Chapter One

"Just kill it Des. Kill the ugly fat prick." Mr Rajind crawled across the floor of the small Tescos, his little eyes magnified hugely by the glasses he was wearing. Well, not so much wearing, but letting dangle loosely and uselessly off his large nose. He didn't need them to hunt, and He didn't need them to kill. All he needed was his nose to sniff out the children when went into his shop to find food. Good luck. He laughed, a chain of grunts, and then, fixed his nose on the boys in front of him. He recognised one of them from down the road. At least he thought he did. More like he recognised the smell of him. Cigarettes and smoke. He had heard the other boy call him Des. His ears still worked, and even though blocked up with earwax they proved to let in what he needed to hear. Like the voices of young children perhaps. Or their screams. "Seriously Des, kill him. We aint going to find no food here. Never. Stupid adults took all of it before they realised that they liked human flesh, innit. Kill him and get it over with soon. Its getting well dark." The boy called Des raised the baseball bat he was holding and stopped. "Whats the point. He's not going to get us anyway. We might as well leave him."

"Des, are you mental?"

"Its just-"

"Just what Des? He your boyfriend or something?"

"Hes Mr Rajind, Nik. He gave us free stuff when we went on his paper round."

"Your getting sentimental about a Yob, Des. Look, ill do it for gods sake." Nik took the bat from Des, raised it above his head and brought it down on the Adults head, cracking the skull and killing him. "Come on. " Des took one last look at Mr Rajind, lying on the floor in his own filth and thought that maybe Nik was right, and he was getting sentimental about a Yob. He ran out of the shop after his brother and dismissed the thought.