"So you and Killian?"

"I don't know exactly. I mean we did the deed."

Alice laughed.

"Shut up. Anyway we did the deed and I left."

"Emma…." groaned Alice.


"You made it look like a one night stand…at least my guy is here."

Emma quirked up an eyebrow. "I see."

"Shut it. Last night, even though it was wonderful, was a mistake. I mean, Peter and I need to talk things out before we decide to do about us. Ug I soooo do not want to do this."

Alice's head collapsed onto the counter.

"I'm in the same boat…I mean I told someone I loved them…"

Alice's head shot up.


"Uh yes?"

"And you're worried. Good grief you don't need to worry at all! Hook loves you too! It's why he's given up the whole revenge thing."

"It's new to me."

"He should move in." said Alice completely ignoring Emma's last statement.


"Think about it. He's got nowhere to go, the cabin is crap, we've got room."

Emma pondered it. "Fine if he's staying with us so is your little 'friend' over there." Emma says as she points to Alice's bedroom.

Blush forms on Alice's face. "Alright. Sounds good. Now if you'll excuse me I've got so issues to sort out."

"And I've got a pirate to tame."

Emma grabbed her coat and headed out the door. It was a good thing she changed and showered. She wanted to look good for Killian.

Hopefully he saw the note that she left.


Killian yawned as he stretched his arm over where Emma was laying. Problem. Emma wasn't there.

She couldn't have. She didn't leave. Did she?

What did you expect Killian?

Killian then saw the note on her pillow resting there in all its glory. He picked it up and looked at it.

Hey pirate boy,

Well as you can see…I'm not here. I just decided to quickly run out to the apartment to talk to Alice. I'll be back with breakfast.

Last night was wonderful Killian, and I don't regret it. But we still need to figure some things out.

Love you,


Killian smiled and put the note down. The breath he had been holding in released itself.

That's good. She doesn't regret it.

Killian slowly got up and went to get out of the bed when a voice stopped him.

"Uh no. You're not going anywhere."

Killian looked up to see Emma standing there with two bags from Granny's café. She had a big smile on her face.

"I'm giving you breakfast in bed."

"Breakfast in bed? Never heard of that."

"Seriously? Well it's fantastic. Here."

Emma handed him one of the bags. Killian opened the bag and took out some pancakes with syrup and an apple."

"Why thank you love." He said with a wink. Emma rolled her eyes and laughed.

Killian smiled. He loved her laugh. It was something she hardly did and it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"You're beautiful. You know that right?"

Emma blushed. "Stop it."

Killian smirked.

"Anyway, I have a proposition for you."

"A proposition? This'll be good."

"Not like that Killian. Alice and I were talking and she suggested that you move in to our place. I completely agreed with her. You can't keep living here because it's a dump and I don't really want you staying at Granny's café. She's already got Mulan and Aurora there and that's enough. So, how about it?"

Killian was shocked. He really didn't expect that to come out of Emma's mouth. Move in? There was nothing he wanted more!

"I'd love to Emma."

Emma smiled a soft smile. Then it turned into a malicious grin. "There's a catch though."

Killian didn't like the sound of that. "What's the catch?"

"Well Alice has rekindled her own love so Peter Pan will be staying as well."


Emma laughed.

"Oh so you find this funny? I'll tear him to shreds! Ohhhhh after what he did to my ship…"

"I don't think Alice will let you. Nice try though."

Killian groaned. "So you're saying that I'm going to be living with that bloody little boy?"

"Yes and I don't think he's little anymore. Alice has better taste than that."

"Well if I don't come Alice will have my head?"

"Yes. Which is why you're coming to stay with us. With me."

Killian propped himself onto his elbows exposing his (amazing) chest. He heard the vulnerability in her voice.

"I will. For you. But you need to promise we'll shag quite a bit."

Emma blushed again. "And that's another thing. We should take this slow Killian. I mean, I have a son who you need to get to know if we are going to be together. And I've been hurt in the past, I'm taking a huge chance with you so I need to not rush into things."

Killian nodded. "We'll go slow."

"Thank you. Now shall we eat?"

Killian smiled and patted on the side of the bed. Emma came over and sat down. They ate together enjoying each other's presence and of course, banter.


Alice sighed as she looked into her empty coffee cup. Last night had been fantastic, and long awaited. But she knew Peter would want to talk. Who knew if they'd still be together?

Correction. If they would get back together. They technically broke up the minute she stepped through that mirror. And she hadn't remembered who he was until a few days ago.

Today was going to be a bitch. And Alice really wanted to leave. But he kept her in place.

She couldn't disappear. Not again. He'd be angry with her. But he deserved to be. She left him already, so why not do it again.

It's you apartment…you can't just leave because you're afraid of sorting it out.

Stupid conscious. Alice went to the sink and rinsed her cup. She then heard footsteps coming into the kitchen.

Alice turned around only to see a shirtless Peter standing before her. He was wearing his boxers and showing a fantastic six pack. Alice blinked twice. She had touched that chest several times last night.

Peter stared at her and an awkward silence hung in the room.

Peter broke it. "I'd thought you'd leave."

"It's my apartment. I couldn't do that could I?"

"Alice we need to talk. You and I both know that. I don't regret last night. Not one bit. But I do need answers."

Alice nodded her head.

"Like where the hell did you go? What happened to you? Why was a guy making out with you at the ball? What happened to us?"

Alice sighed. This indeed was going to be a long morning.

"Sit down Peter. I'll tell you everything."

"How about I get changed first and then you tell me everything."

Alice smirked. "Sounds good."

An hour and a half later:

"Let me get this straight. You forgot everything when you entered Wonderland, and then spared the Queen of Heart's life putting her in debt to you, and then you were trained as an assassin, and then came back to Fairy Tale land, where you ran into Emma and Killian, gained your memories along the way, and came here to Storybrooke, ending you mother in the process, and now you've found a new family."

"Something like that yeah."

"That's a lot to take in."

"Well imagine if you lived it. I am so sorry Peter. If I even knew what would happen…"

"Stop. Alice there is no need to apologize. I left you to remember? I left you to go into that mirror as I headed back to Neverland. It wasn't the same knowing you were gone."

Peter placed his hand on Alice's cheek and she sighed. She had missed him so much.

"I tried to move on. But after you nothing seemed right. I left the lost boys and came to your home, searched for you, spent eendless hours trying to figure out where you had gone, and then the queen's curse hit and I was swept away with it."

"I lost my memories too. But when Emma came, I got them all back. Every single one and I thought that maybe you were here too. In Storybrooke. I searched but found nothing. I had given up hope until I saw you near the stables. In leather. But I'd recognize you anywhere."

Alice's eyes had begun to tear up.

Bloody hell he's making me cry!

Alice wiped her eyes.

"So where does that put us?" she asked.


Alice smiled. She wanted nothing more.

"Well that's good because I have an offer I highly doubt you'll refuse."

Peter leaned back onto the couch with a smug smile. "And what's that?"

"Well Emma and I were talking and she agreed that Killian should live with us."

Did I just call him Killian? Ug. He's wearing off on me. Wait until I tell Peter who he really is. He has to say yes first though.

"Alright…so what does this have to do with me?"

"We think you should move in too."

Peter's eyes widened. "Actually?"

Alice rolled her eyes. "No Peter, I merely wanted to jump you again. Of course! It'd be great!"

Peter laughed. "I don't mind having sex again but I will happily accept your offer. I 'll have to go to my place and pack though."

Alice smiled. She missed this. Him. This was too perfect.

"Alright. There is one other thing."


"Killian is also Captain Hook."


"Peter! He's changed! He's smitten! Well around Emma anyway."

"Changed? I highly doubt it. That no good son of a bitch."

"Peter, we destroyed his ship."

"With good reason!"

"We tormented his crew."

"With good reason!"

"We stole his hook. Several times."

"With good reason! That thing was dangerous!"


"So we've done a few bad things. Who cares? He deserved it! Right?"

"Peter, I started over with him for the sake of Emma and he is truly different. Can you make amends with him. For me?"

"Using you female charm?"

"Is it working?"


"Alright. Go and get you stuff packed and come back here alright? I'll get this place ready for when Emma and Killian come back."


"Good behaviour right?"


"Perfect." Alice flashed a million watt smile.



"Always and forever."

Peter left to leave Alice crying happy tears.


Emma had helped Killian pack all the things he needed for moving into her place. (There wasn't much but a couple items of clothing, some food, coffee, and his old pirate clothing.) Killian had decided to bury his hook. He reminded him too much of his past and he was moving on. To a new future. With Emma right by his side.

Emma smiled as she drove her bug to the apartment. Killian had been watching outside the window, extremely quiet for a while. But now it was too quiet.

"Killian, what's wrong?"

"Hm? Oh nothing."

Emma gave him the look. She wasn't buying it. "Uh huh sure. Then why have you been staring out the window for the past twenty minutes with not one word or sexual innuendo?"

Killian smirked. "That bothering you love?"

"No. In fact it's been great not hearing how great my ass looks. Or yours for that matter Hook."

"Are you complimenting me Swan?"

Now it was Emma's turn to smirk. She and Killian had resorted to calling each other Swan and Hook when they were flirting/teasing. It was their thing.

"Not at all. But seriously Killian what is the matter?"

"I guess it's that I'm finally moving on. It's a lot to take in. I'm no longer seeking revenge but am moving in with my…girlfriend… and living with her sister and annoying boyfriend."

Emma laughed. "Peter's changed."

"Have you talked to the little lad?"

"Well no but like I said. Alice wouldn't be asking him to live with her otherwise."

"She was in love with him before too."

"Killian just try to be civil."

"Did you know they destroyed my ship?"


"They also tormented my crew. Burned all the rum…"

Emma quirked up an eyebrow. "Killian."

"And they stole my hook! Several times! Even when I was sleeping! How the hell did they manage that?"

Now Emma burst out laughing. She stopped the car and laughed into the steering wheel.

Killian's brows furrowed. "It's not funny."

"Oh but on the contraire Captain."

Killian's brows furrowed even more if that was possible.

After Emma's laughing fit was over, she started the car again and finished driving to the apartment. She got out and walked around about to help Killian out when he got out himself.

Right. No more hook.

Emma then realized she forgot to tell Alice about the fact that Killian was no longer Hook. He was indeed Killian.

Killian opened the trunk and grabbed his stuff and walked up stand beside Emma.

"So this is your place?"


"Is he in there?"

"I've got no idea."

Emma grabbed Killian's hand and squeezed it in reassurance. He was nervous for this reunion. She could tell.

"Alice won't let him hurt you. That I do know. Now c'mon, we've got roomies to meet."

Emma and Killian walked hand in hand towards her apartment. She turned the key and pushed the door open when she got to her front door.

Inside was Alice, and presumably Peter, sitting at the counter enjoying coffee, laughing and talking. And then all chaos broke out.


Alice and Peter were having a grand ol' time until Killian and Emma walked through the door. Why was she referring to him as Killian?

Peter said he'd be civil. But he didn't promise it. And maybe that was why the minute Killian came into the room and Peter saw him he attacked him.

It was completely unsuspected and Killian got a nice black eye once Emma and Alice were finally able to pull them apart.

Alice and Emma had sent them both to their rooms and Alice locked them inside with magic.

"They're acting like two year olds! Who does that?"

Alice shrugged. "Them?"

"Any civilized person knows you don't just attack someone."

"Their sworn enemies Emma. What did you expect?"

"Uh no. Killian and Gold are sworn enemies not these two!"

Alice rolled her eyes. "We trapped them in a room together. They'll work it out."

"More like they'll destroy each other. And the room."

Alice laughed. "As if I'd let them. No worries Emma. Their bound as in they can't move."

"You bound them?!"

"When they become friends the spell will wear off."


"Seriously. I agree with you in that they need to stop acting like idiots. They are going to be living together."

Right then Killian and Peter walked out laughing as if they were best friends. Killian's arm was around Peter's shoulders and Peter was clapping because he was laughing so hard.

"That was indeed bloody brilliant. I still cannot believe that's how you did it. Who would have thought?"

"Tinkerbell can be persuaded too easily."

Emma and Alice looked at each other. It actually worked? Alice thought she'd have to go in there and force them to be nice. Apparently she's better than she thought.

Killian came over to where Emma stood and wrapped his arms around Emma's waist. Peter came up and began to massage Alice's shoulders.

"Emma I think we've created something big."


"Well Peter and I realized that we were suckered into this and blindly led by our girlfriends. So we figured we might at least try to be nice."

"And we decided, Killian and I, that because we are head over heels in love with the two beautiful women in front of us we needed to make a desperate attempt to patch things up if we were to keep you."

"Couldn't have said it better myself."

"Emma I think we've created monsters."

"Something like that."

"So that got us, Peter and I, thinking."

Alice and Emma's curiosity was peaked. Thinking huh? Cause that was a good idea.

"So what did your brains come up with?" asked Alice.

"We think that us four could go on a trip to Neverland when we get back home."

"Neverland? Oh Peter I haven't been there in forever!"

"The pixies would love to see you again except for Tinkerbell."

"That sounds fantastic. Let's do it!" exclaimed Alice.

"I don't know Killian. I've never been."

"You'll be safe Emma. You've got a pirate, leader of the lost boys and me, a powerful witch."

"What about Henry?"

"I think he should come too." said Killian.

"You do?"

"Yes, he'd love it there and it'll give me a chance to make good with him. He's a clever lad I'm assuming."

"He already loves me so Peter won't be a problem. Say yes Emma."

"Oh alright. When we get back, we'll schedule a trip to Neverland. IF we get back."

Alice smiled a devious smile. "Looks like I've got a new project. Getting us home so we can go to Neverland."

The rest of the night was spent in laughter, and cheerful company. But it will not remain this way for long.

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