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The skies over the Shrine became turbulent and clouds gathered, fat, heavy and rolling. At first everything darkened, making the caretakers gather the children and head for the converted chapel for safety. Then the wind picked up, rattling the branches of the trees and for all intents and purposes becoming a real storm-in-the-making. Dry leaves swept along the ground, the chill October air making them brittle and fragile. Electricity sparked between the clouds, not real lightning but the precursor that made hair stand up on end. Then, all at once, sunlight punched through the center of the clouds, directly over the courtyard circle, highlighting the gathered artifacts. Not a one of them was disturbed by the winds whipping around outside the light, not even the griffin feathers. Within that circle everything was deathly calm, a muted sort of expectation, with pale, autumnal sunshine just waiting to be warmed.

At the four quarters—North, West, East and South—the four horsemen—Conquest, Death, War and Famine—at the same moment made moves of seduction on their mates—The King, The Mage, The Jester, and The Paladin. A single mind possessed them, led by Famine, as the conduit of power to the Paladin's Creation. A heavily pregnant pause stretched through the cosmos as the universe and reality itself held its breath.

The first to break this anticipation were, as always, Conquest and the King. The orange-haired monarch arched his back, moaning as his lover's claws stripped him bare in a single swipe, leaving his flesh exposed to be worshiped.

And worshiped he was, magical bindings holding him in a design more complicated than any shibari master could create—where he couldn't move any muscle but his dick, except to breathe and shout. Such a binding would have been impossible with physical rope, and it was an extra-special treat as well, because since Ichigo had become King and there had been so goddamn much to do, Grimmjow had never had the time to tie him up and ravish him properly. Now, though, he did not care if there was work to be done. He had a conquest, right here in his bed, and he was damn well going to make time to enjoy him to the fullest!

The claws stayed to scratch the lightest, most intricate lines into the monarch's skin as he licked and suckled Ichigo's manhood. He didn't need to be patient, not with the director behind the scenes. That one would ensure all the power gathered at the appropriate moment.

"Mmnah! Grrrrimmm...!" The orangette was already moaning and panting.

How he'd missed this! His body writhed in his bonds, muscles twitching and length drooling copiously. It didn't matter that he was the King, Ichigo was still Ichigo, with the same quirks and kinks and desires. But no matter how many times he tried to explain this, to make it clear, no one seemed to understand. Least of all his mate. It frustrated him to no end, and being bound, even by magical rope, drove that frustrated part of him almost directly into subspace. Oh, blessed subspace, how long had it been since he'd tasted it!? Silently, he begged for Grimmjow to send him there. Show him for once and for all that he was still the blue-haired feline's submissive, no matter what their positions were outside of the bedroom.

Grimmjow smirked, and nipped at the oh-so-sensitive insides of his mate's spread-open thighs. "That's right. Who d'ya belong ta?"

His pupils were dilated so wide there was nothing but a ring of cerulean to show he even had an iris, and his stance, though kneeling, was distinctly predatory as he demanded confirmation of what he already knew—Ichigo was his, and would always be, right on into eternity.

"Y-you...always...you." Ichigo provided that confirmation, curling his toes and arching his back further, longing to return to the burning depths of his Consort's mouth. There was no ring, but through willpower he hoped he could at least hold out until his lover was inside him.

The panther's pupils blew all the way—nothing was left but the black as he exchanged one paw for a hand and magically lubed it, sliding two fingers into his wonderfully submissive mate. The third and fourth were added in quick succession, barely taking the time needed to stretch him. Conquest was impatient as hell, but not so far gone as to let himself harm his mate.

"Good boy, an' who owns ya, hm? Who keeps yer soul an' yer heart?" His ears were up, tail lashing. The second he answered Grimmjow was taking him, because he was stretched now and he couldn't wait any longer.

"Ny~AH!" The orangette was crying with pleasure, fingertips pressing against his prostate. His own hands clenched behind his head, "YOU! Master! Please! AH! T-take me..." He begged, tunnel trying to milk the hand penetrating him.

The cat didn't even have the mind left to reply, not after Ichigo had called him 'Master' for the first time in eighteen years. He just pulled his fingers out, took the orangette's hips in his strong hands, lifted him, and impaled him, hard and quick and rougher than usual. It was fortunate for the lithe body under him that the lube prevented any real harm…

"I've made ya sex-obsessed, Ulqui..."

That was the nickname only Shiro was allowed to use, and only in the bedroom, as the albino slipped his nails through that sensitive fur around under his lover's tail. He'd never try to top unless the bat wanted him to, but that didn't mean he couldn't tease. So, he exploited every weakness and hot-spot he knew, adding his teeth to the pale collar bone above him. He nipped the skin, then licked the wound in mock apology.

"Yes you damn well have and I have not had a chance to sex you up in a month and a half. A month and a half, Shii, after how rotten you've spoiled me over the years that is too long to tolerate," Ulquiorra gasped, voice lowering to a husky growl as his wings created a cage around them, letting in only the barest light.

In a single quick movement Shiro's clothes were gone, folded neatly on a nearby chair—he would never ruin those power-channeling robes, not when it had taken Shiro so long to stitch each rune by hand—and his fur was parting eagerly to let his cock slide out, hard and slick with want of his mate and lover. Tail lashing, he then did something he typically tried not to because it drove them both wild—he 'closed the cage'. His wings formed a complete and total bubble of blackness, the only thing visible the glow of his green eyes, but after a moment the light of those, too, blinked out. They had the most intense sex when he did this, when they could not see, only touch and taste and listen.

The albino let out a cackle, and his hands drifted around to paw at the fur, running his fingers through it, never coming quite close enough to touch the weeping manhood. He only teased, fully intending on driving his lover wild before giving in to the want, the need he felt himself. A subtle pulse of magic ran through his body. He simply couldn't do anything without it anymore, even breathing tended to pull and push on the flow of power about the Shrine. So, when the Mage had sex...the entire city felt it. Outside of the 'cage' bolts of electric green shimmered across the ebony surface, setting Ulquiorra's nerves on fire…

The pounce Gin initiated from the doorway, knocked his tiger off balance through the air, bluntly clawed hands grasping his shoulders and paw-shaped feet coming up to wrap around the redhead's waist. "Miiiiinnnne~!"

Renji was thrust back onto the bed, yelping in surprise as his hair fanned around him in complete disarray like a crimson halo. "G-gin?!"

The kitsune's muzzle immediately descended on the ebony lines tattooed into his mate's skin, licking and nipping. "Been," kiss, "too long," nibble, "hungrrry," lick, "need mate..." He dissolved into a series of grumbling canine noises as he worked up the column of War's neck to nuzzle under the sensitive fur around the elongated ear on his good side.

The redhead shuddered and melted into a puddle, tail curling, ears flattening underneath the abrupt onslaught of his mate's starved pheromones. Abstaining from sex completely was most definitely the worst thing they could have done to avoid having more cubs. As such he hadn't been prepared, had no defense, and was immediately hard and ready, pawing with echoed need at his mate, eyes glazed.

Taking the feeling of unsheathed feline claws in his fur as consent, Gin wriggled his way down to his lover's manhood, licking and sucking, taking the length fully into his mouth immediately. Energy coursed through the Second's power lines like the dam had broken on an over-full reservoir. That first climax was anything but orgasmic, full of Essence with none of the relief. It was one of the kitsune's tricks, though he hadn't been at this level of starvation since before Marking and Awakening his Horseman…

As soon as the blond's Flit-reaction calmed, Aizen grinned down at his naked mate and fluttered his pinkish-purple wings. "So…what do you say we do this quick, dirty and rough for a change?"

Closing his eyes for a moment, Shinji checked the status of the spell and the other pairs, "Since we're already behind, that would probably be a good idea. Want me on my knees then?"

The butterfly pulled up one hand to nip at his wrist mating Mark. "Oh yes. No deprivation for you tonight, so I'll have to make up for the intensity of your orgasm some other way."

The blond shivered, that place was still so sensitive. He wasn't used to it yet, and the sensations ran straight through him, making his cock twitch. A twittering laugh gave him the strength to pull back and climb on to the bed, shaking his posterior seductively…

The King, reduced to the submissive he had been before all of this, cried out again in pleasure. So full, so hot, so tight. He was stretched and filled and Dominated. He didn't think his cock could get harder but it pulsed. He'd only last so long, slamming his hips against the rhythm Grimmjow made as best he could within his restraints.

"P-please...n-need to...ah...nyah...c-cum...ngh!"

The Consort was thoroughly owning him with quick, deep, hard thrusts, his lovemaking as feral as his current mindset really, and he nipped at a clear spot on Ichigo's neck with a growl-purr.

"You come with me," Grimmjow hissed the order, skin slapping as his tail thrashed to keep his balance…

Ulquiorra's feral snarl was compounded by the sheets tearing under his claws and his tail wrapping around the albino's dick as a living cock ring, the fluff tickling the sweet spot behind his balls. Then, without warning, Ulquiorra's mouth was on, him, everywhere, and so were his hands, claws scraping to draw little beads of blood and murmuring in some long-dead language bouncing around the blackness.

That brought a halt to the Mage's teasing. He simply couldn't concentrate on being tortured, containing his magic, and giving back as good as he got all at the same time. Since containing his magic was more important than driving his lover crazy, he had to abandon himself to the sensations of being devoured in all the right ways. He moaned, biting his lip and hiking his hips to get more of that sensation behind his scrotum.

One hand disappeared, and returned to slip one finger with a sort of wicked gentleness inside him—a month and a half was quite a while. Worse, the Fourth knew this sort of soft fingering drove his Mage crazy. It made him wait longer than necessary for his pleasure, he hated that and yet loved it all the once as well.

"Ngh!" Shiro cried out, fingers digging into the fur at his mate's hips. He didn't dare move like he wanted to. Moving meant the bat would go more slowly, but if he just let it happen, he hoped his lover would get impatient and too needy to hold back anymore. Then he'd get the kind of rough, mind-blowing sex that created scratches and bite marks and curled his toes in ways that no one else could.

The bat continued to roam all over his lover's body as the second finger was added and scissored gingerly. His other hand and his mouth, however, were another story. Nipping, laving, pulling, little dots of pain soon soothed by a hot tongue—a quick-and-hard counterpoint to the stretching happening below.

It really was torture, exquisite, soul-numbing torture. Little squeaks and moans were all the coherency the Mage could handle, as his control slipped further. Outside the cage each pain created sparks in the lightning. Each spike in pleasure created a new bolt running around the surface of the 'cage' like the inside of a Tesla orb. The bright contrast to the interior was in direct correlation with just how aroused the Shiro was. A month and a half was a long time for him too.

By the time Death was up to four fingers his mouth had changed to attacking his mate's nipples and his tail had started to tap the albino's scrotum in impatient need. This was going to be a quick one, fast and hard and dirty just like the albino liked it.

One more bite, one more thrust, one more anything and the Mage would do what he'd sworn he never would...beg. Bottom he was, and proud of it, but he had his masculinity! However, at this level...with that much going through his system...oh he was damn tempted! His lip once again tucked firmly between his teeth, his hands bruisingly gripping his lover's hips, and his heels planted firmly on the bed between the 'fingers' of the bat's wings.

Ulquiorra's fingers slid over his prostate as he gave his ribs another bite, already casting the spell that would slick his cock as his free hand massaged his lover's tailbone.

"Oh!" His control snapped, electric green filled the room, pulling, pressing, demanding to be released, just like his orgasm. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S UNHOLY PUT IT IN! Except that the sentence physically came out more like, "Frrrr th'...Mmph...jus'...ffffuuuuck..." but that was what the Mage meant.

Laughing, the bat did just that, removing his fingers and replacing them with his cock in a single motion that filled his lover to the brim. "Resorting to...hnn...Directing me, are we? Now you know you shouldn't do that," he gave a single, distinct thrust. "I tend to get...resistant when you order me…"

Renji hissed, hips bucking into the silver-haired male's mouth as he leaked free, Essence-laden pearly drops as his toes curled and he snarled curses and oaths, being drawn towards a second, not-quite-false peak all too quickly.

Blazing, ice blue eyes caught and held the mismatched cinnamon and crimson of his lover, the vulpine's spell firmly locked in place. Frost gathered on the windows, and their breath became visible as Gin dug his claws into the redhead's thighs, pulling and sucking, drawing his Essence in gulps that forced his throat to close around the tiger's cock.

The Second loosed a snarling roar that shook the loose stones in their ceiling, dust filtering down like frozen diamonds in the air, and he erupted like a volcano in his mate's waiting muzzle, gone feral in the act of Feeding. As predicted when his Essence was drained, none of the tension left his body, leaving him just as hard, his power swirling, frustrated by being held back. He was panting, sweating, and gave a little whining grumble in the back of his throat that betrayed his discomfort. It was like having a cock ring on, but feeling like he'd gotten off somehow anyway.

Pulling back gently, because he was acutely aware of just how sensitive he'd made his mate, Gin licked his lips and tenderly cleaned the last drops of Essence from the tiger's barbed length. His flexible tongue soothed the heat, through cool, almost menthol laps that left a thick, slippery substance only kitsune could produce that was designed to act as both lubricant and as an aphrodisiac, enhancing and prolonging the pleasure.

Renji twitched with every lick. He was ramrod hard, and reduced to a mewling lump of flesh, spurred to such arousal he was nearly crying with want. His eyes crossed with pleasure as he watched the silver fox-man use every bit of tenderness he could to crawl up his lover's body. Gentle kisses. Mint-flavored bites where his sharp teeth barely grazed the skin. And that tongue, spreading that intoxicating salve, until he was level with the tiger's mouth. A questioning purr and a nuzzle under the redhead's chin, and the vulpine waited. From the very beginning he swore he'd never take anything without his mate's permission. He would not cross that line, not matter how distant that last human life was now.

So it was automatic after having been together for almost two decades, that the tiger pawed at Gin's tails, rumbling, "Mineeeee." His claws combing through the fur teasingly, he added in a sibilant hiss, "Wwaaaaannnt."

The redhead's hips bucked up to rub their members together, and the pool of heat, aided by the Essence, burned within the kitsune. He whined, latching onto that same crimson ear as he hitched his hips to bring himself into alignment. It was often this way, which was the other reason he used his saliva instead of magic. Neither of them could wait for preparation, and the vulpine punctuated that by seating himself almost immediately after feeling the first brush against his entrance.

War howled out and thrust up into him to meet that motion, and immediately began pounding in a hard, wild rhythm like an animal. He couldn't help himself—Gin reduced him to a creature of insatiable lust and need. In response to a particularly rough bite on his ear, the tiger flipped them over so he could drive into the kitsune harder and deeper…

The Third smirked, sliding his hand around the narrow curve of his mate's hip, and recited another spell in a husky version Ancient Greek tainted with his own lust. Abruptly Shinji was stretched, lubed, and ready to go, causing the Paladin to gasp, looking over his shoulder in surprise. That was another thing the young previously oblivious college student had yet to get used to.

Still smirking, the brunette climbed on the bed behind his lover, positioning himself and nipping at his spine gently. Shivers ran down the column of nerves and bones in anticipation of the delirious fullness only the butterfly could provide. Shinji arched his back, pressing against his lover with both spine and entrance.

Aizen joined to him in one deep thrust, but held still a moment just to savor the feeling before he started at a quick pace. Intent on working his mate into the same lust frenzy as the others his fluttered his wings, showering them with dust while he licked and nipped at the pale flesh beneath him.

Shinji inhaled the love powder and moaned, leaning back into his heart's embrace. His hair fell into his eyes as he began to pant, matching the rhythm the butterfly set by rocking on his knees and pressing with his hands. His toes curled and beneath them, a pearl of precome began to build at the tip of his length.

The brunette pressed his wings against his lover's skin, purring and grunting in exertion, nipping and licking, his hands groping everywhere. One hand eventually wandered down to wrap firmly around the blond's cock.

"Nyah!" The fingers around his member finally broke the Paladin's attempt at drawing it out. He dug his fingers into the sheet as he alternatively thrust into Aizen's hand and impaled himself on the butterfly's shaft.

Aizen's self-satisfied smile spoke volumes, and he thrust harder, quicker, knees and toes digging into the bed…

Ichigo whimpered, vibrating with need, and his eyes rolled back into his head, his chin tilted up as high as it could go against the pressure of his wrists. He was so close...but that order...it'd be so terribly long since anyone had given him orders, let alone his husband. It sent shockwaves down his spine and he tried desperately to answer, though the words weren't coming out coherently.

Grimmjow nipped him again, growling as he approached his peak, closer and quicker with every thrust. "Who is your Master?!" It was a roar as he tensed and stabbed into his mate's prostate, just about ready to tumble over that edge.

"Y-you are...nyah! M-master..." The orangette panted, begging again, "P-please..."

The panther rammed as deep as he could get and burst, a violent column of bright blue magic ripping through the room like a tidal wave. Immediately the King's orgasm followed, the Royal Magic—the stuff that fed his Directives—poured out of him in sunset orange merging with his Consort's. Together it slammed into the Ley Line and raced down the channels, into the Circle, powered by the sheer force and energy of their combined climax…

In the absolute blackness, Shiro froze in momentary panic and he actually whimpered. It wasn't supposed to have come out as a Directive, but...it felt...so good...he squirmed. His eyes glowed faintly in apology, but the flicker only served to show exactly how needy he was, as it glinted off the tip of his member where precome bubbled up and out in a sticky tear.

Death bent and kissed his mate gently accepting the Reversal for what it was, then started to thrust. Compared to his preferred sedate pace, which drew the pleasure out, this was quick, even punishing, except his mate certainly did not feel punished by it.

The albino simply rode the rhythm. His blood pounded in his ears, and his cock pulsed in the bat's tail. He was already so very close. That intense slamming of his prostate did nothing to curb the cliff that threatened to take away even his ability to feel, which was the only sense he had left.

Soon a high, whining 'keen', one that got higher and louder the closer he got to his edge, filled the space of their 'cage, the bat's wing muscles seizing, tail spasming where it was still clamped.

"Ul...qi...gotta...Mnph! Yer gonna...'round my..." Shiro was stuttering, his sack pulled up tight against his body, release only held back by that clenching black band of fur and muscle.

An unholy screech signaled the Fourth's end and his wings and tail flared, which was probably all that kept them from going deaf as his black magic streamed out of him in a whirlwind, the sudden light and sound only adding to the complete bliss that was climax. The Mage followed him as soon as the tail was released. Thick jets of magic-heavy spunk lit up the space between them in that same electric green as it splattered across his chest. The black of Death stole the albino's green the way only the end of Life could as it sank into the Ley Line, out into the courtyard to join the others in the circle…

The moment Gin's head his the pillows, the Jester wrapped all four limbs around his mate, digigrade heels digging into the redhead's hips for leverage and blunt claws gripping his shoulders for stability as the smaller male used the bounce of the bed to meet that furious pace with a howl.

War bit and suckled his mating mark, snarling and growling like his feral cousins. He hammered his fox's prostate, thrusting so hard the bed squealed and creaked in protest.

The kitsune felt his body tensing, the relentless pace pushing him toward oblivion and he began to squeak with every breath, high pitched, yipping bark-like noises that signaled his impending release.

Renji bit hard and thrust deep, digging his claws into the plush fur of the vulpine's hips as he snarled and emptied himself. His magic roared into an inferno that engulfed the room in heat. Gin's previous frost was all that kept the very bedclothes from catching flame. It dove into the Ley Line, crackling with the sheer power of War at its purest.

Like a sword dunked in cold water, Gin's release flew from him in a gush of steam, the semen immediately evaporating due to the way the two polar opposites collided. His own magic, including the hard won Essence he'd just eaten, was pulled along with War's with all the force of a blizzard.

He panted heavily, and mumbled against the redhead's neck, "M gonna hafta Feed ag'in...damnit…"

"Ah...ah...ah...Gonna...So...so...Mmph." Shinji panted heavily, the power of the others around him adding to his all-too-quickly building climax. At this point he'd have loved to have stopped but the spell demanded completion, he could feel it in his soul.

Creation on this level required every ounce of power that could be wrung from all of them, and Famine was doing his best to provide it. His wings started a vibrating hum as he got closer and close to his own end.

In rapid succession, the blond felt the Ley Lines light up—North, West, East—as the pairs around them climaxed. Soon...so terribly, terribly soon. He could no longer see straight, every thrust was a shower of multi-colored sparks through his mind. He cried out in some language. He wasn't even sure which one, but it released the spell.

Aizen swore as power gripped his core, ripping his release from him as though it wished to pull the marrow in his bones through his dick. His magic exploded in a glittering rainbow swirl, flaring out in the exact shape of his wings high and wide before being snatched forcefully by the Ley Line. Somehow he had the presence of mind to remember Shinji needed to climax as well—the spell needed all eight of them to contribute. So, he added the tip of one claw to the slit in the blond's glans.

"NngGAH!" Shinji came almost as hard as his mate.

Sounding, they had discovered ever since that very first time, was something that the blond simply could not resist. Especially when it was anything similar in size to the way Aizen's length had felt in his tiny, butterfly form, as the full-sized version's claws were.

Like a river of gold, the power of the Paladin coursed through the Ley Line, snatching up his mate's chromatic magic as it went. Down, deep into the bowels of the earth beneath the Shrine, it poured until it reached the pool in the middle of the Circle. Then, like a petroleum well, the sunshine energy engulfed the other three Ley Lines, surging toward the surface, unhindered and unstoppable. If any of them had doubts about completing this spell, it was too late to do anything about them. It was the coming of a second dawn as the courtyard was flooded from below, each of the artifacts surrounded and lifted into the air to give them the space to grow into the full sized beasts they'd once been. Dragons, manticore, mermaids, sirens, unicorns, sphinx, chimera, pegasi, on and on and on, until a pair of each creature suitable for breeding was enclosed in its own embryonic, magical bubble. The orbs flew into the air above the Shrine, directed unconsciously by the Paladin in his mind-numb afterglow, and all at once, in a pulse of pleasure that rocked through all eight members of the Court, the amorphous cloud of power exploded, rocketing each pair of beasts around the world.

A great shuddering rippled through reality, as if an ancient key had turned in a primordial lock, completing a puzzle that stretched to the both ends of the fabric of time itself. The cosmos gave a tremendous sigh as it vibrated quite literally with the forceful Order.