Letty watched as a blonde biker chick rubbed up against Dom. She felt her eyes blaze dangerously as her man flirted with all the girls at the raceway. This event happened once a year where they had unofficial races at the speedway. And Letty didn't like it one bit, because racing usually meant all the drivers brought their slut girls. You know the ones wearing tight skirts and industrial strength make-up. The ones you always wanted to punch as a teenager.

Leon noticed where Letty was staring and hastily walked over to Dom and elbowed him in the ribs. Dom looked over at him.

'Hey man, chica's watchin'. I'd roll it in.' he said just above a whisper. Dom looked over at Letty, who had her arms crossed and had a very angry look in her eye. She turned on her heel and began to walk away, when she felt a firm grip on her ass. She turned and was starring into Dom's eyes.

'Hey baby.' He said leaning down, about to kiss her lips. However Letty turned her face so all he could kiss was her cheek. 'Letty?'

'I.I gotta go Dom. My race is next.' She said looking down, backing away. 'I'll see you later, okay?' She walked away and Dom stared after her. He was still his girl. It wasn't like his fooling around ever meant anything.

'Next racers are Letticia Rodriguez and Riley Watson.'

'What a pansy ass name.' Letty muttered to herself as she walked over to her car.

'Glad you like it.' She turned around, ready to start slinging insults at her next opponent. But when she turned, all she managed to do was drop her mouth open a bit. He was gorgeous! He had bright green eyes and blonde brown hair and a killer smile. He stuck out his hand. 'I guess you're Letticia.'

'Letty.' She said taking his hand. 'That's the name of the girl who'll be leaving tire treads on your face.' She still had to keep up her bad girl image, even if he was one of the sexiest things she'd ever seen. But Dom always placed first.

'We'll see.' He said winking at her. Letty blushed a bit. What was he playing at? She'd just insulted him and yet he was hitting on her. Weird. Letty took back her hand and got in her car. He did the same, still smiling.

'On my count!' Yelled the ref. 'Three.two.one!' The two cars made a great start and were neck and neck. Letty was pushing the petal down as hard as she could and as they got to the ¾ point she put on the NOS and raced over the finish, swerving into a stop position. She got out as Riley crossed the finish.

'Wow. Good run. You're an awesome racer.' He said getting out of his car. Letty felt her cheeks tint a bit. It had been a while since any one had said that. Even Dom.

'Thanks.' She said, trying to hold her face straight instead of smiling. 'You weren't bad either.' She said, weakly attempting to compliment him. He smiled.

'Not as good as you. So I guess you might let me buy you a beer over at the dome.' He said hopefully, still grinning. Letty thought about this. Dom was known to be overprotective and he didn't like it when other guys looked at her. She looked down the road at Dom, who was taking with a brunette in a red halter. She shrugged. Might as well.

'Sure.' She said, following him over to the dome. After about an hour, she found that Riley was a really nice guy. Not some badass punk, more like a naive nice guy that usually got beat up in high school for lunch money. But his body was well toned and athletic. Not Letty's type romantically, but he was okay as someone to talk to. At least he listened. They talked about cars and life. It turned out that he worked at a car dealership and had a girlfriend. No surprise there, Letty thought. Probably some preppy ex- cheerleader who's sickeningly sweet and whose goal in life was to cure the common cold. Typical.

'How about you? Do you have a guy waiting for you out there by the track?' He asked taking a sip of his beer. Letty looked out the window and saw Dom getting ready to race, an Asian chick standing next to his car. She felt her jealousy and rage rise but then it fell back down again as his car shot down the track. 'Earth to Letty?'

'Huh? Oh.no.' she said finishing off her beer. He got her another one but they went out by the track to finish them.

'Well, I have another race.' Riley said throwing his beer at a garbage. Letty smiled. Man, is he going to lose. 'I guess I'll have to see you again.' He said taking her hand. Letty's smile disappeared. Was he for real?

'I guess so. How about.'

'Letty!' she turned at the sound of her name and saw Dom walking over to them. He wasn't smiling. Letty looked down at her hand and quickly pulled it away from Riley and shoved it in her pocket. She looked down at the ground and away from Riley.

'Hey Dom.'

'Come on. We're leaving.' He said, not taking his eyes off Riley. He stared at him with a look of loathing. Riley wasn't smiling at Dom either.

'I'll see you later, Letty.' Riley said turning and walking toward his car. Letty smiled a bit and then looked up at Dom.

'What the fuck was that?' Dom said stepping in front of her line of vision. 'What do you mean?' she said turning away, but suddenly she felt Dom grab her arm and turn her back around.

'I mean your little hand fucking holding session with that sick fuck. You going after pansy asses now?'

'It was nothing. He just bought me a beer.'

'The only guy that touches you or your body is me.' Dom said firmly. Letty looked at him like he was being unfair. She then looked away and began to turn away again. He saw this and his face softened a bit. 'Come on baby, you know I love you.' He wrapped his arm around her hips and hugged her close. Letty smiled a bit and threw her arms around his shoulders and breathed deeply. He then followed through with his promise and took her home, still holding her in his arms.