Chapter 1:

The whole gang are sat in Jane and Brad's condo chatting about Penny's latest boyfriend mishap.

"Guys, it was not that bad! Me and Chris are AMAH-ZING; you'll see he'll come running back anytime now!" Penny sang as the rest of the gang just raised their eyebrows before drinking their coffee in unison.

"Ooh BRAD WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME IT WAS 10:26 BRUNCH WILL BE BURNT!" Jane screamed even though he is sat right next to her as she fished the food out of the oven and started dishing up for everyone.

"I didn't know you wanted me to? What is up with you lately you're always so moody." Brad complained as everyone else braced themselves for the fire.

"No I'm not, I told you I've not been well for a few weeks and you know what I'm like when I'm ill!" she moaned at him and he sighed.

"I know all too well." He groaned and before Jane could reply Alex placed her hand over her sister's mouth.

"This is for your own good Jane!" Alex started and Jane raised her eyebrows and gave Alex a look that could kill. "Now Jane, have you been to the doctors yet?" Alex asked and Jane shook her head.

"Alex do you not know your sister at all? She's been self-diagnosing EVERYONE for as long as I've known her." Max replied cynically.

"EXACTLY my point, you need to go. What if it's serious? We don't want to have to be on the other end of your mood changes anymore." Alex told them proudly. "Now do you promise to go or am I going to have to drag you there?" Alex asked removing her hand from Jane's mouth.

"I don't need a doctor; I have my doctor book with everything I need to know!" Jane informed Alex proudly and everyone else sighed as she went to find her book and as she did that Brad ran into the bedroom to grab the book so he could hide it before Jane could find it. He then sat back down where Jane was trashing the apartment looking for the book. 7

"Can't you find your book?" Brad asked with fake interest

"NO WHERE DID YOU PUT IT?" she screamed across the kitchen diner.

"What do you mean? I didn't put it anywhere? Maybe you should just go to the doctors just in case." Brad asked her as she glared at him and the others all went and sat in the living room area.

"But I am NEVER wrong! I WILL diagnose myself, now get me my book!" Jane ordered.

"Brad I'd do as she says or spring is coming early!" Dave told him as Brad ran and got the book and passed it to Jane who started flicking through the pages vigorously until she found what she wanted.

"AHAA! THERE! I told you I could do it. Though I didn't think that would be the result." She announced and they all rushed to the book but Jane pushed Brad away. "No boo, you're going to have to wait until I'm sure about this okay." Jane assured him before kissing him quickly as the others started mumbling to each other and then Alex and Penny dragged her out of the door.