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Part 1: The Awakening

All Hallows Eve, the night of mischief and magic. A night when the wall between worlds thinned to allow the crossing over of spirits, demons and other mystical beasts. Children in costumes played mockery to the ancient tradition of dressing in disguise, and gathered candy from strangers in hordes that rival the dragons of old. In a suburb of Tokyo, four college-age boys gathered in their apartment to avoid both the masses of screaming ignorant children and the throngs of more sedate, if not equally ignorant, adults. Scary movies had been watched, pranks had been played, beer had been drunk, and food had been eaten. Now, as the witching hour approached, the white-haired demon-obsessed twin of the leader exhaled noisily, letting the curtain drop back down in front of the window.

"King, I'm bored." He complained, flicking a cigarette into the ashtray on the coffee table.

His twin, duplicate except for coloration, groaned and rolled his eyes. "Dig out one of the board games then?"

The 'King's consort, or rather, his blue-haired boyfriend, snorted. "Really? Board games? On fuckin' Halloween? Come on, so lame." He jeered from where he was spread out over a couch.

Their fourth, a tattooed beefcake with hair the color of blood, snickered from where he was hanging his head backward off the couch arm. "Yah, like scarin' the trick-or-treaters between beers an' settin' a jack-o-lantern in th'fuckin' town fountain was so epic."

"Shaddup, I promised to take it easy last year. And this year. So Ichi doesn't have to worry 'bout me fuckin' all the prison bitches." Grimmjow kicked at him.

"I am less worried about you 'fucking all the prison bitches' than I am about you BEING IN PRISON IN THE FIRST PLACE!" Ichigo smacked the blunette over the top of the head with his book. "You promised no having to pay court costs until we've gotten out of this shitty apartment and into a real one downtown! That means no bailing you out of jail."

Shiro snickered. "Fine, I'll find somethin'."

He crossed the room as his twin flopped down in his boyfriend's lap regardless of the man's irritation. Gold eyes scanning the shelf of games, he grinned, and pulled down a box. Proudly he placed it on the table, the glow-in-the-dark lettering shimmering lightly in the lamp light against the black and purple background.

"A Ouija board? Seriously, Shii?" Ichigo raised an eyebrow. " I know you're obsessed with magic and shit but do you have to bring it up every time we hang out? That old prophecy Yama-jii told us as kids was a story. There's no such thing as the First King."

Shiro pouted a little. "Well, you come up with a better idea then."

"The fuck's a Ouija board?" Renji asked, frowning. As a slum kid, they often ran into things he didn't know or had never heard about. When living hand to mouth from a garbage heap, anything that didn't help in surviving wasn't worth attention.

Grimmjow snorted again and stroked his boyfriend's hair. "Actually, s' fuckin' Halloween. S'near midnight—the witchin' hour, yeah? What harm c'n it do ta fuck around wit' the'thing an' 'ave a bit o' fun, babe?"

Ichigo groaned, and rolled his eyes. "Fine. It's not like doing anything with it will actually do anything, but if it makes you happy to push a little wooden triangle around a board for a few minutes, fine."

Shiro, on the other hand was ecstatic. He practically pounced to the floor on the opposite side of the coffee table from the other three. He always got like this when Renji asked about anything related to his obsession with magic. "Fuck, Red! A Ouija board is like THE best way to summon shit like demons! In ancient times wizards an' warlocks an' witches an' shit would draw symbols on the floor to contact the Other Side! An' they'd use stones an' shit to bind the demon to 'em fer a night, fer the week, fer the rest of their lives! It was fuckin' epic!"

The whole time he was opening the box and pulling the pieces out, setting them up, and shoving everything else onto the floor. As he was about to launch into a detailed description of some eviscerating devil or mind-raping curse or something equally as twisted and disturbing, Ichigo cut him off.

"Just set the shit up, Shii."

"Aw, lettim 'ave his fun, Ichi," Grimm coaxed, pulling Ichigo into his chest further. "Thissus 'is time o' year ta shin, babe. It's th'only time o' year 'e gets ta show off his knowledge o' useless bullshit."

Renji ignored the other two to watch Shiro curiously. "So? Ain't ancient times no more an' people don't got magic. Don' know how ta use it if they did."

Shiro grinned and his eyes glinted in the lamp light. "Oh they have magic alright, they just don' know what they're doin' with it."

He was wearing that special expression that meant trouble for Ichigo, which had the orangette rolling his eyes and knocking back a drink of Grimmjow's beer. The whole thing seemed pointless to the art major, but if it made his brother happy, whatever. He watched closely as Shiro positioned the slider and set the box off to the side.

"Now what yer s'posed to do is put yer hands on the triangle and concentrate on a question or a wish or something, an' the spirits from the Other Side'll answer it for ya." Shiro said, reading the instruction book that came with it. He looked all excited, like a child at Christmas. "You do it first , King!"

"Geez." Ichigo rolled his eyes again, and took another drink of his beer. He sat forward, unintentionally grinding his ass against Grimmjow's crotch, put both hands on the slider and with a deadpan expression asked, "Will my brother finally get laid tonight?"

For several moments, they all watched the silent board, waiting for something to happen—anything to happen. Ichigo rolled his eyes again, and Grimmjow smirked, enjoying both the view and the placement of the orangette's hips.

"See? I told you it was stupid. It doesn't do anything unless you push it." Ichigo scoffed, but what he didn't say was that he was putting pressure on the slider and it wouldn't move.

Little did they know how close the Other Side was tonight. Close enough that someone had felt the spiritual 'reaching out' of the board and come to see what they wanted to know of them. Slowly, the wooden triangle began to move, spelling out 'It is a possibility' before stopping squarely in the center, over the eye carved in the board. This spirit had obviously taken a moment to consider before answering.

There was a beat where they all still just stared at the board. Was Ichigo moving it or, was it really something…else? Not a one of them breathed until Ichigo whipped his hands away from the board.


"I told ya, King! All ya gotta do is ask. Here, lemme show ya what I mean." Shiro spun the board so it was facing him, and grinned again. Putting both black-nailed hands on the slider, he closed his eyes, and chanted. "Come Prince of Darkness an' answer my call, Fourth of the Great Ones from yer tower so tall. Claws sharp as daggers an' speed like no other, appear on this plane to my wuss of a brother-"

"Hey!" Ichigo interupted, but Shiro ignored him.

"-Until dawn's bright light you will answer to me. As it is written, SO MOTE IT BE!" Shiro grinned maniacally at the board, with bated breath.

The spirit in question chuckled- so the white one even knew his title. How interesting…he decided to take the Contract. It was only for a night and if necessary there was already a loophole- 'as it is written' in a verbal contract.

The room darkened in spite of all the lights in the small apartment being on. Above the board, a small, horizontally oriented, oval rip, swirling purple and black in the center, appeared. Slowly, it widened and lengthened, and when it was nearly as big as Grimmjow was, something white started to protrude out of the top, and slowly came up two long, twisting white horns. The figure grew in alabaster and ebony. Its head was bowed to its chest, and wrapped around its body were large, vaguely fluffy bat-like wings.

Grimmjow clutched Ichigo tightly to his chest, and Renji hid behind the couch faster than any of the others had ever seen him move. Shiro even freaked out a little as Ichigo clung to Grimmjow's shirt swearing and cursing.

"SHIT! I get it, Shii, I fucking get it! Now fucking get rid of it!"

"I can't! He answered, King. It means he took the Contract." Shiro was leaning back on his hands, staring wide-eyed at what had to be the most beautiful expanse of pure white flesh he'd ever seen aside from his own.

"Indeed," rumbled a deep, toe-curling baritone, "I did."

As it rose fully from the portal, its wings unfurled in a grand display of strength and beauty, just barely not knocking over anything. Eyes still closed, chin still tucked to the now-obviously male chest, one arched, taloned foot took a 'step down' from the portal to the floor, the portal disappearing as the second foot came to rest beside it. For being a demon, he was elegant. Poised. Even dainty. Of course, being a flying creature, his balance was expected to be excellent, and it was, but his entire posture was perfect, straight and tall. In his chest, where his sternum should have been, was a round, perfect hole the size of a fist, 'blood' marks running thick and black down his chest. Finally, his tail unwound, whipping out into the room where it knocked over a lamp, which shattered loudly. At the sound he raised his chin and opened the most dazzling poison-green eyes ever to grace any world. He surveyed his surroundings with vague curiosity.

Shiro was instantly star-struck. He panted. He couldn't help it. Porcelain skin, powerful wings, sinewy tail, long twisting horns-he was EVERYTHING the book had and more. And...was that...? Shiro tilted his head to the side, gold eyes running up and down the curvature of delicate muscle and followed the powerful, wicked talons up graceful legs covered in fur as black as pitch, to hips that were covered in the same.

"Heh..." The albino perv chuckled. "Yer nekkid."

The demon's eyes skidded over and past the Bright Ones, found Shiro and stopped. This was the Holder. And he had addressed him. He looked down at himself, then raised an eyebrow. "I have fur," he replied flatly. Then he tilted his head slightly. "What manner of demon are you? It is Written that no demon may summon another."

"Oh for Kami's sake, Shiro. Put your tongue back in your mouth! And he's not a demon. He's my twin brother." Ichigo looked nervously from the creature to his twin and back again, still clutching Grimmjow's shirt and keeping his feet tucked up onto the couch, like the childish belief that the evil thing wouldn't be able to get him if he didn't touch the floor.

Shiro could do nothing but leer. Under the fur, he was sure, lay things he'd never had to play with before, and he wanted to play. He wanted nothing more than to play. Catching the look on his twin's face, Ichigo shuddered and closed his eyes in a grimace. He certainly hoped this 'demon' was strong enough.

"Kami has no place here," Ulquiorra replied, "but your brother is correct. Put that blue appendage away. It is unseemly." Ulquiorra then nodded to Ichigo. "Gracias, hermano del sol." Demons often collected a number of languages over their years. Then Ulquiorra gave Shiro one last look and disappeared. The only clue to where and how he had gone was the suddenly wide-open window letting in the chill night air.

Oh no...oh no...oh no...Ichigo stared at the window, a slow chuckle brought his attention to his brother. "No...Shii"

The albino grinned wider, a psychotic bent coming to his features.

"Shii..." Ichigo started uncurl himself from Grimmjow's lap as his brother rolled onto all fours. "SHII! NO!"

The twins met eyes and both shook their heads in opposite directions. The albino's muscles bunched.

"NO, SHII!...SHIRO!" His cries were ineffectual as his brother cocked his grin sideways, and a small hiss was heard. "At least..."

Shiro burst through the window.

"...use the door..." Ichigo slumped against Grimmjow's chest. "Damnit."

Grimmjow clung to his lover, staring at the damn board as if it was possessed. "...tha's it. I'm burnin' tha' thing," he declared, already going for his lighter. "An' all'a rest o' Shiro's magic shit."

"Ack!" Ichigo grabbed his boyfriend's hand. "Do you know what kind of pissy-fit he'd throw if you did that!? He's gotta least write his thesis on this shit or his entire college career will be for nothing. You know he's a mythology major!" The squirming brought to Ichigo's attention just what sitting in the blunette's lap had done to him. A slow smirk crossed his face, and he drew one hand from his boyfriend's wrist up his arm to cup his chin, thumbing under the edge of what was left of the skeletal mask he'd plastered to his face just for the aforementioned child-scaring. "Besides...Grimmy, I wanna summon something."

Grimmjow stared at him in complete disbelief. "You want to—but—he—we—for the love of—what are you thinking?!" He didn't let go of the lighter, frowning deeply.

Ichigo gave an evil giggle, and snatched up the slider. He held it in both hands, away from the board, "I summon the human, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, to my bedroom to be my sex slave until either he passes out or I do." He bit his lip, and tossed the wooden triangle, "That is, if he can catch me." And he dashed off down the hallway towards the room the two vibrant-haired males shared.

"You...uh...FUCK! I've been summoned!" Leaping to his feet, a perverted grin cracking his features Grimmjow abandoned the board completely to chase his demonically-fast little lover without another thought to any of the shit that had just happened. He had an Ichigo to fuck stupid!

Renji peeked from behind the couch. "...Goddamn it. Left behind. Again."

The slightly dimmed lamp light glinted conspicuously on the crystal window of the wooden triangle where it lay on the edge of the board, almost as though it wanted Renji to play with it. Cautiously, the tattooed redhead slunk forward, picking it up and placing it on the board, in the center, where Ulquiorra had left it. Then, frowning, he gave it a try. Hesitantly.

"Uh...I don' know if anyone is listenin'...or even cares...but if someone is, I'd like som'un ta keep me company fer a while...so long's it's not some spirit 'at's gunna try ta eat, maul, or ya know, generally cause harm ta me. S' kinna lonely bein' th' only one wit'out somebody ta be with...or in Shiro's case, ta be playin' with."

There was a childish giggle, but the room didn't darken as it had before. A cloud of mist, white and fluffy, started growing out of the crystal, by the time the cloud was man-sized, a delicate hand with bright silver claws emerged from it. The arm followed and then a second hand, followed by the second arm, walking out of the mist, pulling the body of what appeared to be a fox-boy. The silver-haired head appeared at that point, large conical ears twitching this way and that, and a closed-eyed grin accompanied the face. The creature walked on his hands across the table to Renji's knees and began walking up his body, hover its own mostly fur-covered body mere inches from Renji's. Suddenly a tail appeared from the mist curled to the left. A second bushy fox-tail curled to the right, forming a heart above the creature's head, and finally the mist dissolved to reveal long furry legs, much like Ulquiorra's before, and a third tail that wagged happily.

"Mah! Hi there, Tiger." He purred.

Renji, pressed with his back to the floor, gave a little sound he would later deny was a squeak. "Uh…hi," he replied, russet eyes blinking rapidly as he tried to comprehend the creature on his lap.

The creature licked his lips. "Ya c'n call me Gin, like mah hair." His ears flicked, and he instantly went for the belt buckle of Renji's jeans.

Renji squealed and clapped his hands to said belt to prevent him. "That doesn't even make sense—and keep your hands off that!"

"Aww, but I wan' play! Wouldja like me better like this?" A shiver rippled through Gin, and suddenly size D-cup breasts were pressed against Renji's chest, and shapely hips and legs straddled his lap, while all three tails swayed happily—just as naked as the creature had been as a male. The only thing covering now-her modesty was a strategically placed patch of fur like a built-in bikini.

The poor human's brain shorted out as his eyes went wide and his body spazzed for a moment before he flushed the same color as his hair and slammed his eyes shut. "EEP, No! No, no, no, change back, change back!"

"Ooh! So ya like me better as a boy? Prrrr!" She rippled again and became the male who'd first appeared from the mist. Now though his position brought his fur covered crotch in contact with Renji's jean-clad one, and he ground his hips seductively.

Renji rolled over and pinned him with his hips and hands. "I…uh…belay tha', will ya! Christ ya move fast," he muttered, looming over the smaller male, eyes burning down into Gin's as he held him down, seductive and powerful.

The answer he received was a vibrating purr, and the up-to-now-closed eyes slit open to reveal the brightest ice blue orbs he'd ever seen. "Course I do. 'M a kitsune! A sex demon."