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This story is sort of a sequel to "Midorima Shintarou's worst fault". I had this idea since many people were curious about who was the girl who called Takao 'honey' (and Shin-chan hung up on her, poor girl xD). So, in this story a new character will appear; she's an OC who was created by my cousin, the girl who wrote 'Undercookies'.

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Note: This story contains Shounen-ai, meaning BOYXBOY, so if you don't like, don't complain to me: just don't read.

Who's that girl?

"Shin-chan, today I can't go home with you."

Midorima looked down at his partner and frowned.

"What?" he questioned after a moment. Takao didn't look at him as he continued speaking.

"Uhm, I have some business going on this afternoon, so I'll go by myself…"

"Why?" Midorima interrupted him, still frowning. He shivered when he noticed Takao's amused expression and turned around, not wanting to look at him anymore.

"Awww, Shin-chan! Don't be childish, it's just for a day! C'mooon, it's important to me!" Takao said. Midorima didn't answer, but Takao didn't give up.

"Oooh…" He whispered jokingly. "Can it be that Shin-chan cannot survive without me around? I'm really honored and moved by that, but please don't sulk too much. You're too cute for your own good."

Those words caused an instant reaction from Midorima, who blushed furiously and struggled. "Bullshit. I can do whatever I want by myself, so you too, do whatever you want." He hissed, fixing his glasses as an attempt to cover his flushed face. Takao chuckled, so Midorima slapped him and quickly left the classroom.

Takao really didn't come to practice, and when Ootsubo asked him if he knew where Takao was, Midorima simply answered with a cold: "No, and I don't care", which made the captain think that it was better not to ask him anymore.

Midorima would never admit it, but practice wasn't satisfying at all if he couldn't get to receive Takao's passes and hear his loud voice complimenting his three-point shots. After being forced to be in a three-on-three and having scored almost more than thirty points, he decide to leave early; he ignored the angry curses Miyaji-senpai directed to him and started walking home while listening to Oha Asa. His mood only worsened when his loyal horoscope predicted that Cancer was to be one of the unluckiest zodiacs of the day and suggested to buy a bunny key ring to prevent any bad accidents from happening.

Hearing this, Midorima rushed to a stationery in the city center to buy his lucky item, and he had just found it when he spotted something which stunned and then irked him greatly: Takao was being clung on by a very loud girl, and they passed right before the same shop he was in, without noticing him at all as they happily chatted and laughed together. Midorima's focus was drawn to Takao, then to his companion.

Only four words roamed into his mind in that moment.

Who. Is. That. Girl.

He knew, of course, that Takao was very easy going and, unlike him, had a lot of friends he got along with; yet, seeing him hanging around with some chick before his very eyes was a huge shock to him. It was such a disturbing vision that Midorima felt blood running to his face. He quickly paid for his object, left the shop and followed after the two; when Takao turned back, Midorima instinctively hid between the crown of people who occupied the public street: from that spot, he quietly observed the couple, and even managed to catch part of their words.

"You still haven't told me why you didn't come on Friday. I've called you to remind you, but you hung up so suddenly…" The girl was sulking. "And then you didn't even call me back!"

"I told you, I don't even remember getting that call! And I couldn't call you back since my mobile broke…"

"Huh? Seriously? How did that happen?"

"Well… it had a… a sudden accident, let's say that…" Takao laughed nervously.

The girl frowned and pouted, obviously not believing his words, then she lightly punched his arm.

"Well, this time I'll forgive you, but don't try me again, honey! " she said, he laughed, then they walked away. Midorima waited until they had completely disappeared, then stopped hiding.

If he'd wondered before who was that girl, now he was one hundred percent sure that it was the one who had called Takao the day Midorima broke his mobile phone in a fit of jealousy.

He slowly started home while thinking about what he had just seen. Well, of course he wouldn't call her back… I most certainly didn't tell him that she called… But what is he up to? He thought, then remembered when earlier Takao'd told him he had some 'business' going on. Midorima started shivering at the realization that his partner had practically stood him up to go out with some girl he didn't know about. Was that considered cheating? Midorima didn't know, but it surely hurt quite a bit.

That idiot… I'm not going to forgive this! Definitely!

The next day Midorima did all he could to avoid Takao.

He woke up really early so that Takao wouldn't find him at home when passing by with the cart, rushed out of the classroom so that he couldn't talk to him and didn't share one word or pass with him during practice. Takao seemed surprised at first, then almost resigned: he probably thought Midorima was still sulking from the day before. That fool, Midorima thought as he fixed his glasses and took a shot which he naturally scored. When he passed by the benches to get some water, he heard Kimura and Miyaji talking about them.

"Is it just me, or those guys are being weird? Midorima looks like he's in fool mood, and Takao missed practice yesterday" Kimura-senpai was saying, frowning slightly.

"Nah, it's okay. Takao said he was just busy yesterday, and Midorima… well, he's always weird. I'd like to kick his stupid tanuki right into the street and watching a car crushing it" Miyaji replied.

"I can understand" Kimura said. "But really, he looks even weirder than usual. It's like he's totally out of it."

Midorima stared at them blankly, then returned to his shots. It was true that he couldn't quite concentrate to his training: much to his own irritation, his thoughts continued to go back to the scene he has witnessed, and the memory of Takao being with an unknown girl made him sick enough to disrupt his concentration on the game. The fact that others could notice his mood as well made him feel even worse, so he ended up finishing as early as the day before. The seniors noticed it, Miyaji yelled at him and Ootsubo tried to convince him to stay, but Midorima wouldn't have none of it. His shots were a mess and, as much as he hated it, to keep going at it would be useless. He was so irritated that he thought he was really going to explode this time.

"I'm sorry, but it seems like today isn't a good one. I can't do my very best like this, so I'm going" he stated, then gathered his things and left as fast as he could. For a moment there he was worried that Takao would have followed him, and the newt moment he was disappointed that he didn't.

Midorima didn't know what to think anymore, he only knew that the whole thing was disturbing him greatly and he didn't like it one bit. To tell the truth, he hated how irrational he was being, but couldn't help believing that it was all Takao's fault. The fool was always cling onto him and, while Midorima still found it difficult to tell him that he loved him, those little three words left Takao's mouth so easily, as though he didn't really put much meaning into them. Midorima thought about how Takao didn't seem to be troubled by the way that girl –who was very pretty, he hated to admit it- clung onto him and cringed.

Perhaps, Takao got tired of him; after all Midorima was aware he was a difficult person to get along with.

The green-head was still lost in thoughts as he looked up and stopped in his tracks, stunned, at the sight of the same girl he was thinking of in a not very nice way.

She was waiting near the school's gate and this time Midorima had the chance to observe her with more attention: she had long crispy brown hair and brown eyes and although she wasn't very tall she had a great, curvy body. Just as he thought, she was really pretty. That did not make him feel better at all, if anything it made him hate her and Takao even more.

Midorima sighed and passed by her, planning on ignoring her completely, but she took him by surprise.

"I'm sorry, you're in the basketball team, aren't you?" She called as she stopped him by stepping right in front of him. Midorima paused lowered his head, not wanting to look her in the eyes. He couldn't believe that she would start a conversation with him as it was nothing, and it almost cause his indignation, but then he realized she probably didn't know who he was and what relationship he had with Takao.

Fixing his glasses awkwardly, Midorima nodded. The girl lightened up.

"Oh! Then you must know Takao Kazunari! Is he still in the gym?" She smiled, and the familiarity she used to call Takao made Midorima cringe again. He looked at her coldly.

"I don't know, and I don't care" he answered hastily, then passed by her and ran away without even noticing her stunned expression.

Midorima couldn't help the fast pace he was walking at. His heart beat loudly. Why do I even have he to be bothered by this? It's all his fault, damn it! He thought. He stopped as the memory of Takao with that girl hit him again, punching the air out of him. In anger, he took his phone and quickly texted Takao a harsh: "It's over". Right after sending it, however, he started to regret it a bit. He slowed his pace, catching his breath.

Wasn't it good like that? He didn't want to think about it anymore, he only wanted to go back to his own normality –then why did it hurt like hell?

"Oh, if that isn't Midorima-kun. Good afternoon."

A very polite voice suddenly interrupted the flow of his thoughts. Midorima looked down at his right side; he could and would swear that no one wasn't there until a moment ago, yet Kuroko Tetsuya, his old teammate, now stood there. Midorima couldn't help the yelp of surprise that left his mouth.

"Midorima-kun, you're loud" Kuroko noted, calmly.

"W-what are you doing here? And when did you come from?"

"How rude. I was here for a while, you know. You were the one who passed by without noticing me."

Midorima stared at him in bewilderment for a few seconds, then did his best to regain his composure –after all it wasn't like he wasn't used to this. Kuroko always did that, even in Teikou's past times.

"So, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"I'm just waiting for Kagami-kun. He went to the fast-food to get lunch" Kuroko answered nonchalantly.

Midorima snorted, he didn't really want to meet that Kagami jerk right now. Kuroko, who was always being very attentive, seemed to notice he was in bad mood.

"It's kinda rare to see you alone. Where is Takao-kun?" Kuroko asked. Midorima frowned.

"What—it's not like I always have to be around him. I don't even need that hopeless jerk. Actually, we're not on the best of terms right now" he snapped, then abruptly interrupted himself when he saw Kuroko's calm and somewhat unsurprised face, which made he feel very uncomfortable all of sudden.

"How utterly stupid. Why am I telling you this? I'm going." Midorima muttered, feeling blood race to his face in embarrassment. Kuroko surprisingly reacted fast enough to catch him, clutching on his jacket: he looked about to say something, but before he could Kagami arrived.

"Kuroko, what are you doing? I managed to buy your milkshake although I had some bad surprises. These two nuisances followed me all the way to here" Kagami said as he walked towards his partner. He carried so many hamburgers in his arms, it was a wonder how he could carry the milkshake too. Two other people followed behind his back.

"Who the hell are you calling a nuisance, Bakagami?!" Aomine grunted, glaring at the red-head.

"Shut up, Ahomine. I call you whatever I want!"

"Kagamicchi is so mean…" Kise complained loudly.

Kuroko stared listlessly at them.

"Aomine-kun… Kise-kun… what a surprise indeed. What are you doing here?"

Kise looked enlightened to see him and immediately latched himself to him.

"Here you are, Kurokocchi! I was shopping with Aominecchi, but then we met Kagamicchi and he said you were here too, and I couldn't help but wanting to see you!" the blond exclaimed happily as he hugged the shorter one like a needy puppy.

"Yeah, he was so damn insistent…" Kagami shook his head. His eyes then wandered from Kuroko to Midorima, who was still being clung on by Kuroko and only wanted to escape, now more than ever.

"What the… even Midorima? What're you guys up to? A happy reunion?" Kagami asked, frowning.

"Nonsense. I'm leaving" Midorima clicked his tongue and turned his back on them, but Kuroko was still clinging on him, and soon Kise clung onto his arm too.

"Midorimacchi! Long time no see!" he said, cheerfully. Midorima squirmed in the one-sided hug.

"Let go, you're annoying" he replied coldly as he tried to push both him and Kuroko away. Kise complained, but eventually let go of him. Kuroko let go and stared intensely at him before asking bluntly: "Midorima-kun, could it be that you had a fight with Takao-kun, perhaps…?"

Midorima's flustered and extremely pissed off expression was enough of an answer for them; Kise got curious at once and started bugging him, because he absolutely wanted to know everything. In the end Midorima spurted it out because he couldn't take any more of Kise's begging.

"That's it. Now, may I leave?" Midorima muttered after finishing explaining what happened. He angrily glared at Kuroko, who unfortunately didn't mind.

"I don't want to be nosy, Midorima-kun, but I personally think you misunderstood something. It seems clear to me that Takao-kun really loves you…" he stated calmly.

"Hey, hey, what's that?" Kagami said. "You're making it sound like they are dating—Wait, are they?!" He looked shocked as Kuroko, Kise and Aomine stared at him in disbelief.

"Just how dumber can you get? It was obvious" Aomine said.

"Don't say that, Aominecchi. You only knew because I told you, after all" Kise chirped, and whimpered as Aomine kicked him in the butt.

"Kagami-kun is so pure-hearted" Kuroko whispered to himself, and shook his head softly.

Seeing how the others reacted to his words, Kagami was more shocked than ever, but slowly came to accept the fact. "So… are you seriously dating?" He turned to Midorima, looking for an affirmation. However, Midorima was now completely flustered and had entered a state of denial of what was happening, and he snapped.

"We are not. It's over now. I just informed him as well" he stated harshly, then turned around, walking towards his own home as fast as he could, hoping to leave them and their nonsensical words behind.

After a few moments, though, he heard their steps and voices behind his back.

"W-wait, Midorimacchi! Don't be so cold!" Kise begged, running up to him. Midorima snorted in exasperation and kept walking; he barely managed not to flinch when Kuroko appeared at his other side.

"Kise-kun is right. You're being unreasonable" Kuroko said.

"Leave me alone." Midorima glared at him, but the other didn't stop following him.

"You said it's over, but did you even ask Takao-kun what he thinks about that? And did you even ask for his reasons on that matter?" he asked softly. This managed to get Midorima's attention.

The green-head almost stopped dead in his tracks, but he regained his pace in a few seconds.

No, of course he didn't ask–but why would he have to? The fact that Takao was cheating on him was more than obvious to him, no matter how he thought about it. Now Kuroko was just being ridiculous; whatever reasons Takao could have, it was probably not worth listening. Still, I'd like to know, he thought, a bit hopeful. He didn't say anything and Kuroko and the others followed him to his apartment.

Midorima'd just started to think about a plan to leave them out of the door when he looked up and saw the last person he wanted to see right now standing before his door.

Takao was clearly waiting for him: he looked up as he heard steps, then stood up immediately upon seeing him. Midorima had only few moments to register his presence before he was suddenly being hugged. He eventually hugged him back by instinct, just to regret it one moment later.

"Y-you—! Waiting at someone else's house like that… it's stalking! Go away!" he protested.

"B-but! What was I supposed to do when Shinchan is sending me such a cold text! What do you mean by it's over, anyway?!"

"Over means over, doesn't it?! Stop hugging me!"

"But you're hugging me too! And I really don't get this! Yesterday it was all okay and suddenly you—!"

"Yesterday was not okay! It's all your fault, so stop complaining!" Midorima snapped. Takao stared at him as he had absolutely no clue of what the other was saying

"What? I really don't get it" he pouted while lowering his head. Midorima suddenly felt a bit pained for him and was starting to regret his actions, but then he noticed: the girl from before was there too, standing right behind Kuroko and the others, and just like them she was staring at them with a perplexed and curious expression. Midorima felt the anger rising and immediately pushed Takao away.

"What is she doing here? Even bringing your new girlfriend in front of my house, how shameless can you get!" he argued angrily. Takao was both surprised and confused.

"Girl…friend? What are you saying, Shin-chan? She's…" He turned and spotted the girl coming towards them. "Maika?! what are you doing here?!" He yelled, exasperated. "I told you to wait for me at school!"

"No, you just suddenly left me there on my own, you jerk! You ran away, so of course I had to follow you" She crossed her arms onto her big chest, but her pout melt away as she took in the sight of Midorima.

"Oh, you…" Her eyes widened comically in recognition. "Aaah! You're that creepy guy from before, the one at Shuutoku's! What are you doing here?!"

"I live here." Midorima answered, annoyed. She looked like she was taken aback by his answer, and Midrima rolled his eyes at her silly reaction. Did Takao really like someone like that?

"I'd like to enter my house, now" Midorima hissed, turning his back on them. He glared at Takao, who was still in his way. "Move" he ordered, but Takao looked like he hadn't the slightest intention to let him go.

"Shin-chan!" he whined. As he called him like that, the girl suddenly burst into laughers, ruining their moment.

Everybody turned to look at her as if she was crazy.

"Okay, now I'm more confused than ever" Kagami said, and no one could really blame him this time.

The girl laughed and laughed until she was nearly crying, then she slowly regained her breath and composure.

"Sorry, sorry!" She exclaimed, not even trying to hide the big grin which was still on her face. "Sooo, you are that Shin-chan, right? Now I see!"

She made a really serious expression and recited: "A very cute person with problems with expressing her own feelings…", then burst into laughers again. "Sorry, but basing off this description Takao made, I couldn't possibly recognize you! So… you are Takao's famous crush, aren't you?" She grinned.

Both Takao and Midorima became purple red as she pronounced those last words, while on the back Aomine, Kagami and Kise started to laugh uncontrollably at their silly faces, and even Kuroko stirred a smile.

"Maika!" Takao groaned in embarrassment. "You monster! Why did you have to go and say that?"

"It's your fault we all had this misunderstanding, you know" Maika answered crossing her arms.

Midorima sighed out of exasperation, made a mental note to hit Takao later, and frowned at her.

"So, anyway, care to tell me who are you?" he asked. The girl called Maika smiled.

"Name's Takao Maika. I'm this idiot's little sister!" she said.

Midorima frowned at Takao. "Sister? I thought you was a single child."

"Well…" Takao shrugged. "You know, my parents got divorced, and my father remarried last year… Maika's actually my step-sister, in fact she's the daughter of my father's new wife."

"That explains why you don't look very alike" Kuroko quietly noted. "See, Midorima-kun, I told it was a misunderstanding." He turned to the green-haired guy, who snorted.

Takao blinked. "Shin-chan… when you said girlfriend before… could it be that you thought Maika and me were dating or something like that?" he dared to ask.

Midorima snapped. "How would I know! You ditched me for her yesterday, and then I saw you walking together and looking so happy… And she bloody calls you honey, even that time at the phone…!"

Midorima suddenly realized he was screaming and interrupted himself, ashamed of his own burst. As he pretended to fix his glasses to hide his flushed face behind a hand, Takao and Maika stared at him blankly, slowly realizing what Midorima was actually referring to.

"The phone… oh. That's why you broke it, didn't you?" Takao murmured.

"I told you it was an accident" Midorima answered vaguely. Takao grinned and threw his arms around his lover neck, dragging him down into a kiss. "You must really love me, Shin-chan, I'm so honored" he said.

"Shut up." Midorima let him take another kiss, though, then dragged him into his apartment and closed the door in the face of the others, who stood there in shock.

"So… what?" Kagami exclaimed after a while.

"It looks like they have made it up." Kuroko commented. Aomine grinned and added: "Well, looks more like they are making out."

"Is this some kind of word joke? You're even worse than Izuki-senpai." Kuroko shook his head.

Maika sighed and crossed her arms. "Hey, but in the end I was the one left all alone! And that guy even hung up on me… I'll make him pay for this, I don't care if he's some cute tsundere or whatever!" Then she flailed her arms and left blabbering things about her brother and his boyfriend.

"Let's go home" Kuroko said, and they all went back.

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