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I am not good with baby talk. I do not speak baby talk to children, so I just can't write it, but the amazing toocute24 helped me out. Thanks to teamalltwilight and krazi4twisaga for pre-reading! The first chapter is as angsty as it's going to be. I think this story is more along the lines of a feel good story…or as well as I can write one.

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"What do you want to watch? Dora or Mickey?" I ask my two year old son.

"Dora," he says quickly. "Snack, pwease?"

"Um…let me see what we have," I say as I quickly walk away. My eyes fill with tears because I know we don't have much.

I grab four saltines and put some water in his sippy cup. I feel like such a horrid mother, but I refuse to contact my parents. They were right, but I don't want their help. They told me that this would happen. They said I would lose Liam, but I still had him, and I would do anything for him. I love him so much. As soon as I laid eyes on him, I knew I would never love anyone as much as I love him. I worked at any job I could find. I've been a waitress, a cashier, a babysitter, a dog walker, a tutor, and have done anything that would make me a quick buck. I've never been able to have a full time job, though, because I've never had a full time babysitter. My neighbor is an old lady who will watch him for a few hours at a time during the day, but is willing to watch him longer when he's asleep. That's why many of my jobs needed to be at night. She never asks for money, but I always try to get her something if she needs it. Sometimes I bring her home milk, or pay a co-pay for one of her many prescriptions. I've tried to get help through the state, but all I got was medical. It's better than nothing, though, I guess. I was turned down for everything else because my employers refused to write a note stating how much I was paid. It's illegal to be paid under the table; I didn't know that.

A girl I've been friends with, since high school, Alice Brandon, has an older boyfriend, Jasper Whitlock, and he hooked me up with my apartment. His brother owns the building, and he let me live there for six months absolutely free. I cried and thanked him a thousand times. Peter, Jasper's brother, also helped me find odds and ends jobs. The apartment was a thousand dollars a month, but all my utilities were included. I was sure it wasn't a bad deal. The only thing I bought for myself was a comfy couch from a second-hand shop and some food. That was all I needed. I saved every penny I could. I found a pack-n-play at a yard sale for fifteen dollars, and a ton of awesome clothes for really cheap, too. I walked away with a ton of shit for forty bucks. I gave Liam as much as I could with what little I had. The last couple of months had been hard — the hardest ever. I was three months behind on rent, we had just enough food, and Liam needed new clothes; he was growing so fast.

Alice said she found a job for me. She said it would guarantee me five hundred dollars, and if the guy liked me, it would be a weekly thing. I was praying that he liked me. I needed a job that paid weekly. She said that I would go to him or he would come to me; he would tell me all I needed to know. She said once she had a yes or no from him, she would come over and tell me what I would be getting myself into. She knew how hard up I was for a job. I had thought about stripping, but I couldn't dance. I would probably end up falling off the stage. Plus, I didn't have the greatest body. I had small boobs, a fat ass, and boney hips. There really wasn't anything attractive about me. Like I said, I could never be a stripper.

I bring Liam his pathetic snack and he smiles so big at me. He is always happy with anything I give him. It breaks my heart knowing I can't give him more. I'm looking into pre-schools with the hopes that I can get a steadier job. I've applied to some twenty-four hour places, but I have yet to hear anything. I never graduated high school, and that hurts my chances greatly. I had a tenth grade education — that wasn't enough for most places. I never thought high school was so important, but it is. Even if I could find a full time job, it would only be minimum wage. I'm sure I could move up because I had great work ethic, but I knew that it would take time.

I hear a knock at the door; I know it's Alice. I'm hoping she has good news for me. I go to the door and open it with a hopeful smile. My smile grows when I see she has a pizza.

"I thought you may be hungry," she says as I clap my hands. I haven't had pizza in a while. I grab us all plates and head for the living room.

"Hey, Buddy! Look what I brought!" Alice says, hyper as hell.

"Awice!" Liam says, climbing up into her lap. He gives her kisses and she gives him a slice of pizza. I take it from him to make sure it's cool enough. I love to watch him eat. He picks off all the cheese, licks the sauce off the crust, and then eats the crust. He is the cutest thing ever.

"So, Jasper is working late tonight. I'll stay here while you go and met with Mr. Cullen," she says as I nod.

"What aren't you telling me? I would rather know what was coming than not know," I tell her, stuffing pizza into my mouth.

"How do you feel about going down on a man?" she asks as I choke on my food.

"Alice…I don't know. Wouldn't that make me a prostitute?"

"Not really. If he likes you, he will want to keep seeing you. He will pay you cash every time he wants to see you. From what I hear, he won't have sex with you, or really touch you. You only have to give him head," she says as I stare at her.

"Wouldn't this make me an even worse mother?" I ask as my eyes fill with tears.

"You are a great mother. You're doing what you have to. Dude, it's easy, fast cash. If Peter's bitchy wife had nothing to do with the finances, then you would be okay," she says.

"I know. I'm just scared," I tell her.

"B, just do it a couple times. Get a head, and then when you get to a better place, you can walk away. Plus, if he doesn't like you, he won't bother you again," she says as I nod in understanding. "I'll make you a deal: do this, and if it's not your thing, then walk away. Give the five hundred to Peter, and I'll buy you some groceries. Then next week we will find you a job, and I will do everything I can do to help."

"Thanks, Alice," I say with a sigh. "What do I wear, and what time do I have to be there?"

"Awesome, I brought you a dress," she says, patting her purse. I really hope this is the right choice for me. I only want what's best for my child, and blowing a man for easy money...I had to try.

Okay, there is the first chapter. Bella is young in this story and Edward is much older than she is. You will meet him next. See you Monday!