A/N: Edited using an idea from Mrs. Mellark15 :)

"AAAH! KATNISS! THEY TOOK OUR CAT! THEY TOOK BUTTERCUP!" Prim was nearly in tears. Hanging from the doorframe was a mottled bloody dead yellow cat.

"Well, someone found a use for him." Katniss muttered.

"Kat - Katniss - that's not - nice!" Prim wailed. She buried her face in Peeta's costume. Suddenly a three of the four walls of the room were lit by high walls of theatrical flame causing everyone to scream. The Klingons were particularly afraid as they held each other terrified, their eyes wide as they stared at the flames.

"It's fake - let's just move!" Katniss called. Suddenly someone jumped in front of her causing her to scream. It was a man in a once nice suit from the previous century. It was now torn and bloodied. A white rose was clasped to his suit but it was covered in blood. Blood dribbled out of the man's pale face. His apperance was a far cry from the paintings and statutes that graced City Hall.


"Peeta - oh my god - he's so freaky!" Katniss gasped staring at the zombie version of Panem's former governor.

"You are trapped here with all my high officials that I eliminated - hahahaha!" The lights flickered on and off. Suddenly people jumped out from under desks and behind curtains. Zombies and people with bloodied weapons lunged at the group members. Everyone screamed and ran into each other.

"RUN! RUN FOR THE EXIT IF YOU CAN HAHA!" Governor Snow howled evily. Katniss grabbed Peeta who grabbed Prim. They all were narrowly missed by weapons. One of the zombies had his face in Katniss' nearly the whole time.

"MUFFIN MUST STAY!" Governor Snow hollered. He personally chased after Peeta. As they pushed through the crowd of killers and zombies, they finally reached a door that had Exit painted on it in blood. They opened the door into the fresh night air. Gale and Rory followed behind. Thresh carried Rue followed by Cato and Clove.

"Stop crying, Cato! We're out!" Clove snapped to her boyfriend who was blubbering. Finnick and Annie got out gasping for air.

"Well, my speedo dried in there." Finnick commented. Everyone moved away from Finnick. The 'mad scientist girl' came out with the stoners who still looked as dazed as ever. Jo and Blight came out with the Klingons. Glimmer and Marvel came out last.

"Wow - just wow - I mean - imagine the electricity they must use to generate everything in there!" Beetee gasped.

"The gore looked -" Wiress began clinging to her boyfriend.

"Real. Yeah. It's supposed to." Jo said rolling her eyes.

"Ugh - I just look - so ugly now - like them!" Glimmer gasped. Clove pulled out a mirror and held it up to Glimmer's face causing her to scream. She really did have fake blood on her face and her hair was sticking out at all angles.

"Alright, who got out first?" A lanky man in a tux asked. His long black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Katniss and Peeta raised their hands. "Wow - two people out first! Well -" he paused. "I have two free Starbucks gift cards for you two!" He handed them to Katniss and Peeta. "If you come to the one near City Hall, just tell them Cinna sent you!" They chuckled.

"Cinna?" Peeta asked.

"Yes. Like Cinnamon pumpkin spiced lattes!" He said grinning. He sniffed Peeta's costume. "They go rather well with muffins." Everyone laughed. "Happy Halloween guys!"

"Happy Halloween everyone!" Katniss called to the group before both Gale and Peeta grabbed each of her hands. Rory blushed realizing he could hold Prim's hand. They headed home after having the creepiest yet best Halloween night ever.