Count Dracula's Apology

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Daniel stepped off the elevator onto the Mode floor putting in his fangs. He found it somewhat creepy that Mode at night, with its red emergency lights and its cold feeling, looked like it could very well be in a scary movie. Now to the reason why he was at Mode after hours... he felt bad for how he treated Betty today doing his dirty work. He promised her things were going to be better if she stayed working for him, but how he treated her today was just as bad as how he treated her when she first started. Well, it wasn't that bad, but he still felt bad. Heck nothing could be as bad as how he treated her on her first week.

He walked through the tube and saw her sitting at her desk her face in her hands. He smiled and was about to say her name, when instead he snuck up quietly from behind and wrapped his arms around her shoulders in a 'mock' chock-hold which made her gasp and jump.

He had his fangs graze her neck very lightly "If you move, I'll bite" he said trying to be funny.

"DANIEL!" she squealed. "God, you scared me!" she said as he came around to her side, her heart pounding like a drum. When she saw his face she had a moment of relief but that quickly passed. "You jerk!" she pushed his shoulder hard making him laugh falling on his butt. She glared at him.

He sent her an apologetic puppy dog smile but noticed her glistening cheeks from the flicker of light. He stood on his knees looking at her eyes. "Hey, you okay?" he asked, his voice soft and concerned. He wondered if she'd been crying.

"I'm fine" she said trying to smile, but the smile didn't quite reach her eyes.

"You're lying. Have you been crying?" he asked in an even softer voice.

As soon as he asked a tear escaped her eye and slid down her left cheek. She tried to wipe it away, but he beat her to it by bringing his hand to her face brushing his thumb across her cheek. He stood up pulling her up with him and hugged her to him. He could tell she was somewhat surprised by his actions. Before now, they barely made physical contact, but he could see that she needed a hug.

"Wanna talk about it? You can talk to me, you know?" he said rubbing her back warmly. She relaxed against him. There was something in his voice that was soothing. She nodded against his chest. "I know" she mumbled.

He brought his hands to her shoulders and moved back to look at her face. The sight of her sad face just did something to him inside. He decided that he definitely did not like seeing his very optimistic smiling assistant on the verge of tears. "Why are you crying?" he paused a moment in thought. "Did someone hurt you?" he said in a protective tone. Suddenly the way he treated her today flashed in his mind which made him sad. "Did I upset you?" he said his voice quieter.

Betty's eyes got slightly larger with a questioning look. "No" she said, but if she was really honest, he did have some affect in the grand scheme of her sadness. There was a moment of relief in his eyes, when she spoke up again "well...a little" she said not wanting to lie to him. This was her chance to be honest with him. As those words escaped her lips, he felt like they were a bullet to his chest. She noticed the disappointment in his eyes. "It's not just you...I think everything kind of just...hit me all at once."

He looked confused "What do you mean?" before she could respond he took her hand and walked them into his office and to the chaise. She sat next to him and took a deep breath "I just...I came here to avoid Walter and Henry and everyone really. Walter was following me all day. It was driving me nuts. And Henry...I just I didn't want to run into him again. Today was a disaster. And I don't know I was sitting in my chair and every somewhat 'awful' thing that happened to me just hit me all at once."

He looked at her "uh...I'm not trying to be egotistic, but uh...where do I fit in this."

She smiled somewhat which made him look at her curiously. "I guess I did think about how you you treated me when I first worked here and I thought of how mean everyone was when I started and how they make fun of me and I felt bad for today..."

He looked down in defeat and Betty felt like she just stabbed him. She touched his knee. "Listen, Daniel...I'm" she didn't know why but she started to cry, her face in her hands. Daniel looked up in shock. "Betty..." he said in confusion and panic. "Please don't cry, Betty. I'm really sorry." He said feeling his heart race.

She peeked through her hands at him. "Can I tell you something?" she said her voice muffled in her hands. He nodded "sure..."

"I just felt bad because Daniel...I know you're not that guy. You pretend you don't care, but I know deep down..." she smiled "you have a good heart."

Daniel looked at her in surprise. He didn't expect this at all. Although, he always felt like Betty thought more of him than everyone else, even his own father, but some reason hearing her say it was different. He smiled "thank you, Betty." He was here trying to cheer her up when instead she made him feel good about himself. He couldn't understand how Betty was that amazing. "Betty, I hope you can feel like you have someone here to come to if you ever need it."

"Well, I have Christina to talk to..."

"Oh" Daniel responded distantly. She could see the sadness in his eyes. "But...I'm glad that I have someone else I can come to. Thank you, Daniel."

He smiled nodding. There was a minute of silence where both sort of looked off in space. Betty glanced at him looking at his ensemble. A smirk came to her face. "So, what's with the Dracula get-up?" she asked amused. "You look like my father" she said giggling. Daniel laughed. "Well, actually, I borrowed it from your dad"

"Really?" she asked in surprise. He nodded with a smile. She looked at him for a moment. "You went to my house?" she asked wonderingly.

He nodded "Betty, I really wanted to apologize for how I acted today. I promised you that you'd be treated better and I broke that promise. If it's anyone that deserves a promise from me, it's you."

Betty smiled. "Thanks."

"So, I thought I'd come to your house, apologize and maybe we could have a little Halloween fun."

Her eyes lit up "Really? You want to Halloween stuff with me?" she asked somewhat surprised. He smiled "Yes, maybe we could uh...dress up, go trick-or-treating and... I don't know, just hang out."

Betty smiled brighter. "Okay!" she said cheerily. "Oh" she said with a frown. "What?" he asked looking at her eyes. She looked at him. "Marc messed up my costume."

"You mean the butterfly?" he said with a smirk. She smiled "ya...he broke the wings...and the antenna"

He couldn't help his smile. She looked so cute all pouty and upset about her costume. She looked at him "Did you see how Marc dressed up as me as a Halloween costume? He's so mean!" she said upset. Daniel laughed which made her laugh along with him.

"Hey! I have an idea! Come on!"


He grabbed her hand and started running along with her making her laugh. They ended up in The Closet where Daniel quickly picked some clothes and handed them to Betty "here, quick, go change." He said pushing her behind the curtains. Everything happened so fast she didn't even have time to protest.

5 minutes earlier...

"Alright Mandy, I set up the camera. Who would have thought we'd be such a big hit?" Marc said reading some of the reviews.

"Of course we would. We're fabulous!" she said seductively.

She turned on the webcam and looked into the camera flirtingly "Hello, this Amanda, the hot fabulous MODE wench" she said with a wink. "And Marc St. James" he added coming up next to her.

"What are you supposed to be?" she said looking at him. "I'm a vampire. Khhh!" he said showing his fangs.

"You look like a fairy threw up on you. What's with the sparkles?"

"I uhh...I was walking and knocked into a box that had glitter and it flew in my face."

She looked at him for a second "Okayy...if that's your story" she looked back at the camera with a seductive smile. "You're watching Mode After Hours Halloween Special." Just as she said that they heard laughter, and Amanda heard a very distinct 'Daniel Meade' laugh. They got up and out from the Orange donut following the laughing and looked from behind the wall to see Daniel holding Betty's hand and running through the Mode floor.

Betty laughed "Daniel, where are we going?"

Amanda and Marc looked at each other in shock. They followed them sneakily to the Closet.

"What are we doing here?" Betty asked. In a matter of a second she was given a bunch of clothes and pushed behind the curtain to get changed.

After a minute of Betty putting on the clothes, she sighed. "Daniel, uh...the top is a, tight." She said somewhat embarrassed to admit. "Come on out and let me see"

Betty walked through the curtains looking down shyly. Marc and Amanda's jaw dropped at how different she looked. Daniel felt his breath catch as she stepped out. The long purple skirt flattered her waist and hips rather perfectly, and he wasn't quite sure what she was talking about in regards to the top. It looked amazing on her. The long sleeves of the white blouse hung below her shoulders and the neckline revealed just the slightest curves of her fantastic breasts that, for some reason, she chose to cover up, why, he had no clue.

"beautiful." He said under his breath taking in the sight of her.

She looked up at him shyly, her cheeks rosy. He smiled meeting her eyes. "Betty, you look... really great."

She looked surprised as he walked over. "It's not too tight?" she asked her face turning red. " uh, it's um...its perfect" he said glancing at her chest quickly and back at her face, sure that his own face was just as red as the red in his cape. She blushed.

"Here, I have these, too" he said holding out a sheer blue scarf. He folded it into a triangle and tied it around her waist somewhat nervously. He had a second pink scarf to put in her hair. "Can I uh...put this in your hair?" he asked feeling his heart race. She turned around. He came up and lifted her hair and tied the scarf around like a bandana. Betty felt her heart race from how close he was to her, his heat radiating off his body. His hands moved her hair to the side and tied it in the back. His hands in her hair was giving her butterflies.

"Okay, come see" he said grabbing her hand and pulling her in front of a mirror so quickly she snapped out of the momentary daze she was put in. "Wow...uh, you're really good at this dressing up stuff."

He smiled "Well, I am the Editor in Chief on a Fashion magazine." He said with a smirk. She smiled "right... so, what am I supposed to be?"

"You know that gypsy girl from the Hunchback?"


He smiled "ya...I thought about what you could maybe use from The Closet and remembered this skirt and thought of that.

"Thanks, it's perfect. I love it."

He smiled "I thought you looked like her, too, with the long dark hair and uh..." he looked at her "You definitely have the body" he said noticing her face turn reddish. He liked it when she blushed.

After a second he got a big smile on his face when he thought of something. He looked through the clothes "ah-hah! Here it is! Here you can where this vest and it will still go with the outfit; and I guess, you might feel more comfortable wearing it that way." He said as he handed her a sleeveless green vest.

She looked at his eyes and smiled surprised at how considerate he was. He leaned close "I have to say though, you really don't need it. Either way, you'll look great"

She smiled blushing. "Thanks" she put on the vest. He smirked "Shall we go trick or treating, Miss Esmerelda?" he said in a slight childlike manner.

She laughed "Sure, let's go Dracula... or what is it, Fashion Prince?" she smirked playfully.

He shoved her shoulder "don't tease me or...I'll suck your blood!" he said in a vampire-esque voice as he brought up one side of his cape around him 'trying' to be cool. Betty laughed. "Oh, I'm so scared." She teased back as they walked out of the Closet.

"Oh my God, I'm blind! Did we just witness them...flirting? Marc said as if it was an absurd assumption.

"Forget that...did you see how he looked at her and...talked to her" she said sadly. Marc looked to her and she quickly walked away. "Mandy, where are you going?" Marc said following behind.

"I'm going home."

"But we have to do the episode."

"We'll do it later." She said grabbing her coat and bag. "It's a Halloween special" he said trying to keep up. "Do it without me. I have to go, Marc!" she said getting on the elevator. Marc stood by "I can't do it without you. We're partners"

She smiled "I'll see you later" she said right before the doors closed. As soon as they did tears formed in her eyes. She forced herself not to cry. "Stupid Daniel" she muttered.

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