If the looks Bellatrix and Hermione were given as they stepped onto Platform Nine and Three Quarters were anything to go by, neither they nor their three children were welcome there.

Bella had her hand on their eldest's shoulder. He would be going back to Hogwarts for his second year as a Gryffindor. It was shocking how much he resembled Hermione in his features – although his jet black hair was definitely provided by his older mother. Baelfire Black is what they had named him – Bae for short. He grinned as he rushed off with his friends.

Regina Black, the middle child, was shaking like a leaf. This would be her first year at the Wizarding school.

After her older brother disappeared, both her mothers crouched down in front of her and her younger sister leant against Hermione.

"Mums… I'm nervous." She whispered.

"Well don't be." The muggle-born mother reassured her. "Everything's going to be fine. We'll write every week." She tucked a stray black curl behind her ear.

"Have you got everything, sweetie?" Bella asked as Hermione stood up. Regina nodded.

The younger witch held tight to their youngest daughter's hand – Quorra, who would be off to Hogwarts the next year – as her ex best friends, Harry and Ron, approached.

"Looking young, Lestrange." Harry muttered coldly.

"Yes, well, you can thank my wife's de-aging potion for that. And it's Black now, thank you very much." She stood, one hand holding her daughter's and the other wrapped around her wife's waist.

"Wife?!" Ron shouted angrily, looking to the girl he once loved. "You married this bitch?!"

"Ronald Weasley! Don't you dare talk about the woman I love like that, especially in front of our children! Bella is not a bitch. I think you're forgetting that she helped us defeat Voldemort in the end. Now, I think you should walk away if you want to have children of your own one day." She raised a defiant eyebrow at him.

He gave them one last dirty look before storming away. Harry remained, Lily Luna at his side. The young girl eyed Regina as her father stared the two women down. She stepped forward and held her hand out to the other girl.

"Lily Luna Potter. Hoping for Ravenclaw." She said, breaking the awkward silence.

"Regina Belle Black-Riddle." Her mother's grip tightened on her hand at her accidental revelation. "Hoping for Ravenclaw, but Slytherin is more likely."

"R-Riddle?!" Harry stuttered, looking worried.

Hermione sighed and began her explanation. "Before the end of the war, Voldemort… hurt Bella. She had the embryo removed and frozen She carried the child again after I had our first, and after she'd taken the de-aging potion."

"So she's…"

Bellatrix interjected. "The heir of Slytherin; the daughter of Lord Voldemort; descendant of Cadmus Peverell and descendant of Ignacio Black, who was probably the most powerful wizard of all time. I wouldn't be surprised if our dear Regina surpassed all four of them with her powers. Oh, and congratulations on being related to her."

"Related?!" He sputtered.

"You're a descendant of Ignotus Peverell. Cadmus and Ignotus were brothers."

Steam began to billow from the train and all students left on the platform boarded. Regina and Lily disappeared into a carriage and Harry stood staring at Bellatrix and Hermione as if they had grown second heads.

"You're raising the daughter of Voldemort and you didn't think to tell me?" He asked Hermione.

"Well, ever since you found out about Bellatrix and I, you haven't been all too eager to talk to me."

The train began moving and the two women and their youngest waved their children off.

To say that Harry was in shock was an understatement. As wizarding families left the platform, he just kind of stood there, staring off into the distance as he took in this new information.