Merida walked along Kinney Road, her eyes peeled. The demon liked to sneak up on her – they liked to sneak up on everyone, really – and it unsettled her more than most; she was accustomed to seeing what was coming. Being psychic had its perks, after all.

And its downsides.

She knew Sam was right about working with a demon. She'd been around the block – it seemed like every other lost soul she came across knew someone who got dragged down to hell at one point or another. But Sam didn't understand what this curse was doing to her – she'd spent so long being hijacked by every pissed-off spirit she came across and she was ready for it to be over. She couldn't stand the possessions any longer. They were wearing her to the bone; she had barely survived this encounter with the banshee. The next possession could very well kill her.

She had to do something, demons or no demons.

Their appointment was for midnight, just after the business with the banshee was done. Merida had wanted to meet before, but the demon had insisted on getting together after the god was put down. Merida had wanted to ask questions, but she hadn't wanted to press her luck. The demon was breaking a curse and giving Sam's brother a way out of his deal in exchange for nothing more than a matchmaking endeavor. It was an offer too good to pass up. And she was grateful now that she hadn't asked questions at their last meeting. After what Anu had told her, she was beginning to regret the entire arrangement…

"Beautiful neighborhood, huh?"

Merida nearly jumped out of her skin.

"Yeah," she said, leaning against a fence. "Gorgeous."

"Nick and Sarah will be two peas in a pod here, wouldn't you say? The perfect life."

Merida nodded and looked across the street at their house. The lawn was immaculately kept, and the curtains were drawn, giving the place a modest, almost prudish feel.

"Something's troubling you," the demon said, leaning against the fence beside her.

Merida shook her head. "It's Sam."

The demon's attitude shifted ever so slightly. "What about him?"

"He warned me about doing this, with demons, I mean," Merida said softly. "And I thought he was wrong, you know? But after tonight-"

"What happened tonight?"

The demon's tone had sharpened, and Merida was suddenly very aware that she had few places to run if things turned south. Better turn on the charm, she thought.

"Nothing big," Merida assured her. "But Anu, the god, he…"


"He told me that I would be sorry for what I was doing. That all would be destroyed because of me."

The demon narrowed her eyes. "Of course he did. You killed him. Sent him to Purgatory. If you were gonna kill me, I'd lay into you, too."

"But I don't think he was talking about-"

The demon cut her off. "Look, Merida, we had a deal. You fulfilled your end – Nick's coupled up. And now it's my turn. I just need to know a few things first."

Merida nodded.

The demon smiled. "Good. Now the Winchester, the damned one, he needs this contract, right? There's no other possible way for him to get out of his deal, correct? They didn't have any other ideas?"

"No," Merida said. "Why? You can still get it, can't you?"

"Of course I can," the demon assured her. "About Sam. You connected with him, is that right? You could speak into his mind? He was open to you?"


The demon's eyes narrowed dangerously again. "What?"

Merida began to back slowly away. "What do you want with them?"

The demon rolled her eyes. "Nothing, Merida. I just want to make sure they don't come after me. Self-preservation."

"I don't believe you."

The demon froze, pressing her lips together.

"Don't you want your little curse broken, babe? Or do you like giving every lonely spirit in town a ride?"

Merida stopped moving away.

"Atta girl. Now tell me…was Sam Winchester open to you? Did he let you in?"

"Y-Yeah, he did." Her voice was shaking. Shit, she thought, wracking her brains frantically. Shit, shit, shit. "There were no problems."

"And did you fuck him?"

That one caught her off guard. "What?"

"You heard me. Were you his type? Did he dig the blonde?"


"Of course you did." The demon laughed, her red hair shimmering in the moonlight. "Tell me, do you think he'd like this?" She gestured at her vessel's body.

"I don't...I don't know…" She tried to pull a vanishing trick – fairy magic was powerful stuff, and she'd used it to get out of countless jams before – but she remained in place. Fuck.

"Oh, don't bother with that, darling," the demon teased. "You're not going anywhere."

"But…but we had a deal, Ruby!"

The demon shook her head. "No…deals involve souls. No soul, no deal."

"But you-"

"It's not my fault you don't know the rules, sweet cheeks."

"But the contract-"

"Will remain right where it is. Safe and sound between Lilith's tits."


"You'll never get to meet her. She's a blonde, too! I think you'd get along famously."

"What about my curse?"

"Oh…" Ruby strutted over to where Merida stood and reached out to stroke her cheek. "Don't worry about that. No spirits will ever ride you again."


But Merida's words were cut off as an ancient knife was plunged into her abdomen. Blood erupted from her mouth and she dropped to her knees. Ruby yanked the blade from her flesh, wiping it on her jeans.

"It's a little fancy for the occasion, I know," she said, examining the inscriptions on the blade, "but it takes care of any little tricks you might have up your sleeve." She bounced the knife in her hand. "This puppy cuts past all the crap."

Ruby watched patiently as Merida twitched and coughed on the pavement. It was almost half an hour before she died, but Ruby had the time; Sam would need a little time to recover from the loss of his little girlfriend here.

As Merida finally went still, Ruby strode away, headed back in the direction she'd come. She'd stopped at a gas station on her way to this little tête-à-tête, and the prettiest little blonde cashier had asked if Ruby was staying long in town.

Apparently, she was seeking a long-term roommate.

Hope everyone enjoyed the tale! R & R!