Time and Time Again

Plotline: Kuroko Tetsuya thought he had a good life. There were hardships and all but he was able to get through them and reunite with his ex teammates and earn new friends. But one day Kuroko woke up on the first day of school in Teikō. Time Travel

Pairings: Generation of Miracles x Kuroko (HAREM but it will start with friendship first then develop into something more in the future)

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the story plot

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Chapter 10

In the silence of the heated night, a gust of dry wind entered the open window of Kuroko's terribly untidy room. One would expect that after two months of adjusting to the unlikely circumstances, the bluenette would've gotten used to the arrangement of the objects in his room yet he still finds himself tripping over books or a Rubik's cube.

He really should find the time to get to know his own room. Or at least arrange it to his liking.

Unknown to the student who was deep in slumber, the book, The Manipulation of the Gaze, unexpectedly fell off the drawer by his bed due to the uneasy wind. The book's pages were suddenly flipping in an abnormally quick way both back and forth.

Kuroko grumbled a bit and turned towards the opposite direction, ignoring the sounds of the turning of pages. Practice earlier that day had been absolutely horrid and tiring. Their captain had the whole regimen concentrated on conditioning and stamina building. He was one of those who almost fainted due to the heat and intensity.

It wasn't really a wonder that Kuroko would be able to sleep through an exploding bomb at this moment of time.

After a few moments, it finally stopped on page 4 and the room stilled with an uneasy silence. Fortunately, the sleeping occupant was oblivious to it.

Page 4 had a picture with a crown on it for this particular page spoke about how people of the medieval times were once one of the best in misdirecting a person from his or her rightful path.

But that little bit of information wasn't important right now. One should instead heed the words on top of the picture.

In a crimson color, these words were written:

"All the king's horses

And all the king's men,

Could never put him

Back together again."

In the silence of the room, Kuroko shuddered.

Somewhere in Tokyo – Early Moring

"Come on, kiddies!" Came the infuriating voice of one Imayoshi Shoichi. "JOG, JOG, JOG!"

The seniors groaned and playfully jabbed at their four eyed batch mate who was having far too much fun with the megaphone. The rest of the team sighed to themselves but kept jogging without complaint.

"Up that hill, men!" Imayoshi grinned as he suddenly speeded up.

'That blasted tournament is at least 3 months away!' A certain black haired 2nd year grumbled to himself as he grudgingly jogged beside another tired teammate of his. Any passerby would've assumed that they were cramming some last minute training but no, this was their normal regimen.

Jog from Maji Burger to their school. It would've been alright had their captain specified that he meant the branch in Tokyo. But no. Instead, he meant the one in freaking –

"Don't be like that, Hana boy!" His dark eyes twitched at the ridiculous nickname. And how the hell did the guy read his mind? "Training is important! You wouldn't want to be beaten by your other friends now would you?"

"What?" Hanamiya deadpanned. Everyone else wanted to smack their heads at the confidence their captain had since he actually dared to speak of them right in front of their Uncrowned General.

"You know," The captain did not show any sign of stopping himself from talking about it through his megaphone. "Your friends like… " He took a deep breath before grinning maniacally. "KIYO – "


"Oi, oi! Throwing rocks at your captain is forbidden!" The messy haired teen snapped as he covered his face from the flying pebbles of doom. "It's only rule no. 6 on page 25 on that little handbook I gave everyone at the start of the year!"

"What the hell gives you the idea that I actually read it?" Hanamiya retorted as he got another handful of rocks to throw.

"Because you care about me?" Imayoshi had to duck down to avoid one large rock that was flung at his face.

The two bantered with each other throughout the whole jog.

"Hey sempai," A third year student perked up and looked towards the freshman who called him out. "I thought you said that the captain has a really bad personality. You and the others seemed pretty okay with him a while ago."

It's no secret really. Their captain seemed really nice. Imayoshi was a genius in his own standing, physically inclined and very much into basketball. He was fair but most of those who were already part of the team last year were wary of him.

Heck, not just the team. The whole school.

"His personality is the worst." The senior said with a slight frown. "Don't doubt me about that, kouhai. Imayoshi is not someone you should trust so easily. He's got the all polite and playful act on him but he's….."

"He's….?" The shorter boy looked at the other with slight puzzlement.

Something seemed to catch the senior's eyes for he suddenly paled but before his companion could even comment on it, he said, "Never mind, ignore me. He's alright most of the time. Fair and all and shows no mercy during a game to anyone. He knows how to keep personal feelings off the game."

"But – "

"Hey guys," Imayoshi called them with a wave of his hand. "Better hurry up! We've only got 20 minutes to reach the school, change to our uniforms and get to class! Sprint to school everyone! Last 3 to reach the campus treats the whole team to the Steak House!"

With that, the conversation between the two teammates was forgotten.

By those two anyway.

Teiko Middle School – Break Time

"Akashi-kun, "The red head looked up from his pocket book to see one of his classmates with a few school notebooks in her hands. "If it would not be any trouble at all, could you help me with yesterday's lesson? I didn't really understand sensei's lecture…."

The book snapped shut. "That's alright. I'll help you, Nura-san." Akashi gave a polite smile. He let her sit beside him before he started to explain the lesson they had a while ago.

"There he goes again." Aomine yawned as he turned back to look at Midorima who was tinkering with his lucky item.

"I beg your pardon?" Midorima raised a brow at his lazy classmate who was trying to sneak a look in the magazine he had brought and hidden under his desk.

"You know," The future ace of the team waved his hands in a weird gesturing motion. "That guy's soo…" yawn. "Unpredictable."

"You think I don't know that?" Midorima asked, placing his lucky item down.

"'Course not. You're the guy who's still trying to beat him at shogi." The green haired shooter's eye twitched at the reminder of his constant losses against the red head. "But I can't get that dude at all. At one point he acts all nice and gentlemanly. Then suddenly he acts totally different."

"That's just his character." Midorima concluded, before smacking the Aho with a pencil. "Like yours is to hide such inappropriate material in school. I will burn that little thing later."

"Oi!" Well that woke Aomine up. "I just got it this morning!"

"You would buy a porn magazine while on your way to school?" Midorima asked with exasperation before shaking his head. "No, wait. Of course you would. Only you would actually do something like that."

"Hey! I'm not the only one! Haven't you looked in the lockers of the seniors?! There are practically stacks of these kinds of magazines in there! How did they even get their hands on the limited edition of – "

Midorima slammed his hands on his ears and started saying, "Bla, bla, blah. I'm not listening."

" – And in all her beautiful glory? I don't even know how the hell they even bought it! It must've cost them – "

"I'm not listening. I'm not listening. I'm not listening." Midorima repeated his words like a mantra.

While the two knuckle heads had their uncommunicative conversation, the entrance to their classroom opened with an energetic blonde and an unusually hyper purple giant skipping to their room.

"T-thank y-you f-f-f-for the sw-sweets, Ki-ki-ki-chin." It was obvious that Murasakibara was high on sugar. He was practically shaking from the excess sugar. Just how much sweets was he able to consume to put him in that state?

"I c-couldn't f-fi-finish i-i-i-t –tt- by m-myself! Of c-c-c-course I-I'd sh-share i-it with y-you!" The model was shaking as well. And a whole lot more than Murasakibara. "L-let's have m-more l-later!"

The two students' constant shaking was starting to cause a mini earthquake in the classroom.

"So you transpose this," Akashi continued on his lecture without paying any mind to his sugar loaded classmates. He looked absolutely calm. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for his current student. She was grabbing onto the table with her dear life.

"I'm not listening. I'm not listening. I'm not listening. I'm not listening." Midorima kept saying as he held onto the shaking chair. "I'm not listening!"

The rest of the class was muttering profanities while holding onto their seats and desks for a certain purple haired giant and blonde model skipped around the whole classroom. They were absolutely high on sweets and sugar.

"….And that's how you do it." Akashi looked up to see that the girl wasn't paying attention to him anymore. He kept his face blank as he looked at everyone else and saw that Murasakibara and Kise were causing a ruckus.

Without any thought, he stood up and walked towards his classmates even though the ground was shaking. Hell, he looked like he was floating with grace.

Once Aomine and Midorima caught sight of the red head, they stopped their antics immediately.

"Yes, Aomine," The shooter muttered. "Akashi is indeed unpredictable but we both know what's going to happen."

"Yeah," Aomine nodded. "Yeah."

Too bad they were wrong.

Fulfilling expectations like theirs weren't something Akashi did after all.

"Spider dog, spider dog," Kuroko sang monotonously as he played with the little puppy outside of the school. "Does whatever a spider dog does. Can he swing, from a web? No he can't. He's a dog, look out it's spider dog."

"Woof!" The dog licked his hand playfully.

"Are you perhaps a stray?" Kuroko asked, hoping that maybe he could finally get a pet.

The dog simply wagged its tail playfully before running away. Kuroko watched the dog go to an elderly figure by the school gate. It immediately jumped into the old man's arms. That was most likely the owner.

"Hum." The bluenette pouted as he hugged his legs and rested his head on his knees. It was a pretty afternoon. He really wanted to spend the whole day here but lunch break's going to end in 10 minutes.

Nothing could go wrong with a beautiful weather like this!

At least until his scumbag of a mind made him remember the awful page he saw when he woke up this morning. It honestly frightened him when he read the words.

And there goes that pretty afternoon. Now the clear sky and bright sun seemed more like the pouring blue that will take over the shining sun once it falls. Those frightening words really did a number on him this morning. The paragraph written on the book came from an old English Nursery Rhyme that seemed innocent enough yet it gave him a foreboding feeling.

"Who on earth is it referring to…?" Kuroko asked to no one in particular, as he knocked his head on his knees in frustration. "Who is going to be the Humpty Dumpty of the old Nursery Rhyme?"

He was very much worried that something bad was going to happen. Maybe he should ask Murasakibara for some of his vanilla flavored sweets. They never failed to calm his nerves down.

"HOOOLY SHI – " The unexpected yell made Kuroko jump in surprise.



"Everyone stop moving and sit down!"

Kuroko looked up to see Midorima's figure in front of the classroom's window, looking great concerned.

"My eye is bleeding." Akashi did not allow anyone to drag him into the infirmary so he was currently sitting on top of a knocked out Murasakibara who was groaning about candies. "But even so, I will not leave this room to visit the nurse. I will stay here and wait for it to stop bleeding because I feel no wound or popped vein anywhere near my eye."

"That isn't very relieving to hear, Akashi." Midorima frowned as he sloppily wiped the blood dripping down Akashi's left eye. His whole arm was shivering as he cleaned his classmate up. "Just because you don't feel anything doesn't mean there isn't something wrong. When you stood up to calm Murasakibara and Kise down, I didn't expect to see you knock them out with a chair or have your eye stabbed."

"Well, we don't really know if you were stabbed but it's a possibility" Aomine grunted as he brought in some ice with his other classmates. "So what do you think hit you? Probably not a knife. Maybe a sharp pencil or a ballpen."

Akashi looked down on the floor so that the future ace of Teiko wouldn't get the brunt of his glare.

"My eye was not stabbed. And even if it was, I didn't see anyone come near me with a sharp weapon." Midorima sighed.

"I suppose that's to be expected. It's a natural reaction to close one's eyes when a threat comes near them."

Momoi popped into the room with some bandages. "You need more ice, Akashi-kun? I could go down and get more."

"No need Momoi," The red head said as Midorima finally deemed that the scratch on his eye stopped bleeding. "Aomine and the others brought enough of them."

Akashi tried to open his left eye but only managed to keep it open for less than a second before he closed it again.

Everyone stopped talking and stared at him.

"Did you see that?" Momoi gaped slightly. Akashi kept himself from frowning at everyone's expressions. If only they'd just let him go then maybe he could properly evaluate his own health.

Midorima pushed his glasses up. "I'm sure it was just the light."

"No, "Aomine's eyebrows scrunched up. "I think his left eye's yellow. Hey Akashi, can you open it again for a sec?"

"He will do no such thing!" The four eyed first year flared up. "What if his eye gets infected?! That wound is not something we should ignore!"

"I didn't even see him get stabbed! No one did!" Aomine groaned as he sat down on the seat that was used to knock out his two classmates. "I just saw these two idiots fall down and in the next moment, Akashi's eye starts bleeding! And don't tell me it's not cuz I've never seen red tears in my entire life."

"That doesn't matter anymore because the point is, Akashi's injured and we shouldn't ignore it." Midorima said in finality while he took a towel and wrapped it around the ice before giving it to Akashi.

"I wonder how this all even happened…." Momoi wondered to herself as she passed the bandages to Midorima. She hadn't been there when the whole incident happened because she was borrowing a book from the library.

It was a good thing there next period teacher was absent and didn't have anything planned for them to do. It was very convenient since Akashi didn't want to go to the infirmary.

The pinkette pursed her lips. "If Tetsu-kun was here, he'd have insisted that you go visit the nurse."

'But he's not.' He was about to say that until he realized himself that the shadowy bluenette wasn't here.

"Speaking of Tetsu…" Aomine said. "Where is that guy? I haven't seen him today."

"I caught a glimpse of him at the start of lunch." Midorima said as he packed up his first aid kit. "Then he disappeared."

Akashi kept quiet as the others debated on whether or not they saw the ever so elusive classmate of theirs. He brought his hand up and touched his injured eye. It was cold from the ice he had applied on it a few seconds ago but he couldn't feel any wound on it.

He was pretty sure that he hadn't been stabbed at all.

Which was what….. intimidated him the most because it felt as though he was reliving something that had yet to happen.

He felt this unfamiliar feeling of animosity all of a sudden.

And then suddenly, his left eye stung.

"Hey! Why are you still in the corridors?!" Kuroko felt a hand grab the back of his collar and he was suddenly pulled up, looking eye to eye to Nijimura. The bluenette would've been ignored as usual if he had noticed that the Captain of the Basketball team was walking right in front of him. If he did, he might've avoided the collision.

"…..The teacher's absent." Kuroko reasoned tonelessly. Honestly, he didn't really know if the teacher was indeed absent but anything goes now. "I was sent to check if she didn't simply forget that she had a class at this hour."

"Oh really?" Nijimura raised his brow and gave his signature snobby looking scowl. "If that's true then maybe you would be heading towards 2nd floor and not the 1st because the Faculty Room is upstairs."

Well wasn't he done for? He had to think of something fast. The 1st floor of this building mostly had rooms filled with Equipment like Projectors or extra adaptors and extensions. The only reason a student would be here was to borrow or return them.

Before Kuroko could react, the black haired second year let him down with a huff. The bluenette stared blankly at him.

"Hey don't look at me like that. You should be thanking me that I'm not going to report you." The student said as flicked Kuroko's short bangs. "Just because you don't get caught missing classes doesn't mean that you should be missing them."

'He's getting the wrong idea.' Kuroko was about to open his mouth again but Nijimura continued talking.

"I've looked through all the new members' grades and conduct for the first few months of the year and you're doing pretty well. Don't let the Aomine dude influence you into gallivanting around the school instead of learning or I swear I'll have both of you running across the field for the whole afternoon."

"Aomine-kun has nothing to do with this." Kuroko deadpanned as he stared at the captain.

The other simply rolled his eyes and looked away from the bluenette. "Hmph, I'm sure. Do tell him that I'll be kicking his ass and Haizaki's too if they don't pull their grades up. We've got rules about kicking out students who have failing grades."

Kuroko blinked in surprise and stood there like an idiot for a few seconds before bowing.

"Thank you, sempai." With that, he disappeared from Nijimura's sight.

Takao was humming the opening of an anime he just started watching as he wiped his face with a soaked towel.

Things were going pretty well for him. He was in the first string but was still benched for the time being but he was pretty sure that he could rise above the ranks soon. He really wanted to play in the upcoming tournament.

"Hey, Takao!" The boy addressed looked up to see one of his classmates waving his hand at him. "Do you remember what Nursery Rhyme our group was assigned to research on?!"

"Yeah," He replied with a grin. "It's Hupty Dupty."

One of the upperclassmen perked up. "Isn't it called Humpty Dumpty?"

"Oh, whatever boats your float." Those around laughed at how incorrect Takao's English was. The freshman immediately switched back to Japanese. "The paper is still due next week so why are you already asking about it?"

"It's pretty hard to think of an interpretation you know!"

"Interpretation?" One of the seniors asked.

"Yeah, sensei's got us working on different Nursery Rhymes and we have to give it a deeper meaning that isn't already found on the internet. It's got to be original. Does anyone here know how the rhyme goes?"

Their vice captain answered,

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall;
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again."

"I'll never understand how you managed to fix that ridiculous accent of yours." A second year smiled jokingly at the VP who pouted.

"We all had the same assignment when we were freshmen though during my time, it was individually done." A blonde senior piped. "If I remember correctly, I had a classmate who was assigned to interpret Humpty Dumpty like you guys were. He wrote about how Humpty Dumpty was a representation of a leader who had power."

"So he fell because he had too much of it?" Takao asked.

The senior shook his head. "Not according to my classmate. He fell because he placed himself far above everyone else. And this leader grew pretty lonely because no one else could excel as much as he did but this leader didn't have the humility to climb down the wall he built so it wasn't really a surprise when he finally fell."

"My classmate said that the last two lines had something to do with the leader's friends wanting to put him back together but they couldn't. 'Humpty Dumpty' didn't let it happen because if they did, he would just return to being that someone who was far above everyone else without even wanting to."

Everyone was stunned by the interpretation. It was hard to believe that a first year from middle school made such a reflection about a Nursery Rhyme.

"….What a really deep meaning." Takao remarked. "It actually gives me the motivation to not cram it in the last minute."

Before anyone could retort, the door was slammed open.

"GUYS! Enough with the chit-chat!" Their captain came to the locker room with a clipboard in his hand. "I'm going to assess you all to see who's got a good chance of getting to compete at the upcoming tournament so get off your asses!"

"Yes, sir!"

"You look ridiculous." Nijimura pointed out bluntly as he looked at Akashi who had bandages wrapped around the left side of his head. "How injured are you?"

"Not at all actually." Akashi answered as he stretched and warmed up. "My eye just suddenly started bleeding and the others just assumed that someone stabbed my eye."

"And you're wearing this to ease their worries?"

"I'm wearing it to get them off my back before I kick theirs."

"I see." The captain looked like he was going to protest but kept himself stable. "Where are Murasakibara and Kise?"



"I knocked them out with a chair because they were causing a mini earthquake. in the classroom. They had too much sugar for lunch."

"Reasonable." Nijimura nodded before he started the training regimen. "Just make sure that they don't miss any more meetings."

Akashi didn't expect to see Kuroko today but that didn't mean that the bluenette's presence was unwelcome so when he finally caught a slight glimpse of Kuroko, he speeded up and grabbed the boy's arm before he could disappear again.

"Good afternoon," He greeted politely while watching his classmate's eyes widen in surprise. He was dressed in his sports attire and was perspiring so that meant that he's been here for a while. "Where have you been?"

"In the classroom during lecture and at the library during break." Kuroko answered tonelessly before raising a hand to place it at the bandaged part of his head. "What happened to you?"

"If you were in the classroom during lecture then you would know." Akashi responded.

"I saw this during classes and heard the other students talking about it but I did not find an appropriate time to ask you about how you got it." The bluenette mumbled, worry shining in his usually blank eyes.

The red head sighed. "There's nothing to be concerned about because nothing is wrong with my left eye. Midorima just suddenly started wrapping this ridiculous thing around my head and made me swear that I wouldn't take it off until I got home."

"Maybe nothing's wrong with it now but what caused your eye to bleed? What happened before your eye started bleeding?"

"I can only give a sure answer to your second question."

"Which is…?"

"Kise and Murasakibara were stuffing themselves with sweets during lunch time and it was so much that they couldn't think straight when they came back to the classroom. They started shaking due to the excess sugar and it was making the floor shake." Akashi said the last statement very seriously. "I wouldn't have minded had it not been causing problems for the other students so I did the most practical and reasonable thing possible."

Kuroko tilted his head. "You managed to calm them down?"

"Yes. I did so by knocking them out with a chair." Akashi said without a hint of remorse or shame in his eyes.

"Why did you knock them out with a chair? More often than not, you get to amend things without using physical force."

Unsurprisingly, Kuroko did not react the same way the others did. He actually asked him for his version of the story. It's not like everything that you see is the real thing since sometimes you don't get the clear picture.

Midorima had immediately thought that he had a loose screw and started scolding him while helping him keep his eye from bleeding. Which he greatly appreciated of course.

Aomine simply accepted it as a part of his 'sadistic and overbearingly scary' personality.

Akashi gave a simple answer. "They weren't thinking in their right minds."

"I don't think that that would've stopped you from getting the point across their thick heads." Kuroko deadpanned. "What did they do?"

Akashi almost narrowed his eyes dangerously at the bluenette but managed to control the urgency to do so. Instead, he looked down indifferently at his classmate. "What makes you think that they did something other than act like their normally stupid selves?"

"I…" The red head continued to stare at the bluenette who found himself speechless for a moment. "I don't think you're the type to do something that could hurt someone unless your authority is threatened."

"You're saying that if someone insulted my being I would find a way to get back at them?" Akashi asked coolly.

"Yes." Came the blunt reply. Kuroko immediately realized what he said and tried again, "Of course, I don't think you're a person who would mindlessly hurt someone like that – "

"It's alright, Kuroko." Akashi drawled as he motioned for Kuroko to come closer. Without any protest, Kuroko followed and came to the red head's side. Carelessly, the red head pointed at the bandages. "Take this off."

"Didn't Midorima-kun say – "

"He told me not to take it off. I could have someone else do it though." The future captain of the miragen reasoned. Kuroko kept his sigh from escaping and did as he was told. Carefully, he unwrapped the material.

Kurko expected to see a scar or wound but the skin beneath was flawless and clear of any blemish or scarring.

"There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the skin." The shorter male observed.

"I knew that but it seems that Midorima does not see any reason when he sees bloodshed." Akashi said without any anger directed to the shooter. He knew that Midorima was only worried about him (even if he did not admit it).

The bluenette looked at the red head's face before his blank eyes widened. The red head found it rather curious. Just what made this whole incident so interesting to him? Normal people would just leave it as it is. He simply knocked two people out with a chair and probably hurt himself in the process.

That would be the common conclusion but Kuroko didn't look like he believed it.

"Did your left eye start bleeding before you knocked Murasakibara and Kise unconscious?"

"Yes." Akashi found himself answering honestly once again. How is it that Kuroko made him speak without thinking of the consequences? Without being prodded on, he continued. "Those two insulted my presence in a very offending manner and had the gall to actually threaten and challenge me."

The red head didn't notice Kuroko's eyes looking pained as he explained. Akashi was being overwhelmed by all those negative emotions he felt earlier.

"I'll admit it, I was intimidated by what they said and I forgot that they were not in their right minds during that time." Akashi continued on, only slightly aware that Kuroko was rubbing his arm in a soothing manner. "I'm sure that I felt something dripping down my left eye but I did not realize it until I grabbed the chair, knocked them both out and heard someone screaming right into my ear that my eye was bleeding."

Suddenly, he felt Kuroko's pale hands grab his shoulder and pull him close enough for them to look eye to eye.

"Are you still angry at them?" Kuroko asked. "Do you still feel like snapping at them or something to that effect?"

"Why are you – "

"Just tell me," The slight desperate undertone of the monotonous voice made Akashi falter. "Are you still angry?"

While concentrating on keeping his gaze at the icy blue orbs in front of him, Akashi searched for his earlier feeling of anger and that strange hatred for being challenged like he was someone who could be easily defeated.

Because how dare they? To have such audacity to even speak against him! Akashi felt himself stiffening but looking into the blank gaze of his classmate kept him from snapping.

He took a deep breath.

And then, it was gone. Those negative emotions that were scaring off everyone else today were no longer there. It felt like all those bag thoughts disappeared just from letting them all out.

"I'm not angry anymore." Akashi admitted, suddenly feeling very tired.

"Can you open your left eye?" Kuroko asked softly.

Without giving a response, the red opened his previously sore eye. He saw the bluenette's shoulders relax in great relief.

"Did you think that there was something wrong with my left eye?"

Kuroko shook his head but didn't look at him straight in the eye. "No."

'Why are you lying?' Akashi thought but refrained from asking it out loud. "You know, Aomine and the others thought that my left eye suddenly became yellow."

"Really?" There was a strange tone used.

"Yes but it seemed to be the trick of the light." The red head said.

"Oh," Kuroko returned to being the stoic looking boy he was. And let go of his shoulders. He felt oddly disappointed all of a sudden. "Well then, it's good to know that you're alright."

"Thank you for your concern." Akashi also started acting like his polite self again. "It is greatly appreciated."

He didn't know why but he thought that he saw sadness glow in those blank eyes.

"I suppose I'll see you tomorrow then. It's very late now." Kuroko pointed at the wall clock. It was almost 7 pm.

"I'll let you hitch a ride with me." Akashi said as took his companion's arm and dragged him into the locker room. "I can't possibly let you go home alone at this time. Something bad might happen."

"That's very kind of you but it's alright." Kuroko deadpanned. "I don't want to be any trouble to you."

"Trust me," Akashi gave his first sincere smile in a while. "You're anything but trouble."

Young Akashi sat on his wall

But he cracked and he had a great fall.

All of his friends could do nothing at all

Until a kind shadow, broke his fall.

"Good morning, Akashi-kun!" Momoi greeted happily as she skipped to him with a drowsy looking Aomine by her side. "How's your eye?"

"Good morning, Momoi. And to answer your question, it's perfectly healed." Akashi replied with a soft smile.

"Mornin' 'kashi." Aomine grunted lazily as he rubbed his eyes.

The red head almost rolled his eyes at the other. "Good morning to you as well, Aomine."

Suddenly, screams of "AKAASHICCHI!"and "Aka-chin." were heard and the future captain of the miracles found himself being hugged from behind. Strangely, he felt his back starting to get wet.

"We're so sorry for what we did yesterday, Akashicchi!" Kise sobbed melodramatically as he hugged the red head even tighter.

"Aka-chin..." Murasakibara was also sobbing like a baby and joining Kise into squeezing the oxygen out of him.

Before Akashi died from the lack of oxygen, bandaged hands grabbed the two middle schoolers who were mentally 3 years old kids right now and saved him the energy of doing something he might regret.

"What do you say?" Midorima asked.

"We're sorry." The two chorused and sobbed like pitiful children.

Akashi pinched the bridge of his nose before looking up to pat the foreheads of his insufferable friends.

"I forgive you." The eyes of the two lit up and before they attempted to hug the life out of him again, he grabbed a pair of red scissors from his bag and pointed it at them. "I will take it back if you attempt to crush my ribs or consume too much sugar again."

The stayed in their places. "Yes, sir."

"Repeat the mistakes you did yesterday."

"We caused a mini earthquake to happen and made your eye bleed." Akashi's curiosity perked up.

"How much do you remember from yesterday?"

"I remember Akashicchi hitting me with a chair." Kise mumbled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I know I saw blood sliding of your eye before Aka-chin knocked me out." Murasakibara said.

"Who told you that it was your fault that my eye started bleeding?"



He wasn't surprised at all.

End of Chapter.


"...What the hell is this?!" Aomine yelled as he tried to get out of the rope that tied him to the chair.

"Akashi..." Midorima glared at the grinning red head. He was tied to a chair as well. "Let me go!"

Akashi shook his head. "No can do, Midorima. I've been assigned to the yearly ritual the Teiko basketball team does to ensure that we will win in the competitions that we will be joining."

"And what exactly do you do in this ritual...?"

The red head smiled. "You burn two of the most precious things your clubmate holds dear. It doesn't necessarily need to come from the same person too!"

"Wait..." The future ace's eyes widened in realization. "That means..."

"Correct!" Akashi clapped his hands before opening the plastic bag that was sitting innocently beside him. He took out a large stack of magazines that were censored from the hidden audience watching them in the gym. "I'll be burning your precious magazines and..."

He took out today's lucky item for Cancers.

"This empty piggy bank that I picked out from Midorima's bag just this morning."


Back at the Gym.

A good number of students from the club were watching the video with great fear.

"S-s-scary!" Kise shrieked as he grabbed onto Kuroko.

"You're safe..." Murasakibara kept whispering to himself as he hugged his bag of candies. The size of the container was a lot smaller than it used to be but Akashi definitely left his mark on him and now the poor giant had a strange fear of chairs.

"..." Kuroko simply shook his head.

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