Chapter 1/?

Summary: When Detective Heero Yuy agreed to help his best friend Duo Maxwell fix-up his newest acquisition, Monroe Manor it sounded Idyllic. Three months away from the hectic city, away from his Ex-fiancé Relena Peacecraft. Yet from the moment he takes one look at the old manor he felt uneasy. It might be the way the paint is peeling, it might be the creak of the old wood, or it might be something neither Heero nor Duo are quite ready to face.

Warnings: Violence, gore, emotional distress, and M/M sex.

Heero sighed as he stared up at the strange mansion before him. Monroe Manor was a monster of a building. It stood three stories high and had to be at least ten thousand square feet in size. The façade of the grand dam showed definite signs of ageing. The paint peeled exposing green tinted wood, the porch slanted awkwardly just to the right of the front step and one creaking shutter moved with the wind.

The air was damp with an oncoming storm, the sun hidden behind rapidly darkening clouds. A storm was rolling in from the east bringing with it the smell of salt water. He shivered in the warm summer breeze; the place gave him the creeps.

His best friend had purchased the old house a month ago in hopes of having a haven from the bustle of Boston. He had described it as "in need of some TLC" when he had asked for his help fixing the old place up. Heero thought it would be less expensive to knock the dilapidated old building down and start over.

The sound of crunching gravel announced the arrival of his apparently insane friend. Moments later a door slammed and he turned to glare at the bright red sports car.

"She's beautiful isn't she?" Heero growled and shook his head.

"You and I really need to go over vocabulary terms." He shot back turning to inspect the house again.

"Why?" He sighed wondering why he had ever agreed to this.

"Because this is neither beautiful or in need of a little TLC. This Duo," He waved his hand at the old manor. "is a death trap."

Heero twisted around to glare at his grinning friend.

"Oh come on 'ro you gotta admit it has a charm about it!" The over excited man exclaimed coming to throw one arm around his shoulders.

"I do not. It's the worst house I have ever seen and that is counting the shack we had to stay in on L2." He spit not really meaning it. That shack had been… growing things.

"No do not even go there Heero Yuy there is nowhere that bad, I don't think Hell is that bad." A noticeable shiver ran through the other man.

Heero shrugged but dropped the subject, Duo obviously loved this old place and once Duo decided to do something there was no talking him out of it.

He stepped cautiously onto the front steps, they were crumbling beneath his feet, their stone façade breaking away to show concrete beneath. He grabbed the rail testing for strength and almost fell into the overgrown shrubs as it gave way. Heero glared at the rusted out bottom, then turned his glare on his best friend who still stood on solid land.

"Uh well I guess the first thing on the to do list is fix the railing?" His smile widened.

Heero glared for a moment longer before turning and walking up the rest of the steps and on to the rather dilapidated porch.

The wood creaked in protest as he treaded across the expansive outer entry. He glanced at the rotting piece, stepping deftly around it and opened the large double doors that lead in to the interior.

Strangely they opened without a squeak, sliding as though they were oiled daily. He wondered at that, turning to look at Duo.

"Have you been working on this place already?" He asked softly. He hadn't thought anyone had been out here for quite sometime from the looks of things.

"Nah I bought it off the realtor after seeing the virtual tour. I haven't really been able to get away from work, why?" Duo looked concerned his violet eyes clouding in worry.

"No reason, I just expected the hinges to need oiling. I guess the realtor must have done it." He shrugged it off.

Stepping in to the house he took in the grandeur. It was a marvel. The floors were intricately designed marble stretching from the foyer to the grand main stairway and beyond. A crystal chandelier hung above the stairway shimmering in what little daylight flitted in between the heavy velvet curtains.

Duo pushed past him striding across the room and throwing open the first set of drapes.

"Come help me get these open 'ro I need to head to the basement to start up the electric but let's get some light in here for now." He called moving on to the next set.

Heero nodded although he didn't think Duo noticed and started opening the curtains on the other side of the house.

The front room was long running almost the length of the mansion and thin, he thought it couldn't more than twelve feet across. Paintings hung every few feet depicting lush landscapes and pretty homes. Heero stopped as he came to the last set of hangings and glanced at his hands, they were covered in dust from the think fabric. He sighed and wiped them on his jeans trying in vain to wipe away the black layer.

He looked out at the side yard it housed a large garage and what looked to be a riding pen. The grass was long and blowing in the wind of the oncoming storm, he squinted at the sky it looked like it was going to be a bad one.

"Hey you find something interesting?" Duo's voice made him jump slightly. He shook his head and turned to look at the braided man.

"Storms looking bad we should get the power on before it rolls in." Duo nodded, grabbing his braid and toying with it.

"Yeah I guess so, I'm gonna go down and get it on. Why don't you go check out the kitchen. I had some contractors in here to install a fridge and stove so there should be a place to put food." Heero nodded and grabbed the sack Duo held out to him. He glanced inside, a two liter, some chips and a frozen pizza stared back at him. He shook his head, he would have to go grocery shopping tomorrow. Trust Duo to plan for the now and forget tomorrow.

He walked slowly through the house trying to remember where the kitchen had been on the floor plan Duo had sent him the day before.

He wandered down the back hall glancing into several dark dank rooms. The house was surprisingly cold for the time of year and he found himself shivering.

Finally he made it to the kitchen at the back of the house, he pushed open the swinging door that separated it from the rest of the manor and stepped in.

Large bay windows let the waning sunlight in to the room. In one corner a large stainless steel fridge and range/oven duo sat looking ridiculously out of place among the clearly turn of the century details. Tall crown molding ran the room above white cracking intricately carved cupboards. The white marble counters were the same as the floors and shone in the dusky light.

He set the bag on the counter next to the fridge and opened it. Light poured from it brightening the room considerably. He smiled and put the soda in to cool. He opened the freezer, shoved the pizza in, closed the doors and walked over to the flick on the lights.

They flickered to life flooding the room with harsh unnatural light. He glanced up at the fixtures. They were surprisingly cheap for the opulence of the rest of the house.

The door creaked open, Heero turned and glanced at the bouncing figure.

"The power is oooonnnn!" Duo crooned jumping up and sitting on the island. He threw a green duffle at Heero, a blue one sat at his swinging feet.

"Yeah I figured that out." He smiled and shook the bag Duo had thrown at him. "Did you break in to my car?"

"Nah I lifted your keys when we were in the front hall." He laughed and Heero glared harshly at him. "Do you wanna go scope out some rooms to sleep in? I think the second floor should be fine to crash in. I know the third is a little rickety but there is nothing up there but an attic" He explained grabbing Hero's hand and tugging. Heero laughed and allowed his exuberant friend to lead him through the maze of hallways. Now that light shone in to the darkened nooks and on the thick cobwebs the house looked much less intimidating.

"How did you even afford this place?" Heero wondered running one hand along the intricate banister as they ascended to the second floor.

"Mostly used the proceeds from my writing, It helped that this place came cheap." He explained. Heero raised one eyebrow. He knew his partner had a pretty decent career as an author but he had no idea it was this lucrative.

"Why the hell are you still on the force if you can afford this kind of summer house?" He asked stalling at the top of the stairs to look out over the expansive entry.

"Same reason as you Mr. Silver Spoon, I want something to do with my life other than sitting around on my ass." Heero nodded wincing at his friends tone. He should have left well enough alone he hated it when Duo brought up his inheritance.

They moved towards a long, brightly lit hallway that led off the foyer of the second floor. Beautifully carved doors hit what he assumed to be bedrooms.

Duo paused suddenly, almost sending Heero crashing into his back.

"Why did you and Miss. Princess break it off?" He asked suddenly throwing Heero for a loop.

It had been more than a month since he had left his fiancée Relena Peacecraft. In all that time Duo hadn't mentioned it, not once.

"She's a bitch." He grumbled looking at his feet. "And she wanted my fucking money okay? Her family isn't quite as rich as everyone thinks. I'm pretty sure they are living on credit." He explained refusing to look at his friend.

He glanced at the door they had stopped in front of.

"Let's check in here." He decided grabbing the handle and pushing hard.

Nothing happened.

Heero stared at the annoyingly closed door.

"Did they give you keys for the upstairs?" He asked kicking the offending object.

"Uh no… Heero that knob doesn't even have a key hole on it, are you sure it's not just stuck?" He glared at his grinning partner.

"It's not just stuck Maxwell." He stepped aside motioning to the door. "But please be my guest."

He watched as his cocky friend took hold of the handle, turned it and shoved his shoulder in to the door with so much force it cracked.

"Fuck!" The braided man exclaimed stumbling back and rubbing his shoulder irritably. "Son of a bitch Yuy you weren't kidding!" He groused hopping as he glared at the door.

"Yeah I know. Come one let's just go find another room to bunk in, we can stash this crap and make dinner."

Heero nodded, they walked in companionable silence until they got to the last room. Duo pushed the door it creaked but sung inwards, opening in to a large furnished bedroom.

"Why is this place furnished?" He asked glaring at the dusty white sheets covering everything.

"Dunno I guess the last residents left it." Duo shrugged, walking to the bed and pulling the sheet off it. Beneath the while cotton was a beautiful blue comforter and mounds of pillows. "Well hello this it defiantly where I'm sleeping!" The braided man exclaimed throwing himself on to the bed.

"That is disgusting." Heero bit out trying not to think about what could be living in the mattress.

"Oh come on 'ro it's just for the night, the new beds and sheets come tomorrow with the rest of the stuff I ordered."

Heero sighed and nodded. "Fine I'll go find a room then." He groused opening the door and walking across the hall. The opposite door opened in to a bed room much like the other. He pulled the sheets from the furniture, beneath were dark woods and shades of green that would be soothing in any other situation.

"This is so sick." He grumbled, throwing his duffle on to the bed and turning to walk from the room.

Something moved in the corner of the room. Heero turned glimpsing what looked to be a human before it was gone. His eyes went wide, he moved slowly towards the door he supposed led to a closet.

"Whoever the fuck is in there, you better get out here." He called wrenching the door open. He was met with clothing and neatly arranged shoes. He pushed them aside searching through the rather large closet. No one was in the little room, Heero felt around for several minutes looking for a trap door or secret passage.

Finally he gave up deciding it must have been a trick of the light. He stepped out of the closet noting the strangeness of it being full before closing the door. He stalked across the room and in to the hall. Duo was waiting for him when he emerged smile plastered on his face.

"There are still cloths in the closet in there Duo, who the hell owned this place last?" He asked, wiping the smile from his friends face.

"I don't know. Are there really cloths in there? There weren't any in mine and that is really weird."

Heero nodded moving to one side as Duo pushed past him and in to his room. He followed closely watching as Duo wrenched open the closet door.


There was nothing in the closet, it was absolutely positively empty. Heero balked remembering the way the fine fabrics had felt against his skin and he musty smell of old clothing.

"Haha 'ro good one. Fuck you had me kinda freaked out." Duo laughed throwing an arm around Heero for a moment before retreating from the room. "You stay here and stare at the emptiness for a while, I'm gonna go start dinner!" He called closing the door behind him.

Heero stared unblinkingly at the empty closet running what he had seen over and over again in his mind.

"Fuck Yuy you have been working too much." He muttered shaking his head, flicking the light off and turning to go meet Duo in the kitchen.

Behind him a pair of soulful green eyes stared from the recesses of the now darkened room.

End Chapter One

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