Night In Strange House: A Pokémon Fanfiction

By Spiral Breeze

Part One

He of course had heard the rumors, the whisperings of passerby trainers who dared not enter the supposedly haunted house, but Ash had dealt with ghost type Pokémon before. This would be a piece of cake and when he was finished exploring, he'd be eating that cake with a nice cold glass of Moomoo Milk.

In previous exploits, Ash Ketchum had died, and had been possessed and haunted more times than he could count. What was one more adventure into the macabre? His best friends and traveling companions however, did not share his unbridled enthusiasm.

"Come on guys, it's probably just some Lit-"

"Just some Litwick?" Cilan's right eye twitched, he normally did not cut friends off in the middle of their sentences, but the connoisseur didn't have any patience for ghosts.

"I don't understand why you would want to go out of your way just to visit some old house anyway?" It was ice types that frightened Iris, so as long as the temperature remained somewhere above 65 degrees, she was just fine.

"It's not out of our way, and what if there's some new ghost Pokémon that me and Pikachu haven't seen yet? Huh?" Pikachu would have nodded, but the electric type was otherwise engaged in a very peaceful sleep.

In fact, they were all in their pajamas in a room at the Pokémon Center, a Town Map spread out on the desk, deciding where their next destination lie, yet Cilan and Iris had no desire for ghosts to be on that road. It was beginning to get late, and they all let out a series of staggered yawns. Iris walked back to her bed carrying a dozing Axew in her arms.

"I'm too tired to argue Ash (yawn) we'll figure this out in the morning." She climbed into her bed and pulled the covers over her and Axew's heads. Cilan muttered a goodnight, muffled behind yet another yawn.

Ash sighed, and glanced at his partner who twitched his ears and tail in his sleep. He left the map open on the desk, tracing his finger in a circle one last time over the inked in point. Both Cilan and Ash said goodnight to each other as they each turned out a bed side lamp.


"Ash please don't go!"

He thought the voice sounded familiar, but she was crying. He looked around him, but no one was in the yard. Only dead trees lined the area in front of the house. Strange House. This was it, but it really didn't look that strange.


He nearly jumped out of his skin when an icy cold hand cupped his shoulder from behind. He turned around suddenly, arms flailing, but stopped short when he saw who it was.

"M-" His voice caught and he swallowed roughly. "Misty." The name left his lips as a whisper.

"Ash." She smiled at him.

"It's been so long."

She nodded, and as his eyes drank her in like the last drop of water in Desert Resort, he realized something was terribly wrong. Wrapped around her neck was a white lace scarf, tattered and soaked through with dark red blood.

"You're hurt, come on!" He made to grab her arm. "We-"

"Shh." She placed one icy finger against his lips, stopping any further sounds. "Please don't go in there Ash." Fresh tears fell past her cheeks.

"I don't under-"

"Shh." She hushed him again and began to remove the scarf, right before his eyes Misty faded, dematerializing into a massive dark shape. In her place stood a huge Zoroark looming over him, it's teeth sharp and glistening. The beast used Snarl, an otherworldly roar filled his ears, and Ash braced himself for the worst.

To Be Continued...