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Tony Stark x Higurashi Kagome

"That's just so... weird."

She honestly didn't mean to denounce his sudden request, but she couldn't help but to blurt out the words immediately after thinking them.

"You think it's weird?" Tony smirked, raising his brow, seemingly not affected by her negative reaction, "I'd say the weirdest porn comes from Japan and you think what I said is weird?"

"It is to me," Kagome flushed a little, knowing he was right about the whole porn thing, "I mean, I know there is quite an age difference between us, but what you want is pretty strange." She admitted, hoping he wasn't too offended.

Then again, he was Tony 'Fucking' Stark – she doubted he could even get offended in the first place.

"It's a pretty common fantasy, but maybe just among Western men?" Tony thought out loud, "Would it really be that difficult for you to call me 'Daddy'?"

The whole 'Daddy' kink... she didn't understand it at all.

"What's with the sudden interest in incest role play?" Kagome shot back at her teammate and boyfriend, "Are you already past the bondage phase you had going on last month?" If he was, she was certainly glad for that, considering she hated losing control in any situation due to some certain past experiences in feudal Japan.

But since Tony had seemed so into it, she had relented her control over her body and tried her damnedest to get over her discomfort in doing so.

What she had learned from BDSM, was that she preferred femdom and male submission over the usual role of being the girl all tied up...




Aaaaand moving on...

"As I said, it's a common fantasy for older men, I guess," Tony shrugged, catching her look before she could say anything, "And no, I'm not saying I'm old or anything!"

Kagome appeared thoughtful, "So you're saying it is common?" She smiled at him impishly, "Next time I see Agent Coulson, should I call him 'Daddy' too? Would he like that?"

Just imaging how their 'handler' would react to that was already worth it.

"Hell no!" Tony growled impressively for a human, "I'm your only Daddy, Sweetheart," His hand was caressing her shoulder seductively now, "And you're being a naughty little girl. Should Daddy punish you?"

Kagome snickered because it just sounded so damn weird to her, "If you want to act out some incest role play, then it should be as my older brother." She stated, much to his surprise.

"Older brother?" Tony blinked, narrowing his eyes a second later, "You mean like your whole little 'Onii-chan' thing you have going for Taisho?" Jealousy was clearly in his voice, "Are you a Brocon?"

"No, I really call Sesshoumaru Onii-chan because it annoys him," Kagome snickered at the thought, "And he kind of is like an older brother to me, I suppose. A really, really, really aloof one who pisses me off a lot."

"So why big brother then?" Tony leaned over her, "I think Daddy is a little more... mainstream in the West."

"That's my reason," Kagome said, "Brother and sister incest is a very common theme in H-manga back in Japan, so it's a lot more normal to me," She looked thoughtful again, "I'm pretty sure my mom caught Souta hoarding incest manga once."

Tony's brow twitched at the thought, not liking the implications of that, "Little brat." He muttered, blinking when Kagome suddenly pounced on him, pushing him down to the bed.

"Big Brother, I want you~"

Tony grinned at the mischievous look in her sultry blue eyes.

Maybe being 'Big Brother' wasn't so bad after all...