Hello! Welcome to my new multi chap. This is based off the song of the same name by Tool - with a much more macabre twist. I really hope you like it, and please let me know what you think :).

Big thank you to GermanAkice (Mary-Alice-Brandon-Cullen on ) for betaing this for me - she's amazing!

Chapter 1

Sapphire walls made of silk encapsulate the exquisite boudoir, so at odds with the rest of the hotel, which seems to crumble day by day. There are no mould stains here, no water spots or moth eaten drapes. Here is decadence, a lush room filled with dark wood, heavy silk and dripping candles. Perhaps it is cliché, but no matter.

In an adjoining room all is cold, metal walls all grey in the flickering light from the ten CRT monitors stacked above an industrial desk. The chair squeaks as its occupant rocks back and forth, mouth twisted with glee. Her black eyes watch, hungry for more, as the final guest chokes on his last breath, brown eyes rolling to the ceiling before his body collapses to the floor, dead.

Minutes go by, and the macabre smile fades. The porcelain features relax, before a brow creases and black eyes lighten to crimson. Nails tap an impatient rhythm on the desk, as though she is waiting for the very dead guest to revive himself. It isn't going to happen.

"Well that was fun," a chirpy voice fills the room. Crimson eyes roll, of course Isabel would be happy with the performance.

"But now it's over, and I'm bored," the chair's occupant, Bella, replies. Their voices are eerily similar with the same bell like tone.

Isabel pushes brown hair over her shoulder, gazing longingly at the television screens. "So send out the invites."

Bella nods as she swings in the chair and marches into the deep blue room, her bedroom. Upon the chest of drawers, nestled within scattered perfume bottles, and ivory combs, are seven crisp envelopes. Within each envelope is an invitation, inviting a chosen few to the hotel, for four days of mystery and intrigue. Of course, Bella thinks with a smile as she winds her way through the hotel to the post-box, none of them know that they'll never leave this place.

A storm is rolling in when she finally reaches the red box at the end of the street. There used to be other houses here, large Victorian structures, but they've been abandoned over time, until all that is left is a street full of ruins, leaving only Bella's dark brick hotel standing proud at the end. Rain pounds the broken pavement as she wanders back, in less than a fortnight she shall have a house full of guests again, and her vicarious cycle can begin once more.

She can't wait.