Author's Notes: Much later than it should be, but here's another chapter at last! Thanks to everyone who's followed this story over the years, ridiculous delays and all. Also, thanks to Mal for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed the sibling dynamic between the child and Mewtwo, since we'll be seeing a lot more of it in this arc. I hope you continue to be able to follow things despite not having played the Orre games as well!

Chapter 37

You're feeling cheerful, coming out of Professor Krane's office. That was easy! You thought you'd to have to spend weeks wandering around in the desert trying to find a lead. Even if Celebi doesn't know anything, having him on your side will be great. Maybe he could time travel into the past and make it so Mew never got caught in the first place, and then you won't have to do anything at all. Time travel is never a good idea in movies, but it's what Celebi does all day, he has to be good at it.

Mewtwo's filling your head with questions. Where is this shrine? Do you know how to get there? You didn't ask. How far away is it?

You can't answer him here, not with people coming and going all around you. There are even pokémon wandering the broad tiled hallway, the most you've seen in Orre. Mewtwo keeps going anyway, like he's thinking out loud. Desert heat envelops you as you pass through the lab's sliding glass doors, but it's still early, still bearable, and you're still in the shade of Professor Krane's improbable trees. You never would have imagined Celebi living in the desert, not with how he's supposed to love forests.

You're so wrapped up in anticipation that you don't notice anyone coming up behind until a hand closes on your arm. You turn, expecting some human you have no interest in speaking with, but find a flashing disc of metal instead. It swings gently back and forth.

What is that? Mewtwo asks, but you're too busy to answer. You try to follow the pendant with your eyes, but it moves so fast! Even turning your head doesn't work. The pendant keeps slipping out of your field of vision, then swinging back the other way just when you manage to catch it. Maybe you'd have a better shot if Mewtwo wasn't yelling nonsense in your head. The pendant blurs to a shining arc of light, racing faster and faster. Or maybe you're getting slower.

The pendant flashes bright, and then everything goes dark.

"Are you okay?"

Someone's shaking your shoulder. It's hot. You're hot. You smell stone and dust.

"Hello?" More shaking. Stronger this time. "Hello? Can you wake up?"

You open your eyes into searing blue sky, blinking away tears.

"Oh," says the voice. "Oh, oh. Okay. Are you okay?"

A human hovers over you, shadowy against the sky. Her dark hair frizzes out around her ears. "I am so, so sorry," she says. "Hypno's never done that to someone before." She turns to look at something outside your field of view. "You have to give that back, Hypno. You know that's not how you ask for a fight."

Give what back? You don't feel bad, actually. Just groggy. More than anything you want to go back to sleep.

"No," some pokémon says. "I need to know where she got this. She shouldn't have it."

From your ground-level perspective you can see the woman grimace. She bites her lip. "No? Because... it's bad? Hypno, you can't just take things from people. I'm sure this woman knows how to handle her pokémon." After a second she adds, "If you won't give it back to the lady, will you let me hold onto it instead?"


This is stupid. You're going to have to get up and deal with it if you're going to get any sleep at all. You make no attempt to smother a groan of irritation as you drag yourself upright and hope you look as cranky as you feel as you squint around for the pokémon that's been causing trouble.

The hypno stiffens when you face her, clutching the thing she took from you. Which is—you freeze. You don't feel tired anymore.

"Give that back!" You reach towards Hypno, who retreats a step, hunching defensively over Mewtwo's master ball.

"Who is this?" she demands. You open your mouth to reply but catch yourself just in time. Hypno stares up at you with narrowed eyes. "You understand me, don't you? The one in this ball was talking like you could hear. What are you?"

"No, no, it's okay, it's okay," Hypno's trainer babbles, pushing her way between the two of you. "She'll give it back, I promise. If we can just calm down a moment, calm down and work this out..."

"She needs to give that back now," you say, keeping a stern eye on Hypno. "That is a dangerous pokémon. She cannot let it out."

"See, Hypno, it's no good for battling. Give the ball back, now."

Hypno spares a glance for her trainer. "We need to talk. Alone."

It would be easier to handle this without the human here, yes. It would be even easier to fight, though, just punch the hypno out, take the ball, and be on your way. You clench one fist experimentally.

The human's staring at Hypno. "You want me to... go away?" Hypno grunts and makes a shooing gesture with the hand that has her pendulum wrapped around it.

The human looks between you and Hypno. "I don't... Why? You aren't going to hypnotize her again, are you?"

"She is not going to hypnotize me," you say. You were expecting Hypno to back you up, but she has her head tipped towards the master ball like she's listening. She is listening, you realize. Mewtwo must be talking to her. That's exactly what you need.

"I really, I just don't know." The woman's chewing her lip like she's been confronted with the worst dilemma of her life. "This is all so weird, I..."

Hypno looks up at you, though her head's still tipped towards the master ball. She stands there frowning a moment more, then thrusts the ball at you. You reach for it without thinking. What on earth did Mewtwo say that made her decide to give him up so fast?

I think this one knows something about Cipher. Mewtwo's voice fills your head when you touch the master ball. I want to speak with her more. Give me back to her and distract the human until we're done talking.

The hypno's making exasperated wheezy honk-noises at her trainer while the woman insists, "You've caused enough trouble for one day! Besides, we're running late. The professor's expecting us."

"It is okay," you say, then again, louder, and the human finally turns to you.


"My pokémon wants to talk to Hypno. I will give the ball back to her, it is okay."

The human's mouth goes thin, and she looks at you with fresh suspicion. "Can it wait? We're supposed to be somewhere." The end of her sentence is drowned out by Hypno's bark of protest.

"No." Or rather, you think it could wait, but Mewtwo would disagree.

The woman turns her scowl on Hypno. "If Professor Krane's mad at us for being late, you're taking the blame, okay?" The hypno nods once, then stares a challenge at her trainer. The woman sighs and waves a hand at you. "Okay. Go on, then, if you want to."

The hypno snatches the master ball from you before your arm is even fully extended, then retreats a couple steps, cupping it just under her nose. You recognize the pose you've fallen into many times yourself, the master ball right up in front of your face while you argued with the clone inside.

"What do you have in there?" the trainer asks sharply, watching Hypno commune with the master ball.

"An alakazam," you say uneasily.

"An alakazam so dangerous you can't let it out? What are you even doing with a pokémon like that?"

"Um," you say, "I came to Orre because I heard about shadow pokémon, and I was wondering, umm... If this alakazam is, uh, is kind of like a shadow pokémon, maybe somebody here would be able to help him."

"Oh!" The human's expression changes to beaming so fast you're afraid you might have screwed something up. It wasn't that good a story. "That makes sense. Hypno was a shadow pokémon."


"Uh-huh. Part of the second wave, in that big cargo ship that got stolen. If she sensed something wrong with your alakazam, she probably wanted to try and help."

"How did you get a shadow pokémon?"

"Professor Krane arranged it. I have chronic insomnia. Really bad, actually. Drowzee and hypno are special because their hypnosis isn't like a normal attack, so it works on humans. They're used to treat sleep disorders sometimes. I was lucky that my doctor knows Professor Krane so she could recommend me when he was asking around for anyone who might benefit from an alternative sleep aid. Hypno lives with me and helps with my insomnia while she works on getting certified as a sleep pathologist for real. I guess I'm her guinea pig." She laughs. "But no, it helps out a lot, really. I'm glad she decided to stick around."

She looks over at Hypno, smiling fondly. The pokémon's staring hard at the master ball, eyes squinted in concentration. You can't share the human's affection; the scene just makes you nervous.

"She was supposed to be going to Hoenn, right?" That's where the S. S. Libra was headed before Shadow Lugia got it. "If she's better, why is she still here?"

The woman's smile vanishes. "I'm not sure. She has friends here. Other pokémon that used to be with Cipher. They've been through a lot together. I've asked, but even though Hypno can send me decent mental images, it's still hard to tell what she means a lot of the time."

Not surprising. Telepathy takes more control than any other psychic power because it has to change a person's brain in a very precise way. Mewtwo makes it feel like he's talking in your head, with actual words, but a psychic has to be at least as strong as Sabrina's alakazam, you think, to do that. Usually they can only cause general feelings; if Hypno can make actual pictures, she must be pretty good.

"What about you and your alakazam? If it's so dangerous, why do you even have it?"

You manage to stifle a wince. You thought you'd managed to get off that topic. "Oh, it just... kind of happened."

"Oh?" The human turns back to you. "And it's in a master ball. Where did you get one of those? They're restricted."

"I won it. In a tournament," you say. After a moment you add, "I have other pokémon. They, uh... are not here right now."

"Mmm." The human considers you for long, uncomfortable seconds before turning back to Hypno. "Did you get to see the professor, then? Did he have any idea how to help your alakazam?"

"Um, no, not really. And when I asked him about shadow pokémon he did not seem to know much."

"I guess nobody does, except maybe the people who were actually in Cipher. Or the pokémon! Imagine how much we could learn if we could actually talk to them properly. Professor Krane does his best, though. We usually meet with him once a month to make sure everything's going okay with the sleep stuff and there aren't any signs of Hypno's shadow-ness, uh, coming back. It's a very important appointment that we're definitely really late for."

Hypno catches the pointed word, and she frowns and raises a finger in the universal gesture for just a moment.

"Yeah. It would be really cool to talk to pokémon," you say. But it would be even cooler if the pokémon right in front of you would wrap it up already. You're tired of making conversation. Fortunately Hypno's satisfied after only a couple more minutes to be satisfied. She approaches slowly, frowning attention all trained on you, but she does offer the master ball back.

"Thank you," you say, and take it from her.

"Okay, good. We all happy?" Hypno waves a hand dismissively and walks past her trainer, as though the human's the one who's been holding things up all along. The woman nods to you and says, "Sorry again. I hope you find what you need to get help for that alakazam."

"What did you find out?" you whisper to Mewtwo while you watch the human trot off, catching up to Hypno just before she reaches the lab's big glass doors.

Nothing terribly interesting, Mewtwo says, which must be calculated to infuriate you. She wants to help, though. And she knows other shadow pokémon. Perhaps one of those will be more useful. We'll meet with some of them tomorrow.

"That's good!" You've read so much about shadow pokémon, but you don't know what they're actually like. And now you're going to meet a whole bunch of them!

Not now, Mewtwo snaps. Now we're going to see Celebi, remember? And if it all goes well, we won't need any of these shadow pokémon at all.

The desert around Professor Krane's lab is green with the spindly beginnings of forest, which grow lusher and more tangled the farther you go into the foothills. They're real hills, not dunes, with grass and yellow and white and purple wildflowers. The hover-scooter's grav-rings still kick up sand along the winding track that leads towards Agate Village, but there are footprints in the dirt, so people actually walk along this road instead of always using hovercraft like they do when they cross the proper desert.

No pokémon, though. With as much green as there is there should be enough food for a few at least. But no. No sign.

Agate Village itself is built on a mountain, and you think Professor Krane hardly needed to invoke Celebi to explain why it's green. It lies next to the biggest waterfall you've ever seen, with streams cascading down through the village so you can never escape the sound of running water. The rusty little houses are overgrown with moss and tree roots. Orre's relentless industrialization has left the place almost entirely untouched. Maybe that's the Celebi connection: Agate is a place outside of time.

You could almost mistake this for somewhere in Kanto, you think as you climb the spongy, grassy slope into town.

Where are you going? Mewtwo snaps when you keep climbing, up towards the massive tree stump looming above the village.

You tap the pocket with the master ball and mutter, "Looking for someone who can tell me where the shrine is." You have to be careful about talking to midair when there are people around.

Most of those people look old, which suits you fine; old people are harmless and eager to help. They're good to practice conversations with. An elderly woman in a pink and purple hat passes by, a combusken trotting beside her. You want a hat like that.

When you stop her she says, "Oh, the Relic Stone? Getting to be a bit of a tourist attraction, isn't it? Now that people know what it can do. It's in a cave under the waterfall, dear. There's a path going down right next to the Pokémon Center."

Feeling inexplicably more cheerful, you make your way downhill, following the sound of falling water. Mewtwo's prodding has you moving faster than you'd like, but it's a pleasant walk anyway, along a clear mountain stream that flows into a cave glowing with luminescent algae. There are even trainers battling by the water's edge, but since you aren't wearing any pokéballs nobody challenges you.

Light streams in through an opening at the far end of the cave, and you can hear bird calls—mundane birds, but more than you've heard since arriving in Orre. The air feels different here, too. It's not a psychic field, or you don't think so, but there's a sense of some kind of power, calm and gently-flowing like the stream that cuts through the center of the cavern or the breeze fluttering the ferns around its mouth. This place feels alive like nowhere else you've been in Orre, and maybe in Kanto, either.

Move faster! Mewtwo snaps.

You hurry past the last trainers, for once as eager as Mewtwo about something. You push through the curtain of ferns and step out into warm sunlight, a hidden grotto filled with trees. Real trees, tall and broad, sheltered from the wind and watered by Agate's stream. It's like Professor Krane's lab, a piece of another world transported to the desert, but wild instead of planned and planted and vigorously tamed. Overgrown stone slabs lead up to a crooked stack of stone discs standing a good two times your height.

You pace slowly around the Relic Stone, looking for any hint of how you might summon Celebi. The stones are old, weathered smooth even in this protected place, and if there were ever any carvings on them, they've long since worn away. Feeling at least as nervous as you do hopeful, you press your palm against the side of the monument, fingers spread. Nothing happens.

"Celebi?" you call. You would feel silly if not for that strange energy in the air. Something must be here. "Celebi, I... I need your help!"

The birds go quiet for a few seconds, but nothing else changes, not even in the energy suffusing the place. It's still calm. Still dormant, maybe?

Let me out. I'll do it.

"Mewtwo, there's all those people right outside. It's okay. I can go back to town and probably find someone who knows how—"

I can do it myself. Celebi will not ignore my call.

"But the people—"

You can scare them off, can't you?

"I guess?" You peer through the curtain of leaves at the trainers standing around, chatting, fighting. Your first thought is poison gas, to send them running from the smell. But that could make them sick, and some might run in here instead of outside. Loud noise could work, if it didn't outright incapacitate them. What else?

Get on with it, then.

You sidle around behind the Relic Stone where you'll be hard to see and move your hands gently back and forth, fingers spread wide as you rake them through the air. The breeze filtering through the mouth of the cave grows stronger, and stronger yet, blowing steadily out towards Agate Village. Confused shouts sound faintly over the sound of blustering wind. It's only a tailwind—uncomfortable enough to drive some people off, maybe, but not enough to force them out.

That comes next. You turn your hands palm-up and wiggle your fingers, threads of air twining between them and whipping outwards as the wind rises around you. Tree branches thrash and clatter together; some snap clean off, sucked into the windy vortex growing around the Relic Stone. You grimace and hope Celebi won't be mad at you for hurting his trees. Dead leaves and twigs and whole boughs whip through the air around the Relic Stone, with you standing in the relative calm next to it.

You push your hands forward, directing the cyclone towards the tunnel. It slams into the grotto's wall, spilling crazed rivulets of air in all directions. Gale-force winds howl out through the cave, bodily throwing people out into the grassy clearing under the waterfall. The tailwind keeps on streaming behind, discouraging anyone from running back in to see what caused all the hoopla.

You lean around the Relic Stone and peer into the cave, looking through fern-fronds battered and bent where they haven't been ripped from the stone entirely. The bridge is torn up, boards scattered amidst shredded vegetation, all of it slick with water tossed from the stream.

No humans, though, which is the main thing. One woman hit a wall instead of getting properly blown out of the cavern, but she looks like she isn't getting up for a while, so that's okay. You take the master ball from your belt.

As always, you have to crane your neck back to look Mewtwo in the face; as Jade Winstead you don't even make it to his shoulders. His purple eyes barely move to take in the grotto; he's already seen it in your mind. I didn't expect you to destroy the place, Mewtwo grouses. You should show more respect. You're in the presence of power.

"It worked, didn't it? You didn't have any ideas."

Mewtwo examines the Relic Stone for himself, circling around with his nose practically pressed against the monument. Determined to pick up on on everything you missed, you suppose. You try to divide your attention between him and the cave. You have to make sure no one's coming back in.

Mewtwo stops his circuit of the Relic Stone and stands looking up at it, psychic field thrumming with anticipation. Celebi! he says, mental voice ringing with excitement. I call you! We have need of your power!

Silence. Not even birdsong now. Just Mewtwo's humming mind and whatever lies beneath it, that slow, gentle sense of awareness. It seems as tranquil—unresponsive—as ever, and is hard to even feel, smothered by the force of Mewtwo's psychic presence.

Mewtwo raises his arms, which is more expressive than you think you've ever seen him. With hands spread he entreats the Relic Stone again. Celebi! Hear me! I am Mewtwo, Mew's son! A pause. I know you're listening!

A longer pause. Your stomach turns over as you feel uncertainty creeping in around the edges of Mewtwo's exultation. Now he's going to get angry, and when he gets angry, he does bad things. You bend your own thoughts towards Celebi, praying for an answer, for him to just say something.

We seek my mother, Mewtwo says with a calm you can feel him working hard to maintain. She's been captured by humans. We want to free her. Anything you know would be helpful. The wait for an answer has you so on edge that you nearly jump when you notice movement outside. A pair of sturdy timburr brave the wind, trudging over to the fallen woman by the cave's exit. Not a problem yet, but if humans follow, you could be in trouble.

Are you going to stand by and do nothing while Mew is tortured? Mewtwo roars. Answer me! Why are you silent? His eyes glow purple, telekinetic waves stirring dead leaves to frenzied dancing around his toes.

"He's probably not here, Mewtwo. That's all," you say anxiously, watching the timburr hoist the unconscious woman in their arms. A couple kids are watching from the cave entrance, off to the side and out of the worst of the wind. They won't be able to see Mewtwo unless they venture further in, but if he lets his psychic field grow they'll certainly be able to hear him.

He's here! He's watching us! Can't you feel it? Mewtwo snarls. And maybe you do, maybe that's what you feel, but even if it is you don't think screaming at Celebi's going to help.

"Celebi has lots of shrines. That doesn't mean he's watching them all. I mean, he lives in Ilex Forest, everybody knows that. Maybe we ought to—"

Answer me! Mewtwo howls. I know you're listening! Do you think you can ignore me? That I'm less than you because I was created by humans? You think I'm some common pokémon come to beg a favor of its god? I'm more powerful than you could ever hope to be! You will aid me now, or when the time comes, when my mother is released, I'll find you. I'll find you, and I'll make you pay for sitting idle while she suffered. I'll make you pay for ignoring me in my time of need. I ask you one final time: answer me!

Mewtwo doesn't exactly give Celebi much time to respond: your head throbs as he gathers power, and a droning hum fills the air, growing so loud it drowns out the whipping wind. Even if Celebi said something, there's no way you'd hear. The stones of Celebi's monument appear to tremble, but you aren't sure if they're moving or if your eyes are vibrating in your skull. Then you're sure, and battle training gone nearly instinctive has you throwing up a protect shield as you dive to the ground.

The Relic Stone explodes, chunks of rock scything through the trees and clattering against the grotto's walls. There's a blinding flash of green, a long, high note like a violin quavering at the top of its range, and then silence falls again.

Mewtwo's psychic field recedes to a gentle, contented buzzing. The clone pants while he surveys his handiwork, the shattered stone stump in front of him, fallen branches and trees splintered by the spray of rocks. You eye the remains of the Relic Stone in wonder. There must have been something more than mortar holding it together, if Mewtwo had to work so hard to smash it.

The clearing's odd presence hasn't changed. It's undiminished, in no way agitated by all the commotion. Asleep, maybe, or not aware at all.

You walk over to stand beside Mewtwo, unsure of what to say. Mewtwo's perfectly aware of the thoughts eddying around your skull anyway. You're impressed despite yourself, and Mewtwo apparently finds that extremely amusing.

Oh, it is gratifying. But no. I was laughing at our audience.

You spin around, in one icy second realizing that you forgot about maintaining your tailwind. And yes, there they are, two boys with their timburr out in front of them in defensive stances. The humans' eyes are huge and round, fixed on Mewtwo.

You're a curious pair, aren't you? the clone asks. The air smells of ozone as he gathers power again.

"Mewtwo, stop!" you say. The timburr pound their logs against the ground, yelling—there's less than no chance for them, and they know it, but it's their duty to at least try to protect their trainers. Or friends. Whatever they are, whatever they won't be in another second.

We can't have witnesses, Mewtwo says, psychic field thrumming with delight. Isn't that what you keep saying?

He's enjoying it. Tingling cold spreads across your body. He's enjoying the humans' fear, drawing it out, raising his hand towards them in a completely unnecessary flourish.

There's a strange, squeaky noise like what you'd hear from a video played on rewind, many sounds blurring to a frantic high pitch. The grotto snaps back to the way it was before. The Relic Stone stands tall and whole at the center. The trees are unbroken. Birds sing from them, oblivious, carefree.

Mewtwo turns and stares, his emotions shifting so fast they leave you dizzy: surprise, confusion, fear, and sudden, terrible anger, the same anger he always feels but now helpless, undirected and impotent. Where are you? he roars in your head. Where are you? Answer me!

Again the Relic Stone trembles, and you throw yourself on the ground, eyes watering from the pain of a splitting headache. The stone shakes and cracks, green light glowing from fissures down its sides, but this time it doesn't shatter. Before Mewtwo can finish prying it apart it snaps back whole again. Mewtwo yowls aloud, a sound of wild frustration, and kicks off from the ground, leaving a contrail of purple energy crackling behind as he shoots off to—where? Where? Where's he going?

"Mewtwo!" you yell after him, but he's already so far away. You scramble up and run for the cave, hoping you'll at least be able to see where he lands, but the two boys and their timburr are still there, frozen in comical attitudes of shock. For a second horrifying calculations pass through your head—Mewtwo's right, you can't have any witnesses.

It doesn't matter, though. Dozens of people must have seen him blasting off. You clench your teeth and satisfy yourself with pushing roughly past the kids, toppling the timburr in a heap with them. You speed through the tunnel into daylight and the waterfall's spray.

The trainers who were battling in the cave earlier stand with heads tipped back and mouths hanging open, watching a sparkling purple jet in the sky. It vanishes into the distance while you watch—where is he going?

Of course he'd do something like this. You can't trust him with anything! You've been in Orre two days and already he's blown your cover and run off. Are you going to have to wait for the news reports to know where he went?

The people around you titter and exclaim and argue about what they just saw. The boys come running out of the cave with their timburr in tow, and you decide now's a good time to be gone, shove your way out of the crowd and pelt up the hill. People call out to you as you go past.

Where did Mewtwo go? He doesn't know Orre. Or is he just going to land somewhere in the desert and hide?

That would be better, you think with a chill, than going off to wreck Gateon Port or something to blow off steam. If he goes out and murders a bunch of people, that's it. Rockets are one thing, but just some random people who got in his way... You don't care what he says, you don't care what Absol says, he's staying in the master ball forever. You're done with this.

Where did he go? He doesn't even know anywhere except Professor Krane's lab, and here, and Gateon Port, a little. Plus the factory, of course, but he wouldn't drag a neon line through the sky to point right at it. He wouldn't make it the first place everyone would go to look for him. He isn't that stupid.

You grit your teeth and put on a burst of speed, not even caring if you're running too fast for a human. You almost knock your scooter over in your hurry to get on, slapping at the control panel while it takes forever to warm up, then throw it into the highest gear immediately, taking off with a jolt and a whine to speed off into the desert.

The weird pyramidal shape of the Cipher factory looms above, and you leave the hover-scooter parked out in its metal courtyard, not caring if anyone sees. No point putting effort in if your partner's going to have a tantrum and blow your cover completely.

You aren't going to waste time climbing through a spooky building. You're not as graceful in the air as Mewtwo, but levitating yourself to the top of the factory leaves you only mildly out of breath. The hardest part is actually resisting the waves of emotion cascading off the roof, anger and resentment and suppurating sorrow, an exhausting combination even experienced second-hand.

Mewtwo's curled near the edge of the roof, with the tip of his tail looped up by his face, crying. You stand off to one side, awkward and out of place and exasperated. He pulls a big stunt, and now he's up here sobbing like it isn't all his fault?

Get out of here! Mewtwo snarls in your head, which is even weirder than usual because he's whimpering at the same time. Leave me alone!

"You flew off and left me, Mewtwo. You can't do that."

I'll do what I want! Mewtwo halfway raises himself up like he's about to tackle you. You can't control me! I'm not your slave!

Absol appears from the shadow cast by the temple-looking building that takes up most of the roof. "What happened?"

"Mewtwo got mad because Celebi wouldn't talk to him, then he blew up Celebi's statue thing and Celebi fixed it right away. Which you'd know if you actually bothered to come with us," you can't help but add.

Mocking me! Mewtwo snarls. You can't tell if he bothered to use miracle eye, if Absol can even hear him. Thinks he's better than me because he's one of the originals. I'll show him. I'll show all of them! Idiots! They stand by and do nothing while Mew suffers, and then they make fun of me... They laugh at me... I'm stronger than any of them. I'm the strongest! And they act like I'm nothing!

You spread your hands and gesture towards Mewtwo, inviting Absol to do whatever she's going to do. You're done with him.

Absol sits down next to Mewtwo and asks, "What did Celebi say?"

Nothing! Mewtwo's still on hands and knees like he's forgotten he was in the process of getting up. He acted like I wasn't even there, and then he fixed things like I couldn't do anything. Like I wasn't even worth noticing!

"We don't even know if Celebi was there. He might not have heard you."

Of course he was there! He fixed the rock, he had to have been!

"Some places are magic on their own. If it's a special little pocket of time or something, maybe it just—"

Shut up! Mewtwo roars, and a blast of psychic energy sends you stumbling backwards. The low railing around the edge of the roof hits you in the back of your knees so you teeter towards going over the edge. You're head's ringing from the blow and you can't think of anything but staying upright, arms spinning while you frantically call up your own psychic abilities to keep you level. It takes a few seconds, crouched on the edge of the roof, to regain your breath, and all the while Mewtwo's ranting on in the background about how you don't know anything about legends and you don't understand what's going on and should just shut up.

Finally you gulp and look up and find Absol standing between you and Mewtwo, who's turned half aside so he doesn't have to look straight at her. "And why did you think that would help?" she asks him.

It made the creature shut up, didn't it?

"Why didn't you ask?"

"I shut up, that doesn't mean I'm wrong!" you yell. "You're being stupid!"

"Why are you here?" Absol asks, which is as good as telling you to leave.

"What? But, Absol, I'm right, he's the one acting like—"

"You may be right," Absol says, "but I'm not sure how being right is helping."

"Well, fine. I didn't want to listen to him cry about nothing anyway." You stand up and have to pause a second, dizzy, before stomping off to the far side of the temple. You sit with your feet dangling over the edge of the roof and sulk. Why is Absol acting like you're the problem? You're right, and she knows it.

You kick you heels against the side of the building, enjoying the booms they make on the metal. Now and again you lean out and glance back at Mewtwo and Absol. Absol's sitting there listening, presumably, to whatever Mewtwo's bawling about. You doubt she's saying anything useful back because when does she ever do that, but the two of them together reminds you so much of the times she sat with you while you cried that you scowl and kick your heels harder against the wall. Why's she acting like he has any reason to be sad? Why won't she tell him he's being stupid?

Mewtwo talks and talks and talks, or maybe he's still crying, and your legs get tired and the metal under you is uncomfortable so you end up slumped over and cranky. The sun's going down behind the mountains, and the shadows stretch tall and dark. You're getting hungry. And absolutely everything has gone wrong again.

You shouldn't have expected Celebi to be any help. That would be too easy, wouldn't it? But it's strange, too. Why haven't any of the legends tried to rescue Mew? Why wouldn't they help you and Mewtwo? They don't care much about normal pokémon, but someone like Mew, one of their own?

You suppose she doesn't really have many friends—her ragged memories hold few pokémon you would say she was close to, none of them legendary. Anyone she would have known is on another continent. You and Mewtwo and Absol are all she's got. She does have a reputation, though. Doesn't anyone else want to help her, knowing how important she is?

Maybe they're afraid. Whatever happened to Mew, it could happen to the other legends, too. Like Mewtwo, they would probably never say they're scared. Mew isn't the only legend humans have hurt, especially not here in Orre.

Or maybe somebody did try. Maybe a lot of somebodies. You wouldn't know unless one of them succeeded.

You lean back and squint into the sun. Nah. They're probably just jerks like Mewtwo. Who's probably right—you bet he is even stronger than Celebi. You have the best chance of anybody at succeeding at your mission. Someday soon you'll find your mother, and then hopefully you'll never have to deal with Mewtwo ever again.