over hers and pushed against her chest with his. Itachi rose to the challenge Sakura presented. He rose to the fight she taunted him into. As of right now, however, it was undecided exactly who would come out on top.

His entire body was humming with desire. His every vein was tingling with hungry heat and he held her to the elevator wall with his weight, the backs of his forearms planted flat on the wall on either side of her head. More. He wanted more. He moved to deepen the kiss and-

Ding. The elevator jerked to a halt. Itachi pulled away, ran a quick hand through his hair, and slid his tongue over his lower lip. Outwardly, he was his usual stoic self by the time the elevator door opened. Inwardly, he was a quivering, hungry, frustrated mess.

"See you tonight," he said quietly, stalking out into the lobby, brushing past the other people gathered at the elevator door. This time, there was no argument from the pink-haired female. Itachi got to his car before his hands began to shake. What the hell had just happened?

Itachi was still in a bit of a daze by the time he got home. He couldn't remember anything about the journey home, or even how he'd let himself inside his flat. His brain was consumed with memories of the kiss with Sakura. The sensation of her soft, wet tongue sliding against him refused to leave him, and he could still feel residual tingles from where her nails had scratched against his scalp.

Itachi's chest rose and fell at an accelerated pace as he sat in his sofa, staring unseeingly at the television in front of him. He could remember the wet heat of her mouth. The way her scent had wrapped around him. The smoothness of her skin. The way her hot breath had ghosted over his lips. Itachi ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath. His plan had gone to hell today.

There was no way his plan could ever be feasible now. It was swiftly becoming apparent that he had no patience when it came to Sakura. None whatsoever. Itachi caught himself right there. He was giving up. In fact, he was eagerly giving up. That would not do. No, that would not do at all. He needed another plan, and he needed one fast. And this time, he would stick to it.

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