Chapter 2/?

Summary: When Detective Heero Yuy agreed to help his best friend Duo Maxwell fix-up his newest acquisition, Monroe Manor it sounded Idyllic. Three months away from the hectic city, away from his Ex-fiancé Relena Peacecraft. Yet from the moment he takes one look at the old manor he felt uneasy. It might be the way the paint is peeling, it might be the creak of the old wood, or it might be something neither Heero nor Duo are quite ready to face.

Warnings: Violence, gore, emotional distress, AU and M/M sex.

Heero watched as Duo used his cell phone to call the nearest Chinese place. The remnants of what was supposed to be dinner smoked from the garbage can.

"You know they should tell you to take the plastic off the pizza." Duo grumbled leaning over the can to glare at the offending food.

"They do, it's the second instruction." Heero replied smiling as his friends glower was turned on him.

"Shut up Yuy, you job is to sit there and look pretty." Hero raised one elegant eyebrow.

"Is that so?" He asked softly. "Well I'll remember that when it's time to work tomorrow.

Duo sputtered waving his arms in defeat.

"Aww come on man! I didn't mean it like that! Okay I give up, I capitulate, you are the master of pizza instructions. All opinions rightly belong to you! Please don't make me clean this place up alone!"

Heero shook his head at his friend's melodrama. "I find you lack of spine concerning." He responded leaning back on to the counter. "I might help you." He conceded smiling wider at the look of relief plastered over the braided mans face. "If I get your egg roll."

"Aww come one man! I ordered you one too!" Duo fell to his knees in the middle of the kitchen eyes wide in terror.

"Those are my terms. Take them or leave them." Heero replied crossing his arms and smirking. Duo's cheeks flushed, his eyes widened in mock anger.

Heero knew his friend too well, he was loving this. Duo thrived on conflict.

"Fine you bastard you can have my egg roll." The braided man smiled slyly. "I ordered three anyway."

Heero laughed as his impish partner bounced from the room. "I'm gonna go grab the silverware from your pack!" He called as his braid disappeared from the door way.

Heero shook his head wondering if the other man would ever learn to stay out of his things.

Duo returned moments later triumphantly waving two sets of silverware. "You brought some for me too!" He exclaimed hugging Heero fiercely.

"I've learned if I don't bring you your own you steal mine." Heero replied smirking at his exuberant friend.

The smile that spilt his friends face made him wonder why head had agreed to stay with him for three months. "But you love me!"

A high pitched ring sounded from the front of the house. Heero glanced at his friend. "Are we expecting anyone?" He asked glancing at the clock. It had only been ten minutes since they ordered dinner, there was no way it was here yet.

"Uh, I don't think so." His eyes met violet ones for along moment. A bell tolled again. "That isn't the doorbell." Duo whispered.

Heero shivered. "Of course it's the doorbell." He growled stalking from the room. He was going to go answer the damn door before someone fell through that porch. He sighed as hesitant footfalls echoed behind him. He wasn't sure what his partner was playing at but it was annoying as hell this old house was creepy but Duo seemed really frightened.

He shrugged it off. His partner had always had a rather overzealous imagination and the old place had already played tricks on his own mind. It would make sense that Duo would be affected as well.

Rain was pelting the windows by the time he made it to the front of the house. It was barley five but it looked dark as midnight. Heero wondered if their guest had given up and gone back to where ever they came from.

He wrenched open the door, glancing around the expansive porch. No one was in sight. He stepped out on to the ominously creaking wood and walked a bit farther towards the railing. There were no extra cars either. He took one more, long look around before walking back in to the house and closing the large doors. He bolted the dead bolt just in case.

He sighed and turned to look at his best friend. The other man stood shifting from one foot to the other near the entrance to the back hall.

"Stop being stupid Duo it was probably just some kids having fun scaring the new neighbor."

Duo glared harshly, a look he was unaccustomed to receiving from his partner.

"Who the fuck would do that in this weather Yuy?" He growled taking a page out of Heero's book and sending a death glare.

Heero sighed and walked towards his twitching partner. "Hey come on let's make some coffee or something, you did bring coffee yeah?"

Duo paused and for a moment Heero was afraid he would say no.

"Yeah it's in one of the cabinets I paid one of the contractors extra to stash some for us since I knew we would forget." He replied his grin back on his face.

Heero laughed and slung one arm around his friend as they walked back towards the kitchen.

Behind them a shadowy figure watched from the stairway.


Heero smiled as Duo shoved Chinese food in to his mouth at speeds that seemed to defy the laws of physics.

He had missed this over the last few months. Working at The Agency was fulfilling. They helped keep the peace and made people's lives better. But all the constant moving around was starting to wear on him.

"I was thinking about starting up my own agency." Duo mumbled between chow mein.

Heero nodded wondering when his partner had decided this.

"I'm tired of the bureaucracy at The Agency and I think we could do some real good in the private sector." He mumbled out little bits of food flying to hit Heero in the face.

He grunted disgusted with his partners eating habits. He was more than a little intrigued by the idea of branching out. He had noticed more civilian arrests lately, he worried The Agency was using its power for political gain.

"We are their best agents 'ro. Think about it it's not like they could stop us. And I gotta tell you man I got lots of cash, way more than we would need." Heero leaned in staring at his partner as the other man sat his food on the counter. "We could run it out of this old place. There is more than enough room."

Heero nodded pondering the idea. It would be so nice to be able to decide where they went and why.

"How would we get contracts?" Heero asked picking at his kung pow chicken.

Duo rolled his eyes. "I told you we are the best. When people hear we've left they'll follow! We're legends, got an impossible job? Call Maxwell and Yuy!"

Heero laughed shaking his head. "Well okay… sure. If you think we can do it."

Duo beamed. "Yes 'ro I'll get Wuffers and Zechs to come too oh it will be so great!" Heero was caught off guard when he suddenly had his arms filled with a very hyper American.

He tensed for a moment before wrapping his arms around the larger man and squeezing.

"Yeah Duo. " He whispered. "Perfect."


That night as Heero sat awake in his borrowed room. The mansion protested as the storm ravaged it. He glanced at the closet. In the dim light of his reading lap he could almost believe there was someone watching from the shadows.

"Fuck Yuy snap out of it." He grumbled sliding lower in to the surprisingly comfortable bed and reading the next chapter in Duo's latest novel.

His partner wrote romance novels, under a pseudonym. Roslyn Martin was very famous in the literary world. Heero was just glad no one at work knew Duo wrote chick lit, it was hard enough to get the guys to stop riding him about his rather eccentric hair style.

The floor boards squeaked outside of his room. He glared at the door. Duo was up and about again. He sighed deeply, the violet eyed man was such a night owl he wasn't sure how he could be so hyper in the mornings.

Another creak caught his attention. He glanced towards the mysterious closet again. The door stood open.

Heero jumped from his bed, gun trained on the open door.

He glared at it edging his way towards the shadowy opening. He pushed the door opened with the muzzle of his gun and stared at the empty closet.

"Fuck" he whispered, kicking the door in irritation. He slammed it shut and turned to look around the room. He noticed a large chest on the other side of the bed and strode over to it. He grabbed the handle and easily dragged it to lean against the disconcerting closet.

He glared for a moment daring the door to open. After a while he nodded and made his way back to his bed.

By the time he was settled under the borrowed coverlet he no longer felt any want to finish his book. He flipped the small light out and closed his eyes, falling in to a restless slumber.


"You really scared him Marcie!" A woman's voice carried through Heero's room. Two ghostly figures stood staring at the sleeping man.

One, dressed as a turn of the century maid giggled waving her hand. "Oh it's not like I did anything mean. Besides soon they will be like us anyway. They are planning to stay and anyone who stays too long here ends up dead." She giggled again spinning around the room.

"Don't speak like that Marcie. It hasn't killed anyone in years." The other spirit bit out.

"You are no longer the Lady of this house Tara so do shut up. It's not everyday someone buys this place. You know it just hasn't gotten the chance lately. Ooo they are so handsome don't you think?" She crooned touching her ghostly hand to Heero's face.

He shivered in his sleep rolling away from the cold embrace.

The other spirit glared and turned her back to the disturbing scene. "I am a Lady Marcie, you would do well to remember that."

"Oh yes a Lady! Excuse me Miss. I hide in closets. I forget sometimes how above the rest of us you are." The previously jovial specter hissed. "Don't go getting attached to their lives Lady Monroe He won't let them live. He never does." The maid's spirit faded from the room leaving one green eyed woman dressed in a long satin gown kneeling next to Heero's bed.

"Oh Mr. Yuy please leave." She whispered turning her head away from him and disappearing in turn.


Heero woke the next morning with a strange unwelcome feeling of foreboding. He glanced out his window and groaned as he was met with pouring rain.

"How the hell are we ever going to get anything done?" He wondered slipping out of bed and changing in to another pair of jeans and a clean blue t-shirt.

He grabbed his duffle bag and headed down the hall to the closest bathroom.

He met Duo on the way. The sleepy man looked quite a state his hair stuck out of his braid at odd angles and flew around his face.

"Good morning." Heero nodded to his partner.

"Morning 'ro I slept soooo well last night. I love this place!" Duo chirped a sleepy smiled breaking his face.

Heero cocked an eye brow in confusion. "I heard you up and walking well past two in the morning Duo. It's only seven how well could you have slept?" He asked staring at the rather happy braided man.

"Well I don't know what you heard but it sure wasn't me." The other man replied giving Heero an inquisitive look. "I was fast asleep by eleven. Why were you up so late?"

Heero frowned as he stopped outside of the bathroom allowing Duo to use it first.

He heard Duo pacing all night. He knew he had… May be they had a squatter? It would explain a lot of the strange things that were happening.

Duo brushed past him, hair plaited, teeth brushed smelling like body spray. "No shower?"

"Nah I'll shower tonight it takes too long to brush and dry my hair." He explained. "I'm gonna go to the market and grab some stuff for breakfast. Can you cook when I get back?" He turned his big puppy dog eyes on Heero.

The blue eyed man sighed. "Sure just get going I don't want to have to wait."

Heero shook his head in exasperation as he walked in to the bathroom and shut the door soundly.

He sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes had dark circles beneath them and his hair was sticking up more than usual. He turned and started the shower letting the water warm as he brushed his teeth and carefully shaved his face.

Suddenly the reflection in the mirror was no longer his own. Large blue eyes stared back at him but they were too light and too feminine to be his. Dark brown locks were replaced with long auburn curls. His normally tanned skin faded to pale porcelain. The woman gazing back at him smiled. He jumped slicing himself with his razor and drawing copious amounts of blood.

The red sticky substance ran down his neck and into his hands dripping between his fingers to drop wetly to the sink.

He watched as the mirror fogged soon all he could see was the red of his own blood against the white of the mist.

He grabbed tissue and held it to his oozing cut. With his free hand he wiped the mirror; the face looking back at him was once again his own.

He shook his head wondering what on earth was going on. He pulled the tissue away from his neck and was glad to realize it was just a superficial wound. The bleeding had slowed considerably.

He waited a few more minutes for the blood to stop running, never tearing his eyes from his reflection.

He really needed to get some more sleep.

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