Count Dracula's Apology

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"Daniel, are you sure we should be doing this?" Betty whispered looking at him and then to the roll of toilet paper in her hand. "Ya, come on, it's fun. Just try it"

She looked at him and then up at the tall trees that made up the lawn of this old house. There were other teenagers decorating the trees in toilet paper. She'd never done this before. He nudged her shoulder playfully. She looked back at him and a smile formed on her face. She tossed the roll high and it flew over draping the branches in white blankets. "Yeahhh!" Some kids cheered when they saw her.

She looked back at Daniel and smiled. They did some more 'decorating' when they saw lights turn on in the house. All the kids screamed and started fleeing the scene. Betty's eyes went wide and looked to Daniel. "Come on" he grabbed her hand and they quickly ran to the neighboring house and hid behind the bushes, some other kids hiding, too. They ducked behind the hedge and ended up being face to face, Daniel's arm around her midsection. Their eyes were locked for a second, but then Daniel smiled and stood up a little peeking over the ledge. She looked at him wondering how this was all even happening. She would have never imagined doing something like this with a man before...a really handsome, insanely funny man.

"You darn kids!" an old man yelled stepping out and seeing the mess. Daniel quickly ducked back and Betty looked away. Daniel laughed. "Man, he's really mad" Daniel said snickering, some of the other kids snickering along. Betty looked at him and smiled.

"I feel bad about doing that." Betty said regrettably. Daniel looked at her. "Don't be. That guys a jerk" A kid dressed up as a pirate interjected peeking from next to her. "Why, what does he do?"

"He's a teacher at our school always yelling at us and just being mean." A girl wizard said standing next to the pirate and glancing back at Betty. Betty looked up nodding in understanding. She felt like she was one of the kids that went to school with them. Daniel looked at her really unable to take his eyes off her. She just had this glow around her. "If I find out who did this you're getting detention" the man yelled.

"Those rotten no good kids" the man grumbled and then a loud slam of the door followed. Betty laughed "Coast is clear" Betty said getting up rather quick feeling butterflies all over her skin from Daniel's closeness. The kids all got up and Daniel stood up.

"Let's get out of here before he comes out again" one of the kids said and they all started running. Betty looked at Daniel and laughed. "That was fun" she giggled.

"Kids don't do that unless they know someone deserves it" Daniel said starting to walk. Betty ran up "so, I'm guessing you've done that a lot" she said knowingly. He shrugged "ehh, a couple of times."

"ya, ya..." she rolled her eyes.

"Daniel, since you took me somewhere, can I take you somewhere?" she asked looking at him. He smiled. "Sure, that would be cool."

"Great, so is your driver going to come here?"

"I'll call him now." He got his phone out and called James. They waited by this really small house in comparison to all the others that was decorated with orange and white Christmas lights with some kids sitting around a fake fire telling stories. Daniel saw Betty watching the kids. He took her hand, she looked at him "Come on, let's go over there" he said with a smile. She smiled and they walked over and joined the kids. A few minutes into the stories, Daniel went inside to use the bathroom, so Betty was sitting around listening to a story the girl with really long blond hair was telling.

" is said...that the skeleton lady's bones come together on search...of..." the girl said having all the kids, including Betty lean closer "...meat" Daniel whispered in Betty's ear making her jump and scream "DANIEL!" she got up and smacked his chest. "You idiot! You jerk! You suck!" she pushed him and tackled him to the ground, the kids all laughing hysterically. Daniel was laughing so hard he was out of breath and didn't really realize that Betty was on top of him until a few seconds of more laughing. He turned from under her and snickered. She glared at him and smacked his chest. "I hate you!"

"No you don't" he said wrapping his arms around her back and bringing her close. "Yes, I do!"

He smiled looking at her eyes "I don't think you do."

"Well, I do"

"If you did, why are you still on top of me?" he said with a very slight smirk. She quickly got off sitting up in the grass next to him. He smiled. She smacked his arm. "I do!" He just looked at her with a smile. "okay"

"ha-ha, that was so awesome" the girl with the long blond hair said coming up to Daniel and holding up her hand. He slapped it with a chuckle. Betty just glared at him. "I hate you" she said slapping his arm and getting up. He looked to the girl with a smirk and got up. He came up behind Betty and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Come on, it's Halloween. It's supposed to be scary, isn't it?"

She stayed quiet. He stood next to her "I'm sorry." He said and then noticed the town car pull up ahead. "I know you don't hate me" he whispered next to her ear and walked toward the town car. Betty watched him still able to feel the warmth from his closeness. Why did he have to be...intoxicating? This was bad. There was no way that she should be feeling this way about her boss. She sighed. "Stupid Daniel" she said quietly to herself and followed.

When they got in the car, she leaned across and told the driver where to take them and sat back. "So, where are we going?"

"I'll just let it be a surprise."

He smiled looking at her eyes. "ok" he couldn't get over how different she looked tonight. He was glad he found her tonight. It was better than spending the night with some woman that didn't even care what he felt. Way better. He still couldn't believe how horribly he treated her. It made him sick to know that he hurt someone so full of genuine goodness. He sighed dropping his head against the seat.

"You okay?" Betty asked curiously. He picked his head up. He nodded. "Ya, I'm sorry"

"Look, Daniel, it's okay. It was scared me is all."

"No, I don't mean that." He sighed and looked away. "I'm sorry for being so mean to you."

Betty smiled and placed her hand on his arm. "Daniel, I thought we're past that. You apologized already. We're friends now."

He smiled and looked to her. "Really?"

She laughed "duh...isn't this what friends do? Go trick or treating and having fun, playing jokes?"

He smiled "I guess so." She smiled. "It is" she said patting his shoulder and moving her hand away. He instantly missed the contact of her warmth.

A short while later they were walking along the bridge. Betty leaned over the rail looking out at the city. He walked up next to her, his arm brushing hers as he brought them over the rail. She felt tingles all through her body. She glanced at him and then back ahead. They stood for a minute or two in silence "Wow, so this is the city?" he said in fascination never noticing how much light it let off.

Betty smiled. "Yep, this is how I always saw it."

Daniel looked at her and smiled. "Thanks for bringing me here. It's really nice."

She smiled taking a breath "Sometimes, things look nicer from a different perspective" she said looking at the city, the lights dancing in her eyes. He smiled. When she turned to look at him he looked back ahead. "I agree." He said quietly. "Like you" he said even quieter. She felt her heart race. She wasn't sure if she heard him or was making it all up in her mind. Why did he have to be so charming? She felt butterflies again and felt the heat rise to her face. Daniel glanced at her. "Should I take you home?" he said really not wanting the night to end.

She shrugged "sure" "uh...can we walk? I mean it just feels so nice out now." She said trying to come up with excuses to be with him longer. He smiled putting his hands in his pockets. "Couldn't agree more" he said with a smile that made her blush. Why she really had no idea.

They walked all the way to Betty's house and when they got there, Betty still didn't want the night to end "We still have to count our candy" she said wanting to find any excuse. She just had a lot of fun with him; she didn't want it to end quite yet, especially when they'd have to go to work tomorrow and she'd have go back to being just Betty Suarez, Daniel Meade's assistant rather than Esmerelda. She realized he must have not wanted the night to end yet either when he smiled and said "oh ya, I forgot."

She couldn't help but smirk, knowing that she in no way said anything about counting candy before. "Wanna come in?"

He nodded and they walked inside. It was a little past midnight, so Betty made sure not to be too loud. They went into the kitchen and turned on the light. "Alright, let's start counting" Daniel said excitedly dumping his candy out on the table. She laughed and emptied hers from the bag. "Now Daniel, tell me something." She said sitting across from him.


"Is this your first time trick or treating?" she asked as she began sorting out her candy. His eyes went wide. " did you?"

She laughed "I could tell. When we went to the first house, you looked like you had no idea what to do. And the fact that you were talking about us being old just made me think you probably thought you were stupid to be doing this. And, you just seemed really excited." She smiled glancing up at him and was surprised to see that his face was red from embarrassment.

"It was my first time trick or treating. I always wanted to go when I was young. My mom always promised me and Alex, but then when it was Halloween she would have to go somewhere or she was drunk and couldn't go. I was always one of those kids that toilet papered houses with other teenagers because I was upset. Those kids didn't trick or treat, so I didn't either because I thought it would make me look like a wus."

Betty looked at him surprised to hear that from him. All his behavior was explained so much by his upbringing. She thought for a minute and when she was about to ask what she thought he continued as if able to read her thoughts. "The reason I asked you was because you seemed like the kind of person that would like doing stuff like this, and I did want to make it up to you."

Betty smiled "anytime. And next year, we'll trick or treat in my neighborhood. We get some pretty good candy here, too."

He smiled big "awesome" After about 10 minutes of talking and laughing and counting candy, "hah- I won. I got more candy!"

"No you didn't, Daniel. You stole some of mine!" she said grabbing some of his and putting it in her pile. He laughed and grabbed more from hers. "Hey! Stop!" she said giggling. He laughed messing up all the candy on the table. "DANIEL!" she said her eyes wide. He laughed. He really liked it when she said his name like that. She giggled and threw a piece of candy at him which hit his head. She laughed. He laughed and threw a piece at her. "Hey!" she squealed.

"Will you two keep it down?" Hilda said walking in. They both looked to her. "Sorry" they both said.

Hilda smirked. "It's fine. Having fun?"

Daniel smiled. Betty just glared at her sister knowing what she was thinking. "Hilda"

"What? Hey, you two got a lot of candy."

"Hilda. Leave" Betty said. "No, your sister can stay." Daniel said. "Maybe I should leave. It is pretty late."

"Oh...okay" Betty said looking down at her candy. "You can stay if you want, Daniel. I was just teasing you earlier." Hilda said. "Thanks, but I think I should go."

"Alright" Daniel got up "I'll walk you out" Betty said getting up. As they were walking out Hilda looked at Betty with a smirk. When they stepped out Betty closed the door and leaned against it. "Thanks for hanging out with me" Betty said looking at him. He smiled "thanks for coming."

She nodded "I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

He smiled. "Yes, Esmerelda" She blushed looking at the ground. He couldn't help it, she was way too sweet. He leaned close and kissed her cheek. Betty looked up in surprise. He smiled. "Happy Halloween" he said.

She felt such a rush of electricity through her body. She felt her heart race and was sure she was floating on air. "Bye Betty" he said putting his hands in his pockets. It wasn't till he got down the steps that she came back to reality. "Happy Halloween" she said quietly.

When he got to the gate he smiled and looked back catching her gaze which made her blush and look down. He shook his head and walked away. Betty sighed and leaned against the door again.

When Betty got to work the next day, she didn't know what to expect. She just knew that things weren't going to be as bad as when she first started at MODE. She was sitting at her desk; she already had a coffee for Daniel on the edge, and brought a dish of candy for them to share since he forgot all the candy at her house. She went to return the clothes she borrowed for her costume and Christina ended up giving her the scarf she had used for her hair. She got excited and had her tie it in her hair.

When Daniel walked up to see Betty at her desk he instantly smiled. Just her presence made him forget every crappy thing. Betty saw him walking up and smiled "Sir Dracula"

"Hey Esmerelda." He said with a grin. She picked up the coffee "here is your coffee and your messages"

"Thank you" he smiled and she laughed when she noticed that he was wearing his fangs. "So, you really are going to be Dracula?" she giggled. Ha laughed. "I thought I'd give it a try."

She nodded. "I see you're still Esmerelda?" he said acknowledging the scarf in her hair. She smiled bright "Christina gave it to me. And I...I really like it" she said glancing up at him almost shyly. He looked at her and then the candy.

"Oh, you forgot all the candy at my house. I thought we could just share it all." she said holding it out to him.

"That sounds good." He took a piece and leaned on the desk a little. "So, Betty does yesterday count as a good enough apology for my earlier stupidity?"

Betty smiled big "To be honest Daniel I forgave you as soon as you told me you went to my house to apologize."

"So you mean I didn't even have to do all that?" he said pretending to bothered by being with her. Her face instantly fell. She looked down. "Betty! I'm kidding" he said in a lighter tone thinking she was crazy to even think he was being serious. She looked up meeting his eyes. He smiled. "That was the best Halloween I ever had. I'm so glad I got to spend time with you, because it made me see that you're really great to be around"

The light returned to her eyes and a smile slowly spread on her face. He smiled. "I'll see you later, Esmerelda"

She smiled looking up at him. "See you later." He smiled and started walking to his office. "...Prince Charming." She added quietly watching him walk. He felt warmth rise to his face hearing her. For a second he thought maybe he was making it up but when he got to his door he stopped and looked back at her. He smiled seeing her smile. She blushed and looked down. He was never going to get tired of seeing her blush.

Yes, this was going to be the start of a great friendship.

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