Unkind Mankind

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Chapter 6 – Caught

"Haku?" I ask, finally ready to move on and get out of this place. Or, it might be the fact that my entire body feels like it's been dipped in honey. Either way, I still wouldn't mind having a nice long, hot shower.

"Yeah?" Haku mumbles into my hair. He moves back and looks into my eyes, silently telling me to continue, even though he's already spoken his thoughts. I can tell that we've both run out of tears, and we're both exhausted from the emotional reunion. The evidence of our emotions is probably clear on both of our faces, going by the tear streaks on Haku's cheeks, and I can plainly see that he's just as exhausted as I feel. But, before we head home, I have to do something. I need to rid myself of this pain that seeps into my mind.

"Before we get cleaned up, can we make a quick stop? I have to tell Hatori that I'm okay. Please?" I beg. I really hope he understands. I feel my eyes well up with tears once again, but I force them back down, not willing to let them flow. Haku's brows furrow slightly, he's clearly deep in thought. After a few moments, my hopes begin to falter when he doesn't do anything else but sit there, thinking. His eyes seem unfocused, looking elsewhere.

"Alright," Haku sighs. "But we need to be careful. After all, we both look like we've killed somebody." I smile at the irony in his words, but nod nonetheless. He slowly stands up, and then bends down, reaching his hand out to me. "Can you stand? Are you in pain?" At this I giggle a little, and take his outstretched hand.

"Haku, I'm fine. If I still had my injuries, I'm sure I'd be a little more than just 'in pain'. And besides, if I were in pain, I'm sure you would've known by now." Haku swiftly pulls me up on my feet, cocking his head slightly.

"You mean that your injuries are gone?"

"Yep. All gone."

"Not even a scar?" I find his curiosity to be incredibly cute, but his question suddenly peaks my interest. I hadn't even thought that there might be a scar where the presumably enormous gash used to be. Suddenly curious myself, I lift my T-shirt up so that the bottom of it reaches up to my collar bone. I hear Haku shift slightly, but choose to ignore it. My left hand studies the skin across my stomach, gently gliding over the smooth surface. It's hard to tell whether or not the gash left a scar, with my stomach being covered in blood. I feel over and around the area where the wound should have been, and found the texture to be no different, save for the thick layer of blood.

"Huh, not even a scar. Weird." I murmur. My left hand drops back to my side and my right pulls the bottom of my shirt back down, before retreating back to my other side as well. I look up at Haku, who's looking at the ground, shuffling a little awkwardly. I notice a light pink dusting his cheeks, and I can't help but smile. He's so cute.

"Isn't that weird, Haku?" I repeat. Still refusing to look at me, Haku quietly mumbles an answer.

"Yeah, weird…" There's a slight pause before he decides to speak again. "So, where do we find Hatori?"

"She lives in the same apartment building as I do. It's not too far from here, actually."

"Apartment building, huh? That brings back old memories…" He mumbles.

"What was that?" I say, not quite sure I'd heard right.

"Never mind." I shrug my shoulders, not bothering to press on the matter. We set off, heading towards the place that I could never have the heart to call 'home'.


About forty-five minutes of walking through the remains of the forest, we finally reach a path. Following the path, Haku and I eventually find civilisation. I find the ongoing silence a little unnerving. Though not because I feel awkward that neither of us are talking, – I find the silence between us somewhat comfortable – but because we should've heard someone by now. Yet, the silence still lingers and Haku and I are still walking along a concrete path side-by-side. I feel the urge to break the uneasy silence, to try and calm my jittery nerves, but I just can't think of anything to say. I turn my head towards Haku slightly, and he doesn't even seem to be bothered by the silence at all. In fact, he seems to be intrigued, in anything.

Then, a scream rips through the air, catching both our attention. I turn, searching for the owner of the shrill voice. A young girl, looking to be about the age of fifteen or so; she just stands there, looking petrified. Her whole body is shaking, and I can tell she's about to break. Her hands are covering her mouth, and judging by her muffled though audible sobs, she's definitely crying. I study her alarmed face again, and just know that she thinks we're criminals, and that she's probably going to be our next 'target'. The thought amuses me a little, though it probably shouldn't. 'If only she knew what really happened.' I think, smiling at the thought if how wrong she is. Haku on the other hand, doesn't seem quite as calm as I. I can understand, though, he's probably never been out in the streets of the Human World before.

"Hey!" I shout out to the girl, my hands cupping around my mouth for exaggeration. I notice that she flinches when I speak. "It's alright! We're not going to hurt you! We've been in an accident, just go on home!" I know, shouting at her like that is probably not the best idea that anyone could come up with, but honestly? I'm way too tired to care right now. The girl hesitates for a few moments, before running off in the opposite direction to us. My only hope now is that she doesn't call the police. Although, I think we could all agree that that would certainly be interesting.

"I can't believe you actually did that." I turn my body and my full attention to Haku.

"What do you mean?" He just smiles at me; a smile that makes my cheeks feel warm, and makes my legs feel like jelly.

"You're truly amazing, you know that?" I'm positive that if my cheeks weren't already stained red with my blood, Haku would definitely notice the heat that I feel is surely making my cheeks burn scarlet. 'Why do I feel like this all of a sudden?' I wonder. 'What's gotten into me?'

Feeling a little embarrassed by his statement, I suddenly find the ground far more interesting than it was not a few moments prior. Suddenly wanting to change the subject, I fake cough and turn back towards the way we were previously headed.

"So, uh, shall we keep moving then?" I suggest, waiting for a response from Haku. I hear him chuckle behind me, before replying.



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