Chapter 8

"So, now you are gonna tell me what´s going on girl" said Shelley who was approaching to Rachel. The singer was sited in a comfortable chair near the pool. She didn´t want her cousin to know about her pregnancy nor "the Farmer thing", Rachel did love her but she knew that Shelly would disapprove Frank as did with Robert, the boyfriend who left her while Rachel was pregnant with Fletcher.

"Hey kiddo. You win, be sited and I´ll tell you everything. Frank Farmer was the bodyguard who got shot in the Oscars, do you remember? Well, while he was working for me, we had some chemistry: we flirt a little and had a date. He took me to dance and the song that was playing in that place was I will always love you. After he got shot we had to separate, I felt that that song was just perfect for us and I sang it for him. And I was very surprised when he came to the hospital because I thought that he had already forgotten me. When we came home and he helped me to get to my room, he told me that he loved me. Do you believe that?"

It wasn´t true, Frank had never told Rachel he loved her and she felt a kind of pain musing about this but her cousin must believe that everything was ok with this guy. Rachel was lying to herself and her cousin, but what could she do? She didn´t wanted to happen the same thing that with Fletcher´s father and she was sure that she will find Frank.

"You were saying that he loved you?..." Rachel stood in silence and her cousin brought her into the earth. "Oh yes, and this morning he came to my room with some flowers and in that precisely moment John was hugging me and kissing me. You know that sometimes he is very clingy! That´s why I went to seek for Frank but I didn´t succeed" Shelley was open-mouthed "Oh my… and he thought that you and John… poor Frank". Bill shouted to Shelley "Shell you got a phonecall" and the cousin left.

"My honey I promise you I´ll find your daddy. He is the best man in earth and you are going to love him!" Rachel said to her belly caressing it "And I´m also gonna tell your brother about you. Just give me some time to work this out". Fletcher came to her and interrupted the little talk that her mommy was having with his unborn sister "To whom you´re talking with?" said Fletcher embracing her mother. "Oh I was thinking out loud Fletch". "Mommy I know how can we find Frank. We can call Frank´s dad and ask him his new address" Her mother gave him a big kiss "You are a very smart kid".

Rachel called to Herb "Good afternoon Mr. Farmer I´m Rachel Marron, do you remember me?" she said cheerfully. "My sweetheart how are you? Good to hear you, I´m so happy for you… I´m speechless and believe me, you have made me the happiest man on earth!" When Rachel and her family spent the winter at Herb´s house, the old man never referred to Rachel as "sweetheart". She realized it. "That´s so sweet of you, thank you. Fletcher and I always remember you and we hope you to be fine. The reason of my call is to know which is the new address of Frank" Herb said to himself that his son was very strange because he didn´t say to Rachel his new address but he didn´t give a lot of importance to this. "Ah yes, it is 2700 17th Street Northwest, Washington, DC". She couldn´t believe her ears, did she heard well? "Did you say Washington, DC?" They exchanged some other friendly words and said goodbye.

Rachel was sure that Frank was still living in L.A. and the worst thought crossed her mind, he had already returned home: far away from her and his baby. Before sleeping she called John and told him what she had found out just. She was sobbing and his friend said to her "I did this mess and I´m gonna fix it my dear. Stop crying because the little baby girl in your stomach is getting upset too". John would go to Washington, DC and explain the things to Frank.

How Frank is going to react when John appears in his house? Will he believe it? Oh, I didn´t expect this fanfic to be this long, is my first one and I don´t want to screw it. But I have more chapters in my mind… I warn you that there will be more drama but of course they´re gonna end together. I love them so much and I can´t imagine for them to be apart! Sorry

I apologize once more for my lack of English, is just that Google Translate doesn´t help that much!