Chapter 1

Frank was very immersed solving a case of two ex-politicians who get involved with the death of a mayor. It seemed they stole some national security investigations and were discovered. As he was reading one of the plenty of newspapers there were at his desk, he was also watching some videos of the public speech given by the now deceased mayor. Frank Farmer had always had this very keen sense of smell for such cases; he had always been clever to smell if something was going wrong. This ability took him to be hired by one of his clients who recommended him to a high FBI chief, the ex-bodyguard accepted the job because it was very well paid and thought it was a good change. He wanted less drama and action in his life.

It was almost eleven pm and he was feeling tired but suddenly Garret opened the door and sat down in a chair. He was his best friend, he reminded Frank to the cookie-black chauffeur of her famous ex-client. –God damn it Frank! You have less than four months and you already solved the fucking case. You´re good man. By the way, have you heard the entertainment news? Frank look at him with an ironic sight and answered him –Yeah, I don´t miss it, you know I love it! Of course he has never liked the spotlight and nothing to do with it. –I think you wanted to know that the famous Rachel Marron had an accident an hour ago. Just by hearing these words, Frank´s body got cold and tense –My Rachel? he looked horrified to his friend – What you have just said, your Rachel? Garret said and the man sitting in front of him couldn´t believe he said it aloud. Is she alright, how, how it happened? He could hardly spoke and react but disciplined as he was, Frank got up quickly and decided to go home and before leaving the office, he said to Garret, -Someday I´ll tell you the whole history, but now, please watch my back while I disappear for some days.

His fingers felt clumsy when trying to dial the number; a number he wanted to dial so many times but never had the courage to do so. Frank tried to convince himself that the "thing with Rachel" was just a phase and no more. She was the most famous singer and actress and how could she put her heart on him, -C´mon boy, you are not for her and she is not for you! But what the hell he was doing right now? A deep voice answered the phone, -Frank is that you? She got you in her cell. It was Bill.

Frank took some stuff from his house and by this moment, he thought it was good to work with the FBI, because due to contacts, now was flying to L.A. Minutes seemed like hours but at this moment he realized that he was desperate to be with her, that without thinking, just impulsively guided, Frank was in a plane and flying end to end of the country. –What am I gonna tell her when I see her? How is she going to react? Why am I doing this madness? These were the questions that went through his head as he reached his destination.

Chapter 2

She couldn't sleep well because she was worried, too many things to think, besides, her left foot started to hurt a bit. She opened her eyes, -How you doing Rach? Frank approaches to her. She can´t believe what she hears, what she sees. Did he just call her "Rach"? The only thing that comes from her mouth is –Frank! Her heart starts to beat very strong and for a moment, she forgets how to breath till Frank says to her, -It wasn´t a good idea, was it? Before they can exchange words, Shelley, Rachel´s cousin, enter the room hospital and say –Oh well, well honey how you feel? There are some silent minutes and then Rachel, still watching Frank, answers her –I´m just feeling alright girl, how´s Tony, Henry and Louis? Shelley tells her that they have little injuries, nothing to worry about. Then, Fletcher shouts of surprise and runs to Frank who finally moves and picks him up getting a strong hug from him –Frank, how good you´re here! I missed you a lot. Farmer feels great with that emotive welcome and kiss the little boy´s head. –I missed you more Fletch. Rachel look at them and a tear runs through her cheek, she doesn´t know if that´s happiness or nervousness. –Okay boys, time to left the room. I´m gonna help Rachel to get prepared and go out of here.

Frank´s hands shakes a little, his heart is beating a lot and he begins to remove his sweater. -I heard you had an accident, was nearby and decided to come. Bill, Tony and Louis were talking with Frank when Rachel and her cousin met them out of the room. Of course the ex-bodyguard and the famous singer had many questions to make each other but it wasn´t the time or place. Frank offered to carry Rachel, because now she was in a wheelchair. –Thank you Frank, you´re so kind. When they disposed to leave the hospital, the doctor who treated Rachel, came and told her –Take care of yourself and also the … Oh.. well you know. Nobody heard those words (Bill, Tony, Louis, the cousin and Fletcher were distracted by the people and reporters waiting outside) but Frank, Frank was so sufficiently near to hear the words.