NCIS Special Agent Ashika Sana took a deep breath as the elevator doors opened and she came face to face with her new boss. Her throat felt dry and she felt the flush of heat across her skin. Her new boss looked impatient and indicated via hand gestures, you getting off or staying on.

She stayed put, blocking the elevator door and reached out her hand, "Agent Gibbs."

"Yeah," Gibbs replied ignoring her hand. She dropped it when his eyes seemed to pierce through her in a sweeping glance. She flushed again, hating the awkward millisecond of silence.


He interrupted her, "I know who you are. Now get out of my way and find yourself a desk." Gibbs said as he gave her a not too gentle shove out of the elevator.

"Oh…" Sana turned away as the doors closed. That was not the kind of reception she was expecting. Breathe Ash. Take a few deep breathes and pull yourself together. How are you going to carry this thing forward if just one look from Agent Gibbs makes you quiver? No. I will get through this. I will. Failure is not an option. Whether Gibbs knows it or not, he is going to lead me to my goal.

Ashika turned away from the elevator doors and walked towards the bull pen. She recognized Agents' DiNozzo, McGee and David.

DiNozzo noticed her too. "Well hello there." He said as he stood up and walked around his desk.

"Hello," Ash reach out her hand to greet him formally. "I'm Special Agent Ashika Sana."

""Very nice to meet you, Aaa…shi…ka…" DiNozzo pronounced her name leisurely. "What can we do for you?"

"Show me to my desk."

McGee looked up, "Your desk?"

"Yes, Agent McGee." Ash shook his hand too.

Ziva came up behind Ashika and asked, "Why would you have a desk, here?"

"Agent David," Ash shook her hand. "Didn't Agent Gibbs tell you?"

"Tell us what?" Tony asked, annoyance clearly radiating from his face.

"I'm joining your team today."

"What?" all three Agents exclaimed.

Ashika groaned inwardly. Crap they don't look happy about this.

"Thanks for the welcome guys." Ashika turned away, found an empty desk, dropped her bag and sat down.