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When Tobirama was revealed to have been the creator of the Hiraishin, and his skills and personality were given more depth it made me think that this guy was very similar to Minato and could pass as his grandfather. But rather than go the traditional way I did something else. It's a bit dark and controversial though… something I have no doubt would be Tobirama's style.

So I decided to make a story of what would happen if Naruto became the descendent of Senju Tobirama? How would the world react when they found out? However, this is using an original twist.

Naruto's personality will be different from Canon because of his childhood. Naruto will be serious but still retain some of his usually easy going and fun loving self, don't wanna change too much. However, I'd like to add that Naruto will grow up under these principals. The Katsujinken ("sword that gives life") and Issatsu Tasho ("one life to save a thousand"). These are philosophies originating in Japanese Buddhism, which justify the taking of lives in order to protect society, preserve justice, and defend the weak.

Also there are some things in this story that will seem contradictory and illogical. As far as I'm concern everything in a story can be contradicted. In Naruto there are events that think they could have done a whole lot better, and some things that show up that make me wonder how this was possible. No ones perfect though.

Pairings will be later on and lemons between Naruto and any girl I choose will be after the Time-Skip, no exceptions. Who the pairings are is a secret. But the pairings will have a great influence and importance.

Finally, Naruto will be strong, very strong, for his age, however, don't bash me just because he can't beat Itachi or Kakashi when he meets them. However, he will know things that will shock and surprise many and in the ninja world a single moment is all one needs to win a fight. Case and Point in canon: Zabuza, Kakashi, Orochimaru, and Pein. After the time skip however… well you'll just have to wait and see but you can use your imagination.

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Scion of the Nidaime Hokage

This is a work of Fan fiction. All of the original characters, organizations, techniques, and events portrayed in this fictional literature are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictionally. Though the majority of the events and most characters take place in and are a part of manga artist Kishimoto's world Naruto.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, or any other manga or stories. I do have ownership of the techniques, the originality of this plot, the story I created and some others things in this story. But the elements from manga artist, etc I do not own.

Jutsu, Japanese translation: Iaijutsu: Itto no Hissatsu (Iai Technique: Certain Death in a Single Stroke)

Normal speech: I hate paperwork. I bet Sarutobi retired just to escape this.

Demon/Summon or Fusion speech: Finally, I am free!

Human Thinking: Oh, no you're not!

Demon/Summon: Shit! I don't wanna go back! Old man save me!

Summary: Tobirama wasn't as strong as his older brother but he was still powerful, having created many techniques that sent many running for their lives. What they didn't know that was that he left behind a hidden legacy, one darker than the Edo Tensei. As far as Konoha knows, Uzumaki Naruto is dead. In his place is Tobirama's heir and scion. Naruto/Strong/Smart.


(Konohagakure no Sato; A Few Days after the Kyubi Attack)

Konoha, strongest of the Great Five, was facing a dilemma. Like any other village or settlement, Konoha was far from perfect, having its shares of ups and downs. Financial crisis, loss of manpower, civil war, espionage, ec cetera; in Konoha's case it was simple.

"What I'm I going to do with you, Naruto?" Hiruzen sighed as he gently stroked the sleeping newborn's head. The past few days had been rather hectic to say the least, the last thing the veteran ninja needed was a crying baby to take care of at the moment.

"Several members from the civilian council want him gone," Koharu, Hiruzen's old teammate answered as she went through some scrolls and files.

"Let them bark and froth all they want. The civilian council like the ninja council can only advise the Hokage, they have no power of authority over this matter," Hiruzen added as a matter of fact.

The woman merely scoffed at the weak argument, never taking her eyes off the pieces of paper in front of her, "You and I both know Tobirama-sensei made laws that can overrule you if they have the backing of Hi no Kuni's Daimyo. Not to mention that Konoha's currently emotionally ardent don't care about those laws. All they care about is vengeance."

At this she looked him in the eye, "You of all people know what revenge filled people are capable of."

Hiruzen scowled but acknowledged that it was true, on both cases. While the Hokage and Daimyo of Hi no Kuni had an agreement of sorts, one that dated back to the founding days of Konoha, the Daimyo was the absolute ruler of the country and any one in it, not the Hokage. Whenever a village was to be founded, permission from the Daimyo was needed, whenever a declaration of war occurred the backing of the Daimyo was always sought … usually. Virtually everything revolved around the Daimyo.

Luckily the current Daimyo of Hi no Kuni was a friend of Hiruzen and he trusted him in making these types of decisions whenever they occurred. The other countries Daimyo's weren't as generous. Unfortunately, the man has a bit fickle and indecisive at times, being easily swayed in his decisions through biases as well as external influences, mainly his advisors, or those who put money in their pockets.

When certain situations called for fast, important decisions, he made his advisers do the work. When an argument that thoroughly convinced him the most was declared the winner, the Daimyo would then side with them.

While the Daimyo allowed Konoha's ninja and Hokage free reign in his lands, anything the Hokage or other village rulers did that ended up slandering his name or ended badly for the people of Hi no Kuni that could cause either an international or civil turmoil was dealt with harsh consequences.

If it became known that he let Orochimaru go scot-free during their last confrontation, friend or not, Hiruzen was certain that the Daimyo would be forced to have had him step down as Hokage and most likely convicted. It was because of him that many in the elemental countries suffered by Orochimaru's hands. It was one of the many things that kept Hiruzen up at night.

"Case and point, it didn't stop some of them from leaking out what was supposed to be a highly classified piece of information. And we both know that it's not just civilians who want him gone. Konoha doesn't even know the boy's name or what he looks like. Many simply don't care all they want is restitution and retribution! Even with your laws our control and the stability of Konoha's masses are still in disarray!" Koharu further added.

"Yes, but those who broke them and paid with their lives showed them we don't tolerate insubordination. They'll be much more hesitant to try anything," Homura defended his old teammate. Though even he knew it was a weak argument.

"Enough!" Hiruzen put an end to the argument before it got out of hand, "Unfortunate as it is it had to be done. Also I'm not fully reinstated yet and many will try to delay me long enough to find some form of loophole just so they can get to the boy."

Though it was a necessary evil, as he liked to call it, politics was a fickle and twisted game that Hiruzen hated playing most of the time. Sometimes he wondered why a ruling council was ever created in the first place and why his former mentor, Tobirama, was so adamant about them along with certain rules. As Danzo would say, the man was a custodian of political and legislative integrity, the epitome of a true ninja, unlike his older brother. To Hiruzen; however, affairs like these should remain shinobi affairs. If only it were that simple.

"Our focus should be on Naruto at the moment," Hiruzen pointed their attention to the babe.

"I thought you planned on sending him to the orphanage? He'll be safe there."

"Especially when you remember who's running it now."

Hiruzen merely looked contemplative as he listened to his advisors. It was true that being in the orphanage run by none other than a former Anbu operative and captain of the Combat-Medic Division, especially one known as the Wandering Miko, one of Konoha's bests, did offer a certain degree of guaranteed safety.

"It was my initial intent, however, Nonō-chan hasn't been in active service for a few years and after the recent events she and the orphan caretakers will have their hands full," Hiruzen explained, the guaranteed safety wasn't as great as initially thought. Though Hiruzen knew he may have no choice in the end. With their forces stretched thin as it was with the loss of over 3000 active ninja he couldn't spare someone else to look after Naruto.

"I thought of asking Yuhi Shinku, being Konoha's Jonin Commander the boy would have been properly raised under him, but he passed away a few hours ago from his wounds and his daughter Kurenai isn't taking it too well at the moment. I have no doubt that Fugaku's wife Mikoto wouldn't be against adopting the boy."

The official story told to the council was that the Yondaime's wife had gone into labor sometime during the Kyubi Attack and both she and the baby had been hiding in a building outside Konoha. Unfortunately the newborn had been crushed to death when one of the beast's swinging tails caused part of the building the collapsed.

Koharu doubted that Mikoto was ignorant or gullible enough to believe the lie they concocted, she was one of the most gifted kunoichi of her time for a reason. Being best friends with Kushina and being one of the very rare few who knew of her special condition also helped.

"Impossible," in a heartbeat Hiruzen would have loved nothing more than to let a friend of Kushina's adopt Naruto. "With the clan being suspected of foul play in this whole debacle the last thing we need is for the people of Konoha to be distrustful of them even more if they have the boy."

Hiruzen would have loved nothing more than to make a personal example to whoever started the rumor. The trust between the Uchiha Clan and ruling body of Konoha had been shaky for decades now, more so now because of the rumor. The fact that some from the Uchiha Clan didn't want anything to do with the boy, some of them still practiced the old ways of their ancestors, reinforced his decision. Another negative.

"Come now, Hiruzen. Are you still going on about that? The only individuals in Konoha that ever had the ability control one of the Tailed Beasts, especially the Kyubi of all things, were Uchiha Madara and Hashirama-sama. Both are long gone and no one from either clan inherited their ability," the entire idea was absurd when Homura thought of it.

Koharu; however, wasn't entirely sold on the notion, "I'm not convinced. With the treatment the clan's faced in the past we don't know for sure what they are entirely capable of. Sensei always stressed us to expect the unexpected, no matter how small or farfetched. When you take into account of their unique emotional state they suffer from it could very well happen."

By emotional state Koharu referred to what Tobirama called the Curse of Hatred. A state where the love an Uchiha possessed was capable of turning into something twisted and dark in the blink of an eye should tragedy befall them. It had been a topic of conversation that Tobirama always stressed about.

Hiruzen groaned as the conversation veered away from the matter at hand once more, putting a small silencing barrier around Naruto, Hiruzen began to draw their attention.

"Focus!" his bellowing had the desired effect and both elders looked at him once again.

"We have other matters to deal with first before we deal with the Uchiha," by the looks of him both Koharu and Homura knew it wasn't a topic he was looking forward to. Hiruzen had always been one to prefer settling disputes diplomatically, though they hoped it worked both Homura and Koharu had an inkling that they'd be forced into conflict.

"This boy has just lost his parents and was giving a huge burden few wish to have on the same night whilst simultaneously gaining the animosity of virtually everyone in Konoha. Putting him in the orphanage isn't wise at the moment, after tonight they'll have more than enough of their share of orphans and burdening them with the one who holds the reason for their suffering would be like pouring salt over a fresh wound."

Before Koharu and Homura could add their piece Hiruzen promptly silenced them by continuing, "Nor is it wise for him to be adopted by any allies of his parents. We're weak from the attack and we've still yet to fully recover from the last war, our enemies no doubt even some of our allies will see this as an opportunity to potentially strike us, taking down the legacy of the Yellow Flash and one of few remaining legacies of the Uzumaki Clan will be an added bonus for some."

"… Why don't you take him in then?" Homura asked his old friend. "As much as I don't like thinking about it a jinchuriki is an invaluable part of one of the Great Five's balance of power. Jinchuriki more often then not have some form of relation with the Kage or leader of their respective village, it's only a matter of time before some come to the conclusion that he's Minato-san's son. Not everyone is blind. Those not clouded by their hate will start to see the similarities after a while. If you adopt him into your care, maybe change his appearance just enough to fool everyone, they'll believe he's your grandson and stay away. We're not as young and versatile as he once were a decade ago but weren't called the Three Wise Ones for nothing. Our names and deeds bring fear to the hearts of others. Especially since you hold the current title of God of Ninja."

Though much of what he said was a good idea, it still wasn't possible, "And how pray tell can I look after him? With my reinstatement and everything that's happened I'll be too busy."

"Why not have Asuma help out?" Koharu regretted asking when she saw Hiruzen's face.

"Ever since Biwako's death Asuma's been distant, more than usual, and has thrown himself into training like many of his generation. They feel betrayed and hurt that they weren't allowed to help," Hiruzen lamented the fact that he and his youngest son weren't as close as he would have liked. Growing up during warring times Hiruzen had been hard and stern on both his sons to make sure they survived but Asuma didn't take it in stride at times.

"What about your eldest son?" Homura added.

"I can't ask him. This event really shook him and his wife. After things have settled down the two are planning to start a family," it wasn't an option.

As he thought of his eldest son, whose resemblance to Hiruzen's father was frightening, something else came to his mind. Hiruzen lamented not being able to complete the training for Sage Mode with the monkeys like his father before him. It was one of the reasons why Sarutobi Sasuke was a renown and legendary powerful ninja of his era like Madara and Hashirama, though to a lesser extent. Having Sage Mode probably could have changed the outcome of the Kyubi Attack.

Though due to the turbulent times as well as being Hokage Hiruzen had little to no time to complete the training. Now that he was older his body was no longer capable of properly utilizing Sage Mode without the risks being involved. It was one of the many reasons why the training to become a Sage was done at a young age. The body could withstand the stress much more easily. Not to mention his chakra levels were nowhere near as high in his prime, another requirement for Sage Mode.

"Don't I get a say in this?" a voice rung out suddenly, though none of the veteran ninja in the room seemed startled, in fact they looked quite relieved yet somewhat annoyed at the same time.

"You always were one for theatrics, Jiraiya," Hiruzen smirked as his student became visible. The man's talent when it came to stealth based ninjutsu both astonished and frightened him. Then again it was no surprise given his perverted nature. He wasn't called the Village Madness of Konoha in his childhood for nothing.

"You damn well know it," Jiraiya's grin faltered for a moment when he laid eyes upon his godson. "So it's true, Minato and Kushina are dead."

"Regrettably so," the thought always made the mood that much sour. Hiruzen could tell his wayward student was in pain, Minato being like a son to him. It was basically a parent burying a child. The old lingered and suffered while the young perished too unexpectedly.

"… How's Kakashi taking it?" Jiraiya wondered how Minato's only surviving student was handling all this. Jiraiya had gotten to know him through Minato, it was how he found out the boy had a pretty tough life, especially when it came to the death of those closest to him. First was his father, who committed seppuku, then his fellow teammates were killed during the war, one of them by his own hands, and now he had lost Minato to the Kyubi.

Thinking of Sakumo, Jiraiya thought it was a damn shame really. Hiruzen had originally wanted Sakumo to become his successor. The man was a powerful and prodigious ninja after all, one that surpassed any of his students. Though he didn't state it, even Orochimaru knew it was true and respected the man's power.

"Nothing as serious as Sakumo's state of mind was, thank god. However, Kakashi's asked for a transfer into the Anbu when he was told he couldn't take care of Naruto," Hiruzen informed him.

Thinking about it though it was still pretty damn close to suicide. Over 60% of the Anbu members didn't make it pass their first year. Most dying on the missions they undertook or the intense training requirements became too much and they resigned. It was why only the best of the best were allowed to join. Even then it sometimes became too much. Though Kakashi informed him he had no intention of dying, only getting stronger to protect his teacher's legacy.

"I wouldn't worry about it," Jiraiya waved it off, "I've seen the kid a few times and I can honestly say that Kakashi's got enough guts and determination in him to make it through. Besides it's best he keeps his mind focused on something else rather than Minato's death."

"You're awfully calm about this, Jiraiya," Koharu noted.

Though he looked calmed Hiruzen knew otherwise. Like Kakashi the man before him was devastated but didn't show it. Minato had been like a son to him and his passing wasn't going to be easy to get over.

"There's a time and place to mourn. Sad as it is now's not the time to mourn, we need to prepare," Jiraiya's tone gained their immediate attention.

"What is it?" Hiruzen knew immediately something was amiss.

"Just before this began I followed a rumor: Orochimaru's up to something. From what I got the snake was approached by some very furtive organization. Any organization that's welcoming him with open arms after what he's done can't be good. Then there's Iwa and Kumo they're planning something… maybe"

"They know already," Koharu muttered with concern. As they were Konoha stood little chance against the combined might of both Kumo and Iwa, despite the two not liking one another she knew they joined forces in a heartbeat to get rid of them. With Iwa they knew it would most likely be due to a personal vendetta against Minato more than anything, the man did after all annihilate a little over half of their active forces that fought in the frontlines of the last war thanks to his use of the Hiraishin. With Kumo it would be more about capitalizing on their weakened state to obtain more power. It was always about being top dog for them.

"I can't say anything yet," Jiraiya's hated not knowing about potential plans, "For all I know they could be bluffing. All I know definitively is that they're potentially up to something. My spy network is working overtime to instill them with false rumors and see if there's truth to these rumors, but be prepared anyway."

Though it wasn't much Hiruzen was still grateful for whatever piece of information, "Thank you, Jiraiya," though he didn't like it Hiruzen knew that he'd have no choice but to amend for his mistake when he last confronted his student.

Rumors from foreign travellers and merchants had begun to spread about him, whether they were true or not was irrelevant, none of the rumors were good. Hiruzen had no doubt they were true. The fact that this unknown organization had approached one of Konoha's most former, finest and one of its most powerful ninja set off alarms in his mind.

"No prob," Jiraiya decided to direct his attention Naruto's way. "So what's this you have planned for my godson?"

"Godson?!" both Homura and Koharu nearly exclaimed at that tidbit of information. It was new to them after all.

"Yup!" the white haired man beamed.

"I'm his one and only godfather," he boasted with utmost pride before his demeanor changed, "But in all seriousness, as much as I want to, godfather or not, I can't take care of the kid. I'm the only one capable of running my spy network at the moment and it's going to be a full time job if we want to keep our enemies from breathing down our necks. Then there's the snake and this organization."

Though he accepted his reason, Hiruzen had hoped it wouldn't end like this but it seemed like there was no choice. Naruto would have to be put into the orphanage. As he was about to announce his decision, Hiruzen spotted Senju Tobirama's portrait on the wall and a thought came to him.

"We've all done things we aren't proud of. Things that many will hate us for, I know I certainly have. But I'd gladly shoulder that hate and willingly sacrifice my life if it meant the safety of those I care about …"

Thinking on those words, Hiruzen realized that there was one other option. Something he vowed never to go through in his youth. Now that he was a hardened veteran however, it was different. Hiruzen still didn't want to go through because of the risk and moral ramifications implied. But either way the alternatives were no better. The man knew he'd be hated for this, were Kushina alive she'd do all sorts of unimaginable torture. "Homura, Koharu, will you please leave us for a moment. Five minutes is all."

Though they wished they had been given a reason both elders complied with their superior and left the room. Making sure the privacy barrier was up, Hiruzen began, "There's one thing we can do," he got Jiraiya's attention. "It's risky, very risky, and it will take some time. But if I pull this off nothing will be the same."

"What do you have in mind, Sarutobi-sensei?" Jiraiya was genuinely interested in where the old Hokage was going with this.

The man gave his student a serious look and raised five fingers, "Five days. Five days, Jiraiya. That's how long you have to find Tsunade, and bring her here. That's all I will say. Anymore and I risk too much."

"Why the secrecy from the old goats? They seem trust worthy enough?"

The remarked earned him a chuckle, "Appearances can be deceiving, Jiraiya. You of all people should know that."

Hiruzen left it at that before shuffling into his desk drawer and pulled out a scroll that he handed to the man.

"What's this?" Jiraiya asked.

"Something to help make things go along much more smoothly. A contingency plan if you will in case Tsunade refuses," the man elaborated. "Trust me when I say that if you can't convince her, this will."

"What makes you think she'll refuse this," he pointed at himself in a manner that made him look like he was hot stuff.

"… On second thought, Jiraiya, just give her the letter and make sure Tsunade gets here," Hiruzen deadpanned.

"Ouch," Jiraiya could honestly say he was a little hurt by the comment.

"Oh, grow up," even without speaking Hiruzen knew his former student well enough to know what he was thinking. "At least I didn't beat you within an inch of your life."

The man shuddered at the memory, "… So just give her the letter and that's it?"

"That's it," Hiruzen nodded, it was as simple as that, "Any questions?"

Jiraiya just had one, "Why Tsunade? No disrespect to Hime, or anything, but she hasn't been herself since Dan and Nawaki's deaths. Assuming she'll accept why do you want her to raise the kid?"

It was a fairly good question, "Bring her back and you'll see. But be back here in five days. A council meeting is going to occur in a weeks times to discuss Naruto and I'll need you two there in case it gets out of hand and to help me with this. Trust me, if all goes well, Naruto will be better off. Also I wouldn't open the letter, not that you'd be able to anyway."

"Seals," Jiraiya understood, though he didn't like being left in the dark, the man knew his teacher well enough to trust him that whatever he was planning would help Naruto and promptly left to get Tsunade. Hiruzen watched as the man disappeared into the distance.

(Sometime Later)

After finishing up with Koharu and Homura, Hiruzen began the first phase of his plan. Carefully taking Naruto into his arms, Hiruzen entered the room that held a multitude of scrolls and documents. On a pedestal before him was Konoha's coveted Scroll of Seals.

Looking at it, Hiruzen merely chuckled at the humor of it all. Truthfully the scroll before him wasn't the Scroll of Seals. Known only to him and perhaps those he trusted the large scroll on display was nothing more than a decoy. Any ninja worth their salt would realize that a village wouldn't blatantly leave such a powerful tool in such a manner. It was just common sense. A child would be capable of taking it… assuming the Anbu weren't doing their jobs. Though decoy or not, stealing it was still a crime.

While the decoy did have some techniques in it such as the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and its kinjutsu variant the Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, no other note worthy techniques one couldn't find or learn from anyone else was written into the rolled up parchment. It did however have a particularly nasty surprise hidden within that every new Hokage learned. Using a series of special and unique hands seals placed in the decoy would result in it to explode in a grandiose manner or seal and bind the person in an inescapable dimension. The thief wouldn't know what hit them before it was too late.

Placing his hand on the wall of the room and releasing a small pulse of chakra in a manner similar to Morse code revealed an intricate seal that made the wall shimmer and warp to reveal the true Scroll of Seals. "Space-Time Ninjutsu, sensei always said they were the best of safes."

It was true. Personal space-time dimensions were only accessible to the originator of the techniques or those who knew the right sequence, or key as it were, to enter said dimension. Hiruzen wasn't a practitioner of Space-Time manipulation like Tobirama or Minato, but he wasn't known as the Professor for nothing.

The rumors of him knowing over a thousand techniques had been a great exaggeration. Like many stories and feats performed in the past by others, Hiruzen's had been taken out of context just the same. Truthfully he didn't know over a thousand techniques, but his vast and unrivalled understanding of them, at least in this era, wasn't fabricated. In reality Hiruzen had only mastered well over six hundreds techniques in his lifetime but the man was knowledgeable on virtually all the techniques in current existence, and he knew how to counter them.

The feat along with his prowess as a ninja was how he had come to earn the title of God of Ninja of his era. He was no Senju Hashirama in terms of raw power and knowledge but out of the five Kage currently alive, as well as the oldest, he was still the strongest. After all, what good was a technique if it couldn't be used against someone?

Grabbing the scroll Hiruzen began to feel a bit nostalgic. The last time he held it had been when he put in a few of his own techniques that were too dangerous to teach. While the public had been told that the scroll held many of the prize techniques of the past Hokages, which was true in some regards, in truth the true Scroll of Seals held the village's most dangerous and darkest techniques.

The scroll held many controversial and forbidden techniques, most of which belonged to Senju Tobirama, the man justifying their creation by saying, "Better to have it and not need it than to not have it and need it." A philosophy he and Minato had followed. Hiruzen couldn't help but compare Minato to Tobirama in more than just techniques, but in mentality as well.

To the public Senju Tobirama was a loveable leader, but to those who knew him personally the man was known as a pragmatic and ambivalent individual, which had earned him the love and respect as well as the hate and loathing of both enemy and ally alike. The man had been an unswayable maverick of the highest degree.

"To think it would come to this," Hiruzen frowned before pushing such thoughts aside and going through the scrolls contents quickly. Nicking his finger to draw some blood, Hiruzen pressed the digit against certain characters on the scroll. When he was done the blood that once covered the characters disappeared just as the characters danced out of the scroll and formed a complex seal array on the wall.

Nodding as phase one was now complete. Hiruzen rolled up the scroll and placed it back into its hiding place as it shimmered out of existence once more.

The man known as the Professor soon began a sequence of single hand seals. Further validating the claims that he was one of the most gifted ninja of his era by performing a feat few today were capable of. As soon as he finished the seal glowed brightly before room was illuminated by a blinding flash of light, when it subsided neither Hiruzen nor Naruto were in the room.

(Somewhere in an Unknown Location)

Arriving in a brilliant display of light similar to how they disappeared, Hiruzen opened his eyes and nodded, he was in the right place. Lighting a nearby candlestick that he used to light the lamps and lanterns to grant him more light the once darkened room revealed much.

Dust covered much of the room, a lot of dust. The room was of decent size, like that of a small but comfortable apartment, enough that it allowed the placement of a futon bed as well as a desk and a drawer, which was covered with books and various scrolls, and various wall-mounted weaponry. To his left was door that led outside where he was greeted with the sight of a traditional forge surrounded by rusted weaponry, tools, materials, and pieces of armor.

"That I'd see your home away from home once more, sensei," Hiruzen muttered as he looked around.

Though it was his first time being here… alone that is … without a doubt he remembered that it was indeed the personal hideout of Senju Tobirama. As much as he knew only he and Hashirama were aware of the hideout's existence. The exact location was another story altogether, having only really seen the inside, but Hiruzen ventured a guess that he was situated or near the mountains of Hi no Kuni perhaps judging by the rugged terrain and rocky paths visible to him. It was still night so he couldn't make a proper assessment.

The cool air felt nice but Hiruzen assumed it was too cold for Naruto as the newborn began squirming uncomfortably. The elderly man walked back inside the hideout and carried out the next phase of his plan. Placing Naruto on the futon, Hiruzen got to work.

"I came this far… it's too late to back down now," steeling his resolve Hiruzen took out a black scroll from a hidden compartment and began what was most likely to be his descent into hell. Once more he prayed he'd be forgiven.

Two things played an important role in the life of a ninja: secrecy and deceit. Without these two aspects one could not begin to comprehend the ninja way of life. Hiruzen practiced both of them well.

Contrary to his image in the general populace's eye as a grandfatherly individual and pacifist that sought peace whenever available, Hiruzen hadn't been made Hokage for nothing. True he sought peace, not only because of the unnecessary bloodshed conflicts caused, in most cases, but also because he didn't wish the younger generation to go through the same ordeals he went through as a child.

However, he was be no means a pushover, whenever someone crossed him or Konoha, Hiruzen made sure that retribution was dealt with in one way or another. Whenever war threatened to break out, Hiruzen gave no quarter. No one attacked his family and got away with it. Unfortunately, there were those times where one needed to grin and bare it.

Finishing up what was required. The room was filled with a cloud of white smoke before Hiruzen felt himself grabbed by the throat and up against a wall.

"Sen… Sensei!" Hiruzen managed to choke out.

In front of him was none other than his deceased, now alive, mentor, Senju Tobirama, looking just the same as he had before he died, though instead of being donned in his famous dark blue armor he wore instead a dark blue kimono.

"Saru?" Tobirama asked before he came to his senses, "What's the password!"


"The password now!" Tobirama barked as his grip tightened around his student's neck, Hiruzen knew that the man wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

Hiruzen immediately understood what he meant, even though didn't like to he knew that Tobirama would kill him if he didn't say it, "… Hashirama is Mito's bitch but Mito is a bitch herself," he grumbled. Tobirama had always been a serious and composed individual, but the man did have a wicked sense of humor buried beneath it all.

Tobirama smirked before he withdrew his hand, "Damn straight she is. Why my brother married that woman I'll never know."

If asked such a question many would assume that it was because Hashirama loved her and to strengthen the Senju's ties with the Uzumaki. Truthfully it was more so the latter. Hashirama and Mito's marriage had been an arranged one since they were children as was the style of the era, as both their fathers were their clans' respective leaders of the time.

Hashirama and Mito did come to love one, to the point they were the best of friends and shared a deep bond with one another, but neither one of them were in love with each other. Hell Hiruzen knew from experience that the two had vastly different personalities, Hashirama being aloof and childish while Mito was the exact opposite, it was no wonder she wore the pants in the marriage.

"I apologize for that Saru but I had to be sure," Tobirama stated to his student before he spotted Naruto, "Who's the child? Your grandson?"

"What… No! Oh, no. I'm not a grandfather just yet, sensei," Hiruzen chuckled.

"Really? You sure have the looks for one," Tobirama grinned at the man's deadpan look.

"Hahaha, very funny sensei." Hiruzen could honestly say he didn't really miss the man's sense of humor… most of the time. "Not all of us can use Blood Clones to transfer our consciousness into and put into stasis."

Tobirama merely continued to grin, "We're ninja, Saru. One man's strength is another one's weakness," he stated before his demeanor changed into one of complete seriousness. "Why have you summoned, Saru?"

"You and I both know I wouldn't summon you for any other reason, sensei," Hiruzen answered.

Tobirama nodded and understood, "Very well if you'll allow me."

Placing his middle and index fingers on Hiruzen's forehead, Tobirama closed his eyes and concentrated. Hiruzen felt a little discomfort from the technique Tobirama was using. The secret technique known as the Heavenly Migration allowed Tobirama to essentially to gather specific information from a person's memories and add it to his own. The technique was as complex as it was deadly, even Hiruzen knew little on how it worked. It was one of the few only techniques Tobirama never put in the Scroll of Seals.

"I see," Tobirama muttered as he cancelled his technique, "You've lived an interesting life, Saru. But you also have much to atone for," Tobirama frowned as he recalled certain memories.

Nostalgia flowed through Hiruzen as he found himself being scolded by his mentor. It felt like nothing had changed and that he was still a young but gifted ninja in training with his teammates and friends. It was a bit embarrassing really now that he thought about it. "Sensei."

Tobirama merely held up his hand, "I don't want hear about it, Saru. Though my track record isn't exactly the greatest either. I don't blame people for their mistakes, but I do ask that they live up to them."

Hiruzen merely nodded at his mentor, "I will sensei. But now I think we need to discuss young Naruto here."

"Yes. I'll be blunt, Saru, you messed up big time with announcing his status as a jinchuriki, especially on the same day many lost their lives. There was a reason why Mito, Hashirama, and I didn't announce Mito's status a jinchuriki. They are treated worse than dirt in most cases. But I'm getting off topic here. What else can you tell me about his lineage?"

"His mother was an Uzumaki and the second jinchuriki of the Kyubi when Mito passed away. His father was born from a civilian family but was highly gifted at young age nonetheless and later on became our Fourth Hokage. He was a lot like you actually."

"Yes, that's true," Tobirama hummed in deep thought before he looked at a sleeping Naruto, "Yes, that may just work."


"Tell me, Saru. Does the boy have any next of kin? Any at all?" Tobirama pressed.

"Perhaps on his mother's side, Kushina did mention she had an older sister before coming to Konoha, but even if she was among the surviving members of the Uzumaki Clan that are scattered we wouldn't no where to look," Hiruzen lamented the fact Konoha had been unable to help their allies during the Second Shinobi World War.

"I meant on his father's side," the silver-gray haired man elaborated.

"On Minato's side? None. Minato had no siblings and both of his parents had no siblings of their own either," Hiruzen explained.

"All right then," by now Tobirama was becoming more and more thoughtful. "What was their occupation?"

"Minato's father originally wanted to be ninja but an incident involving Kusa targeting the academy forced him and several others to seek another path. Both of Minato's parents were civilian merchants who owned and operated a few stores in Konoha and were somewhat knowledgeable of the ninja lifestyle. But as they were not trained in the ninja arts both of them were killed during a raid on Konoha when Minato was on a mission," Hiruzen explained.

"Alright. What about Raiden?"

"Senju Raiden? Toka-sama's son?" Hiruzen wondered where his teacher was going with this. Though it made sense really as Raiden had briefly been Tobirama's apprentice and was a very skilled shinobi, the man had been a candidate for the title of Sandaime Hokage much like himself and his teammates along with Danzo and his teammates.

"Is he still alive?"

"I'm afraid Raiden was killed in combat a little over two decades ago, sensei. All that's left of him is his sword and some of his spare combat gear. In fact, now that I recall, it was Minato's parents who commissioned them for him, Minato's father and Raiden were quite close actually."

Rather then looking desponded, as Tobirama knew that life of a ninja meant potentially dying in combat, the Nidaime Hokage merely asked another question, "When did he die?"

Hiruzen furrowed his brow in thought before the answer came to him, "In his 40s I believe."

"At least he lived longer than the average shinobi," Tobirama was glad his son managed to see his forties, "But other than that I think I know how to make this work."


Tobirama took a while to compose himself before he spoke, "Raiden was my son, Saru."

The statement nearly had Hiruzen's eyes popped out of their sockets, "S… Son!"

"Yes, my son. Toka and I were close but we never married, however she became pregnant and gave birth to Raiden, though no one but Mito and Hashirama knew I was his father. I kept my blood ties with Raiden a secret from him, I made a lot of enemies and my reputation was much greater than Toka's, many wouldn't hesitate to hunt him down if they knew he was my son. How skilled was he?"

"Raiden wasn't as powerful as you but he did inherited your speed, skill in Kenjutsu, and was highly skilled in using Raiton Ninjutsu, he was a pretty gifted sensor too and dabbled a bit Space-Time Ninjutsu," Hiruzen stated as he composed himself. Truthfully Raiden had been one of the best ninja of his time. Still the fact that he was his sensei's son was a shocking revelation.

"Here is how it's going to work. Before the council meeting in seven days time you and I will forge some documents that will legally make this boy my great grandson. As my niece inherited Hashirama's skill in Iryo Ninjutsu she will be there to validate the blood test when asked for physical proof. Speaking of Tsunade are you certain you want the boy to be raised by her?" Tobirama asked.

"Tsunade will have no choice but to comply, sensei," the brown yet slightly grey haired man assured his mentor. "Plus as the last of the Senju Clan she is the only one with any right to claim him. Anyone else and the council won't stand for it."

Though a bit skeptical, Tobirama nodded, "Very well. Now how many will know of this plan?"

"None. I will take this knowledge to my grave, only my name will be tarnished if they find out," Hiruzen affirmed resolutely. "Also, now that I think about, announcing the boy's existence right away is not a wise decision. Konoha will pamper him for being the last male heir to one of its founding clans and will be targeted by our enemies. Instead I plan on having Tsunade raising him outside Konoha, I already have several potential locations in mind."

Tobirama smiled at his student's devotion and reasoning on the last matter, "This is one of the reasons why I chose you as my successor."

Hiruzen blushed at the complement, "But how is this going to work sensei? When I do reveal that you had a son, which won't be that difficult, how are we going to link both Minato and Naruto as your descendants? Minato won't be as difficult but I doubt the people of Konoha are going to accept Naruto as your descendent even with proof to validate our claims. Their hate for the Kyubi blinds them and they'll come up with any excuse not to accept him as your heir."

"For the first matter I have an answer," Tobirama merely walked over to the table and pulled out a scroll from a hidden compartment, "When the time comes you will use this," the man handed it to Hiruzen.

Opening it up Hiruzen scanned the contents, "This is … highly controversial sensei. Showing this to the council could ruin your name."

"I'm willing to take that chance, Saru. I've done deeds I'm not exactly proud of but I'll gladly shoulder that hate. However, once you reveal this to the council I want you to destroy it in front of them and assure them that all knowledge of its existence died with myself and Raiden. You must make sure my legacy lives on in this boy. Understood?"

"Hai, you can count on me, sensei," Hiruzen affirmed his mentor. "But what about the second matter?"

"No one aside those you trust knows who the boy is correct? His name or his lineage, what he looks like correct?"

"… I'm afraid Kushina's teammates may know," Hiruzen hesitated before he understood what he meant, "He has to die doesn't he."

"Not in the literal sense, but yes and by your hands. You'll also need to provide proof for authenticity and a reason for his death. Some will see you as a hero while others will see you as a villain for this. "

"I'm prepared to deal with that, sensei," the man didn't doubt for a second that both Mikoto and Hikari would never forgive him for this. All three women constantly talked about their children becoming friends, even if their fathers were more acquaintances rather than actual friends.

"Good," Tobirama patted him on the shoulder. "Once I begin this there's no going back. If they ever found out you did this your reputations will potentially be tarnished beyond repair, Saru."

"So long as Naruto-kun lives a better life, I can take it," Hiruzen assured him once more.

"Very well then, lets get started," Tobirama said as both he and Hiruzen set out to accomplish the task at hand. Forging all the necessary documents, certificates, along with the signatures required, as well as making sure there were no errors in them, took both Hiruzen and Tobirama well over four hours.

Looking over the documents one last time, Tobirama assured Hiruzen that everything was set and they could proceed to the final step of their plan, "It was nice seeing you again Saru," the man smiled before steeling his resolve at the task at hand. Grabbing a large scroll and an ink set the man kneeled in front of Naruto before he sent a small pulse into the babe's form to reveal the seal that held the Kyubi.

"Hmm, not as good as Mito's Myojinmon Fuin (Gate of the Great God Seal) but … ah, this seal is designed to allow access to the Kyubi's chakra instead of purely keeping its power bound and permanently imprisoned. Now let's see… what in world is this?"

Tobirama muttered as he sensed a foreign signature within the seal. Tobirama's eyes clouded over briefly before he came back to his senses just as quickly, "If what you say is true, this boy's going to need all the help he can get. You'd better be right about this, Yondaime," he frowned as he processed the new information.


"Hmm? Nothing. Just talking to myself. I must say this seal is impressive," Tobirama commented, the man felt a pulse within the seal and let off a mental snort.

"Minato was a once in a lifetime prodigy after all and while he wasn't as good in seals as Kushina or Mito-sama he did know his stuff," the current Hokage explained. The next pulse Tobirama felt made him suppress a laugh before he moved on to the next task.

"These whisker markings show influence from the Biiju, they'll need go or at the very least be altered or hidden in some way," Tobirama advised. The markings would get someone talking.

"I'll have Tsunade look into it," Hiruzen assured.

"No need," before Hiruzen could ask what he meant the man watched in fascination as the boy's whisker marks shifted and took on the appearance on Tobirama's very own facial markings.

"My medical ninjutsu is nowhere Hashirama's level, so unfortunately the markings aren't permanently gone and will most likely reappear whenever he uses the Kyubi's chakra. The boy will have to wear a facemask at some point until he's strong enough."

Hiruzen understood the reasoning. At some point in the future a situation will occur that will force him to tap into the Kyubi's, Naruto would have to be told the truth about the Kyubi before then to prepare him. Hiruzen didn't doubt that he'd become a target, more so, when the knowledge spread that a descendent of the Nidaime Hokage held the Kyubi no Yoko, the strongest of the nine.

Taking the brush and dipping it into the ink Tobirama began writing a series of characters and seals on the large parchment. The entire process took approximately three minutes and an addition two minutes looking it over to make sure no errors were present. Clapping his hands together, the scroll's characters shimmered lightly before they began to glow a bright blue. Placing one hand upon Naruto and the other upon himself, Tobirama activated the technique.

"Tensha Fuin: Tenchi Tensei (Transcription Seal: Heaven and Earth Reincarnation)!" he called out. The characters and seals from the scroll slithered out in a manner similar to a snake and spread across both Tobirama and the sleeping infant's body.

Hiruzen watched, both in fascination and horror, as Naruto and Tobirama went through some physical changes. In Naruto's case the young infant's hair changed from its natural sunny blond to that of Tobirama's silver gray. Naruto's complexion became fairer like Tobirama's. All in all, Naruto looked as though he was becoming healthier as the process continued and with no signs of discomfort.

Tobirmara's changes however were less than savory. With each passing moment the man became paler and paler. His hair once a silver gray was now a ghostly white, his eyes became duller and lost the light of life within them. Hiruzen knew he could do nothing for the man. The man knew that the powerful technique required not only an enormous amount of chakra but it also required a ritual sacrifice.

Truthfully however the amount of pain and the agony Tobirama was currently going through was virtually indescribable. Every fiber of his being felt as if they were ripped apart, piece by painful piece, and then dipped into a pit of molten metal of which there was no hope of escape. The intensity of it all would have driven lesser men mad at this point, even hardened veterans would have yelled out. Tobirama however stayed silent throughout it all.

As the technique began entering its final stages, Tobirama's body started to glow and shimmer a manner similar to a star.

"Gro… grow up…. strong … my…leg…aaacyy …" Tobirama managed to gasp out through the pain before his body slumped forward and then disappeared into a shower of chakra that flickered in and out until they all vanished.

"Goodbye, sensei. Find peace in the afterlife," Hiruzen offered a silent prayer for his mentor before he picked up a still sleeping Naruto. "We'll Naruto-kun, lets go home."

Moments later the two left the room in a brilliant flash of light and once more the room was void of life once again. It would be many year before

(Konoha Five Days Later)

Five days had gone by relatively slowly for Hiruzen. Not much had occurred in Konoha since then except for the repairs that were currently coming underway. Many in Konoha still sent requests for Naruto to be executed and as always he burnt them with a flair of his chakra. All in all, it was relatively normal.

… Well almost a normal day.


The sound rang through the room as Hiruzen saw a body crash through the window before smacking into the floor of his office with a resounding thud. The blow to the man's face would most surely result in a nasty bruise to form. However, Hiruzen doubted his troubles were nowhere near over and the man known as the God of Ninja felt himself shiver. Strong as he was during his prime the opposite sex scared the daylights out of him when they were angry, especially his wife.

"I take it you found Tsunade?" his only response was a weak and painful moan. "I'll take that as a yes. Also I'm holding you responsible for breaking my office window. I'll send you the bill."

"Fhm uuh," Jiraiya moaned incoherently. Though three guesses Hiruzen knew what it meant.

His attention on the man was shifted to the door as it swung opening with a wham to reveal a beautiful, buxom, blonde, "There you are, pervert! We were just getting started."

"EEEEPPPPP!" Jiraiya squealed as he took cover behind his teacher, though it did him little good.

"Tsunade let's calm down. Whatever Jiraiya did or said… he most likely deserves given his reputation, but I need him alive and conscious,"

The woman wouldn't deter however, "Sensei, hand over the pervert and I won't hurt you as badly."

"Hurt me? What did I do?"

"Let's see. You essentially blackmailed me into coming back to Konoha, you sent the emperor super perverts of all people after me, and to top it all off I feel obligated to help out. Damn conscious," she muttered.

Upon seeing the village's state both Tsunade and Shizune had been in shock, Tsunade more so because of her fear of blood and how in painted the streets and walls, it had been through sheer willpower that she didn't break down then and there. Whether or not her fear of blood was truly gone remained to be seen but as she had to meet with her mentor she sent Shizune in her stead to help out as best she could.

Hiruzen smirked at the last part. Despite Tsunade's claims to hate Konoha for everything that happened to her in the past, deep down beneath it all, the woman still loved it. Seeing the destruction and damage it had suffered had the effect he hoped it would.

"Wipe that smirk off your face old man," Tsunade frowned, she wasn't in the mood.

"Ah, I apologize. But if you can save your anger for later I would greatly appreciate it, Tsunade. Matters are afoot after all," all humor was gone as his face bore a stoic façade. "Also if you can heal Jiraiya that would be most appreciative."

"…Fine," Tsunade conceded for now. Though if the super pervert tried anything she'd let him have it. Once she was done, and Jiraiya's words were coherent Hiruzen began.

"Now allow me introduce you to someone, Tsunade," moving towards the crib Hiruzen gently lifted Naruto out and presented him to Tsunade. "Tsunade meet Uzumaki Naruto."

Despite trying to look emotionless a smile itched itself onto her beautiful face as she looked upon the sleeping newborn. "So this is their son, huh? He looks just like his dad."

Hiruzen's smile faltered a bit, "I'm afraid that's not what he looks like."

To elaborate, Hiruzen placed a finger upon the newborn and released small pulse that shattered the powerful illusion that covered him. Gone were the blond hair, slightly tan skin, and whisker mark that they saw. In their place was the result of his transformation. Both Tsunade and Jiraiya were left perplexed but Tsunade's eyes widened as she knew only one other person with this appearance.

"Sarutobi," Jiraiya growled with hard look at his mentor, "explain now!"

Hiruzen simply handed to them a black file. As they opened and read the contents of within their faces slowly shifted from anger, to confusion, to shock and then finally disbelief.

"Tobirama-oji hand a son?" Tsunade could scarcely believe it.

"Yes," Hiruzen confirmed.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!" Tsunade bellowed though regretted the action as the suddenness of it all scared Naruto. "Oh, no, no, no," Tsunade shushed the infant in soothing and calming manner, luckily it worked and the baby soon fell back to sleep.

"Well this makes things easier."

"I never told you because it was their wishes that I keep this lineage a secret. But with everything that's happened my hand has been forced. Minato and Naruto are Tobirama's descendants. The attack Kusa led on the academy left Minato's stepfather sterile and therefor he and his wife couldn't conceive a child. Raiden was close to them and he was asked to help out. Raiden is Minato's biological father but like Tobirama he asked that his ties to Minato be kept a secret. The reasons why their ties to one another were never discovered is because Tobirama-sensei developed a kinjutsu that would eliminate all blood ties to a specific family, even bloodlines. However, either the technique was flawed or the presence of the Kyubi in him reversed the effects. Naruto began undergoing these changes sometime after the Kyubi was sealed in him. I never told you five days ago Jiraiya because I had to prepare for what we are about to do."

"What exactly are we going to do?" Jiraiya asked. The whole matter was a bit mind-boggling but with the things he saw and did in his tenure as a ninja it was nothing he couldn't really handle.

"Uzumaki Naruto has to die… let me finish!" he stated as both his students moved, Tsunade in a protective manner and Jiraiya looked as though he was going on the offensive. The Hokage thanked his lucky stars they were the only ones in the room, the curtains were drawn and a privacy barrier was put up.

"Uzumaki Naruto has to die and Senju Naruto will take his place. This way the masses of Konoha will be appeased that the threat is no longer here. The official story will be that the seal was damaged beyond repair by someone who tried to harm the boy and I was forced to kill him to make sure the Kyubi didn't escape. A few wont be happy about it but it had to be done. My original plan was to announce Naruto's existence and have him raised here in Konoha but I realized it would be counterproductive. The boy will safer being raised outside with Tsunade," Hiruzen explained.

"Wait what! I'm supposed to raise the kid?" Tsunade asked. This was the last things she had on her mind when she came here.

"Yes, and you need to bring him back here to take the graduation exam. Also as the oldest Senju and being a direct descendent of the clan leaders you are technically the current leader of the Senju Clan. However, as the last Senju male and the fact that Naruto also descends from this line through Tobirama he will have the right claim leadership as well. The survival of the clan rest on both of you, though as you have no intentions of remarrying it now falls under Naruto."

"Remarrying?" Jiraiya wondered before looking at Tsunade.

"Dan and I were married sometime before he died. It was done in secrecy but Dan assured he'd give me a big wedding once the war was over," Tsunade didn't go any further as the solemn look on her face spoke volumes for both men.

"Dah," a woken Naruto coed as he touched her face and giggled as he grasp her offered finger. Tsunade felt herself getting lost in those blue eyes of his.

"At least he still has Minato's eyes," Jiraiya commented. "Knowing your luck he'll inherent his mother's personality. Enjoy," the man snickered.

"Naru-chan can you say gahhh?" Tsunade smiled.

"Huh? Why do you want him to say GAAAHHHH!" Jiraiya yelled painfully before falling down like a sack of potatoes. "You're suppose to say Nutcracker when you do that," the man spoke in a high-pitched voice, still holding his wounded manhood.

"Really? Oh, well. I'll know better next time," Tsunade said uncaringly, her attention currently being solely devoted to Naruto.

"So I take it that you'll have no problems raising him? Considering you've taken a shine to one another I'd have to split you apart," the Sandaime smirked but merely got a dirty look and small blush from Tsunade.

"A simple yes would suffice," he said as he brought out a set of papers.

"Adoption forms?" Tsunade inquired.

"It will help make things go along more smoothly upon your return," Tsunade hesitated for a second before she steeled her resolve and signed the documents.

"Excellent. Now in terms of where you'll be staying for the next little while, I have come up with several possible locations," he trailed.

Once the meeting was done and over with the last phases in his plans began. Two days later Hiruzen announced the death of Uzumaki Naruto to the council and as he predicted, once news got out, many were happy at the death of the infant, or demon as they called him. It both saddened and disgusted him that many would celebrate the death of an infant. When both Mikoto and Hikari had been informed of what happened, Hiruzen had earned himself a visit from the two women and both promptly slapped in the face. In hindsight he deserved it. Naruto had been their last link to Kushina and now he was gone.

The very next dat Senju Tsunade set off with her apprentice, who fainted upon being informed, and left Konoha. Hiruzen still had now idea where she was going, the woman stated she had a few things to care of, before they left for one of the locations. It would be many years before he would see them again.

Deep within a dark and lightless room in an undisclosed location a door opened to reveal a woman who entered and uttered six words, "The Kyubi Jinchuriki is dead, Nagato."

Within the darkness a pair of eyes with a ripple like patterns that held incredible power opened and looked on ominously.

Tensha Fuin: Tenchi Tensei (Transcription Seal: Heaven and Earth Reincarnation)

Classification: Hiden, Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Kinjutsu

Class: Supplementary

Rank: S-Rank

Users: Senju Tobirama


Like the Tensha Fuin that allows one to seal away an ability of theirs into another individual this variant is a much darker, controversial and highly immoral technique.

The regular Tensha Fuin allows one to give another a specific ability, for it to work it the user must be related or have a very similar bloodline. This variant, however, forcibly takes the genetic code of an individual and permanently intergrades into the body of another, effectively changing their genetic makeup to match theirs, or make it appear like a descendent who inherited their abilities.

One of his darker creations like the Edo Tensei, Tobirama created this technique on the off chance Konoha needed an ace in the hole in case of a critical and dire situation. Unfortunately, using the process results in the death of the person's whose bloodline is being transferred.

Tensha Fuin: Tenchi Hakai (Transcription Seal: Heaven and Earth Destruction)

Classification: Hiden, Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Kinjutsu

Class: Supplementary

Rank: A-Rank

Users: Senju Tobirama


Unlike its sister variant the Transcription Seal: Heaven and Earth Annihilation does the exact opposite and does not require the death of the user. Instead of passing ones skills and bloodline to another it destroys them. Rarely has it ever been used as knowledge of its existence or how to use it would potentially cause mass pandemonium.

Chishio Bunshin (Blood Clone)

Classification: Hiden, Ninjutsu, Bunshinjutsu, Kinjutsu

Class: Supplementary

Rank: S-Rank

Users: Senju Tobirama


Another kinjutsu Tobirama created. This clone possesses many advantages. Like the Kage Bunshin the Blood Clone allows one to increase training results by leaps and bounds and any memories it has can be transferred to the user. Unlike the Shadow Clone where physical training doesn't transfer over, this one does, however, the clone must make physical contact with the original for this to occur. Also unlike Kage Bunshin a Blood Clone is capable of making its own chakra if it runs out.

However, unlike the Shadow Clone technique there are several disadvantages. Creating a clone creates a powerful soul link between it and the user. Should the clone be killed it would result in a backslash that ends with the loss of well over half of the user's chakra and physical capabilities, as well as cause muscle atrophy to occur, greatly reducing the original's proficiency in combat. The user will also experience a form of intense pain no one in this world will ever be able to comprehend. Any training the clone performed and gained during its lifetime would not transfer over if killed.

Unlike the Kage Bunshin, even if the original is rendered unconscious it will still be able to function, likewise if the original is killed the Blood Clone will still be able to live on.

Unlike the Kage Bunshin only one clone can be created due to the nearly impossible requirements. Firstly, one needs to sacrifice a vast amount of chakra that can be comparable to that possessed by a Tailed Beast. Secondly, over a third of ones blood and bodily nutrients must be used and most are lucky to get to this point and only the rare few can make it past this. Senju Tobirama managed was able to cope due to his lineage. Finally, part of the user's soul is implanted into the clone through means of an unknown method.

Story Trivia

Chakra Index

0-1: Academy Students

1-2: Genin, Chunin

2-3: Elite Chuunin, Tokubetsu Jounin

3-4: Elite Jounin, Kage

4-5: Kage, Elite Kage

Overall Skill Index

0-10: Academy students, Ronin or Bandits with basic training. Weak individually, but can pose a threat when in serious numbers.

10-15: Newly fresh out of the academy Genin with average skill sets.

15-20: Talented Genin, or ninja who possesses some C-Rank mission experience.

20-25: Chunin level ninja that are well-versed in most of basic shinobi combat and possess outstanding qualities as a ninja.

25-30: Elite Chunin and Tokubetsu Jonin. Possess noteworthy skills for both on and off the battlefield such as Interrogation, Track and Capture, and Infiltration.

30-35: Jonin. Well versed in multiple forms of combat, possess both a great deal of experienced and knowledge. Dangerous individuals that are capable of defeating multiple opponents single handedly. Should not be taken lightly.

35-40: Elite Jonin and Kage. Noteworthy individuals with a well-known reputations. Possess skills and knowledge that only a few can ever hope of attaining.

40-45: Kage. Dangerous individuals with well known reputation and skills that that instill fear into the hearts of others. Possess enormous amounts of chakra and know various techniques and often know counters for Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu.

45-50: Elite Kage. Dangerous, powerful, and legendary individuals that can perform feats that many often deem as mere folklore or compare them as gods for their unnatural talent as a ninja. Capable of wiping out armies with little effort single handily, and fight for days without rest. Possess vast amounts of chakra and knowledge on all aspects of the ninja way of life as well as unique skills that many would deem impossible. Few ever live to attain this rank.

Sarutobi Hiruzen (Passed his Prime)

Ninjutsu: 5

Taijutsu: 5

Bukijutsu: 3.5

Genjutsu: 5

Intelligence: 5

Strength: 3

Speed: 3

Stamina: 3

Head Seals: 5

Chakra Control: 5

Total: 43.5

Sarutobi Hiruzen (During his Prime)

Ninjutsu: 5

Taijutsu: 5

Bukijutsu: 4.5

Genjutsu: 5

Intelligence: 5

Strength: 5

Speed: 5

Stamina: 5

Head Seals: 5

Chakra Control: 4

Total: 48.5

Senju Tobirama

Ninjutsu: 5

Taijutsu: 5

Bukijutsu: 5

Genjutsu: 5

Intelligence: 5

Strength: 4.5

Speed: 5

Stamina: 5

Head Seals: 5

Chakra Control: 5

Total: 49.5

Thanks for reading. Oh, and the scene with the Scroll of Seals was something that bugged the hell out of me. The manga implies that its one of Konoha's most valuable possessions.

If that's the case then why the hell are they leaving it out in the open like that! I mean come on! Despite Konoha being called the strongest of the Great Five it makes you wonder how high the standards are if they pull off dumb crap like that.

No disrespect to Naruto but seriously the dead last managed to steal it of all people. Where the hell were the Anbu? Where were the counter measures in case something like this happened? Where's the common freaking sense?

Bet you Kishimoto didn't think that far ahead. But like every new author and artist there are things like this they come to realize only after they could have played it better. Another case in point are the Biju, Gaara had no chakra cloak or Bijudama, before and after the time-skip. Though later on I learned that it was because Kishimoto was still in the planning stages for the Biju and they had to be developed properly. Hell the man implied that he had to change some things because of how he wrote it, possibly the ending too. But I digress.

Anyway to answer some questions.

Tobirama was killed off, again, because if he had stayed the story would have gone in a different direction.

Two, if it was ever discovered he found a way to stay alive and in the body of his younger self others would want to find out how he did it.

Three, Tobirama had no intention of reliving his life again except for this sole purpose, he had a good life and his time had ended.

Fourth, Tobirama is a paradox. He has principles and things he believes in strongly but won't hesitate to contradict himself for the greater good.

An example would be him not wanting to kill children but won't hesitate to destroy an entire village and its populace if it meant the safety of his own.

And finally yes Naruto will be capable of doing all the stuff Tobirama can do, but not right off the bat and certainly not all of it. However, some things will come to him quicker and easier, stuff that Tobirama never learned won't come as easy.

Hope you enjoyed the story and please be generous with the reviews. I want at least 50 or higher please. It helps inspire and boost up my confidence level. Thank you.