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The first twenty-four people in line at the 74th St. Historic Governor Snow Mansion Haunted House were chatting with each other before it was their turn to surrender their tickets to the doorkeeper. "So, are you all ready for some spooky fun?" A lady cackled dressed as the Queen of Hearts from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland asked. She wore a ridiculous large blood red wig and had definitely overdone it with the makeup.

"Queen Effie is right! Beware," A man dressed in a butler's uniform covered with fake blood slurred before drinking from an amber-colored bottle. "Once you enter, the images inside will never leave your brain!" He said dramatically. "That is why I need this!" He waved his bottle around. The spectators laughed at him before resuming their conversations in line.

"Spookiest house in Panem, Glim." The boy at the front said to his girlfriend who was dressed as Gwen Stefani. "Are you ready?"

"Bring it, Marvel. Bring it." Glim said flipping her hair. A short girl with curly hair pulled back in a ponytail snorted at her. The girl was dressed in a very skimpy super-woman outfit. Her boyfriend who towered over her and was three times her weight in muscle was dressed in his football uniform.

"I have these." The football player said gesturing to the shoulder pads on his uniform.

"Yeah, Cato." Clove said smirking. "You can kick all their asses without those any day."

"Not without you, Clove." Cato said pulling his girlfriend into a hug.

"Why are we doing -" A girl with long black hair and large eyes asked her boyfriend who adjusted his wire-frame glasses before grasping her hand.

"Because it's a cultural experience." He replied. They were dressed as Klingons from Star Trek. "I'm giving up my study group for mechanical engineering for this."

"Yes but you bought -" His girlfriend said before trailing off watching the drunk butler scare some random people behind them in line.

"The tickets, I know." The nerds cleared their throats at the couple behind them who were kissing rather loudly.

"Don't get blood on your abs, Finny!" A green eyed sixteen year old squealed at her boyfriend who simply wore a speedo that had: Seaside Varsity Swim Team across the back. The girl was dressed as an octopus.

"I won't, Annie." Finny said confidently. "I'll protect you if a zombie tries to grab your fake legs or your two sexy legs." Annie squealed and blushed.

"You'll fit right in, girl!" A middle aged guy slurred at the girl dressed as a mad scientist standing behind Finny and Annie said. The girl stared at him and shook her head. She couldn't figure out of the guy and the lady beside him were really bums or dressed as such. Either way, they were definitely stoned.

"Aw - man - this place will be totally groovy!" The lady stoner said. Her friend laughed.

"Jo, you know you can't fight back with the actors." Two people in their twenties were behind the stoners.

"I know, Blight." An athletic woman with short brown hair said. "I'm just saying, I could take them." She flexed her muscles. "Feel this." Her friend nodded.

"Well, the kids behind us will be grateful for you, Jo." Blight said shrugging looking back at a dark skinned fairy princess standing next to a small blonde nurse or doctor. They were holding onto a tall dark skinned eighteen year old dressed as Thor.

"Now, Rue, Prim, you guys hold on to Thresh." A sixteen year old girl with grey eyes and brown hair in a side braid called from the very back of the line.

"I know, Kat, Geez!" A blonde haired twelve year old called before giggling with her friend Rue from her sixth-grade class. Rue put more glitter on her carmel colored skin. "You're a very very sparkly fairy, Rue!"

"You can be a sparkly nurse!" Rue squealed dabbing the tube of glitter on Prim's surgical blue scrubs she had bought at the thrift store. The girls squealed as they got into a glitter fight.

"Geez, girls." Rue's seventeen year old cousin Thresh rumbled in his deep voice. "You guys are dorks." Rue grabbed onto his shoulders and climbed up to him before dabbing his nose with glitter. "RUE! Whacha' doin' crazy girl! Ima take that!" He grabbed the glitter away from his little cousin.

"THRESH!" Rue squealed as Prim giggled.

"You really are dorks." A dark-haired silver-eyed twelve year old said to Prim. She blushed and smacked Rue.

"RORY!" Prim squealed. Rory laughed. He was cuffed on the head by his eighteen year old brother who was dressed in an army uniform from the Panem Military Surplus Store.

"Quit teasing your girlfriend." He teased.

"She's not - GALE!" Rory moaned embarrassed. "Ok, Gale, why don't you say hi to yours!" He felt a large foot come down on his. "OOW!"

"I just think it's weird going to a place that glorifies death." Kat, the girl with the braid who had talked to her younger sister said. She held the hand of a built boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Gale refused to meet his gaze.

"It's just for Halloween." He said. "Besides, it will be fun, Kat." The girl shrugged. "Well, better than helping my parents bake pumpkin pie." Kat laughed.

"You know I accepted your invitation to get you out of the house away from your crazy mom, Pete." Pete shook his blond curls and chuckled.

"IT'S TIME!" Queen Effie cackled as she ran up and down next to the line of twenty four people. "Haymitch, shall I allow them to enter - the doom?" She asked. Haymitch took a swig from his bottle before throwing his head back and cackled his assent loudly. "Twenty-four may enter." She said in a warning tone. "Not all will come out." She took their tickets and opened a black creaky door. She let out evil hysterical laughter for the minute it took everyone to enter the haunted house.