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He was…..beautiful. His honey blonde/amber hair spilled down his shoulders in shiny waves. His body was magnificent, defined in muscle no mortal man or woman could ever achieve, or even hope to achieve. His cold ice-blue eyes were memorizing.

Lucinda couldn't take her eyes off him. Then she heard it. It swirled all around her, a song that she didn't remember ever hearing. But the words came to her head as if she knew them off by heart. This song. She thought. I must have heard it in one of my other lives. But she didn't feel so sure. She began to hum it,

Of all the pairs the Throne endorsed

None rose to burn as bright

As Lucifer, the Morning star,

And Lucinda, his evening light.

The words echoed through her already deeply confused head.

Lucinda his evening light.

Her whole body began to feel sick, like she was somehow dirty.

Then she realized that Lucifer had written this song.

She was…NO! She had been his lover.


I was standing near the Throne. Master had been gone a while. I heard a soft fluttering noise behind me. I looked around and saw Lucifer land ever so gently next to me.

I embraced him in a hug, and then he began to kiss my collar bone. He then moved upwards towards my mouth. When our lips meet it was like electric currents were shooting through my whole body. It was an amazing kiss, my first. He held me his wings caressing mine.

"Our love is endless. There can be nothing else" Lucifer whispered in my ears softly.

When we had kissed we were the only ones to ever experiment love and affection beyond God, our Lord.

"Say you adore me." Lucifer whispered affectionately.

"There is only adoration for the Throne" I replied.

His face darkened.

"It doesn't have to be." He protested.

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