Miku woke up to get ready to go to the market to buy some stuff for her mother."Miku here's the list for you to buy things in the market" she walked towards the kitchen and took the list "okay mum i'll be back in a sec" her mother giggled at her "don't play, now go and get the stuff or you won't be eating leeks tonight..." Miku shot a glare at her "i'll do anything for leeks!" she slamed the door and mother laugh.

Everyone knows Miku, she was the most angelic girl in her turquoised hair and eyes,its unusual to have the adored her."Want leeks Miku?" the old woman asked and she answered "yes please!".After that Miku finished buying all the ingredients that her mum wrote on the list.

As she was walking back she was humming her favourite on her way home she heard a familliar voice calling her "Hello again Hatsune" she looked behind abd found the boy who kissed her yesterday.

"Kagamine" she point a finger at him "looks like you remember me" she blushed and said "of course you kissed me yesterday" he giggled and he went nearer to her.

"I want to ask you something" he placed a finger on her lips and sais "we'll talk tonight" and he walked away leaving the very red face Miku.